How We Became a Web Company

In the last few weeks it has become obvious that we must cease publication of the print magazine. The November–December issue was our last printed issue. January–February 2011 was a digital-only edition, and the March–April issue will be as well. And with the March–April edition, after 35 years, we will cease publishing Mothering magazine altogether. We are now a Web-only company.


Our founder, Addie Vorys Eavenson (now Cranson) could never have imagined the web back in 1976 when, inspired by the birth of her first daughter, she started Mothering. Addie recognized that there were few resources for new, natural mothers, and that there was no publication for women in which the art of mothering was celebrated. The first issue of Mothering was put together in the summer of 1976 by members of the Montrose Natural Childbirth Class and other volunteers at the old Fort Smith Saloon, in Ridgway, Colorado.


 A year later, during a visit to Albuquerque, I was lucky enough to find a copy of the second issue of Mothering in a natural foods store, and was astounded that there was a magazine that so well articulated my own beliefs. As soon as I got back home, I sent Mothering an article I’d written, “In Defense of Motherhood.”  Both New Age (now Body and Soul) and Redbook magazines had rejected the article, but Addie accepted it immediately, as well as my poem, “There Will be Time.”

In early 1978, Addie called and asked me to be an editor. I was ecstatic. Fortunately, our family was already planning to move to Albuquerque where Addie had recently relocated the magazine. I worked on a couple of issues but soon quit—with three kids under five, I had my hands full.


At my son Bram’s first birthday party, in 1979, Addie told me that she wanted to sell the magazine. Of course, I wanted to buy it, but was unable to borrow the $5000 for the down payment. Instead, Addie sold Mothering to Canadians Rolf and Wendy Priesnitz, founders of Natural Life magazine, and announced the sale in Mothering no. 14. As it turned out, the deal with Rolf and Wendy fell through, and my husband, John McMahon, and I were able to buy Mothering in 1980 for no down payment, and by making monthly payments for five years. At the time, Mothering had a circulation of 3,000.


Our first issue was no. 15. The cover photo of the dad was tender but did not reproduce well, and the purple I had chosen for the cover type was difficult to read. I had no idea these kinds of mistakes could happen; it was a steep learning curve. (See my letter from that issue announcing our new ownership.)


Mothering grew rapidly; natural-living pioneers were hungry for the information we provided. Our circulation grew to 60,000 by the end of the 1980s, and in recent years to 100,000.


In those early years, our coverage was five to ten years ahead of the mainstream press. We were the first magazine to cover parents’ questions about vaccinations and circumcision, the first to publish articles questioning the validity of the then-new diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the first to publish articles questioning the effectiveness of repeated doses of antibiotics, the first to publish articles on vaginal birth after cesarean, the first to publish possible treatments for children with autism—the list goes on. In fact, we have so well seeded into the culture the principles of natural family living that every new parent now at least considers these ideas. We have become part of the mainstream.


In 1995, an old friend of mine in Sausalito tried to explain to me the World Wide Web and strongly recommended that I get a domain name. I followed his advice and registered Three years later, we launched a website devoted to customer service for subscribers, and in 1999 our discussion forums, MotheringDotCommunity, were born. Thanks largely to the efforts of web director Cynthia Mosher and our dedicated volunteer moderators and ambassadors, MotheringDotCommunity has grown dramatically—from 1,000 members in 2001 to 160,000 members today. We have been ranked by Big Boards as the most active community for parents on the Web, and have achieved all of this while devoting less than 30 percent of our staff resources to our online content.


All along, the print magazine has been our mother ship. It has required a complex team of customer service representatives, designers, editors, and contributors, and until recently this all worked. But two perfect storms have come together to become the mother of all storms. First, since 2008, our community has moved increasingly to the Web. Forty-two percent of people now check Facebook before they check their e-mail. When we asked our subscribers why they did not renew, 35 percent said they are too busy to read. The second perfect storm is the decline of the industrial model of production. Printing is a complex and costly process that requires expensive equipment and specialized knowledge. The cost of printing one issue of Mothering is approximately $100,000. Even to produce a digital edition, the cost is approximately $60,000.


In 2009, magazine subscriptions saw their steepest decline in 40 years. The venerable magazines Gourmet and Reader’s Digest ceased publication. After three years of decline in advertising sales, subscription orders, and newsstand sales, with the March–April 2011 issue we saw our ad sales drop to their lowest point in 10 years. In a single year, from March 2010 to March 2011, we lost one-third of our print advertisers.


Many of our advertisers have been hard hit by the economy. Toy manufacturers have been burdened by the cost of complying with the new regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Many of our sling and baby-carrier advertisers experienced declining sales or went out of business altogether in 2010 as a result of loss of sales due to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls of infant carriers.


Like all of us, our subscribers, too, have been tightening their belts. Nearly 50 percent of our readers are stay-at-home or work-at-home moms. According to a 2010 Gallup poll, “The recession and financial crisis have resulted in a significant change in the way many Americans feel about spending and saving. Six in 10 Americans (62%) now say they more enjoy saving than spending—while 35% say the reverse.” In addition, nearly six in 10 Americans (57 percent) say they are spending less money in recent months than they used to. Thirty-eight percent of all Americans say this reduced spending will be their new, normal spending pattern, while 19 percent say their cutbacks are temporary.


But even cutting our page count to 68 would not allow us to keep up with these declines in our subscriptions and advertising sales. If we were to continue to print the magazine, we would lose money on every issue.


When a magazine ceases publication, it is customary that its subscriptions be fulfilled by another magazine. When I thought about which magazine is most compatible with Mothering, I remembered Rolf and Wendy, who have published Natural Life Magazine since 1976, the year Mothering was founded. Natural Life covers green living, natural parenting, and lifelong learning, and describes itself as “The original natural family living magazine. . . . Reader supported and trusted by thinking people around the world who want positive alternatives . . .”


Natural Life will fulfill Mothering subscriptions beginning with their May/June 2011 issue. If, for example, two issues remain on your subscription to Mothering, you will receive the next two issues of Natural Life. I hope that you enjoy Rolf and Wendy’s magazine.


While this change is a crisis for those of us who love the print edition of Mothering, it is also an opportunity. It forces me to ask myself, “Am I in the magazine business or the information business?” If I am in the business of providing information and inspiration to parents, then does it ultimately really matter what forms that information and inspiration take? If I am serious about providing this information and inspiration, then is it not my responsibility to go where my community goes? Our online community is more than 15 times larger than our print or digital community. Mothering magazine currently has a bimonthly circulation of 100,000—but receives 1.5 million unique visitors a month, and is ranked by Quantcast as one of the top 2100 sites online. This means that while we are a niche print publication, we are a major Web presence.


We also have an unusually strong social-media community, with 35,000 Facebook fans and 75,000 followers on Twitter. It was inevitable that our young, hip community should move to the Web. New families breathe social media and online community, and they are pressed for time. While everyone loves the comfort of reading a magazine or book, most of us now spend the majority of our reading time online.


Recently, when my son and daughter-in-law wanted to know about when to start feeding their baby solid foods, they didn’t want to wait; they wanted to know immediately. The efficiency of the Web is essential to sleep-deprived new parents who need information fast.


If you haven’t already, please join us at We have extensive articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, wikis, product reviews, and friendship. Become part of MotheringDotCommunity (MDC) where you can have conversations that you can’t have anywhere else. We have nearly 50 different forums and hundreds of sub-forums on such topics as Gentle Discipline, The Family Bed and Nighttime Parenting, Postpartum Depression, Unschooling, Mindful Home, News and Current Events and dozens more. And, our popular Finding Your Tribe forum facilitates members meeting in real time for picnics, potlucks and get-togethers of all kinds.


If you’re new to MDC, we offer a concierge service. One of our forum leaders will be your buddy on MDC and show you how it works. If you’d like this service, please email Cynthia Mosher, our web director. If you want to help us make the transition to a web only company more smoothly, please donate. We are turning many of our most important articles into digital reprints so check out our plentiful resources at The Mothering Shop.


Thank you for all of your good will and support for the last 35 years. We have always been a company that has been led by our community. Go to MDC and tell us how you feel.  I look forward to the next 35 years, when your generation will see the values of natural family living become the norm in our society.


374 thoughts on “How We Became a Web Company”

  1. Wow. This sucks. I can’t imagine how at 25 bucks a subscription and more ads couldn’t keep the print running. This is disappointing because

    Mothering mag stands as a political statement on the newsstands.

    This is just shitty!

  2. I absolutely love your magazine! It has been at my bedside since my son was born. I use it as a reference guide. Will definitely miss the mag in print but I’ll be following you via twitter.

    Infinite Love & Abundance,


  3. I greatly appreciate Mothering Magazine and the MDC community.

    However, I signed up for your magazine just a few months ago because of several promotions and advertisements from you – you convinced me – I wasn’t going to due to lack of funds, but your own advertising and content made it that valuable to me.

    I never received one magazine. I do not even know what Natural Life Magazine is. I would like a refund, please.

  4. Peggy and all the Mothering Staff,

    I am sad to hear that Mothering will no longer arrive in my mailbox! I have looked forward to receiving it over the last year since my daughter was born.

    Kudos to you for seeing the opportunity for growth and re-birth! Change is hard, but we always learn valuable lessons (not always the lessons we had planned on learning, but life is like that!). I will try to follow your example and look to the Mothering website more regularly for the inspiration, thoughtful commentary, answers and support that I had always found in the magazine.

    Here are a couple of thoughts:

    –It seems the time has come to remove the “Subscribe to Mothering” link in the upper right-hand corner.

    –Have you thought about compiling regular e-newsletters, like the pregnancy one, but for parents after birth? I would love to receive such a newsletter!

    Good luck,


  5. I’m sorry to hear this! I think I read my first issue of Mothering in the ’80’s, when I was about 13–it was laying around at a house where I was babysitting. I’ve read it here and there ever since, and have a digital subscription at the moment. My own eldest is 3, but I have considered Mothering to be the flagship of parenting mags for 25 years! But I’ve also frequented your website since I first got online, and will continue to do so.

  6. I received a subscription in May for Mother’s Day. I received one issue, moved and filed a change of address. I received my second issue after e-mailing back and forth with someone from customer service. I haven’t received an issue since. I’m so disappointed. We were on unemployment when we purchased my subscription, it was all I wanted for Mother’s Day. I’ve received 2 of my promised 6 issues and something tells me I won’t ever see the December issue.

  7. I am so saddened to hear this! Mothering helped with so many new parent issues – validated that nursing my children until toddlerhood was correct and not strange like so many others were telling me, and led me to question circumcision for my son. (Which we did not have done, thankfully)

    Even though we are well past the baby stage, I will miss pouring through the monthly issues. Website are okay, but I need the tactile experience of turning the pages, reading in bed, etc.

    I will cherish all the old issues I still have. Maybe even pass them on to my kids!

  8. This is so unfortunate. Mothering magazine has been a savior for me ever since I started reading it a few years ago when my daughter was born. Although I am very grateful to hear that it will continue online, I have to note that I am disappointed at the lack of communication about this change to subscribers. It is now mid-February and many of us have been waiting, with no explanation, for the Jan-Feb 2011 issue. As a point of feedback, I feel that a communication should have been sent out to subscribers a long time ago.

    Second, I am concerned that I only just started my subscription (only received one issue), and while I am sure that Natural Life is a very worthwhile magazine, I would like to make the decision whether I choose to subscribe to it for myself. Do subscribers have any recourse for getting their subscription payment back from Mothering … especially those who only just started their 2-year subscriptions???

    I wish Peggy and the Mother staff the best of luck going forward. Thank you for all you do to enrich and educate the community. I will be forever grateful to you.

  9. I have loved Mothering since I got pregnant with my first child over 15 years ago. I am so grateful to the writers and to you, Peggy, for always being there for my family. With all of your great advice, I knew to trust my heart when parenting.

    I love the online site, but will really miss the magazine.

    Thank you again for so much that I cannot even express half of it.


  10. Major bummer. I wonder what happens to my subscription which is paid for over the next 2 years? I hate reading magazines on line. HATE IT.

  11. Wow. I find this so so sad, despite my efforts to look on the bright side. I recognize and appreciate the eco-benefit that comes with the absence of a print edition. And I certainly understand the effects this challenging economy has had on Mothering.

    But Mothering has been my parenting companion since I was pregnant with my first child. So much of who I am as a parent grew from the pages of this magazine. I looked forward to its arrival in my mailbox each month for 9 years, even after becoming a member of MotheringDotCommunity. I will miss it, but I wish you all the best.

  12. I’ve loved this magazine as a subscriber and contributor. I’ve passed dog-eared pages on to friends and family. You’ve changed my life and my children’s lives in wonderful ways. Thank you for the years of producing inspiring magazines and good luck with many more years of producing an inspiring web company. The world needs Mothering.

    All my best,


  13. This is just not a good idea. I won’t be subscribing. Having a book or a magazine in hand is completely different than being on the computer and sadly I think you guys know this. We know that finding a quite spot in a corner is different for your brain than being on the computer. Downhill goes our natural parenting magazine. Such a sad day….

  14. I enjoyed the one issue I got, but for a subscription I’m not overly impressed with one issue in about 6 months 🙁 Not good value for money.

  15. Oh! I am SO disappointed. Mothering Magazine is what I gave to all my mainstream pregnant mamas to show them there was another way.

    I told my students about it and showed them my magazines.

    It was a great way to quietly inspire change. Receiving a printed piece is a much more effective tool than trying to get someone to go online.

    I hate online magazines too. I feel like I miss most of the story.

    This is the end of such an important era. I am crushed.

  16. hmmm… i just signed up for a 3 year subscription to mothering magazine starting with the march/april 2011 edition. i tried the 6 month e-subscription in the past, but did not enjoy it as much as the hard copy. i am not familiar with natural life magazine and do not want commit to a 3 year subscription to a magazine i never heard of.

  17. This is devastating news. I am so sad. There is something about having a print magazine that is so important, I think. I hope we can find a way to bring the magazine back.

  18. Yuck. Picking up the magazine at Whole Foods is all I have been interested in for the past year. I don’t have time for the forums and I would rather have something tangible to read rather than browsing a site when I can remember. At least a digital only mag for my iPad would be better than nothing.

  19. I received my first couple of issues from my midwives and was given a subscription from my Grandmother last year for Christmas. I will greatly miss Mothering magazine. It was always a highlight to receive my issue in the mail!

    I hope that the web-only presence can grow into something wonderful and so much more helpful! I go to your website about once a month and love what I can find there, but I’m not overly impressed with MotheringDotCommunity (its too large, impersonal, cluttered and needs to be cleaned up).

    I second the need for a monthly e-newsletter!

  20. Currently regretting the fact that I subscribed for multiple years. I don’t read magazines online. It’s not convenient for me at all. Good luck with your future endeavors. I hope my money/subscription isn’t lost. This is not a very good PR effort.

  21. So, is this also for Canadian subscribers to be receiving this new magazine in place of Mothering?

    I’m so annoyed at this.

  22. I am another customer who is sincerely distressed that I will not be getting the magazine for which I paid.

    If this were even a blink on the radar at any time in the last few months, the ethical thing to do would have been to inform those of us who are now having a multi-year subscription to a magazine we neither asked for nor wanted foisted upon us.

    Not at all cool.

  23. Very sad to hear this, Mothering is my go to magazine when I need reassurance I have chosen the right path in how my husband and I choose to raise our son.

    I do not read online, so will miss your magazine very much.

    I am not aware of the other magazine and would like the option of a refund from the remainder of my subscription.

    Thank you for the great years of knowledge, experience and confidence you have provided.

  24. I’m so glad that the website will still be up and running. I agree that there is nothing like having a paper copy in hand, but I would much rather have the website than nothing!

  25. So sad. I love print magazines and hope Mothering can be revived one day, along with some other print magazines that have folded. I am glad to know Mothering’s web presence will continue on (and grow!). I love being a part of this community on my path to motherhood. Thank you for publishing such a great mag for so many years.

  26. I am so sad for you, myself, and everyone else who has and could have benefited from Mothering. I have looked forward to receiving each issue so much. When my husband sees it in the mail he knows it will be a bath night. It is the only magazine I have ever read cover to cover and found each page interesting and relevant. I will miss it very much. I am also a a bit upset that a replacement mag will fulfill the year and a half that I have left of my subscription. I trust that you’ve done all you could to keep the magazine alive and then to find the best alternative for your readers when that was not possible. Thanks for all you’ve given our family over the passed seven years. Best of luck to you all.

  27. There is no replacement for Mothering. It has been my staple MOM read for the last 3 or 4 years. I am so sad…Will we still be able to get some re-prints for a while. There are a few I’d like to have…

  28. I’ve subscribed to Mothering magazine since 2006, before I even started my own family. I switched to the digital subscription for a year when it launched to save money, and then not much later, I renewed both my print and digital subscriptions because I liked the ability to share fantastic articles with friends allover the diaspora in an instant but I missed the physical act of leafing through a magazine and taking it with me everywhere. I will genuinely miss the print edition. I hope that the back issues prior to 2007 will be archived digitally and available to your loyal subscribers!

  29. I find this most regrettable. I don’t like e-subscriptions. I like holding the print copy and reading it in a free, quiet moment. Mothering is what I like to give to new moms to show them there is a different and better way than the standard mainstream parenting advice. I do appreciate It’s one of my top places to visit online, but reading articles online is tedious and just not as relaxing as reading hard copy. I am very sad, indeed. I feel like an old friend is disappearing.

  30. Mothering Magazine has been an invaluable resource to so many of my doula clients. I loan it out often, and it holds a dear place in my heart. I watched its name change recently and the style, and more ads on the website and print, and it made me wonder what was happening to Mothering Magazine.

