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thinking-with-typeDid I mention we’re in a swirl of redesign action over here at Mothering? Yes, indeed. Both the magazine and the website are getting makeovers, and in my pursuit of new design input, I recently came across an exciting find: Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton. This beautiful foray into the world of typography is a delight to pore over, chock-full of typographical tips, informative examples of design principles put into practice, and info about the historical and cultural contexts for the development of type.

The fun-to-read appendix includes a section called “Free Advice.” Here’s a sample:

Think more, design less. Many desperate acts of design (drop shadows, gradients and the gratuitous use of transparency) are committed in the void left by a strong concept.

Make the shoe fit, not the foot. Rather than force content into rigid containers, create systems that are flexible and responsive to the material they are intended to accommodate.

Check out the Thinking with Type website for a peek at what the book offers, as well as some fun and edifying games and projects, all in the name of learning how to be a more intelligent designer.




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