In Honor of International Bereaved Father’s Day

This upcoming Sunday, September 10, 2017, is International Bereaved Fathers Day.This upcoming Sunday, September 10, 2017, is International Bereaved Fathers Day. This day recognizes bereaved men all over the world.

The heartache of losing a child is one that takes time to console. Those who have undergone this tragic experience can turn to the work of Carly Marie Dudley, an artist, writer, speaker, and mother of four, who has founded days of remembrance for grieving parents including: International Bereaved Mother’s Day and the upcoming International Bereaved Father’s Day

More often than not, men who have lost a child are left out or forgotten about when it comes to grief support. It is important for those of us who are friends or relatives to offer that support.

International Bereaved Father’s Day was founded in 2010 and falls on the second Sunday of September every year. It is a day for remembrance and recognition.

International Bereaved Father’s Day was founded in 2010 by Carly Marie and Sam Dudley to recognize and support all bereaved dads around the world who so often grieve in silence. Through their efforts, they are spreading awareness and reaching out to support fathers around the world so that they know they are not forgotten in their journey of grief and healing.

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This year Carly Marie and Sam Dudley are putting together a short film for this special day. They will be highlighting and honoring bereaved fathers, reaching out to fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and foster dads to share their experiences, in efforts to connect, inspire and support others on their journey of healing.

Wherever you are in the world,  you can take part in International Bereaved Father’s Day by sending your love to the men in your life who carry so much grief with them and often, in silence. Remind them that they are wonderful fathers and speak their children’s names.

Join Carly Marie and Sam Dudley’s official facebook event for this day here.

Use the hashtag #bereavedfathersday #bereaveddads if you are supporting the initiative and posting online.

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