    I’m so sad to hear that you’ve decided to pull such a great magazine. I’d pay more to receive my issues if I needed to.

    Will you be offering a refund on the issues until the end of our subscriptions? I wasn’t even aware that the Jan-Feb issue had gone to digital until today…I’d been waiting and waiting.

    Month after month, my magazine was late, but it always came. It arrived soggy and you promptly fixed it and sent me a new one. It’s been mailed to the wrong address after I changed it with your employees, but I’ve always had it re-routed somehow. But it didn’t matter the troubles – I was always SO happy to sit and read my magazine. My partner also has recently started reading more and more articles per issue.

    I always thought, one day, I’ll read Mothering Magazine while breastfeeding my children. But, alas, I’m still childless and will not be buying a digital subscription.

    Very sad.

  31. I know that so many seem annoyed but my only feeling is sadness. I have actually been crying since I read this.

    Mothering has meant so much to me and to so many other Mothers. I will keep reading and I will keep going online but I will so dearly miss that fresh copy arriving in the mail or finding it at a bookstore and moving it in front of all the other parenting magazines.

    So so sad.

  32. Wow- I’ve been a continual subscriber since my first child was born 25 years ago. Mothering magazine has been there with me thru my fledgling years as a mother to where I am now as a community midwife.

    I’ll miss the print in hand, but wish you all well in cyberspace.


  33. C’mon Mothering supporters… don’t turn your back now. I’m grateful the website will still exist when I need them. I will save every issue for my daughter as the information in the magazines will always be relevant.

    Thanks Mothering and Peggy… my support will not die with the printed mag.

  34. Sad, sad, sad. I accidentally came upon your magazine when I was sick at a party when I was pregnant with my first son. I can still se it. It was green, and it had the article by Dr. Fleiss against circumcision. It changed my life, and my children were all patients of Dr. Fleiss for years. No circumcision, extended breastfeeding, delayed or no vaccinations, homeschooling…all of these life choices were a result of my subscription to your magazine. Now my daughter and I share a subscription to guide us in her quest to raise her son like she was raised, and we will REALLY miss it. Although I also spend time online, I doubt that I will tune in to the thing, and it’s not something I can drag over to a crying mother in my waiting room and say “here, read this and feel better.” Sad. The end of an era.

  35. SO disappointed. I never even would have heard about this if it weren’t for a friend posting on facebook! I think Mothering has a responsibility to their subscribers to send a note or something…I don’t usually look at the website at all and would have never known what happened. Are you offering a subscription refund for all the customers who paid for a printed version? I like to read with a cup of coffee in hand, while I watch my son play. Not closed up in the office while he plays 2 floors away.

  36. Interesting. One fact is incorrect. Reader’s digest still exists. I enjoy my subscription to them as well. I am one who no longer subscribed to mothering as of the fall. My decision was not financial at all. As my children leave their toddler years behind the magzine has less relevant information for me. I don’t need articles on pregnancy, nursing, etc anymore. I am grateful to have read many issues of mothering.

  37. I just ordered a hard-copy subscription February FIRST. WHY was this option available if you were never going to fulfill it? No company makes a decision this big in 14 days. That is bait and switch right there! Terrible customer service. I wanted to take the magazine to the park, in the car, on the couch! The weather is finally getting nicer out who wants to sit in front of a computer more?! I demand a refund! Confirmation code W997342. Also how can a small magazine like the one you are replacing yours with (temporarily) afford to operate and not mothering with their huge huge numbers?

  38. Apparently I’m not the only one who just stopped getting my subscription. How very disappointing. I’d like to think the best, but has an audit of your accounts been done to determine just where your money has been going for at least the past two years, since there are many people who pre-paid for something they never got?

  39. I love the fact that right below this is a HUGE AD for the PRINT and DIGITAL subscriptions of mothering. So you can’t fulfill your current obligations, but you’re still advertising subscriptions that you then won’t refund.

  40. YIKES! I’m flabbergasted! I’m also heartbroken. I just ordered a gift subscription for my sister who is pregnant with her first child and have sent many gift subscriptions. I’m sure you will be inundated with thoughts and requests, but would it be possible to switch people over to a digital subscription who had ordered the paper subscription or was that all included in the cost? I’d really like for my sister to have access to it. I’d also like to have access to it myself. I don’t know what the other mag is…but I don’t want it for me…I want Mothering. I’m crying for and with you, gals. 🙁

    I don’t know what to say, but I wouldn’t have known about this either if I hadn’t stumbled upon this. This might seem irrational, but I feel a little bit betrayed that as a subscriber an email wasn’t sent out to all of us letting us know what was going on or how we could help. We could have sent more gift subscriptions or publicisied you on our facebook or web pages. I hope that you will make certain to let all of us know formally.

    Again, I’m so, so sad for all of us. Something died today. There STILL is a place for a paper magazine. As a modern orthodox Jewish woman, I do not use electricity on the sabbath, which is when I actually have some time to sit and read…and that’s when your magazine will most be missed. That and when I’m trying to show my clients articles in my home office.

  41. I happen to have a digital subscription myself (signed up for TWO years, wondering if Natural Life is going to be sent to my mailbox now), AND I just ordered two print subscriptions in December as gifts for friends, during a major push for subscribers … my friends don’t know or care about Natural Living magazine. This means they will never receive even one print copy of Mothering. I’d like to know why we weren’t informed this was even a possibility before ordering new print subs.

    I really would prefer a refund.

  42. Although I cannot deny my disappointed, I want to express my gratitude for what you have done (and will continue to do) for your natural parenting readers.

    You have been an inspiration to so many of us. We love you for your articles and your support. We love you for connecting us with other mothers like us and enabling us to know that we are supported.

    We realize that this decision is not the decision you would have made had it been your choice, and for that, we cannot fault you. Hopefully, we’ll like the alternative magazine as much as this one…And hopefully, I’ll find your online resources readible on my iphone while I am pumping.

  43. Big bummer. I bought a one year subscription for my friend in December for Christmas. I’m very upset that she won’t be able to get one issue. And the rest of my issues (I have 4 more) will be of another magazine. Sorry Mothering, but I wish you had given us more of a warning on this. I feel as if my money was wasted (we do not have much money to begin with). I abhor reading magazines online.

  44. I understand, but this passing of an era is very sad. I shall go comfort myself by dusting off a favorite garage sale find, a box of Mothering magazines from the 1980’s.

  45. Really?!? I think this is a cop out – you didn’t handle this very ethically at all – I’ve been getting subscription renewal stuff for months ALL the time both in the mail and in my email. AND NO NOTICE OF THIS WHATSOEVER!?!? A friend send this to me – not YOU!?!?!

    I don’t like e-zines. I like print magazines. And for the price of the subscription and the number of magazines you get per year I have a hard time believing you couldn’t keep up. I never got a print edition of the Jan/Feb issue though I paid for it – and now it turns out you never printed it. When were you going to tell those of us who paid for it? Disappointing. And dishonest. I really expected more from Mothering.

  46. it’s not that the site isn’t of value, its the way this was handled, and the fact that there are no refunds, no digital magazine for the remainder of the subscriptions. All the gimmicky advertising the past few months taking renews even as of feb 1st, is underhanded and shady to say the least. Seriously, if people are given a choice of refund or another magazine that is one thing, but to say “tough luck, no refund you get this instead” is just not right. it is not a contest where there are prize substitutions, its an item we purchased, and a contract they cannot fulfill. It is the fact that they were not a “typical” mainstream business, they spoke against the grain, now they are taking the cop-out, and doing what a mainstream “typical” company would do. It’s not ok. And the web community is nothing like the magazine was for many people, it was something they took to their quiet place and relaxed. Something the internet and a busy forum is not.

  47. I see that your company is re-neging on the contract I made with them!

    You can refund my Money ! If not I will talk to my lawer about it

    My guess is that you will be refunding many peoples money

    Thank God in this country companys cant just do this willy-nilly crap that’s why there is legal recourse with CLASS ACTION

  48. I ordered a one year subscription and have gotten two issues, maybe three. I live off of $300 a month so this was a bit of a splurge for me and I’m really, really disappointed that I’m not getting what I paid for. I would really like a partial refund at least.

  49. 1) Did you (above posters) actually read the letter? There will be no digital edition beyond the next two issues. There will be no magazine at all, print or digital.

    2) I am surprised that another format could not make the magazine cheaper to produce. Different paper, limited color, fewer pages.

    3) I am shocked that the magazine is ending so quickly, with zero warning. And no refunds to subscribers who are mostly all MOMS?

    4) I hope the magazine will return someday.


  50. I ordered my print subscription AFTER you’d already decided to pull the plug, but you were still selling them on your site. You are guilty of LYING and STEALING. No, I will not be donating. Consider the money you stole from me to be my “donation.” I am VERY disappointed in your unethical business practices. You need to pull the subscription page and stop stealing from people.

  51. I, too, am a brand new subscriber (2 year subscription even) and have never received an issue. While I am sad and disappointed about this decision I am also angry. I feel like many others that this decision has probably been a long time coming and should have been shared with potential subscribers before they paid. I have been wanting a subscription to Mothering since before my son (now 17 months) was born but it was not in our budget so this was a Christmas gift from my husband. I did not have Natural Life Magazine on my wish list and would also like to see a refund offer.

  52. To reply to myself, I asked a question on the forums and was informed that the ads for the print magazine go to the web only support donation page, and that Mothering is no longer accepting subscriptions. This appears to be true. I won’t be supporting them, but I do appreciate the information.

  53. I’m so glad to hear this. Now maybe the web will finally wise up and shut you down as well. Go away, Peggy. And take your measles loving, homepathic taking, unassisted home birthing baby killing nonsense with you! The web would be off if you and your ilk were not a part of it.

  54. I recently paid for a print issue. I have yet to receive one issue of your print magazine. Additionally, I recently sent an email to your subscriptions department to follow up with this problem and have not heard any kind of response. I feel badly that you have made this decision, but as a paying customer I do believe I deserve quite a bit more than this post. I would like a response to my email. I would like a refund of my money and I do not want the subscription to Natural Life Magazine. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  55. What I find ironic is that as a former advertiser I was offered a deal recently to have my ad in the magazine.

    I only ran my ad for 3 months because the charge was incredibly high with no discount for Mama owned businesses.

    I think by overcharging advertising Mothering Magazine shot themselves in the foot.

    I am sad this magazine will no longer exist and glad I kept all my copies over the years.

    I guess I don’t understand why downsizing isn’t an option. Look at other natural magazines with amazing articles but without all the glossy ads. Disappointed this great magazine was run into the ground.

  56. I am very disappointed to hear this. I recently received a subscription to the magazine as a gift (I had a subscription for 4 + years, but let it lapse for a year). I doubt I will read it now, as the enjoyment of reading it for me came from curling up in my bed or on the couch while nursing! I feel badly for my friend who spent the subscription amount for a gift that I will not use!

  57. I will miss my hard copy of the magazine to take with me where ever I go. It is the only magazine I have ever subscribed to in my life, and have keep EVERY copy for future reference and for sharing. I’m sorry you will no longer be in print as it won’t be quite the same, but I WILL ALWAYS TURN TO YOU AS A RESOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE AND STRENGTH!


    Thank you. Denise, Mother of 3 and 1 on the way.

  58. I am sure this has been very hard for Mothering, and the furvor over subscriptions is valid. I haven’t subscribed in a while – preferring to pick up a newsstand copy after reading it at my library. I am even sorrier to hear that there will be no Mothering magazine at all – an online forum is not a magazine – it may be information, but it’s not a magazine article. I credit Mothering with validating my parenting choices, and even with helping push me over the edge to cloth diaper my second child, when i was very much on the fence. That type of writing, exploratory and in many cases, moving, will be very absent on a community of forums. La Leche League’s magazine, New Beginnings, has really stepped up it’s article quality after going digital two years ago. They publish it on Zmag reader and while I miss the print pub, I do not miss storing it, and I love going back to old issues on the web. I hope maybe there’s a future for the kind of quality writing of articles from Mothering that a web community simply doesn’t have.

  59. I am sad, very sad! I am sad that I will no longer get to curl up and read one of the few magazines that didn’t make me feel like an outcast. I am sad that I just renewed for 2 years. I am sad for all the women at the crisis pregnancy center in my town who will no longer recieve my donated copies. There are a great many women who will no longer learn that there is another way to parent. How disappointing!!!!

  60. I’d love to participate on the web but find those moderator policies EXCEPTIONALLY ANNOYING with no recourse offered for when one disagrees with their decision. I recently made a mention of a possible website I was considering putting together for crafters and was zapped because that was “promoting a profit making venture.” What? I didn’t even list an URL and there wouldn’t be any profit involved?! Or how about moderators zapping ICAN posts even though ICAN is an all-volunteer organization. How are we profiting from those posts????

  61. calm yourself down. the point of “mothering” is that it provides this alternative information that many of us are happy and thankful to hear. go get yourself a subscription to “parents” if you want 100 pages of vaccine and ADD med ads.

  62. I’m a former very-active poster. A couple of months ago now, you “upgraded” your forums from ones that were accessible and fully functional on *any* computer regardless of browser or operating system, to one that *ONLY* functions on Firefox or Internet Explorer in either Windows or Firefox. With zero warning. As a result, you lost me. I was still a subscriber, but have not posted since. And now this.

    Truly, you have proven once and for all that you do *not* care about your readers. All you care about is money. For how many weeks or months have you known that this was coming, and yet you continued to take peoples money for ‘subscriptions’ that you *knew* damn well you would not fulfill. This was wrong. This was essentially stealing – taking peoples money for something that you had zero intentions of ever fulfilling.

    The two combined, honestly make me more angry than I can describe. To be told, first of all ‘oh, sorry, mothering no longer supports operating systems besides windows/mac; go buy windows!’ when asked why the forums were no longer working was bad enough. To suddenly be told that any subscription I had bought for myself or friends was now not going to be fulfilled? Bull. Evil. Stupid. I hope your company fails and you go freaking bankrupt. You deserve it.

  63. I will also miss having a paper copy of Mothering magazine. Nothing compares to holding the magazine in my hand, reading articles and looking at the pictures. I changed to a digital copy this past year after many years of having a paper copy. Our family couldn’t afford the cost anymore. I can totally understand why Mothering is ending their magazine. I just wish for the sake of all the faithful readers that they had handled this all much differently. I hope that people are able to get a refund when they deserve one.

  64. Dear Peggy and All,

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to make natural mothering possible for me and for so many. Certainly there are many women and babies who are happier and healthier for what you have done so far.

    The print magazine will be missed. There’s nothing like holding a print page in my hands.

    Difficult priorities to make. All the best to you as you move forward. It sounds like there’s much to do and many screens to fill. I’m sure you’ll continue to amaze us.

    Elizabeth Allemann, MD

    Columbia, MO

  65. We here at Bummis love Mothering Magazine! I am sorry to see the print version go, but am happy to know you will still be providing the Mothering Magazine experience on the web. You have been a faithful and well appreciated companion of mine since I had babies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you tons of success in your new incarnation!


  66. I know it’s hard to understand, but we only knew this in the last two weeks. We tried everything to be able to continue print and could not tell you until we had found a safe home for the subscribers. Please call Sarah at 505-984-6296 to talk about the particulars of your subscription. We want to handle these on a case by case basis.

  67. I’m sorry to hear there won’t even be a digital edition. I loved reading the magazine. I tried MDC for quite a while, but I found the quick judgment more than I wanted to witness and ultimately too difficult to avoid. I’m just not looking for a place to jump all over people for their weaknesses, so I don’t see myself participating in a forum. I will continue to look forward to articles, though. I know you at Mothering must all be grieving because of this difficult decision, and I wish you the best as you work out all of the issues. I hope your subscribers will understand that this is difficult and work with you.

  68. We decided to tell everyone on the same day and the Facebook posts, of course, have gone crazy. Please call the office now or send me your email and we will call you to discuss with Sarah at 505-984-6296.

  69. We’re going to open things up on MDC. We realize now that we have shut down some of the conversation because of our rapid growth and trying to manage the growing community. Please give MDC another chance.

  70. I wish we could give refunds also, but we obviously wouldn’t be in this situation if we could give refunds. Our subscriptions dropped 35% and our newsstand dropped 40% in the last three years. I think that subscribers get a lot of value from a print or a digital subscription. We are giving them an ongoing subscription with a very compatible magazine as well as offering online credit to those who call us and feel they need something else.

  71. I’m confused by your post. If your not a “natural mama” why the heck are you reading mothering? Or mothering posts? Are you a troll? You’re pro vaccine and anti home birth, but somehow read this post by mothering? you have to be a troll…

  72. I totally agree with this. As a subscriber with a three year print and digital subscription, I should have had a heads-up. I delete a lot of e-mails from Mothering since they are all “Get this toy free with a subscription!” Come on, why were people even allowed to subscribe all the way up to Feb. 1st?! Crazy. I’m not disappointed about their decision, just the way its been handled.



  73. It’s funny that you say that declining ad sales were a trigger for this change. I want you to know that I recently did not renew my print subscription because I felt like Mothering was starting to have too many ads.

  74. Wow. How disappointing!! Leafing through Mothering was the one chance to sit down at the end (or beginning) of the day and have some “me” time. I’ve given many subscriptions to new mamas – passing on an electronic version just isn’t the same. Farewell, Mothering – it was sure good while it lasted.

