In Sync, Out of Sync: A Dry Night

I have to keep reminding myself that the only constant with babies is change.

Leone is almost four months old. As my regular readers know, we’ve been doing a combination of cloth diapering and elimination communication (EC) with her. Though I catch more than 90 percent of the poops, I find catching and communicating about the pees much harder.

So yesterday–which we spent at the annual Parent-Daughter Fair with Hesperus and Athena–Leone did all of her peeing in her diapers, which is why I’m so surprised about what happened last night.

Leone and I both fell asleep around 9:30 p.m. She peed twice in her chamber pot before falling asleep. When she woke up to nurse around 2:30 a.m. her diaper was dry. I held the chamber pot under her as I nursed her, cradling her in my arms with our tummies touching. She peed after she nursed as soon as I made the PSSS sound.

We both fell back asleep and she woke me up a few hours later because she was restless, flailing her arms and pumping her legs and making little complaints. I remembered from interviewing infant pottying expert Christine Gross-Loh that sometimes moms and dads misinterpret nighttime waking because a baby has to go pee as a need to nurse.

I checked Leone’s diaper: dry! So I held her over her pot. She peed right away with no cue.

The next time she woke up she peed again. Then I nursed her. She kept popping off the breast and squirming. On a hunch I held her over the chamber pot and made the grunting sound I use when she goes poop. She pooped right away, smiled hugely, and then nursed with great enthusiasm. That was around 4:00 a.m.

At six when she woke up for the day she was dry again! She pooped three more times on the chamber pot in about twenty minutes. (Synonym for baby = poop machine.)

I’m really surprised that we were so in sync and that Leone had a dry night because, honestly, I haven’t been feeling very confident about my EC abilities. I tend to ignore my intuition. I think, hmm, maybe she needs to pee but then don’t offer a pottytunity so she pees in a huge arc all over the floor or I suggest she go pee by holding her in position when she doesn’t have to and she gets mad and squawks in protest and I feel like I’ve failed her. Those scenarios are a lot more common than last night’s!

But maybe little by little Leone and I are actually getting the hang of it?

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3 thoughts on “In Sync, Out of Sync: A Dry Night”

  1. Wow! Congrats on the dry night! Aren’t babies amazing?

    My daughter screams if I take her from the bed at night to her normal peeing location in our bathroom, so we’ve been avoiding ECing at night. I think I’ll try a bowl from bed as you’re doing and see how it goes!
    .-= Mama Em´s last blog ..Friday Favorite- Peek a Boo! =-.

  2. I can’t imagine getting up to go all the way to the bathroom, Mama Em. Our little chamber pot works quite nicely. I don’t even mean to be doing nighttime EC but it seems like the need to pee wakes Leone and she is so happy when she doesn’t have to wet her nest. Another benefit to the chamber pot is that she often pees (and sometimes even poops!) when she nurses. So I tuck it under her tush and nurse her and catch the nighttime pees that way as well. I saw a photo of a mom doing that in Ingrid Bauer’s book and it is one of our best EC positions!
    .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..Should Your Husband Have a Vasectomy? =-.

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