It’s an Insty Staffer Review by Simone Snyder: the GlamourMom Maternity/Nursing Top.

Simone in the GlamourMom Nursing Shirt Extraordinaire. Her baby "digs it," too.

I hear it from my mother all the time: “You are so lucky…when I had you thirty years ago…” and then she goes on about how maternity and nursing clothes were not readily available to her back then; or if they were they were not all that flattering. I suppose she is right. We do have quite a selection these days, but now it seems like there’s too much. It can be a daunting task to rummage through all of the catalogs and all of the websites, and quite frankly, with a nursing baby, who has the time?

I recently tried out the new Long Sleeve Maternity Top in Heather Berry from GlamourMom. It starts out as a nice, stretchy maternity top and then goes on to be a form-fitting nursing top. Added value. I was quite impressed. I usually sport my regular clothes and find creative ways to nurse in public but I think I may have been won over by the convenience of my new find. The shirt itself does not scream–or even whisper– “I am a nursing top.” It could pass as a regular shirt. Underneath the outer layer is a built in and removable bra (two items for the price of one) that unhooks quite conveniently at the strap. Had I realized how supportive the built-in bra was I probably would not be sitting here right now struggling with the sensations associated with wearing two bras. Next time I’ll give it a whirl on its own. I like the color, I like the feel, and yes, in this cold weather, it feels cozier and less drafty than pulling up my shirt.

Simone Snyder was previously the Product Fulfillment Manager/Street Teams Coordinator at Mothering Magazine. She’s a certified doula, childbirth educator, and a licensed massage therapist specializing in prenatal and postpartum massage.


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