  75. Peggy,

    You still have the subscribe option up on your website, people were still purchasing subscriptions as of just yesterday. Why didn’t you pull the plug on new subscriptions two weeks ago? I have been waiting for my issue in the mail and if I had not randomly decided to hope on facebook after months of not logging in I would STILL be waiting.

    Will you be sending us subscribers any information on our new subscription to Natural Life because I can’t read their online publication without a special code. It would of been nice to receive an email or any form of communication letting me know the last two issues would be digital only. I would of been very confused to just suddenly get a new magazine in the mail without any explanation.

    I have a paid membership to MDC yet I rarely log on because it is 1. hard to find information on there and 2. so many of the posters are extremely rigid and judgmental, it is a huge turn off (you catch more flies with honey…) if you are trying to introduce someone new to the joys of natural family living.

    With the magazine I could read it slowly and really take in what I was learning, I could share it with my sister (she is not a computer person at all) giving her ideas she would never think of, I could save them to re-read later (I have many issues stored in my home), and I could also share them with my clients.

    I can not do any of that with a website.

    I wish you the best I really do, but I am also deeply disappointed in how this has been announced.


  76. I am sad to hear this news. I love curling up with a hard copy of your magazine. I’m glad I’ve kept my copies, although I’ve only been a subscriber for a year. I will miss Mothering arriving in the mail.

    I’m also sorry you’re being attacked by so many people. I imagine this was a difficult decision. Please continue highlighting articles on facebook. It will be my Mothering magazine substitute.

  77. Dear Mothering,

    I have been a subscriber since my first son in 1976. I have every magazine stacked neatly on a shelf. I refer to them often and take them places I cannot take my computer. I am indeed sad by your decision to go on the web. I will look for another magazine to carry with me and refer back to as I need and want. Thanks for many years together. You were the best. maria

  78. I am so sorry to hear about this…I am a recent digital subscriber and have received 2 editions. Can you tell me if the subscription I will have with Natural Life will also be digital, and if so, how will I be notified when a copy is available?

    I’m just sorry that I only recently discovered Mothering Magazine 🙁

    Thanks and best of luck.

  79. wow, there are so many angry people on here, whose only concern is the 20-30 dollars they are being “screwed out of”. For those of you who enjoy mothering, do you really think they are the kind of people who would purposely hurt there clientel? Does Peggy O’mara, seem like a money hungry, fan hating human? If she was a woman with no principals, and was someone who wanted to be rich and famous and have the fancy things, she could have gerber, and pampers, and similac adds in the magazine. She would drive a new mercedes, and rule with an iron stick! The people who represent her would only have to be good writers, and not good people. As someone who is close to this situation in my heart and my demographic, its not always dimes and pennies that it comes down to. Sometimes principals, outlast the dollar signs, and there also legal ramifications, in spilling the beans on whats going on. Mothering has been part of this world for 35 years. Peggy’s heart has been in it for about 30, believe me, this is not an easy process to go through. I am sure there is a deep sadness in santa fe, senses of failure, but most importantly, the need to move on, and be at peace, with what the cards have dealt. Some of you people are so heartless. Just ask yourself how you would handle this if this was you.

  80. I think this is incredibly unethical, making people take their case to you one-by-one. As a two year subscriber, as of only a few issues ago, I have paid for an item and expect the item. If the item is no longer available, refunds should be automatic. This is going to turn into a lawsuit from someone angry enough to take it that far. I will be contacting the above number, but at great inconvenience, as I am non-US/Canada subscriber (meaning I paid MORE for my subscription than most!) Very, very unhappy. It is unethical and very likely illegal in some respect.

  81. Thanks for all the great info. This really is the greener way to go. However, I hate sifting through blogs and sites, I wish you could put together, if not a digital magazine, a compilation of this months articles in a monthy newsletter or link page. Cool?

  82. Peggy, thank you for answering. I don’t mean the judgment of moderators but the judgment of participants. Moderation was the only thing that made the forums tolerable for me. Attachment parenting is so open, non-judgmental as I understand it. I met great people there. I hung out with friends there. It was just difficult to deal with so much constant judgment and quick emotion from the others posting. I wanted to listen, but I just ran out of energy to hear so much negativity. These comments are a great example. If I felt I was due a refund, I wouldn’t threaten lawsuits and a pox on your house, I would call and talk to you.

  83. Wow, all I have felt for all of you at Mothering is sadness, and the realization that this must be so bittersweet for all of you. Mothering has been a family to me over the time of raising my children, now 30, 27 and 24 this year. I still enjoy it every issue and always find something that speaks to me and our family as we/they grow and change. I am so sorry for your loss, and wish you all well as you enter onto new paths and into new endeavors. THANK YOU!!! so much for all these many years of sharing and teaching us in gentle, loving, well reasoned, researched and compassionate ways. Shalom, and I truly do recognize your losses, take time to grieve as you all proceed, good health and good life to you all! xo

  84. Well it is too bad that you are no longer printing your magazine, maybe now there will be more time to fix the on-going issues with your website since it’s re-launch in mid November. As a long time member I found the changes terrible and no one ever really helped me in the challenges that I was(and still) am having with this site. I really miss the old MDC.

  85. This is hardly surprising. In an era where even the mainstream print magazines are operating at a loss and making it up within the conglomerate they are a part of, it was only a matter of time before this decision was made for an independent business. Communication modes are changing and smart companies have to keep up. Eventually all those print magazines end up in the trash, even if they were kept for years.

    After almost 30 years with Mothering both print and digital, I can attest they are a company with ethics. If you have a subscription issue, call them. But realize that they must balance their subscribers needs with their employees needs.

    Thank you for the years of information. I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

  86. “The cost of printing one issue of Mothering is approximately $100,000.”

    “Mothering magazine currently has a bimonthly circulation of 100,000”

    That makes it sound like making ends meet requires just $1 per copy… Does the $100,000 not include shipping costs? Is the $100,000 only the actual printing, or the production costs as well? With the newsstand price, as I understand it, being about $6, am I missing something about how with that income advertising revenue as well (which is down but is still something), you’d still be in deficit?

    “Even to produce a digital edition, the cost is approximately $60,000.”

    Could I ask what these costs are for? We would expect a digital edition to be more significantly cheaper than a printed version. How many subscribers did you have for the digital edition? Given the significantly lower price to buy a digital subscription, it almost sounds like this one is the greater money-bleeder for you.

    We’re all so deeply saddened by this, and feel like we have some “ownership” in this mag, we appreciate straight answers as to whether this was truly unavoidable or whether there was some financial mismanagement going on.

  87. I can’t believe how terrible some people are being. The people at Mothering are not out to steal money or some plot to screw people over. People may loose their jobs, a wonderful, accepting and loving publication will no longer be there to educate and support mothers and that is a terrible loss.

    Without Mothering my parenting would likely be very different. It opened my eyes to options I didn’t realize where there and normalized gentle and natural parenting. In the land of strollers, formula and controlled crying I was comforted knowing other Moms like me were out there.

    I will miss the magazine greatly. I wish there was still a digital version for me to look forward to because while forums are great, but not the same. Thank you Mothering staff for all that you did. You will be very missed in this household.

  88. I will be referring my best friend to this number.

    She gave me a subscription for Christmas, and I was wondering why I haven’t received my copy yet.

    Very disappointing!

  89. I totally agree with this. Too many ads! And for a company that promotes an “ad free childhood.”

    Also, MDC is just an echo chamber, with little tolerance for other ideas/questioning things. If you question Mercola your posts are deleted. I used to love MDC but now can hardly stand it.

  90. I received a subscription for Christmas and never got an issue… thought Mothering was just slow to get started. No one bothered to tell me that I would NEVER get an issue. I think it’s terrible that Mothering has allowed people to subscribe to the magazine when it’s been in the process of shutting down. Congrats on screwing over a lot of people who just wanted access to natural parenting methods.

  91. I LOVE Mothering magazine!! I am very sad to see it go. I do not love that I just renewed my paper subscription a month or so back and never received another issue. If at all possible I would like a refund… OR a guaranteed full years subscription to the Natural Life magazine. Let me just mention that money was tight in my household, but I still went ahead and renewed subscription. And now, I feel that I am getting screwed, in a not so good way.

    What is the best way to contact someone?

    Thank you,


  92. The point is simply that people are angry that they paid their hard earned money for a magazine that is folding. This magazine knew there were problems for longer than 2 weeks and they never said anything. They chose to leave their subscription page open and active, taking money…knowing they could not fulfill the subscriptions that were being purchased.

    I am beyond pissed as I not only renewed my subscription for 2 years in December and I purchased 3 two year subscriptions for friends. I’m out all of that money. If I wanted a subscription to Natural Living or whatever it is, I would have purchased it. I did call the phone number above and just got a very polite song and dance…crap about “case by case basis”.

    Very disappointed. I won’t bother with a lawsuit…how do you sue a corporation that is folding? You don’t. You cut your losses.

    I am also a long time member of MDC and was so angry that I could not post any links to anything or even link to my non-profit natural birth blog without ‘buying advertising space for the signature line” that I haven’t been back to the site. Not to mention that the mods are hard-assed and heaven forbid you make a wrong comment. I’ve never seen such a strictly run site…it’s no fun being there…aside from the ‘improvements’ that leave a lot to be desired.

  93. this, sadly, is typical of a publication going under.

    still waiting on that refund from martha stewart kids from 5 years ago.

    good luck with that.

  94. I can only imagine how hard this decision must have been for all of you at Mothering. Your hard work and committment to bringing incredible content to thousands of families will never go unnoticed. My children’s lives, and my own, are the better for your work, and I hope that you are able to leave this endeavor behind with a sense of peace and pride in all that you have given.

  95. I work in publishing to actually put out a digital edition is about $1,500/issue. Printing 100K copies of a 85 page book would be less than $100K. The cost of maintaining and paying writers and production staff would be additional. Although I assume the writers and production staff will still be around unless they are planning on not generating any new content just relying on posters to their forums to provide content which would be a very sad way to go.

  96. Love you Peggy–Love you, Mothering–always have, always will and will follow you and send our Mamas to you in any form you wish to go!

    Thanks for all your years of service, and hoping for many more on the web.



  97. Please share how I will be refunded for the magazine subscription I ordered last week as a gift for my daughter. There was not a place for me to include her e-mail address, which means she cannot receive the magazine. If you will direct me to where I can share her e-mail address and use the subscription cost toward a year’s digital and refund the balance. Please respond to me via the e-mail listed. Thank you.

  98. I am sorry to hear this, Your magazine was a great help to me when I became a mother. Your articles opened my eyes to many things. Your publication will be missed. I am sorry to hear that some people who ordered subscriptions will not be receiving them, but I do not see how being hateful and rude is going to help this. I am sure that it will get resolved no need to be hateful to people who were so helpful for so many years just because they fell into finical hardship( just like a lot of people) I am sure they will make good on there obligations just be rational people. Again you will be greatly missed.

  99. Dear Peggy: I had the pleasure of meeting you at the 50th LLL conference in Chicago and I still believe your hug was the best I’ve ever received. Your warmth, your vision and your words of wisdom have truly inspired me and I have re-read and saved every issue from the past 6 years. I loved curling up with each issue and devouring each word from literally cover to cover, Letters to the Editor through the advertisements. It was very inspiring to find someone who so eloquently spoke of the art and joys of motherhood. Mothers are losing a valuable resource and I hope to see this loss transform and flower in a new direction. I am sorry to see the hatefulness posted here today. As a small business owner, I can understand the challenges you have faced. As someone who played sports, I also understand you don’t quit, you never give up until the buzzer sounds. And I truly believe you gave it your best. It’s very easy to post something in anger and out of spite that you would never say to someone’s face. I’m sure when these people are alone with their thoughts this evening and look honestly upon their hearts, they will feel ashamed of their ugly words on this thread. Your work is gentle. Your words are gentle. And I think the world has been a much better place with your influence. Thank you, Peggy, and all the staff at Mothering magazine for your beautiful work these past 30 years. Blessings, Dr. Sarah Leatherman

  100. Yes I agree, we should be free as on other forums to share our blogs and websites with eachother. I know it makes the forums a target for spam but if there are moderators anyway they could just go and check the sites are genuine before allowing a post. Please free up the sharing

  101. Oh how sad! Mothering magazine has meant so much to me over my 4 years of parenthood. Having that tangible…validation(?) that I was not crazy in my mothering choices, aw I am going to miss it. Such a lovely magazine with wonderful articles. Good luck to everyone there…

  102. So… it’s evident to me, that the decision to discontinue printing Mothering is causing extreme damage to Mothering’s image in people who weren’t all that supportive to begin with.

    I hope that if the decision was a financially based one, this turn for the worst in opinion of Mothering does not cause further cuts.

    Peggy… don’t you think it just makes Mothering look less professional to have to completely give up on printing the magazine that’s been the backbone of the company since it’s beginning?

    Anyway, that’s what I’m reading in all these mean comments…

  103. I think this is disgusting- Mothering is behaving in a completely unethical way!

    Please see the email below that I received from Mothering after SEVERAL inquiries as to why I hadn’t found a copy of my much anticipated magazine in the mail.

    Please note: the date of this email is Feb. 3/2011- less than two weeks ago. Disgusting that I was lied to with such ease!

    Dear Casey,

    You do have a print subscription. It comes with a free digital companion subscription. Your first issue is the Jan/Feb. We apologize for the delay of that issue. It has not been mailed to stores or subscribers yet. Unfortunately I do not have a projected date to give you, but I would be glad to send you an email as soon as I know more if you care to be added to the list?

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

    Sarah Patamia

    Mothering Magazine

    Po Box 1690

    Santa Fe, NM 87504


    I have called the number provided more times than I count- as a working Mom I don’t have time to chase down a product I purchased from what I thought was a reputable company. I made it clear in my previous correspondence with Mothering that my access to the internet is sporadic and I certainly don’t want a digital subscription to anything. I’d like my money returned to me, without having to track it down so that I may make my own decisions about what subscription I will read.

    Again, disgusting!

  104. I am deeply saddened and disappointed by this news. While I am sure the decision wasn’t made lightly, it feels sudden and incongruous with the magazine’s worldview.

    While your FB and Twitter and MDC accounts may number in the thousands, I think many new and expectant mothers first encountered your magazine as a print edition – either in a library, from a friend/doula/educator, and the online experience simply does not match the physical.

    Also, assuming your target audience (if you are in the business of sharing information, not just selling magazines) will have internet access and mobile internet access is quite a stretch. There are still(!) families without iPhones and Wifi.

    For what it’s worth, since the forum changed platforms I’ve really had no desire to post on MDC.

    I wish you all well.

  105. I will miss your physical presence in my life, but will hope that you will continue to put out great stories and articles each month so I can keep my mothering knowledge current!

    One suggestion: Take a cue from Mother Earth News and offer all your back copies for sale in one package via download or cd! I would LOVE to have all those back issues sitting there waiting to be perused! It would go a long way toward salving that wound!

  106. Dear Mothering,

    Last year I had just subscribed to Kindred magazine and they went out of business. This year it’s Mothering. Am I frustrated as a subscriber who lives in SE Asia and who doesn’t GET much info of that kind here, yes! Am I frustrated because we are being asked to spend more and more and more time online, YES. I love paper magazines, I love that I can take them anywhere with me. I don’t like the idea that I have to spend even more time in front of my computer now… I like the fuzzy happiness feeling of opening my new issue – excitement at discovering this months topics… Can you not keep the online magazine version going instead of MDC (which is OK but another forum).

  107. Wow, I’m so dissapointed. It’s too bad. I’ve been reading your magazines for 4 years and was looking forward to many more.

  108. This is so disappointing. I have given several multi-year subscriptions as gifts, including one recently to a friend who will never get a single issue. I will personally miss my own subscription. I hope that it will be a simple matter to get these refunded.

    What a ridiculously mishandled end to the best mothering/parenting/family magazine ever. It’s a real shame.

  109. readers digest is not out of print…. and shame on Mothering fr continuing to take in people’s money for subscrptions, knowing full well they wouldn’t be mailing them.

    that is what is called STEALING. my GD children know this, why dosn’t a GD magazine?

  110. Unfortunately, this is just an example of the many ill-informed people out there that think natural living is selfish and bad! Nothing could be farther from the truth. So sad! How will we face people like this without the support group of mothering magazine? It offered wonderful researched and truthful articles that proved that living the way humans were created really is best!

    Stacy, thank you for reminding me that natural living is not common sense to many… I need to know what I believe so when I face people like you I can have the knowledge and facts to prove it.

  111. A shame overall, but alas sometimes economics plays the deciding role in the final draft. Instead of accusing Mothering of ‘stealing’, ‘dishonesty’, and all of the other ‘go to’ words people use when vexed, it is important for people to gauge their feelings by reality. Mothering has secured an alternate provider for those with subscriptions and are also providing on-line access to informational writing. Legally I don’t see any recourse for those of us who ‘don’t like’ this new reality, nor am I convinced there should be. Odds are the staff at Mothering are reeling a bit as well. Thanks Mothering for the great info over the years, and for creating mags that I could slink into a dreamy bubble bath with. I will miss those moments. However things do indeed change, and this is an opportunity for all of us who believe in wholistic parenting to take the high road and not condemn, but understand and move forward. Isn’t that what we try to teach ourselves and our children?

  112. In the shadow of all these unreasonably negative posts, I would like to say thank you for all that Mothering Magazine has given me over the years. It was a great publication, and it will be greatly missed.

  113. Yep, I got caught too. After waiting to treat myself to a subscription for over a year, I charged a subscription on January 10th. What a mistake – darn. As a single mom (no child support coming in) I sure hope they honor the refunds. I was looking forward to reading while nursing my son (can’t do that with a computer.) Darn.

