I got new glasses!


They are striped. You can see if you look on the bridge of my nose…otherwise, the stripes are more subtle. Which is probably a good thing! Hurray for glasses with lenses that aren’t scratched to kingdom come. I can see at last. Now if only that Surya henna in Chocolate would arrive…I’d be set.

What else is new? Nathaniel’s teacher let me know that he was bandying about the word, excuse me, term, “butt crack.” He didn’t get it from me. It must be all this talk about plumbers…so this morning, I had to remind him to please not use that term at school. 

Potty humor never fails to make most of us laugh. I try to strike a balance between not reacting overmuch to the words when they come up, so as to minimize my child repeating them incessantly. But when it starts to get him in trouble with third parties…I wouldn’t want him to get mad at me for never correcting him. “It totally blew my college interview when I casually dropped the term ‘butt crack.’ Why on earth did you never tell me that was off limits?”

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