I’m Loving: SoulPancake + Rule Breakers

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Soulpancake.com, “A place to debate, wrestle with, and explore creativity AND spirituality.” Started by actor Rainne Wilson (The Office, Six Feet Under), Soulpancake takes a bite out of life’s big questions, like, “Is love at first site total B.S.?” “What experience would you be willing to risk everything for?” “Why do we spend so much time talking about other people?” I LOVE IT. Dear cool dudes at Soulpancake…I’m sending you white hot kisses. xoxoxo


2. 5 People Who Broke the Rules of Social Media and Succeeded: not only great internet-preneuring lessons, but great life lessons about risk and authenticity. ‘Cause being real can be risky business.


3. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – just got another copy for a newly prego friend. In the words of Christian Northrup, “This information can change the world.”


4. This delightful CBC interview with Robert Moss, author of The Secret History of Dreaming. It’s really inspired me to look at ALL my dreams more mindfully – night dreams and day dreams, what Moss calls the “imaginal” realm that belongs to the province of true imagination. We need only to become conscious of it’s existence to travel there.


5. That, after so many years, I’m finally getting the wisdom of this: one…step…at a time. It goes hand in hand with true presence and I’m amazed at how much more momentum ‘one step at a time’ is generating in my life.


What are you learning and loving? I’d truly love to know…




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