  114. i’m a long-time mothering fan, ex-subscriber (my kids are “big” now!) and collector of old editions. i can’t say i disagree with the frustration at how mothering has announced this. i imagine they’re feeling overwhelmed, sad, and worried about what they’ll all do next, but still, this could have been done with more professionalism and kindness. subscribers weren’t notified? the “subscribe” tab was still up on their website recently? this is a case where the people who love and support mothering are not being given the same love and support back. it might be a tough situation, but mothering could still rise to the occasion, give a proper announcement, and explain to people properly what the subscription implications are. all those people who love mothering deserve that kind of attention.

  115. agreed. they can still fix this- hope they’re paying attention to these comments. so many of us love mothering and are sad to see them go. they could “go” with some grace…

  116. With the elitist, every-woman-for-herself, my-way-or-the-highway attitudes of most of the posts here it’s pretty apparent what may have been an underlying contributing factor to the demise of print subscriptions — the subscribers themselves. People feel so damned entitled and ripped off. I bet most of these people have also never run a business, never had to lay people off, never had to face a group of employees they not only admire but also care about and give them bad financial news about the company they are working for. Instead, they are OUTRAGED that there precious print magazine has been pulled. This will be so awful now that they can’t read it in the tub (how many times have I read that on here?). Why can’t people accept that this has happened, respect the wonderful history of Mothering Magazine, and encourage its future. For a group of people that is supposed to be compassionate, open-minded, and caring, you’re certainly not demonstrating that with your comments here. Accept and move on.

  117. Megan,

    I am sure people have accepted and moved on regarding the print version. However what they are upset about is that Mothering took money for their subscriptions knowing they were no long going to produce them. That is fraud. Many of these people are on very limited incomes and scrimped and saved to be able to afford this subscription which they rightly feel cheated out of. It was wrong of Mothering to continue to take subscriptions from unsuspecting people. I feel their outrage and pain. At a time when consumers are getting ripped off right and left by companies who seem to be able to get away with anything.. $20 here and $20 there sure adds up!!!

    I have not read Mothering in years as I have not seen it on the news stand anywhere. No wonder their news stand purchases have declined by 40%. No one can find it! I never subscribed because I never had the money at the time I thought of it. I did have a digital subscription, but honestly, I always forgot to read it. And the forums, don’t even get me started on the forums.

    While Mothering may have given readers years of wonderful information, the why they have chosen to go out of business while still taking orders is outrageous! Shame on you Mothering, and Shame on you Peggy!

  118. I am so very sad to hear that new issues of Mothering will no longer be in my hands. What a difficult decision this must have been for all involved.

    I thank you for all the years of bravery, passion, and hard work that have gone into your publication that has so hugely impacted the lives of so many children and families…mine certainly among them. I will continue to treasure my past issues, and am grateful for your online presence continuing!

    Blessings to you…and much gratitude.

  119. Megan – you know, you are lashing at just like a lot of these folks…just in another way. I don’t see how you are any different from them. That being said, you have to understand that Mothering just did not handle things quite right with respect to their customers and subscribers. We had to find out on Facebook?!?! No direct emails from the company to their customers!?!? Still selling subscriptions even though they already knew?!?! Of course we are all saddened by this news and feel empathy for what this company and its employees are going through, but did they just forget about us customers? It sure feels like it.

  120. I have to agree! I have been wondering where my copy is and the copy that I sent to my best friend for a pregnancy gift. NOT COOL Mothering! Are you going to refund our subscriptions?

  121. I have been a Mothering reader since the 1979. And yep,like others, I like to read the magazine somewhere besides at my computer/desk and am disappointed at this radical change for Mothering. My disappointment though, is outweighed by my concern for the fine people that have brought me this magazine for over 30 years. It is the end of a convenience for me. It is the end of far more for Peggy, John, and the whole Mothering crew.

    So, while going through these feelings, I clicked on the link to the Jan/Feb issue, printed out a couple articles I wanted to read in the tub, and went at it. I’ll probably gradually make the shift to reading it all on line and get into the interactiveness of it all. In the meantime, it was nice to have the familiar and worth the extra of printing part of it myself.

    Thank you Mothering crew, for decades of the kind of information and support that changed my life for the better. Thank you for hanging in there as long as you could. Thank you in advance for the fine support and information still to come, via this new format.

  122. I filled out a survey this past year regarding your website. I gave honest answers, thinking that you were asking me how to make the site better, NOT on whether or not y’all should get rid of your magazine….Your survey was misleading, b/c it was clearly looking to see if it could get rid of the magazine. You should have been honest about the goal of your survey, b/c you weren’t. I don’t remember many questions about the magazine, other than one about whether or not I had a subscription. Just b/c I don’t currently get the magazine does NOT mean I ONLY want the site. I grab the magazine when at the store and don’t mind paying the full price. I am so sorry you are going away. I hope this doesn’t happent to Midwifery Today. Please God, no.

  123. As a natural parenting mother, healer and long time Mothering reader, I am bummed. As an entrepreneur, healer and friend, I am understanding. I know we are in times of drastic change and that in order to “go with the flow” and be in harmony with each other and the earth (this is a very eco- friendly decision), we, as humans, must be ready and willing to accept and go with change GRACEFULLY in our day-to day lives, or we will destroy ourselves…

    I honor Mothering for its integrity and willingness to challenge the mainstream cultures ways while honoring the truth and natural parent style. I honor your honesty when it comes to your business strategy… and I wish you so many blessings on your new path!!

  124. While I offer my best wishes and encouragement as Mothering moves to a web-only format, I do feel it important to express my disappointment in how this transition was handled for the magazines current supporters/subscribers. I had been wondering where my print-copy of the Jan/Feb issue was or if it had been lost in the mail, only to learn ON FACEBOOK that the magazine was suddenly something of the past. I am terribly saddened that the people behind Mothering, who we loyal subscribers had been in deep respect of, somehow didn’t reciprocate this respect by notifying us directly of the change.

    Good luck…

  125. So so very sad. I love the printed Mothering for so many reasons. It’s wonderful to find it in my mailbox, a treat I devour like dark chocolate, usually in one sitting. I love the nursing pictures and all the thoughtful letters. I’ll miss the range of articles and the sense of comfort you gave me, helping me know I was not alone in thoughtfully choosing a different path for my birth, my extended breastfeeding, how I meet my child’s health needs, our decision to co-sleep, choosing to give our son a media free childhood, and finding a way to parent a child with love and compassion.

    thank you for everything you’ve given me these last 5 years.

  126. these things don’t happen overnight. But, Peggy didnt just go down without a fight. I am positive that she tried up until the last minute to keep this alive. she cares about her staff, her following, and most importantly this community. Those of you who believe that mothering took subscriptions for the magazine after they all knew they were stopping the print, are not only ignorant, but you are also just plain stupid. If you are a fan of mothering, an actual believer of what the company stands for, and not someone who believes in this as fad, (who reads it in the tub) you may be able to grasp an understanding of this much better.

  127. I just want to say how much your beautiful publication has shaped and guided me as a parent over the last ten years. I have been profoundly impacted and changed by all of the beauty, incredible information and wonderful stories your magazine has shared. Thank you, thank you!

    I know this must be an extremely difficult time and I hope you are all able weather this storm .

    Sending much love to you and the team at Mothering!

    With Love~ Erin.

  128. i admire your resolve and positive attitude. i look forward to continuing to devour the information you provide. but it is a sad day for families everywhere to hear of the loss of mothering magazine. it provided an unequalled service.

  129. I subscribed to a two year print subscription YESTERDAY (02.14.11) and my credit card was charged the full amount TODAY. I love Mothering (obviously, since I was subscribing) but this makes me want to cry. That was a LOT of money, especially for a magazine subscription. I feel duped, cheated, betrayed.

    – I have sent an email, I hope to receive a quick response and a full refund

    – I have called the phone number provided, but there is no option to leave a message.

    While I am sorry about the recent change, I’m having a hard time being empathetic since I’m pretty angry. It would have been different if you hadn’t allowed the subscription to go through or hadn’t processed my credit card (again, this was done TODAY, 02.15, the day you are no longer a magazine!) Had you taken steps, I would have probably donated the same amount of money, but because of the way you handled new subscriptions, I would like my money back.

  130. To all those who recently ordered subscriptions that will not be fulfilled, simply contact your credit card company or bank and dispute the charge. You will absolutely win, no need for class action.

    I am very sorry to see Mothering go away. It is the only magazine I subscribed to and I always looked forward to finding it in the mail. I thought I’d missed the January issue; now I understand. I wish you luck in the future, and strongly advise that you keep your customers (readers and advertisers) in the forefront of decisionmaking going forward. Ethical business practices are coherent with attachment parenting.

  131. I agree with Megan. I see a lot of mothers who seem like spoiled children themselves. Whether they’re whining about some product that practically killed their child, or raving about some other majorly awesome product that their little one just cannot and will not survive without (often the same product, depending on the day) it all sounds the same after a while. Not to bang on the drum and all, but I’m sick of motherhood being synonymous with consumerism and stuff and “I want it now” and “mine mine mine” and “nothings too good for my child”. It was a magazine with amazing information, that will become and online website with amazing information. The world will NOT end. I promise.

    And I don’t think this actually counts as fraud. Fraud is not just some ubiquitous term that describes any transaction in which someone lost money. Fraud must carry intent. I don’t see that here. I’ve been a paralegal for almost 12 years now, and I just don’t see it.

  132. I just bought my subscription, I am sick about this. I am a small business owner and know the ways of regulations screwing you over as you mentioned w/ your toy advertisers. I would not have purchased the subscription had I known… I think I just wrote the check less than a month ago!

    I vote for a super low budget magazine, no glossy pages, just printed information… My eyes are burning just reading your letter, I will not read the online magazine because I am not the type of person who is comfortable reading on a screen. LOW BUDGET MAGAZINE!! Back to your roots Mothering!

    and I have to add a tiny “tsk tsk” for having a facebook friend notify me…

  133. I have been a loyal subscriber and follower for over 10 years. I am deeply saddened that Mothering Magazine will be no more. It’s the only magazine I have ever waited at the mailbox for and read cover to cover in one sitting. I am sad to know that there isn’t going to be any Mothering being given to my daughter and future daughter in laws when they are having their babies. I have Mothering to thank for my mothering skills and pray that I am around to share all of the knowledge I have gained from it. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for everything you have shared over the years, I am a better person and mother because of Mothering.

  134. Peggy and all the staff at Mothering,

    I am so very saddened at this news but these changes happen so quickly. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the years and years of dedication and love you have given to parents all across the globe. Your words, in all forms, helped form my parenting and helped me to feel that I was not a lone wolf in a pack of elephants. I am now a student midwife, almost licensed, and Mothering helped me so much along my path. I will continue to send clients to the website and am always encouraging the downloads of reprints. Many blessings along the road to your next journey.

  135. I’m sorrier than I can say that Mothering Magazine has come to a sudden skreetching halt. Despite the best intentions in the world, so many for-profit and not-for-profit organizations have been surprised lately by the downturn in the economy, and not in a good way. The hapless subscribers who won’t get refunds are likely not the only creditors the magazine needs to consider.

    Mothering Magazine was the Bible for my generation of alternative moms. Back in the day when life was simpler, a friend of mine ordered a group subscription, because we were all SAHMs and needed to save money. (The postage to Canada then was quite expensive). We so looked forward to our magazines, and I kept a box of back issues for years after my babies were all in school, until I could pass them on to another like-minded mom. It was so exciting to read and talk about these “new” ideas each month on parenting, baby wearing, birth and so on. All I can is, best of luck, Mothering, in your web presence, and I hope the charm of the magazine somehow carries over onto your website.

  136. WOW… I am amazed at how my own mothering has followed the history of this magizene…I became pregnant for the first time in May of 1976…my first son was born at home on Feb 16 1977…Mothering Mag was my inspiration! I still have my first copy! I bought it at the co-op in Santa Cruz CA. I went on to become a midwife, first in Alaska..and then California. I was the contact for Alaska in the special edition of Midwifery and the Law, that Mothering printed in 1982…I still have that copy too.. Mothering has been with me through my decisions regarding immunizations, nutrition, VBAC and Waldorf education…my children are now 34, 32, and 30 all bonded and in love…I am the proud Nana of 4 grandchildren all vaginally born, one at home…all with midwives.. breastfeed..and deeply loved…a generation has been shaped by Mothering Mag.. I now talk to my children on facebook….times have changed..The internet is the new information highway…it has effected print media for sure…bless you Peggy for your devotion to the most important job in the world…”Mothering” will live the important work you have done, in all you have written Thank YOU!!…

    Blessed Be Blessed DO…Peace, Deb

  137. Give Mothering a call. They are not as heartless as many people here are making them out to be and they are willing to work with people on the issue. This was a super difficult decision to make and the mothering staff worked their assess off until the very end to make sure that there wasn’t SOME way the magazine could go on. We’ve all known Mothering for years, why is it so easy to feel nothing for them now? I understand the anger and frustration but for one second, attempt to put yourselves in the shoes of those losing their jobs, of those losing their life’s work, of those that are losing a lot more than $30. If you have anger and need answers, call the magazine. There are incredibly nice people there that are willing to help you. Posting angry comments here does no one any good.

  138. Thank you for all your years of informing people about such important issues. Today is a sad day.

    I wish everyone at Mothering the best.

  139. I’m a subscriber and while I’m very sad to see the magazine go, I am happy that I do have forums to enjoy. But I will miss the “professionals” point of view about certain topics. Like indepth information about cloth diapering or vaccines. The forums are great but very overwhelming and very free-flowing, so it’s not always easy to find the answer.

    I’m sorry the magazine is going out of print, but you’re right, it is a business decision. See you in the forums!

  140. Peggy,

    Have you considered providing the following options?

    * b&w photocopied zine

    * newsletter

    * pre-subscription back issues for each month left on paid subscriptions

    * refund

    – recent multi-year print subscriber

  141. I’m sad Mothering is going away. After receiving NUMEROUS letters in the past month with “deals” for subscriptions I bit. On February 11, 2011 I ordered a TWO YEAR subscription.

    I called yesterday and was told there would be no refunds.

    Listen, I understand the times are a changin’, but if you had any inkling that this was coming you should have stopped taking new orders. Instead you kept taking them knowing full well what was happening.

    Don’t worry. I called my bank and filed to reverse the charges. They were incredibly understanding. If you are in my situation I suggest you do the same. Mothering has no intention of refunding your money.

    After this mess I have no intention of ever visiting your site.

    And before someone tries to defend what they did by saying I clearly have never had to lay people off. I run my own law firm. Trust me, I’ve had to do the dirty work. This is just shoddy business practices.

  142. You have no idea how much of someone’s income $20-$30 is. In this economy, that is a lot of money for a number of families. It is pretentious of you to decide that it isn’t worth getting upset over.

  143. The problem is that they intentionally deceived the public by allowing new subscriptions when they knew they were going down. That’s ethically wrong.

  144. I applaud all of your hard work and dedication to providing information. I think this is a smart move! I honestly believe my generation (late 20’s-early 30’s) will live to see the day that print may die all together. At least for magazines and such. Everyone utilizes the web. I actually started out as a member to the mothering online community and it took me a year before I ever checked out the magazine. I did order a subscription, but I honestly have only found time to read ONE article in my hard copy in the past 2 years… whereas I’m online on the mothering website almost daily. The web is where it is at… and to be a successful buisness in this day of technology, you have to have web presecnce, and you have definitley recognized that. Congratulations on all of your achievements and I look forward to staying a supporter as you move forward and add more to the web experience. I am very excited about it actually!!

  145. You’ll get a subscription to NATURAL LIFE magazine instead. It looks like a good magazine. And I agree that it sucks you just charged etc. but this is common practice. I used to get JANE magazine and they switched me to GLAMOUR….not exactly a good trade. Natural Life magazine looks like it will feature many of the issues present in Mothering (home birth, vaccines, etc.) along with green living. I’m tempted to order a subscription. It looks like a good read.

  146. So Very sad to see this magazine go. But I am confident that they exhausted every option before making the decision to stop production. It truly marks the end of an era. Wishing the best of luck to all involved.

  147. I was so devastated to learn that publication of your magazine has ceased. I was introduced to Mothering just over a year ago, during my first pregnancy and have turned to it time and time again for guidance and support as I navigate my way through the beautiful and perilous journey of motherhood. I will treasure all back issues and will try to assimilate into the online community. But your in-hand magazine will always be like a friend who left before I got to know her well enough.

  148. Oh Mothering, I am so so sad. A digital subscription is not the same…I can’t read it on the potty. I can’t include it in a new baby or newly pregnant mama care package. I can’t tear out a recipe. And I just don’t like reading online.

    But enough about me. Thank you, Mothering, for all you offer and will continue to do. What an invaluable resource mdc is. What amazing work you all do.

    I hope that the print magazine will return, though I imagine there is little hope. RIP dear Mothering, we will miss you!

    And again thanks, and blessings on your continued work.


  149. I have been heartsick since hearing the news yesterday.

    Not because I am to miss out on the remainder of my pre-paid subscription, but because Mothering is no longer in print.

    Each issue is such a rare and beautiful gem of information, celebration, support, community. I have been inspired by it since I was a girl (I used to read my mother’s copies, back in the 80’s and 90’s) and I can attest to the fact that it influenced me positively in countless ways. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first child, over four years ago, the first thing I did was run out and order my own subscription. I have never thrown out a single copy, and I’m so glad I saved them. Each issue was a great resource that I return to again and again. I feel so grateful that this publication ever existed, and I feel privileged to have benefited from the wisdom within its pages for so long.

