Interview: MotherArtist Erin Darcy

I love talking to women weaving through (don’t like the word “balancing”- as if we’re circus performers) mothering, life, and being true to their craft. When you’re nursing little ones and fixing lunches, it can be easy to let your passions fall to the wayside. Through a twist of fate, I stumbled across Erin Darcy’s body of work.

If you haven’t yet heard of Erin Darcy (Ireland), you’ve been missing out. Her beautiful, raw, ethereal photographs have been  floating around the Internet inspiring thousands of women to embrace their bodies

She also has an Etsy store where she makes her art available to the world.

Erin was kind enough to allow me to interview her via email. Enjoy!

1) When do you find time to create?

It’s nearly impossible to create like I was able to before… At least at the moment. I went from all night painting sessions to learning how to paint in very short time segments… I’m still trying to balance and figure it all out, and have found that the moment that you think you’re on a pattern- it all changes again. You have to get creative with creating. Finding a muse that will sit around for a while. Giving yourself permission to not be as prolific as before.

I don’t have it altogether, laundry on the couch to fold and put away, toys scattered on the floor, there’s always an endless to-do list – but I’d rather spend time with a brush in paint, so I do. I’m totally okay making that sacrifice, ha!

2) How old are your wee ones?

My daughter, Claire is 15 months old. She is wild and delicious.

3) Three things you love about Ireland:

I used to dream of Ireland, it made a home in my heart and became part of my deepest wishes, and now my reality.

– Can we talk about the accents first?! Oh my.. my husband has the most dreamy of accents- there was a time that I could barely understand a word he said, but oh did everything sound so so good…

– It’s really quite charming, and with a more laid back lifestyle. People move slower here, shops don’t stay open 24hrs a day… It’s just.. easy. There’s definitely quirks to get used to, but now the idea of living back in the united states sounds awfully stressful.

– There is a real vibrancy and rich passion in the Irish artisans. Whether that comes from making the most beautiful loaves of bread, to busking in the streets of Galway. There is always music and rosy red cheeks, there are open doors to welcome you- and farmers that will offer you a glass of whiskey to warm yourself.

4) Does your baby inspire your art?

I think I’m mostly inspired by women. I’m inspired by the grace of a woman’s body as she carries and births her children. I’m inspired by the connection of mother and child, and also that of mama and her man.  I’m inspired too, by the magic of childhood.

5) Your message to other mother artists:

Remember to include your kids. I know that it’s so necessary to have ‘me’ time… To have a simple break. It seems that the more and more we push for it, the more and more our babies are in need of our arms and laps in those moments. Remind yourself that your babies just want to be near you, and who could blame them? You’re the most amazing person in their world. They want to be just like you, and.. they simply just want to be close. (I often end up wearing Claire to finish paintings..)

Do what you have to do – create for the sake of creating, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it doesn’t even have to be art. I’ve seen some really clean showers and organized closets that I could call it an art. Some days a happy baby and happy mama is enough.

Be gentle with yourself, and make time to do what you love.

Erin is offering 10% off of her Etsy shop with the code: ‘CREATIVEMAMA’

Bunmi Laditan

About Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi is a mother, writer, and social media entrepreneur living in Montréal, Canada (by way of California). She has two girls ages 6 and almost 2.

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  1. Oh Erin, I am so happy to see you here. “Mothering” is very near and dear to my heart. What a perfect fit. I framed and hung the card I bought from you and get so many compliments. Merry Christmas to you and yours, debi

  2. Great interview, Bunmi. I clicked over to Erin’s original post with the photos, and the comments are overwhelming. They say so much about the state of our cultural view of mothers/women.

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