How to Start a Social Group

Each group has its own forum and group page which will list the members of the group as well as a “Join” button to allow members to join. All content in all Social Groups is publicly visible, but only group members may contribute content and participate. For example, only members of the “Minnesota Natural Birthers” group can post in the “Minnesota Natural Birthers” group forum or upload photos to its gallery.

How to Use Groups

After you’ve started or joined one or more Groups, they’ll show up in a box on your profile page. When you tag Groups, they can be promoted as “Related Groups” in relevant areas of the site in the same way that Related Forum Threads and Related Articles now appear in the right column of various pages.

There are two types of Social Groups:

  1. Open membership: anyone may join by clicking the “Join” button.
  2. Membership by approval: clicking the join button initiates a PM requesting membership that will be sent to the Group Lead for approval.

Group Leaders

Group Leaders are the members in charge; the member who creates a Group is the first Lead, but that person may appoint additional Group Leaders.

What can a Group Leader do?

  •    Receive join requests (for membership-by-approval groups) and approve/deny them.
  •    Edit the Group description and change the thumbnail image.
  •    Ban a member, making it impossible for that member to re-join.
  •    Remove images from the shared gallery.
  •    Send a PM to all members at once.
  •    Promote other members to Group Leader (there can be more than one leader in the same Group).
  •    Demote him/herself to a regular Group member.

What can’t a Group Leader do?

  •    Change the name of the Group 
  •    Demote another Leader back to a regular member (this must be done by the member or an MDC Administrator).
  •    Act as a moderator within the Group forum (e.g., delete/edit others’ posts and threads, etc.).

Leaders can’t demote each other, but they may demote themselves.


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