    Rather than feeling slighted right now, I have to say that I am filled with regret that I didn’t order gift subscriptions for all my expecting friends when I still had a chance. I can’t imagine a better value: $30 for a priceless gift that keeps on giving through the years.

    Thank you, Mothering.

  150. My heart hurts dearly for Mothering Magazine. It made me feel normal in a mainstream world that didn’t mess with how my heart and mind where telling me to parent. Things change though and either we change with them with some kind of grace or we fall apart. I think is grace. It is a blessing and I hope ever effort is made to keep it going. I think many fear we will lose that as well right now.

    Thank you Mothering Magazine. I have loved you, you will be missed.

  151. I love Mothering Magazine and I’m so sad to see it go. You guys should give Natural Life a chance, you might like it. There’s also Pathways to Family Wellness. And a new magazine is coming out this Fall called Veritas Wellness Magazine.

  152. I’m very sad about the Mothering Magazine.

    Nothing could ever replace the excitement and joy of receiving a new issue of Mothering, reading it and discussing different ideas with friends, keeping the old issues for my sister, my friends, my daughter…

    I am a bit disappointed with how you (magazine staff) handled all of this. We all learn from our mistakes and I hope you’ll use this experience to improve communication on MDC and open it a bit more to all of us.

    Good luck!

  153. This is just one more visible but inevitable sign of the way the world is changing. It’s sad to see Mothering Magazine go, but exciting to think of them as a major web presence. Good luck with your new direction, Mothering Magazine!

  154. I have been sad to see the quality & content going downhill for a while now.I’ve seen more and more of the mainstream sogginess filtering into my granola. I found out about the magazine from my midwives when I was pregnant with my first child, I was in love at once. And then the online community! It was a breath of fresh air. I wish it had stayed so. As moderation got heavier and heavier it was obvious that changes were coming, and not for the better. Many people left when you allowed ads for circumcision and formula on your message boards. There are better, more sensitive ways to pay the bills. Many people canceled their subscription or just let it run out without renewing. I was one of them. I miss mothering, but cannot support hypocrisy. So, this news makes me sad, but I’m not surprised. My heart goes out to those who have lost something truly special (and I include myself in this category) but this feels something akin to putting a beloved, dying pet to sleep. It’s sad, but it’s for the best.

  155. Hm, I’m in your generation (31) and there’s no WAY I spend that much time on the computer! Do you have kids?? I read the magazine because I take it with me to the park with the kids, or while I’m nursing the baby. I certainly hope our generation doesn’t become one that sees the complete obsolescence of print! It’s sad to think of millions of mothers sitting in front of the computer to read a magazine or visit a website instead of interacting with their children….

  156. I’m actually happy for you, Mothering! What a strong online community you already have. Please keep the online posts in line with your original goals for the magazine, and you’ll do just fine. Young mothers like me would never pay for a magazine subscription, but we are highly active online and will support any good work you do.

    Laura K. Cowan

    founder of, fellow natural parent

  157. This is simply unethical. I am a new subscriber and when I called I was told that “the money is gone” and that all they could do was send me back issues. I took the back issues simply because it’s better than having paid all that money for the ONE issue you ever sent me. I’ve been a subscriber to other magazines that folded (Gourmet, for instance) and have never been told “Oh well, the money’s just not there.” Ridiculous.

  158. I am so incredibly sad right now. I have been waiting and waiting from Jan-Feb issue to land in my mail box. I have a newborn son and love this magazine more than any other and have always shared it with other mommies. I really dont like online magazines its just not the same as laying in bed reading the real thing. I saw a previous thread that said go back to your roots and I agree. ditch the fancy glossy pages and just give us our Mothering back. No other family magazine is as real and cool as this one. Im a bit teary about this and I will never get to hold another Mothering in my hands again. Farewell dear one.

  159. I believe that compassion, love and forgiveness are all qualities that were taught to us through Mothering Magazine. They were there standing up for our beliefs when few would. They gave so much support in those times of new parent darkness. Now it’s time for us to do the same for them. Time to have compassion and love for a company that would probably prefer to run a print magazine forever, but can’t. Forgiveness if the transition is not perfect. Let’s be there for them as they have been there for us.

  160. Sorry, but this is a business. I’m only willing to be so forgiving when a company takes my money and doesn’t provide me with the service I paid for AND doesn’t even have the courtesy to contact me and let me know.

  161. I started reading Mothering about 7 years ago as a young woman and newly trained doula. At the time I thought it to be smart, natural, and empowering. When I picked it up as a new breastfeeding, babywearing, natural product using mother 2 years ago I still thought of it as all those things but also as a community/friend and resource for some of the biggest decisions I’ve made as a parent, like delaying vaccinations, and extended breastfeeding. I recommend Mothering magazine to all my friends as they make the transition from couple to parents and the only thing that changes now is I will instead be recommending the Mothering website.

    Sure, it’s dissappointing that I won’t be able to read the magazine while in the park or curled up under the covers at the end of a long day, but think of the trees that are being saved, and all the other environmentally damaging effects of production and distribution that will be drastically reduced.

    I wish Peggy and Mothering good luck with this new chapter in their business and best wishes to all those whose livelihoods have been affected by this change.

  162. I’m sorry to see {print} Mothering fold while that font of misinormation Parents lives on. Guess it pays to have formula and vaccine industry advertisers. I just had renewed my subscription after 5 years lapse b/c I have a new baby. All you haters please quit ragging on Peggy- I’m sure she did not go out of her way to cheat you as some seem to think.

  163. Well said, Vicki. In addition, I have to say that Mothering opened my eyes to concepts and choices I didn’t know I had as a parent. I am now a childbirth educator and a birth attendant and I give a copy of Mothering to every new couple that comes through my class so that they can have that same gift. I am very sad to not be able to offer that resource anymore. I also subscribe to Natural Life already, so I am not sure how my subscription will play out. I would rather not get duplicates.

    Thank you for all you have done over the years, Peggy and staff. Peggy has become one of my mentors in a way and I respect her work. Thank you for all you have done for natural parenting and living.

  164. Thank you Peggy and the staff at Mothering!! I appreciate the sacrifice you are making but, really, in the end, you WILL benefit! Cyber Magazines are THE future in the information age!

    I support you and will encourage ALL my clients to purchase the digital Mothering Magazine!

    I have a digital subscription and will buy up as many reprints and old issues as are available!!

    Kim Mosny, CPM

    Home Birth Midwifery Service

    Midlothian VA

  165. I wish you well as I think you provide fabulous information and a lot of support and encouragement to families who may not receive it elsewhere. But, I am very disappointed that you’ve had change to a completely online format. The last thing I want to do is be tied to my computer even more!

  166. Yeah, I got a newsletter yesterday and ANOTHER newsletter today from MDC and neither one mentioned this.

    I hope everyone who charged their subscriptions realizes that they can do a chargeback through their credit card company.

  167. My iPad goes with me wherever I go and I’m more than happy to be able to open up an article on and read it when I’m at the park with my kids, or on the plane, waiting for an appointment, or even use it to play a game with my son. The world is going online more and more and I find nothing shameful in anyone embracing that and reading online. Shame on you for being self-righteous about print reading, as if it makes you a better mother.

  168. Well said — I completely agree. I was appalled to discover this news posted on FaceBook without so much as an e-mail to me, a subscriber for the last 2 years who just renewed in December and never received my next issue. I understand that FaceBook and this site is where Mothering is going, but c’mon — a mass e-mail is not expensive or any more time-consuming than posting on FaceBook. Very rude and disrespectful to your subscribers, all 100,000 of us.

  169. Kim, you may not have read close enough – there is only one more issue of the digital magazine coming out and then there won’t even be that. NO print magazine, NO digital magazine. Just online articles and boards.

  170. I posted yesterday, feeling angry and ripped off as a new subscriber without a single issue of Mothering. I just called them though, and will be receiving back issues. Not what I wanted, but better than a subscription to another magazine.

    Anyone upset over this, you might want to call and see if you can get some old issues.

  171. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. It’s like the end of an era. I began reading Mothering Magazine in 1998 with the birth of my first son and have continued since to maintain my knowledge regarding current trends natural parenting as an IBCLC. It’s sad like having your best friend move away. Sure, you can still communicate with them, but it’s not the same as having them share a cup of tea in your dining room.

    You will be sorely…sorely missed, my precious Mothering Magazine. Thank you for sharing of yourself in my home for more than a decade.

    …geez…this is *almost* as bad as when I learned the Dave Matthews Band wouldn’t be touring this summer.

  172. Just adding that I have an entire bookshelf FULL of my Mothering Magazines. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown one away. I share them with my clients on a regular basis and frequently refer to them myself.

  173. Call your credit card company. It should be very easy to have them reverse the charge, just as they would if you ordered anything else online that never came because the vendor flaked.

  174. Screw asking for old issues. If you paid by credit card, call your credit card company and see if you can have them reverse the charge (especially if you are a new subscriber, within the last couple of months, it should be VERY easy to dispute the charge, just as you could do if you ordered anything else over the Internet that then didn’t show up).

  175. Hi Janelle,

    If your back issues don’t sell through auction, I may be interested if you list them with a buy-it now option in a couple of weeks 🙂



  176. Kate, I completely agree. Peggy, I remember the “old” Mothering I used to read when my first baby was born at home in 1983. It wasn’t printed on slick paper, it didn’t have glossy ads–just a few “homemade” ones, and I really missed the flavor of that Mothering when it evolved into the more trendy, current style. Why not go back to the simple magazine it used to be? The information is what I came for, and I don’t care if it’s printed on fancy paper or has lots of pretty ads. I think you could keep printing at a much lower cost, and from the sounds of what I’m reading here, there would be plenty subscribers.

  177. i am wondering how i go about getting a refund. I feel ripped off. Not only can i not read online magazines I was encouraged to just renew my subscription not long ago and now have paid for a service that I will not recieve. I was also not informed about the transition. I was told by someone else after telling them that I once again did not recieve my magazine (this isnt the first time) I want a refund.

  178. As a subscriber I’m well aware that you notified EVERYONE ELSE before us. Are you defending your actions or just stating the obvious? Shouldn’t your first loyalty have been to those of us who have been giving you the money that’s paid your bills — and your salaries — for this long?

  179. Tina & Others Who Continue to Misunderstand:

    I feel your pain re: the loss of subscriptions but the truth is you haven’t lost anything. There is still a “Mothering” — just in a form and they have done more than your neighborhood restaurant would have done had you bought a gift card just before they went out of business –instead of just disappearing, they’ve offered you a reasonable alternative.

    As someone who actually runs a business and works for a living, I can tell you that the reason that Mothering was taking subscription dollars to the bitter end is likely that they were desperately trying to do whatever it took to continue on in some way. Do they really strike you as the kind of folks who are just out to make a buck? Because they strike me as more like the people at the company I work for — passionate about their work and their cause and willing to work hard to make others feel passionate about it to.

    Do you think running a web company is free or low-cost? Because, as someone whose products are sold via the web I can tell you with 100% certainty it is not. But it is certainly lower cost than printing and shipping magazines throughout the year.

    Stop and think for a minute. If Mothering had stopped taking subscription dollars it is quite possible they might be in a situation where they couldn’t meet existing creditor obligations, including paying or rewarding their dedicated staff. They also quite possibly would have had to shut down completely. Yes, you’ve lost your print copy of the magazine and, as a consumer, I understand your frustration. However, this is NOT fraud — it’s business — it’s the risk you take anytime you purchase something and assume that the entity you are buying it from will be an ongoing concern.

    I hope you will all get over your misplaced outrage and direct it at something of true value to the world like women and children who are actually suffering and whose troubles make the loss of a printed magazine subscription seem pretty damned petty.

  180. Aw, this is so sad. Thank you Peggy and staff for such a wonderful publication! When I was pregnant with my first, you were there for me to show my mama that I really wasn’t going to be the first woman to ever give birth unassisted!!! 🙂 You mean more to some of us than you know.

    Many blessings to all of you!

  181. I am disappointed that the only way I found out that the magazine will be no longer in print was through your website. As a reseller, there was absolutely no notification of email that was sent out. And there is no email nor post mail sent out to all the subscriber of this change. You have made the announcement only on your website (which was hard to find by the way) and through facebook. All my customers are going to call me and wonder where their magazine is. Communication with your customers are important. I certainly do hope that you send out a post mail to all of the subscriber of this change.

  182. Is it like taking a giant step on the moon?

    I am a grandmother, somewhat digitally impaired but fascinated with the changes that are happening. I will miss the magazine: you made a huge contribution to — especially to — infants & children in our world.

    Thank you, and carry on in new ways.

  183. I feel sad that I will not have Mothering Magazine as a resource. I know that this loss affects many lives. For all those who felt blindsided by this change, I acknowledge your feelings and am sorry for your pain. I am astounded to learn that one issue costs $100k to publish. It’s sobering to realize that when standing in front of the magazine section, one is looking at millions of dollars. Is magazine publishing a best use of these resources?

    I can only hope that this change to a web presence for Mothering is a turn of the evolutionary wheel that leads to mothers getting advice, support, wisdom, and knowledge from our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other trusted elders rather than from virtual sources like books, magazines, and the internet. I hope we are evolving to creating a world where children are truly loved and valued and mothers are supported and honored. While virtual community is a life-line in our current culture, I am longing for real community, loving arms, knowing smiles, comforting words murmured in my ear by those who know and love me.

  184. I’m very sad. I’m expecting my second, my sister is a new mom and was just about to subscribe as a new mom gift for her 🙁

    I love on line content, but it can’t come in the tub with me when I escape to ‘my time’, the lap top is awkard in my hammock. I hope that it again becomes feasible to bring the great wisdom to the world in an accessible medium.

    I also live a 15 minute drive from a major Canadian city and do not have high-speed,DSL or digital internet. We have the choice of dial up, a radio tower or satellite service. With many who are not in major cities, we are losing a valuable resource.

    Thank you for still having the website available. Something is better than nothing.

  185. I have been absorbing this for the last couple of days. One of your staff was kind enough to send me the digital copy for this month, so I could enjoy what there is left to enjoy. And as I was reading through and I get to the comments section, I am just so sad. And disappointed. How is it that what stands in the way of so many women coming together and sharing resources and pictures and encouragement is…money? It just seems so wrong. What we have to say and share with each other is so much more important than that and yet that tiny, flimsy, green, little bill has brought all of it to a screeching halt.

    I feel like I have lost a friend.

    I appreciate the efforts you are taking to keep mothering alive in whatever capacity you can online, but, to be honest, it is just not the same. Not that I am saying you should end the forum, by no means! But, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I, like others stated before, would be willing to pay more and get less in order to get a mothering magazine at all. I know that may not be possible right now, but perhaps in the, hopefully near, future you will find a way to bring back even a shadow of this momentous, life changing magazine that so many have come to love and eagerly anticipate every other month. Because nothing else will ever be quite as good. :’-(

  186. So there is no more magazine, I would appreciate you giving me a full refund for the remainder of my subscription. It is not your money it is mine, and I paid for a SERVICE, which I am not receiving.

  187. Oh dear! I am who I am, I know what I know, I mother how I mother and my husband fathers how he fathers, my kids have become who they have become, all through the learning and support I received from Mothering and LLL from 1981 on. I am deeply grateful to you, Peggy and all your staff and remember being completely in awe of you and your family when we first met at Omega Institute in upstate NY in 1987. I looked forward to giving gifts of Mothering subscriptions to my children as they had their own families, but indeed, the world has changed and Peggy, you have always remained current. So, it is with deep gratitude that I thank you for all I learned about birthing, circumcision (I am the mom of 6 sons!), losing a child, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, homeschooling, candida albicans, child led weaning, starting solids, organic foods, post partum depression, large famiies, raising teens and avoiding conflicts, food co-ops, vaccinations, natural immunities, pediatrics for parents, and more, more, more. You will always remain in my heart, Ann Conlon-Smith, NC

  188. So very sorry to hear this! I’m sad for myself and for the future mamas to whom I would have wanted to gift a subscription. I suppose it’s not surprising given the current climate of publishing, but I’m still in shock! It’s such a loss. Thank you for all you’ve done. I’m so glad there is already such a strong online presence that can continue.

    Best wishes for peace and strength as you move through this transition.


  189. I would also like a refund! I BEGGED my husband for a subscription for the holidays and this Jan/Feb issue was to be my first. I look forward to reading a magazine when I’m out, in the bathroom, or just lying quietly in bed at night. I don’t want to read ONLINE. :S I can’t even express how upsetting and depressing this is.

  190. Thanks so much to Peggy and all others involved in this wonderful publication. I was supported, influenced, educated and encouraged with each issue. Sometimes there was humor (my husband still jokes about the spaghetti sauce recipe made with placenta—we never tried it), sometimes serious articles which impacted my way of looking at things (Enlightened Witness, how a one-time word or action can influence a person’s life years later), but always there were things I needed to help us better live our lives as my children were growing up. Again, thank you for the sisterhood/brotherhood you created for all of us! Much love……

  191. While I am brokenhearted to hear that I will no longer be receiving my treasured paper copy of Mothering, I do want to thank you for your wonderful magazine. It has changed my life as a mother. I just wish there were some other way. Reading a physical magazine is just so different from being stuck on the laptop – I could read it in the bath, or together with my 3-year old, or put it in my diaper bag for quiet moments out and about. I looked forward to it SO much. I am also disappointed I had to hear about this through the grapevine and confirm it here instead of being directly informed… so many hopeful but disappointed trips to check my mail hoping my Jan-Feb issue was finally here… please send something out to at least tell the other hopeful but disappointed moms still wondering where their magazine is.

