Hulling Berries and Breastfeeding

Again…breastfeeding in public: No big deal!

Here is a mother hulling berries while she nurses her infant. Her other children sit beside her, also at work. Little Mabel Cuthrie [i.e., Guthrie?], 4 yrs. old started working last year. Location: [Seaford?, Delaware?] May 1910.

10 thoughts on “Hulling Berries and Breastfeeding”

  1. I love this! I love all these pictures that you find. I’ve been sharing your blog with other nursing mothers that I know.

  2. This is a terrific resource! Thank-you for doing the research- I look forward to more to come. i have also created a resource 9For free) I have created a database llisting all the children’s books that show breastfeeding. A description of each book, picture of the cover and the ISBN so people can go to their own bookstore and order the ones they are interested in. I have purchased all the books and take them to conferences/worksshops when I can display them for free. If you would like a copy, just let me know. I have just had this years updates added in time to send out for WBW


  3. Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for your work. What’s amazing about this photo is that the “infant” appears to be close to a year old? I have practiced extended breastfeeding (I have been nursing non-stop for 11 years, with a 4 year old currently) and although I restricted them in public once they were about 2 years old, it never occurred to me to hide my breastfeeding infant. Strange culture we live in. I always go up to breastfeeding mothers and thank them for showing the public that it is NORMAL. Thanks again.

  4. Jennifer…

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with us. These pictures are great. I love studying old photos, letters, etc. to capture a sense of what life was like long ago. This is especially interesting, and hopefully enlightening to those who don’t understand the natural nature of breastfeeding. I am an extended-nurser, still nursing my son at 17 months. There are not many moms, in my area, who practice extended nursing, and many cannot fathom WHY on earth I would choose to do so. I love the fact that many of the babies in these photos appear to be around toddler age. Not only do the photos showcase how normal breastfeeding, in general, was, yet they also depict a time in which extended breastfeeding was the norm.

    Thanks again!


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