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Why Choose Organic Clothing?

Lately, I’ve been striving to be a thoughtful consumer. I’m reading more labels and trying to make earth-friendly and baby-friendly choices. Mostly this has applied to food, but recently I’ve been widening my search for other healthful products including diapers, skincare products, toys and

Out of the Mouths of Babes

By Mary Brune Web Exclusive   July 17, 2012 news update: FDA Bans BPA from Bottles and Sippy Cups   Before the birth of my daughter three years ago, I was pretty sure I had everything I would ever need: Cloth diapers? Check. Sling? Check.

Medications and Breastfeeding

By Thomas W. HaleIssue 111 March/April 2002 The decision to prescribe medication for a breastfeeding mother is one of the most contentious areas in the clinical practice of medicine. For legal reasons alone, most manufacturers and many physicians advise patients to discontinue breastfeeding while

Natural Hand Sanitizers

By Debbie LindgrenWeb Exclusive – February 20, 2009 Keeping children healthy and safe is the goal of parents worldwide. Experts agree that one of the easiest ways to avoid spreading germs is to wash your hands, particularly prior to eating. However, sinks and bathrooms