  192. Thank you Mothering for publishing your magazine for many years. I found you 16 years ago, and opened my eyes to many things, and was nice to feel like not the only one Mothering in the Mothering way. I hope you keep so that other upcoming mamas can be enlightened. I hope you can continue to be profitable somehow.

    I love MDC, thanks for that too.

  193. I’m not surprised. Call me jaded, but that’s just how this company rolls now. Good luck challenging the mainstream on the internet. I stumbled across my first issue at the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble in 2003 when my firstborn was a year old. A week later, I bought my first gallon of organic milk. Too bad others won’t have a non-mainstream choice when faced with *all* those publications at the newsstand. Especially those who live off the grid. Way to be elitist, Mothering, and assume that everyone has internet access. Shame on you.

  194. wait… I understand ceasing print, but aren’t you still going to put out the digital edition?

    And if not, will the same sort of content be appearing on the website?

  195. And I am sorry, but it is absurd that one issue should cost $100k to publish. It seems to me like scaling back and simplifying would have been the answer here.

  196. I feel sad that you are discontinuing. It is one of the few magazines to which I subscribe. I don’t like sitting in front of computers all day. I can take my magazine to the park with me or easily in a suitcase. I guess I am old-fashioned. I will miss it.

  197. So many good businesses have been unable to successfully weather the current economic times. And, while I haven’t had a subscription to Mothering in years, I had no greater support as a new mom than the stack of Mothering back issues a friend dropped off for me. I read and re-read those and future issues, usually while nursing one of my three babies and they validated and strengthened my parenting during those early years. The up side is that now we don’t have to wait a month or two for that support, it’s all out there and people connect so much more easily. But I am sad that eventually those stacks of back issues won’t be there for the next new mama. Thanks for your great work and best of luck in the next phase.

  198. I am so very sad. I have adored Mothering and saved every issue I’ve received. It was the one magazine I looked forward to each month, in the sea of disposable-diapers-&-formula-propoganda driven parenting magazines, Mothering was my breathe of fresh air. You will be missed.

  199. Mothering Magazine is the only magazine I subscribe to and place in my chiropractic practice for families to read. This magazine has been amazing at hitting all the topics I wish more people in our society could hear about. This magazine is how I live my life and I love knowing that there are others making movement to a more natural, healthy, and peaceful lifestyle.

    I definitely feel that there will be a loss of access to this information for those not knowing they may want it (through gift subscriptions and seeing it on the rack). However, I do understand the numbers of business and we can’t expect Peggy and her family to pay out money to send us information. The world has changed and you either have to keep up with the times or you disappear entirely. I am happy that this company has had the foresight to see the situation for what it is and to choose to continue providing this valuable information to families around the world at minimum online.

    Obviously an online forum isn’t the easiest for everyone all the time but it does allow access to many more people, in many more places in the world, than a print version does. I too do not like reading on the computer and don’t like to spend hours online but I do think some people who have posted are being really hard on a group of people who have generously given us the opportunity to benefit from the Mothering lifestyle.

    As mother’s we can continue to share this information with our friends and loved ones, maybe not by buying a gift subscription or lending them a magazine, but maybe linking an interesting article on your facebook. I know this may not feel the same but the world is changing and changing fast. Plus, many more people will be affected by the information in this new way.

    Although I am not happy to see the print version retire, I commend Peggy and everyone at Mothering for continuing with your mission to share this amazing information with families everywhere.


  200. To all at Mothering:

    Print version will be missed. You have been with our family for the past 8 years, through our first 2 babies and now our third baby due in late March. My husband gave me this last subscription as a gift. Thank you for the support and encouragement you have given me in my mothering to my children.

    Mothering was more than just a magazine. It was an experience for me, to learn, to reflect and to ponder what my role was to my family and to my community. You were my voice to the world. It was what allowed me to briefly escape to a private place, a quiet bath and read up on the next long-awaited issue. Who I was as a parent or the mother I strived to be was articulated and modeled in Mothering. After each issue, I always had the reinforced surge of courage to stand my ground against adversaries of my parenting choices (media, corporate, formula industry, doctors and even family)…I felt Mothering ‘got my back’!

    We are saddened by the news. All the best in the future!

    mabel and family

  201. Mothering, I am so sad for your ending! I have loved, loved, loved every issue I received from you. I see my stack of old issues as a blessing and comfort.

    I homebirthed 4 of my 5 children, did not vaccinate or circumcise my children, nursed a whole lot, coslept, baby-wore and nurtured my children. I found a lot of encouragement in your magazine and I thank you for that. I will look for that community on your website now.

    I will miss you and hope that all will go well as you carry on.

  202. I can’t say as I’m sorry to this magazine bent on shaming and damning women who don’t give birth vaginally or who don’t or can’t breastfeed meet the really terrible demise it has earned.

    As a new mother who struggled with EVERYTHING, I was put to nothing but shame by Mothering and was repeatedly lambasted with messages that my child would not be as healthy or as smart as others.

    A good death to Mothering and all it stands for — which is not, remotely, mothering as in parenting as in teaching and caring for a child.

  203. I was just about to re-up my subscription for the first time and get a gift sub for my sister-in-law when I finally figured out why I couldn’t find the ‘print subscriptions’ button in any recent emails. I am SO saddened by this news, as I work in publishing also, and work on the computer all day and SO looked forward to quality non-screen time at home with Mothering. I made each issue last for over a month as I savored the articles– and even the ads for companies i would want to support got some attention.

    Home, for me, is certainly family time and time to ignore the computer ( we don’t have a t.v. either).

    My eyeballs are going to fall out of my head, but I will still subscribe to the digital edition because the content is so valuable to me and my family. I just don’t know when I’m going to read it.

  204. I am so saddened to hear that Mothering will no longer be an option for all of the new families out there that really need the information and support that your magazine. Reading the articles, seeing the pictures, and hearing from the other mothers and fathers that read Mothering really helped me to feel that we weren’t alone in the decisions we were making for our family. As I continued to read future issues, my mind was opened to new and wonderful ideas that inspired me to find my authentic self, and to become the Mom, wife, person, and student midwife that I have become.

    As I begin my journey of becoming a midwife and supporting families as they embark on their own journeys, I am disheartened to know that I won’t be able to hand them a copy of Mothering to read on the car ride home. I am also sad to know that I will never again experience that feeling of getting my new issue in the mail and taking a few hours to myself to quietly devour the wisdom, laughter, and tears contained within your pages.

    I know that things change, and often the changes that hurt the worst while we are going through them, are the same ones that we look back on and realize were essential for our growth. I hope that proves to be the case for this big change for Mothering.

    I also have a question: Will you still be producing an online version of the magazine? Will be able to buy online subscriptions still? It’s not the same but it’s better than nothing and I would be happy to pay for an online subscription.

  205. As a friend of mine said about this situation:

    “You don’t handle this shit on a case-by-case basis you lying, thieving, pseudoscientific-woo-embracing worthless sack of shit. YOU REFUND EVERYONE’S MONEY. I hope the people who paid by CC realize they can do a chargeback.”

    Good luck with all that!

  206. Hi,

    Please could you email me to let me know how to charge back through the credit card company – I need to know how much – I paid for a five year subscription last time but don’t remember exactly when that was for. Please could you email me privately with this information. What do I need to tell the credit company – do they not need info from you?

    Also are the two 2011 issues free to everyone not just subscribers?

    Will there be nothing to subscribe to in the future, just a website?

    I will miss Mothering HUGELY, HUGELY.


    Liz Crawley, Morinville, AB, Canada

  207. Absolutely, that’s what I was doing too. I only came here to find a link to an old article to send to someone else (ironically).

  208. When I called to ask for my money back, I was told “the money is gone.” As though I was owed nothing, as though I should just be donating to them. Somehow they have convinced people that this magazine was their “friend,” not a business. Unbelievable.

  209. It’s easy.

    You call your credit card company. You say you paid x-amount for y. Y, however, has been canceled, you are not receiving what you paid for, and you would like your money back. Your credit card should very kindly handle it from there.

    It would help to know when the initial charge went through and when your subscription was supposed to end so they can do any research they need to.

  210. The advertisements are a complete necessity. It’s the advertisers that pay the $$ so that the magazine can be published! Companies aren’t advertising like they were 2-3 years ago.

  211. Although I am saddened that my favorite magazine is ending. I guess I understand. I am glad we still have the resource through the motheringdotcommunity and

  212. This has been handled so poorly by your company. First, you ignored the comments on FB by people asking where their magazine is. Your phone reps were dishonest as well. Per your post, this was in the works for several weeks. You continued to take subscription money knowing you would not be able to fulfill your end. When I read the posts on FB, I am seeing you took money from advertisers 3 days before making your announcement. It is very disappointing to me that you would take money from small businesses that trusted you to print their ads. Same goes with people subscribing within the time frame you give in your post. I will miss your publication and the stories in it, however my view of your company has been permanently altered. To add to my disappointment, I see that your company has gone back to not responding to FB posts from disgruntled customers. In addition, I have several friends who had no idea you were ceasing publication. They don’t do internet. When are you going to notify everyone?

  213. I have to say I agree with you completely xochitl. I just recently renewed my subsription for two years, they must have known it was coming to an end sometime ago. I also only stumbled upon a tweet the other day about it, if not would not have known. I wonder what the plan was to notify subscribers.

    Sadden to see the magazine go, but the more I think about the more upset I get about how the whole thing as been handled.

  214. Back issues are great for new subscribers, but I have every issue from the last 8 years. My friend’s mom has given me all of her Mothering issues (and she got Mothering since it started). So back issues are no deal for me…if I don’t have it already, I know someone who does.

    I just cannot believe that this company I loved and trusted so much was so dishonest. I own my own business, as well and I have had to fire and lay people off before…I can tell you that all of this didn’t happen in just 2weeks. I happened over months. And the ethical thing for them to do would have been to notify everyone of their financial problems…and go from there. But keeping quiet about it and taking renewals and new orders/advertiser dollars and then saying, “oh, thank you for sending the money. We cannot refund it because we used it and now we’re shutting down…but please have sympathy/empathy for our dishonesty…” is maddening. I still have not received any kind of notice about all of this…except from Facebook.

  215. No, no, no, no, no! I am really angry about this. I understand the reasons, but as a mother of small children, I want to DECREASE my screen time. I would sneak away with the magazine when I needed a break.

    Yes, I agree that the handling of this is poor–those that have paid for renewals will get a magazine they haven’t asked for, instead of having been informed prior. And why in the WORLD would they not publish the digital version!?

  216. Well, that does explain a lot. From not receiving several issues and the books and reprints I ordered to insolvency. Should have followed my better judgment before I resubscribed in December.

    I don’t see how, with attachment parenting an infant, I’m supposed to spend more time on the internet. It won’t happen. I agree with Vesper; my goal is to decrease the amount of time I spend in front of the screen.

    Personally, I don’t want the subscription to Natural Life. I would like some options, please.

  217. I became a subscriber when I became pregnant with my first, 31 years ago, so I was already a subscriber when you took over the magazine. I remember your first issue. Mothering helped me choose two homebirths and guided me to Spiritual Midwifery.

    I had almost 20 years worth of Mothering Magazines before becoming empty nested and needing to move. I spent almost an entire day going through old issues before taking them to a local independent bookstore. I cried after dropping them off realizing that a part of my life had closed.

    Mothering has been with me through 2 babies, each who had a horrible latching on issues. Through sleepless nights with a child who had cranial sacral issues. I almost became a midwife due to the depth of my love of natural parenting. I finally found my calling as a Parent Educator, and I just wrote my first book, and it all began with you.

    As a long time supporter I vote for you to remain in the information business. I just wanted you to know how much of an influence you’ve been in my life. The world and motherhood is a little better because of you!

  218. Mudbloody267|Yeah but can you imagine that, in the last fil, Harry just burstin out in song lol But I reckon they should play it in?

  219. Wow! I am so saddened to hear this, and also surprised by many of the mean-spirited comments. It seems to me that there are few publications that stay as true to what they are claiming(inspiring natural families) if you are not interested in a more natural way of parenting, there are many other parenting magazines for you to enjoy. Personally, I have looked at many of my local markets and rarely find Mothering. It is the only magazine that I have found that falls in line with the way that I am striving to raise my kids. The only place that I have found it is in the library, and I will truly miss the pleasure of reviewing the newest issue while my children look for their books. Like many other moms I know, my viewpoints have changed drastically as I aquired more information. I consider it my job as a mother to continue to learn and not become stagnent in my view or information. While the internet certainly offers no shortage of mothers to relate to, somehow it helped me to see ONE magazine that actually continued to challenge the ideas often regarded in our society as “normal” parenting, and also helped me feel that things that are important to me are also important to many other parents.I credit Mothering with opening my eyes to new information on parenting again and again. I will sorely miss the magazine, and hope very much that the information available online reaches many new moms searching for community and support.

  220. I’m very sorry that the economy and changing lifestyle habits in the world have destroyed the print version of the magazine.

    I have been a regular viewer of, and will continue to visit the site. That being said, I do not approve of the move to all digital. I agree with some of the other commenters that I’d personally like to decrease my screen-time, not increase it. I don’t enjoy reading things online. It hurts my eyes, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing, and it’s not as relaxing. There’s also an equity issue to an all digital format. Not everyone has a computer, and not everyone has internet. You’re in the information business? Well how am I going to get that information if I choose to or am forced to stay off the internet? The internet is a tool, and I appreciate it as a tool. I use it every day. What I don’t want is for the internet to become a mandate. We can’t continue to increase the gap between the haves and the have nots by moving all discourse to the internet. Furthermore, I’m interested in “natural family living” so how natural is it to be constantly attached to a computer screen.

    I think that you should seriously reconsider your move to all digital.

  221. See what I miss when I take a week off social media…This makes me so so sad as when I’ve had to cancel other magazine subscriptions, this one was a necessity for me. I have about 10 years worth of back issues. I first discovered Mothering at the 1st Green Festival. I was not yet a parent, but this magazine was still compelling to me as I tried to figure out what kind of parent I wanted to be.

    To a certain degree, Mothering had a role in my divorce from my first husband. As I was reading the Magazine and all the handouts I received at the Green Festival I was trying to discuss with him the issues and new ideas that I was recently exposed to. His unwillingness to even discuss anything other than mainstream practices, let alone adopt any, is what made me realize our values were too far apart for us to parent together. It was the beginning of the end for us.

    But now, I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful little girl, and I can thank Mothering for helping and inspiring me to be a better mother.

    From an ecological standpoint this is a good thing, and from a financial standpoint understandable. But, sad nonetheless. In general I think magazines are ecologically unsound as they are a disposable product that uses a huge amount of resources, but this is one that provides so much to our society that I think it was very valuable to have in print.

    As a WAHM I was looking forward to the day I could afford to advertise my business in your magazine. So many of the great natural companies I love I found in Mothering. When I was pregnant I would go through the magazine page-by-page looking up and bookmarking the websites for all the great companies, knowing I wouldn’t find any greenwashing here. I hope one day soon I’ll be able to advertise on your website.

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say you aren’t publishing a web magazine either but will be a web-only company. I can’t picture what that looks like. My hope is that you will be able to go the way of Martha Stewart and create a web/ipad/digital reader version and not just be a blog. I will probably not read as much online as I have in print just due to logistics and the amount of time I already spend online, but I will do my best.

    I’m so glad I’ve long been a member of the forums and will still have that community and resource. I’m so so sad. I think I need to go back and see just what issue I have and order past editions I am missing so I can keep them in my library. I want to save them for my daughter when she becomes a mother.

  222. I’m afraid I will chime in with the disappointed voices. Of course I’m sad to see the printed version of the magazine come to an end (like many other readers, for me it was a great treat, and an important break from the internet, to take my magazine and read it in a park, in the bathtub, whilst travelling…) But I am especially angered to see the lack of transparency with which this change was made. I am amongst those who purchased a gift subscription (unfortunately, not with a credit card!) when the decision to cease print publication had already been made; it’s incredibly disappointing to see such unethical business practice in a company in which so many had placed their trust.

  223. These concerns are valid – lots of angry folks here, and rightfully so. To be honest, as a Mothering fan for all these years, I am shocked at how all this has been handled by the company and am almost in disbelief. I’m sure it was not easy for the company to decide to shut down printing, yet no notification to their readers and advertisers AND still collecting money for subscriptions are unacceptable. Very disappointed and saddened. I will still miss the mag very much.

    Question: Why does the company make the subscriber call their credit card company for a “chargeback” as oppose to just making the refund for them? Is this some kind of legal loophole to avoid accountability?

  224. Not exactly. Mothering is trying to rip you off. They are telling everyone that the money is gone, that they can’t possibly have a refund, and that their only options are the Natural Living subscription, or back issues of Mothering. They are NOT telling people about the option of doing a charge back through their credit card and would prefer that you not know.

  225. I am so very sad. I have only read two issues of Mothering magazine, but I have never enjoyed reading ever single page of a magazine, ads included as I enjoyed Mothering. I am pregnant with my first child and could not wait for the next issue to come out. I have been to Borders and Barnes and Nobles at least 3 times this months looking for this treasure. I am sad at the wisdom I may miss out on now. I will be online, but I am old school and I enjoyed turning the pages. I will hope and desire your return.

  226. I am shocked and feel so very sad to be losing Mothering. As others have said, a website simply cannot replace that beautiful feeling of opening the latest issue in the few quiet moments I get, often in the tub or in the parking lot waiting for the kids to pile in. What a loss this is!

