It’s Easier Than You Think: 10 Reasons to Travel with Cloth Diapers

This week I’ve been traveling with the baby and the why-aren’t-I-10-years-old-yet-Mommy? big sister.

We just rolled back into town last night (though the driving was a bit brutal, after all the discussion on this post, “The Delta Debacle,” I think I’m grateful we didn’t fly!).

Athena skipped school to come with me and the baby. I’m in awe of bloggers/writers who manage to update Facebook and Twitter while they’re on the road. As you can tell from the l-o-n-g t-i-m-e between posts and the fact that some of the comments on the aforementioned Delta article should have been moderated (eh hem), I can barely log onto the Internet when I’m traveling. I think I need to upgrade my technology. But even if I do, I need more arms. How do you read to a 9-year-old, nurse an 11-month-old, and Twitter at the same time?!

Buddha Baby spent the trip in cloth and in her birthday suit. She’s the only one of the kids who’s been exclusively cloth diapered. I think I thought it would be too hard with the others but it’s actually been easier than I expected.

Here are 10 reasons why you should try traveling with cloth diapers too:

#1) It’s a fascinating sociological experience to go to a laundry mat in a new-to-you town.

#2) Even the big fellow with the tattoos wearing a leather Harley jacket will smile at a baby with a nudie tush.

#3) Your baby will be the most stylish in the Quik Mart (unless she’s got her tush hanging out, see #2).

#4) You can chat with your best friend’s new housemate, who has just moved into the basement room next to the washing machine, while you throw in a load of diapers.

#5) It’s cheaper than traveling with spousies, especially if you mooch off your best friend and use her washer, laundry detergent, and electricity (see #4).

#6) Your baby will tell you when she’s wet (by fidgeting or kicking her legs) instead of just sitting there in the car on a thickened mound of white plastic filled with urine.

#7) Cotton diapers are not petroleum products, so using them will offset your guilt about the walruses dying because of the global warming you are causing by driving.

#8) When you whip off the cloth diapers and leave them scattered about the back seat, the mess is a deterrent to anyone wanting to steal the car.

#9) Since no one wants to steal your beat-up subcompact (and if they did steal it they might be doing you a favor because then just maybe you would give in to the husband’s wish to get a car that actually seats the whole family), so #8 is a totally spurious reason to travel with cloth. Ergo, traveling with cloth diapers allows you to indulge in creative justifications, thus offsetting the possibility of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

#10) It gives you something to write blog posts about.

Come back soon to read about weightier matters (if I ever get enough sleep to do these subjects justice): a new test touted as 100 percent accurate in predicting Down syndrome, International Baby Wearing Week, and how to run a Halloween costume/clothing exchange.

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