Why I’m Thankful for My Online Friends


There are so many things in this modern day that I feel aren’t conducive to being a mother. Just a few examples: working outside the home is an economic necessity for many, we don’t see mothers breastfeeding in public, many of us do not live close to our families. The list really could go on and on.

But there is one thing about these years that is amazing: There are wonderful communities of mothers on the internet.

I belong to multiple groups. A few are associated with the birth center where my oldest was born. These groups are full of like-minded individuals. Most of us breastfeed, some well past infancy. Most of us have unmedicated births. Many of us choose not to circumcise. Many of us bedshare.

But I am most grateful for my diverse group. The thing we have in common: we were all due with our babies in the same month. There were first time moms, and multiples moms, moms with histories of losses, moms with varied birth plans and experiences, moms in a wide range of economic statuses, moms from all around the US and Canada, moms of all ages.

And we all love our kids. And we all support each other in parenting but also in life.

It’s easy to feel alone in this modern parenting thing, but I rarely have. There wasn’t an experience I’ve had that I couldn’t hash out with this group of women. And they have taught me so much. So so much. About how hard it is be a single mother. About all the work a special needs child requires. About what it’s really like to add a second or third or seventh child to your family. About our bodies post-baby. About our blessings and hardships. About how we all do things differently, but often come to the same conclusions.

I hope all new moms can find a community like this. It saved my sanity in the early days; it gave me a social outlet when I was at home with a newborn. But I have made lifelong friendships. These friends know who they are. And I love them. As if we had grown up together. Because, in a way, we did.

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  1. I’m so glad to see other women have the same positive experience I’ve had. I too have a wonderful group of “mommy lounge ” friends that have saved my sanity over the last seven years. I live in a semi remote area that can be behind the times so to find women that shared my views on parenting online was the best thing for me and I’ve now made life long friends. I’ve never met any of my other mommies but hope to some day. Thank you for bringing to light just how amazing this experience can be.

  2. That’s great! This is a great idea for moms staying at home with kids. Working, looking after your kids and meeting new friends while staying at home is really awesome. You’re a supermom 🙂

  3. I am also lucky enough to have an awesome online group of mommy friends, we were all due with our firsts in the same month. Those babies will be 8 this fall. I know I can share anything with these women & they will support me. That is something every mom NEEDS!

  4. I have a group too. We’ve been together for almost eight years. I’ve been blessed to meet some in person too. They’re some if my favorite women!

  5. Love this article, love our group. Online connections can be very real and meaningful. There is nothing like a community of Moms going through the same stages wit their kids to help with questions, give support, and share developments with.

  6. I love this article, thank you!!! I could have written it, myself, word-for-word. I also have an online mommy group, we were all due in the same two months, and have been together for almost 3 years now. These women have become some of my best friends, and we all come from different places, and have had different experiences. They keep me sane and grounded, and have made me a better wife and mother. I am so grateful for them, and for the internet!!

  7. Our September 1996 group is going strong after over eighteen years. Could it be that our babes are graduating? Entering the military? Holding down jobs? It’s true. And the Moms have been there for each other through thick and thin. We recently had a multinational reunion, and it took less than a minute for me to feel comfortable with all of my besties whom I’d never actually “met.”

    For those of you with younger kids, keep that group going. I can’t imagine life without my Moms.

  8. Wow, 1996? Oh that makes me happy! Our group is going strong into 6 yrs. and I cannot imagine my life without these ladies! The bond we share is like nothing I ever thought I could have with people online. We travel to have meetups quite often. There are some that I haven’t met yet in person, but they are still so close I consider them sisters!

  9. I think this article could have been written about me! I also have a birth month group, we have been going for 7 years and I love each and every one of friends from this group! There are definitely times I would not have gotten through without them.

  10. Amen to this! My online support group is made up of people who met while living in the same apartment complex near a university. We used to sit on the playground in the middle of our quad and talk while the kids played. When we all started moving away, we created an online “playground” where we could have those same wonderful discussions. I live in a pretty isolated area, so it is wonderful to still have that support group. They are awesome!

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