  227. Publishing IS very expensive all the way around. Paper, ink, shipping, minimum runs and that doesn’t even cover the costs of staff, writers, photos, designers etc. However, why are you not continuing with the digital version? This eliminates all of the physical aspect (paper, ink, shipping) of cost and you can provide it to your subscribers as an option instead of refunding their money. You are going to have a lot of people asking for a refund! Without the financial burden of physically printing the magazine, you can concentrate on promoting and working on the online version. Offer an e-book subscription for Kindle or Ipad owners. There are lots of viable ways to still have the magazine without printing it. I don’t understand why you would just get rid of it completely. Have you given up?!

  228. I am so sad to be loosing the great resource that Mothering Magazine has provided me and my family for so many years. Having a hard copy to share with the community has been a such a blessing.

    Best of luck in what is to come .I hope that I am able to adjust so that I may access the information Mothering presents that I find so much support in.

  229. I am saddened to “stumble upon” this news on the Mothering facebook page. I was a former nanny during college, for a wonderful family who had a bookshelf full of Mothering magazines. Each day while their child napped in their TV-free home, I would open Mothering. Eventually reading each one, cover to cover. Mothering opened my eyes to so many natural parenting practices, and resources I had no idea existed. Upon finding out that I am expecting my first child this past December, the first place I went was to Mother and ordered the current issue and the five previous. There was NO MENTION of the switch to Natural Life Magazine. I had plans to return to the Mothering site and purchase a two year subscription. As it turns out, the current issue is the last. There should be some sort of notification on the subscription page. A bait and switch is not acceptable. In my despair, I picked up a couple of Parenting magazines that I found repulsive. The articles about celebrity parents, preventing tantrums and “trendy” toys are a poor replacement for the quality we have come to appreciate from Mothering Magazine. It’s a shame I won’t be able to continue to sit in bed with my partner and read Mothering while we enjoy each others company and discuss the articles in depth as we prepare for the birth of our child.

  230. i also just renewed my print subscription as just like you i try to limit screen time to be a model to my child and i loved reading mothering in bed…. i renewed in december and i’m very disappointed that there was no mention of mothering discontinuing. that means i never received a copy for my new subscription. i don’t think Natural Life is an alternative. I’m more than disappointed that i bought a one year Mothering subscription and now will receive another magazine for 1 year.

  231. I’d rather have my money back. I have a 2 year subscription and I don’t want Natural Life. Money is hard to come by for everyone, including subscribers. I would never have wasted money on a magazine that I have no interest in 90% of. I want all parenting articles. I am sad to see Mothering go. There is no replacement. I’d much rather have an online subscription or free access to all previous articles or my money than another magazine.

  232. wow,so sad that people have lost touch with printed paper communication. i have been with mothering since picking one up at a health food store when i was in midwifery school in 1978. i still treasure each new issue. there is not another gift as rich as a subscription to this magazine that i think i could give. {i’m happy that i got to give a bunch of them!} well, changes & transitions can be difficult. blessings on us all as we adjust.

  233. Our Holistic Moms Network (at least in Denver) community is very saddened by this loss. I loved nothing more than reading Mothering on the floor in the bathroom while my toddler twins splash around in the tub. Just tonight, I was fishing through my STACKS of old Mothering magazines to locate former articles about Homeschooling, as I am at an “education decision crossroads”. I look to Mothering for many decision making gems of advice, to help guide me toward a direction that ultimately feels right. In a nutshell, this modern world of the internet and media saturation kind of makes me sad. The ONE magazine that I would read until it curled, has now become a thing of the past becasue people are “too busy” to appreciate the print. I am so sorry that your company has fallen victim to these unfortunate trends. I feel like someone handed me a fine china vase as a gift, and it fell to the floor and shattered. Too dramatic? Just a magazine? No, for me it is a community, a lifestyle, and good ol’ old fashioned “reading”. It was also certianly, “My Quiet Place”.

  234. Like so many others I am really, really sad! I hardly ever go on the Mothering website, and so had no idea until today that Mothering magazine is over. I’ve been thinking it’s about time a new one should be coming and I’ve been so looking forward to it like I do every 2 months. Like for so many others, Mothering has been more than a source of information, it’s like a night out with a group of best friends that you don’t get to see very often. To all the people who produced this magazine, congratulations on creating such a wonderful work of art. I loved the photos, the exceptionally well-written and edited articles, and the letters from readers. I live in France where attachment and natural parenting is very uncommon and I will sorely miss the lifeline that Mothering threw me every 2 months. I will also miss getting to have my toddlers look at picture of “baby!” after “baby!” and “baby nursing!” in the baby magazine.

  235. How disappointing. I got online to buy a gift subscription for a friend, only to find there will be no more print version. I don’t think I will gift screen time. I don’t sit in front of the computer all day, I think it is a bad example for my son. I will miss the times I get to grab a free second to read the magazine, while waiting for an appt, riding in the car, or before I drift off to sleep.

  236. I am very saddened by the loss of such a wonderful magazine, and I will miss it terribly. That said, I have such a mixture of feelings, as I, too, just renewed my subscription a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay with a credit card, so the option of a charge-back is unavailable to me. I paid with a check, which was cashed on February 3rd. I’d much rather get my money back than receive a subscription to Natural Life – I’d prefer to choose where my money is going to go, rather than have it chosen for me.

  237. Aw man!!!! I actually just came to the website to see about getting a subscription- having a hands on copy of this awesome publication come to my door… Bummer! I won’t read it online. The computer hurts my eyes and gives me a headache after reading for only a short while. Sorry to see you go 🙁

  238. I am so disappointed to log on to MDC today, hoping for an update on where my Feb issue is, and to find out there isn’t going to be one, or any others. Since finding out I was pregnant back in September, I stumbled on Mothering in a waiting room and fell in love. I subscribed right away, but only received a single print issue.

    I understand the economic woes that have caused many print publications to fold. But like so many others here, I don’t like reading tons of stuff online. It strains my eyes, and since I don’t see myself keeping a laptop by my bed anytime soon, I’ll no longer have the change to leaf through my favorite articles before bed.

    I also really loved the print edition because I could leave it in the bathroom, and my husband was sure to read it. I doubt he’ll remember to read it on the web during his busy days. Our local food co-op also has tons of old issues lying around the dining area that local moms can take and return/share… I am so sad that tradition will die out.

    I wish there had been more warning about this- I might have been willing to kick in more money to keep the print version alive, but no appeal was made to the readers. This is so sad.

  239. I’m so sad about this. While I liked the web version, the print copy was so much easier to read. I could pick it up and read it in the bathroom during those quick breaks or while my son bathed. I hope you reconsider or come out with a kindle edition.

  240. So sad, I love this magazine. It has always lifted my mother spirit. I wish you had given us the heads up, said something maybe the readers would have found a way to help. I would have liked to known why my issues didn’t come in the mail before it did not come? I’ve sent a couple of emails inquiring about the lost issue, with no reply. I think it’s unfair to just stop and say nothing to the readers.

  241. I am so sad to hear this news and so shocked that a publication that is focused on community gave absolutely no notice to it’s community of subscribers. While this is a great explainantion that Peggy o’mara gives here, why did I have to find it by chance while searching the website to try to figure out what happened to my Jam/Feb issue? As a community of supporters, don’t we at least deseve some sort of formal notice? I feel badly that nobody took time to let us know what was happening. I too just renewed in January for 2 years and feel almost cheated by this magazine that has become like a dear friend to me. I realize times are tough. I hope mothering can reflect on how they handled this transition and offer some formal closure to those of us who have come to rely so heavily on the print publication as a life line in our parenting.

  242. If you paid by credit card, you can probably do a chargeback through your credit card company (because you ordered something, and then didn’t get it).

  243. This SUCKS!!! “…then does it ultimately really matter what forms that information and inspiration take?” Yes, it does matter how information is passed along. I HATE your web community and always have, which is why I am a subscriber to your magazine. I am horribly disappointed.

  244. I am very diappointed in this switch. I have been waiting on my Jan/Feb. issue and hoping it would be in my mailbox each day. The only chance I have to read your magazine is in bed after my little ones are tucked in next to me and it was always a nice way to relax and share articles with my husband. We are homeschooling with a Waldorf perspective and are not ‘plugged in’ in our house. In fact I will not support the idea of computer being our way of reading. Newspapers are now going electronic too and it makes me sad. Reading on screen is not as healthy and this switch seems to support the idea of being always plugged in in some way. Our society needs less electronic media in the home and so I find the switch very upsetting.

    My almost 5 year old also loved all of the pictures of the beautiful breastfeeding/attachment parenting families.

    This print magazine will be missed and I will not be as willing to read online.

  245. OH NO

    I am very upset by the way this change was made and the extreme lack of respect shown for the readers. I have been watching for my Jan/Feb issue. I have never found reading online enjoyable. There is nothing like curling up with a print copy of Mothering. Online simply does not have the same effect or carry the same connection for me. The online community will never be able to replace the magazine. This is a horrible mistake.

  246. I wish you all would have polled your readers using non electronic means. I bet you would have been surprised at the number of us that prefer the print version. I am disappointed and don’t agree with Peggy’s rationale at all. What about all of those off the grid? All of us who pass along our read mags to offices and neighbors? I hope you will reconsider and think about the tradition instead of the bottom line.

  247. I’m so sad to read this news. I just found Mothering a year ago and it was always a breath of fresh air amid the abundant Parenting magazines that flood my mailbox (without a subscription). I have been eagerly checking my mail each day for the January issue of Mothering. I know that there cannot be a substitute for this wonderful publication.

  248. Extremely unhappy that we were told to renew our subscription in DECEMBER, and then of course don’t get the January issue?!? This is bait and switch.

    We want a refund. REFUND, not “Natural Life” magazine after 4 months. Please contact me.

  249. The internet or any other electronic media cannot replace the print Mothering magazine. This is the only parenting magazine I would subscribe to that shares my beliefs, and I read and treasure every issue as soon as it arrived. Every issue is kept and read and re-read many times. I, too, carry the magazines with me to read when I have free time and especially in the lactation room while pumping during my busy work day. Even the ads are useful. The internet cannot replace this. On-line viewing is not a substitute for those trying to unplug from excess screen time. There can be no substitute for the value of this magazine.

  250. This is a great loss not only for the magazine, but for all parents and children. Mainstream parenting magazines promote unattainable images of motherhood: perfect moms who are thin, have thousands of dollars to spend on the hottest baby gear, and care more about themselves than they do their kids. These magazines do NOT promote breastfeeding, co-sleeping, or challenge their readers to consciously make educated parenting decisions. New moms will get their hands on these magazines, and will not have an alternative. I would rather the subscription cost of mothering magazine go up tremendously than cancel the print magazine. I also feel slighted by the magazine and its staff who I have always felt a love for for not sharing this with us ahead of time, asking for feedback from LOYAL readers, etc. This is a very sad day for me. I feel like a part of my own identity has been taken away from me…..

  251. I agree. This needed to be communicated to readers well in advance. This method of discontinuing the magazine is like divorcing a partner one has had for decades without even talking about it first! I am so sad!!!

  252. yes, i’m sad too. but like peggy says, is she in the magazine business or the information business? i like to curl up with a magazine too, but i’ll take what i can get! and who knows, maybe the canadians publishing natural life know what they’re talking aboot!

  253. I just ordered a digital subscription. not only have i paid for something only to be offered the bait and switch but I feel like i was lied to. And I hear i won’t get a refund even though I paid in good faith for a product you won’t be making? Im more than dissapointed. You should have stated clearly what was going on. I would have bought the last three issues anyway and you wouldnt have robbed me blind

  254. So, so disappointed. I too have been waiting in vain for my Jan-Feb issue in the mail. I have never felt such an affinity for a magazine and its community as I felt with Mothering. Like so many who have already written here, much of my enjoyment of the magazine was that I could curl up with it, tuck it into my bag, read it while nursing or rocking my baby. I find it ironic that a magazine that so stood for naturalness is now pointing us toward such an unnatural, unhealthy, impersonal medium: the computer. And without any warning! (though I much appreciate Peggy’s explanation of why this happened). I don’t plan to read it online, as I don’t read magazines online. This is a huge loss. I would have paid more for the print subscription. A lot more.

  255. I grieve for the women working at Mothering, who are hurting too. But I understand frustration expressed here. Mothering friends — do you see that most of us would settle for a simple white paper copy version over digital? Even if only for a few more months which would permit “proper” notification of termination of hard copy? Really – we don’t need no fancy magazine — we just want to enjoy mothering unplugged.

  256. I enjoyed the ads in the magazines from natural, sustainably focused toy, diaper and food companies. I enjoyed supporting them with my patronage, and were if not for MOthering MAGAZINE I would not have known about them. is different – In the last minute of my reading there are ads for Tyson and Campbells. Is it “no more” for the little guy and smaller naturally focused businesses? I thought MOthering was committed to its community?? I cannot fully express how all of this saddens me.

    I can only hope, for the sake of MOthering’s legacy and for all those in the “natural living” communities, that this change is just a blip in the production line.

  257. Diane S,

    Excellent point about the ads. I also love the ads in the magazine and have purchased from some of those companies. I’m not interested in mainstream corporate ads. Mothering should reevaluate their ad procedures (or whatever method puts ads up on the website) and stick with the folks from the magazine.

  258. Well, it appears your transition to a web only publication was not a smooth one. I paid for a paper subscription for my new mother friend in Dec 2010 and none of us were informed that this no longer existed, or might not exist or what our options are even now yet I was charged for a year’s subscription to Mothering. My new mothering friend is left with no good magazine and I am stuck with a subscription that won’t be filled. Wow, I would never have expected this type of treatment from the Mothering I had when I was a new, young mother.

  259. What I don’t understand is this:

    Why not continue publishing a digital magazine?

    Devoted subscribers (like me) would still pay to recieve a digital copy of Mothering, which we could then print out (or have printed out) if we want. (I have just printed out all 76 pages of the digital version of Jan/Feb’s magazine.) In Peggy’s letter, she mentions the costs of being a *print* magazine, but doesn’t explain why they won’t continue in the digital format. is nothing like the magazine. It’s a forum, it’s a bunch of links — but it’s doesn’t create content by itself, as far as I can tell. Where will the content of come from, once the magazine is gone? Natural Living? Parenting? Time?

    What is really happening over there?

  260. Have you considered asking your readership whether someone wants to buy the magazine? Was the magazine on the market at all? Perhaps someone else would be able to produce a digital version of the magazine, and keep our beloved Mothering in business.

  261. I am another subscriber who just found out by accident that Mothering is to ceasing publication. My “baby” is now 13, but I still find articles that are relevant to me, and she now reads every issue faithfully. Mothering was my favorite gift to give new mothers, and an online forum is nothing like a beautiful magazine. In addition, the online forum seems to be plagued with ads from mainstream companies that I have no desire to patronize.

    I’m not sure how many issues were left in my subscription, but I doubt that Natural Life will fill the hole left by Mothering. And I’m even more saddened that subscribers were basically ignored in this whole process – no notification, nothing.

  262. WHAT!!? And here I have been wondering why I never got my magazine in the mail…now I know, but had to stumble upon this during my break today. Totally unethical in my opinion, to not notify by email or print that a current subscription would not be filled. I do not want Natural Life- not even close to being the same. And like so many others here, I do not want to sit in front of a screen all day- my computer time is for my paid work and as a tool to accomplish certain tasks- it is NOT a lifestyle. Very saddened by this announcement, especially for all my new mom friends who I planned to purchase print subscriptions.

  263. I, like many others, am upset that this change wasn’t communicated beforehand. I just received the digital version of the Jan/Feb issue (after contacting Mothering THREE times), and it is difficult to read. My comments can only echo what nearly everyone else’s have: we enjoyed reading in bed, or in the car, or at other times when we felt like disconnecting from the internet.

    I am also wondering why the Jan/Feb issue keeps mentioning articles to be in the May/June 2011 issue…. that won’t exist. Did you seriously not know you were going to stop publication altogether? It seems like you became a web company by accident and this article raises more questions than answers.

    I will wait until I see what Natural Life magazine has in store before I decide to cancel the remainder of my subscription. However, Peggy, in the future, I recommend doing right by your readers and friends and letting them know ahead of time what giant changes you’re setting them up for. I was glad to hear I’m not the only one feeling “baited and switched” for having just subscribed a few months ago and only receiving two paper issues. The trust you have broken with me is something that will sour any articles or press attention you receive in the future. I do not plan to become a part of MDC, so all I can say is “so long, farewell.”

  264. Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhh

    This is really sad news; even though I edit another pregnancy/parenting magazine, I have always been a fan of Mothering, especially when I was a new mother and could look at all those babies nursing — it was such a help to see what felt right and natural to me actually pictured in those photos. My babies are now 15 and 18, but I still read every issue and have saved them for my girls when it’s time …

    Heartbreaking news, Peggy, I’m sad also for you and your staff, can only imagine the grief over there, drawn out as it must have been.

    Take care, all, you will be missed

  265. I am very sad to read this. I love reading MOTHERING in print and give it as a gift to all my pregnant friends. I also bought a three year International subscription and am disappointed that for the next two years I will be receiving a different magazine that I would not have paid a premium to subscribe to while living overseas.

  266. This is Aweful!

    I am so disappointed that it almosts makes me sick. I am pretty much alone as an ap mom, this was my Support!

    It would have been nice to have some real warning……

  267. Why not just publish a black and white newspaper style edition for those of us who want to read away from electronics and don’t want to be plugged into non sustainable resources to gather information. No need for color pics or fancy graphic – just an old fashioned newsprint?

    I feel the walls crashing in. I try to stay off the grid but everyone keeps saying we must plug in.

  268. Like the 341 comments before mine, I too am deeply disappointed. Peggy, if you have truly given up, please ask Rolf and Wendy at Natural Life if they would consider publishing a down and dirty, black and white bare bones, hard copy MOTHERING Maganize to meet the needs of all of us who are not willing or able to read online. I raised my children by MOTHERING Magazine and have given gift subscriptions over the years. My older daughter has been a loyal subscriber, and my younger daughter is now pregnant. I publish a mail order catalog. When the color catalog costs became too high, I switched to a simple black and white version with fewer pages. The cost of printing is a small fraction of what it used to be. My customers are grateful to have the information. For many of them, online is just not an option. The pretty colored pictures were nice, but it’s the content that they couldn’t do without. New digital printing technology has reduced the cost even further than “old” technology, even for black and white. As others have said, I too would have been willing to pay significantly more for the info in print. There is no adequate substitution. After you did not return my phone calls, and only finally returned my email after several tries, you did not issue a credit to my credit card that I requested for the 3 gift subs I ordered in October. No magazines, no refund. I just called my credit card company and they have issued a chargeback to give me my refund. I am sure it was a difficult decision for you, but it could have been handled a little more honestly with all of us who have loved you for so long.

  269. WOW! This is such disappointing news! I am saddened that we continue to dis-connect ourselves with yet needing another technical device. I find that our society as a whole spends way too much time on their cell phones, i-pods, texting, computers and gadgets and far less time with each other! I can’t imagine reading a magazine online no matter how wonderful I find it to be. Every issue has been such a treasure from cover to cover and it will be a great loss for many! This is not a decision based on your “community” beliefs. I am completely stunned. There is no other publication that comes even close to yours and although I do not know what the new one has in store the very fact that I will have to be in front of a computer screen to enjoy it says enough. NO THANKS! The joys of curling up on the sofa or in bed with a magazine that warmed my heart is over!

  270. You want me to sit at a corporate electronic device, watching Tyson chicken and Campbell’s soup ads flashing on the screen in order to “create community” on issues of living more connected, less commercial, less corporate lives?

    As always, we are supposed to just follow the path of least resistance.

    Are you serious!?

  271. I am appalled. I’ve called twice looking for my last print copies, and I was led to believe that it was because I’ve moved that I didn’t get them. I’ve been subscribing, not just reading, your magazine since I was a teen aged babysitter, and now that I’m a mother myself it’s no longer here?

    I had a two year subscription and I don’t want Natural Life, I don’t want to read your content on a computer. I’m disappointed and I want a refund for the issues I’m not getting. Thank goodness I’m a pack rat and saved my old issues!

  272. I’ve been reading these comments for a week now, and I am wondering when Mothering is planning on addressing some of the concerns expressed by their readers. I assume that I know the answer to the money questions: there’s no money. What about the other issues that have been raised? The ads on the website? Asking readers to plug-in when many of us would like to unplug?

    When can we expect a response of some kind?

  273. I echo what many said – I don’t need another magazine I have to read online but given the idea of no mothering and online only I would gladly accept a digital. How come our subscriptions are not just transforming to digital only? How will we pay for content? Can I get an iphone app or I pad subscription? Again, I don’t want you to go away and this seems like an ill thought out transition. I am a professional marketer and you need to guide all these people to the new magazine. Not say we are done???? what?

    I sent you a $25 donation. I want online content if nothing else. I am so sad. I also went and ordered a bunch of back magazines for a friend. I want them to have known one of the best magazines ever.

  274. This is awful news. Many women find out about Mothering by stumbling across a printed issue on shelves. This is very disappointing.

  275. No one is happy with this, least of all me.

    If you need money, ask for it! I would pay double for the subscription and others would too. I’m certain a FB fundraising campaign would also work.

    If there is one thing mothers are wonderful at, it is finding the necessary resources to see something through. Call to action anyone?

  276. This is sad news. I love holding the magazine in my hand in bed, in the bath, whenever I have a moment and it has inspired me to do the things that were tough, but I knew I wanted to do.

    It would have been nice to be offered either a refund for the printed copies or the choice to get the other magazine. I cannot take my computer in the bath and It won’t be the same in bed.

    I really cannot believe this is the only way? This is a disappointment and I too would have paid double for my subscription. I really don’t feel mothering tried hard enough.

  277. The realities are what they are. Print publishing is expensive–too expensive to maintain for many magazines. I’m sure the Mothering editorial staff put off the decision for as long as possible to provide as many print issues as possible; however, at some point it simply isn’t feasible anymore. It happens. Instead of being awful to the publishers who have done their best for years, why not realize your money went as far as it could go, and you got as much as you could for it, and say ‘thank you’ for what was made possible for all those years. You liked the people behind the magazine enough to read it and feel disappointed it’s no longer available; why turn on them now? Give them the benefit of the doubt–they’re the same ethical, well-intentioned people they were before the magazine fell to the electronic age–and realize times change, we need to go with the flow, and be grateful for the good things we have along the way. Even if they don’t last forever.

  278. So saddened by this news but it is so understandable. Mothering magazine was a life line for me when we first found each other. My oldest daughter is 23 and married and I hoped to buy her a subscription. I have many old issues to pass along but the web is when she and all her friends get information now. I will make sure she goes to Mothering on line. Will you still have old print magazines to sell? Good luck to all and Thank You for everything you’ve done and will continue to do. You are in the information business. The times are moving fast and childhood moves just as quickly but Mothering help me to be in the moment and treasure those times because they are so fleeting. I can honestly saw I was present for my daughters childhoods and for that I will be eternally grateful to Mothering Magazine! Love Jillian

  279. Yes, I totally agree. Just give me those invalueable words in print form some way or another. I don’t need all of the beautiful pictures, but I do need that wisdom written from the heart. My bathtub reading and car reading and any reading will never again be the same.

  280. I too don’t feel like Mothering tried hard enough. This is NOT understandable to me. And I too would have paid double. This could’ve been resolved, I feel. I am disgusted, deeply pained, stunned….the searing pain in my heart will not leave.

  281. I am really sad not to see my Mothering mag in my mailbox anymore. Even a digital mag can’t be done? This is my favorite magazine. Forums take too much time for me and are hard for me to navigate. I have every issue from the past 5 years in a table next to me. How about a push for a digital mag for online subscribers and an iPad app?

  282. I am very disappointed about this. I just enjoyed reading every single Mothering magazine. Also always shared it with my family and friends. It is very sad to see it go.Our local library has Mothering magazine to be checked out for those who are able to subscribe to it what about them ?

    I am considering canceling my subscription next year.

  283. I am saddened that Mothering Magazine will no longer be around as of next month (tne last time a digital issue will be offered). My friend and I use these magazines as reference in our natural healing shop and all of our clients love reading the articles. I especially liked the natural health articles and recipes. Nothing will ever replace Mothering’s wonderful publication. Who knows, maybe when the economy gets better, your publication will be back in business. Until then, let it be know that your magazine has been a wonderful addition to all of my natural and alternative medicine books. Good luck with the future!

  284. I found Mothering Magazine by accident at a doctors appointment one day. Mothering is the only magazine that ever connected to me as a parent. Mother Magazine spoke to the parent I was trying to be and gave the the courage to stand up for what I believe is right for my family. I would have gladly paid more for my subscription. Very sad to see this happen : (

  285. I stumbled upon this letter after coming on Mothering’s website to see where my Jan-Feb issue was. It’s really disappointing to find out about the magazine’s demise in such a backward way after I’ve been waiting for the print issue for weeks. (and in those weeks I’ve received two subscription renewal forms with no mention of this change) Like many others, I want a magazine, not a website. It doesn’t have to be glossy, full-colored or full of hip advertisements, but I want something I can take with me and pass around. Is it possible to create a scaled-down version of the magazine that is less susceptible to the whims of advertisers and the marketplace?

  286. Mothering magazine is the only publication that has been a community of kindred spirits and a source of invaluable information and support for me. I do not have this community and support in my “real life” – I have looked to Mothering when I have felt alone in my birth and parenting decisions. It has literally changed my life and the lives of those in my family (for the better, always). There is not another publication that takes it’s place. I thank you for all that you have done and for providing for so many families love and support and knowledge.

    I do wish I had been made aware of this change earlier and more clearly – I just made a two-year subscription and had no idea the publication would cease. I know you are making a difficult decision, but a website absolutely does not take the place of a physical publication. I try to limit my time on the internet and find little fulfillment in reading articles online – it is just not the same. At the risk of sounding like an old grouch – it just isn’t wholesome and it doesn’t feel good.

    As Allaire said above, if there was any way of creating a bare-bones version of the magazine, I would absolutely support it.

  287. I am INCREDIBLY sad to see mothering mag go by the wayside 🙁 I found this out as I was coming to the website to FINALLY subscribe to the magazine. I have been a fan for years and have always bought it at the newsstand with the intent to get a subscription at some time……I guess I just waited too long. I’m going to hope and pray that this can be reversed but understand that these things happen. Thank you for all the wonderful years of information and support. I will try my best to keep up with things on the forums.

  288. I am quite disappointed in how Mothering went about this process. I just renewed my subscription for 2 years after receiving several notices to renew my subscription this past November. I really feel Mothering should have made it more clear about the possibility of this subscription ceasing. I find the forums valuable, but there is nothing like having a physical magazine to flip through in short incriments, seeing as that is what most SAHM have time for, not sitting down in front of a computer. No offense to Natural Living magazine, but seeing as I have never read it before, I would not have made a 2 year commitment. I obviously will still use the support on the web, but I am disappointed in how Mothering went about this process.

  289. While I understand why this is happening to so many publications, it is frustrating for me because I do not prefer computer to print, and I doubt I ever will. Some thoughts …

    — When I read online, I skim, skip, and hurry. When I read print, I READ, enjoy, absorb. If there are others like me, might this mean that while the sheer number of MDC users is impressive, perhaps they are not all getting deep understanding of the material they read? Is online the best QUALITY information venue?

    — Is it good for us to be facing whirring flashing beeping screens all day? I feel less healthy on the computer and try to avoid it. I feel sad being pushed toward it with no other options. I also find it easier to give attention to my son when I just pick up a magazine briefly and put it down, rather than getting mesmerized and permanently distracted by a screen.

    — How many people out there are using alternative energy to fuel their laptops, etc.? I doubt there are many. The only reason this shift seems more sustainable is because we still aren’t facing up to the costs involved in our individual consumption. The business costs add up easily … but the cost is really externalized to each of us and our machines.

    Still hoping for a better solution.

  290. I’m crushed…. I really enjoyed the magazine: late at night in bed while my daughter slept, or on the move, at the beach, traveling, in the living room. I spend too much time at the computer as it is…its work– not enjoyable, information to be taken in quickly and moved on so I can get back to my daughter…

  291. Sister, they obviously do not want to stop publication. Don’t make it harder on them than it already is. Yes, it is very very sad. No, it cannot be helped, as you read in the explanation. They are more crushed than any of us.

  292. I’ve subscribed to Mothering for 25 years and have ordered over 15 gift subscriptions during that time. I just ordered a gift subscription in January–over the phone–with no warning given that the magazine was about to cease publication. I am shocked that Mothering would accept new subscriptions–GIFT subscriptions–knowing they were about to go under. So, how did I find out about this state of affairs? I called today, because the recipients had not yet received their first issue which was promised to arrive in February. I don’t think the people I ordered Mothering for will be the least bit interested in the substitute magazine. This seems like a totally unethical way to go about dealing with money paid for a particular product. Difficult decisions don’t absolve one of responsibility to deal with a situation properly, do they? And the phone message sounds awfully flippant. Is this really the best you can do to wrap up what has been a great endeavor?

  293. I’ve been a huge fan of this mag since I became a mother nearly 15 years ago. It has been a valuable source of information, an inspiration, and a well loved and often shared archive of useful articles and unique perspectives on parenting. It has shaped the person I’ve become like no other magazine ever has, and for that I am truly thankful. I have shared it with many new mothers and given subscriptions as baby gifts. I am shocked and saddened to hear that it will be no more. The forums are great, but they can’t replace the magazine. I echo others’ questions: why not an ipad ap, or a scaled down print version? I’ll be hanging on to my treasured old copies with sincere hopes that someday Mothering might return- we need you! Our children need you! (and so do their children!)

  294. I feel like an abandoned child! I have bought,subscribed to,and given gifts of Mothering since the late 70’s. In the 80’s a lifetime subscription was $150!! We always kicked ourselves for not paying that price, but it was too much for us back then.

    A lifetime is longer than 30 years! Don’t leave us without the comfort, feel, and touch of a good Mothering read.

  295. I received a copy of the magazine 26 years ago, just after the birth of my first child. It has been my bible since then. I have received it nonstop ever since, saving most of the issues to give away, or to refer to at a later date. I came to the website tonight to order two gift subscriptions for young mothers with whom I work, who share my passion for natural birth and parenting. What a shock and disappointment to learn of the loss of the print magazine. I agree, an online version is not going to do it for me. I understand the insurmountable expenses and the reasons behind the change. However, I feel that the world has lost one of the most important links to honest, intelligent, empowering information about birth and parenting.

  296. i am deeply saddened by this loss. i have been purchasing and subscribing to mothering for over 8 years, well before i even became a mother myself. i love reading this magazine and have saved all of my copies thankfully – as they are wonderful resources for myself and friends. i do not enjoy reading online and i do not enjoy interacting with others online. i am 31. i enjoy reading real materials (that don’t make my eyes hurt from squinting at a lighted screen) that i can feel and absorb and easily refer back to (you just cannot do that with an online magazine). i enjoy spending time reading books and publications like mothering in front of my young children. i prefer for them not to see me glued in front of the computer screen, which is just as bad as the television in my opinion. yes, i occasionally refer to the web for information, but it is not where i like to spend time perusing articles. in my opinion this goes against much of what mothering articles were about – connecting with community and being a present parent. the only reason an online mag would make sense with mothering’s philosophies, to me, is the environmental impact of printed publications. alas, it looks like i won’t be reading mothering online either.

    i am also a bit frustrated by how i found this out (from a friend) and not with some sort of mail out. since i subscribe only to the print issue i would expect a print mail out letting me know what was happening. now i do not get two entire issues (the ones that are online only) just because i am a print subscriber. an email would have been sufficient. i suspect the comments here will continue to grow substantially as people find out what has happened – all of your readers don’t even know about this yet.

    i too would have gladly paid 2 or 3 times the amount for my printed subscriptions – we are part of your community. we wanted you to continue onwards – why didn’t you reach out? why didn’t you let us know what was happening and ask for suggestions, or ideas, or if we would be willing to pay more for our mothering? from what i can tell in the comments – we would have stood with you. my public radio has to come back and ask for more money when the going gets tough and we listeners stand up and support the service that we are using with our money.

    i am sorry to loose you mothering.

  297. i am sorry but if they are the same ethical well intentioned people, they aren’t acting like it. they still haven’t even let their readers know what is going on. the only way a subscriber can find out what is happening is to get on the computer and search. it is total b.s. i am thankful for what they have provided us with in the past, but what they are giving me right now is a total lack of respect. i understand about going with the flow and being grateful for the past work they have done, but i also understand that when you have to cease your publication you put the word out there and let people know!!! you don’t slide an article in a jam packed website and hope they find it. i don’t think that those of us who have left comments riddled with disappointment are ‘being awful to the publishers’, but we want a response to how this was handled and to how we are being treated now. that isn’t too much to ask.

  298. I am so disappointed to find out that mothering magazine will no longer arrive in my mailbox. Accessing information over the web is not the same. My job involves lots of time spent at a computer and as a result receiving information in print format is much more enjoyable.

    I recently renewed my subscription and purchased Mothering for a friend who is a new mom. She won’t even receive one copy. I wish that the decision to cease printing mothering had been handled differently.

  299. I’m in pain!!! I just gave them $54 for what????? Can I get my money back????? I’m sure that the other mag is going be OK but it will not be MOTHERING!!!!! Why would they do this to usWHY?WHY?WHY?

  300. I just found out yesterday after inquiring about the Jan/Feb edition that Mothering is no more. I’m totally hurt and crushed by this, and I was so upset about not receiving my magazine, as it is the only parenting magazine that I subscribe to. It has given me such wonderful advice, recipes, information, and a feeling that I belong to a larger natural parenting community when so many around me follow mainstream parenting practices. It’s good to not feel alone anymore. I do wish Mothering every success in their Web business. We will miss them so much in my house.

  301. Peggy,

    I am so delighted to be connected with Mothering again. You published several of my articles many years back. I was listening to a telecall with Julie Cusmariou, a Life Coach who is doing a series on birthing as she is expecting her first child. One of the guests mentioned Mothering and how it is now available online. So many fond memories of your excellent publication. Congratulations on your new venture!

    Love and Light,

    Mary Ann Newman

  302. I agree with you! I would have paid double to have the actual magazine. I don’t have time to check my email, non the less sit online to read my favorite magazine.I’m a Facebook loser and don’t have time to sit at my computer. What I love about the magazine is I could bring it with me ANYWHERE, to apts, in the bathroom (sorry but that is wear I got most of my reading done). My most treasured time (and rare) was when I would get to take a bath and take my latest Mothering. I don’t have a laptop or a kindle (is that how we will read everything someday??? Augh I am soooo disappointed.

    Yes, this was poorly handled. I agree with the above that we should have been notified via snail mail or email. Or perhaps when I called to see where Jan/Feb was and the person at Mothering never mentioned this! I had to find out from a friend last night when I was showcasing several old issues to a room of pregnant women looking for resources. Shocking, I’m still in shock.

    This is

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