It’s Easier Than You Think: 10 Reasons to Travel with Cloth Diapers

This week I’ve been traveling with the baby and the why-aren’t-I-10-years-old-yet-Mommy? big sister.

We just rolled back into town last night (though the driving was a bit brutal, after all the discussion on this post, “The Delta Debacle,” I think I’m grateful we didn’t fly!).

Athena skipped school to come with me and the baby. I’m in awe of bloggers/writers who manage to update Facebook and Twitter while they’re on the road. As you can tell from the l-o-n-g t-i-m-e between posts and the fact that some of the comments on the aforementioned Delta article should have been moderated (eh hem), I can barely log onto the Internet when I’m traveling. I think I need to upgrade my technology. But even if I do, I need more arms. How do you read to a 9-year-old, nurse an 11-month-old, and Twitter at the same time?!

Buddha Baby spent the trip in cloth and in her birthday suit. She’s the only one of the kids who’s been exclusively cloth diapered. I think I thought it would be too hard with the others but it’s actually been easier than I expected.

Here are 10 reasons why you should try traveling with cloth diapers too:

#1) It’s a fascinating sociological experience to go to a laundry mat in a new-to-you town.

#2) Even the big fellow with the tattoos wearing a leather Harley jacket will smile at a baby with a nudie tush.

#3) Your baby will be the most stylish in the Quik Mart (unless she’s got her tush hanging out, see #2).

#4) You can chat with your best friend’s new housemate, who has just moved into the basement room next to the washing machine, while you throw in a load of diapers.

#5) It’s cheaper than traveling with spousies, especially if you mooch off your best friend and use her washer, laundry detergent, and electricity (see #4).

#6) Your baby will tell you when she’s wet (by fidgeting or kicking her legs) instead of just sitting there in the car on a thickened mound of white plastic filled with urine.

#7) Cotton diapers are not petroleum products, so using them will offset your guilt about the walruses dying because of the global warming you are causing by driving.

#8) When you whip off the cloth diapers and leave them scattered about the back seat, the mess is a deterrent to anyone wanting to steal the car.

#9) Since no one wants to steal your beat-up subcompact (and if they did steal it they might be doing you a favor because then just maybe you would give in to the husband’s wish to get a car that actually seats the whole family), so #8 is a totally spurious reason to travel with cloth. Ergo, traveling with cloth diapers allows you to indulge in creative justifications, thus offsetting the possibility of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

#10) It gives you something to write blog posts about.

Come back soon to read about weightier matters (if I ever get enough sleep to do these subjects justice): a new test touted as 100 percent accurate in predicting Down syndrome, International Baby Wearing Week, and how to run a Halloween costume/clothing exchange.

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11 thoughts on “It’s Easier Than You Think: 10 Reasons to Travel with Cloth Diapers”

  1. I like the one about discovering new laundromats in town – not one I’d thought of!

    Just a thought – combining EC with cloth diapering means that if things go OK (for some people travel can throw things off a bit; for others it’s easier because they can focus a little more on baby’s cues), you could have so little cloth diaper laundry that you can just do it in the sink in your hotel. If you’re going this route I’d recommend taking underwear or trainers as well as a wool cover for water resistance. The undies/trainers are easy to handwash and you don’t have to wash the wool covers frequently – just air them out.
    .-= Christine @ Origami Mommy´s last blog ..Paper dolls =-.

  2. I don’t try to keep up while traveling. It’s just impossible and my kids are older than yours. I imagine the key to traveling with cloth diapers is making sure you get the laundry done in time!

  3. I really enjoy your posts, Jennifer, and miss them while you are on the road. One note on cloth diapering, sometimes I wish we would just do more of it and stop patting ourselves on the back so much. It really is no big deal. I cloth diaper too, first baby, as do lots of my friends. I occasionally sense an air of superiority in the writing of folks who cloth diaper and in the tone of voice when folks talk about it in mixed gatherings of those who do (CD) and those who use “spousies”.

  4. This oddly reminded me of why I bought my first washing machine years ago (because of what it was like at the nearest laundromat). It was a nostalgic memory.

    But this is good inf0–as always.
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..How to solve trust issues =-.

  5. Thanks for your comment Kelly, and thanks for reading this blog. I’m very glad to hear that lots of your friends are cloth diapering. When my oldest was a baby I didn’t know any other parents who used cloth diapers. Even today only a fraction of Mothering magazine readers use cloth. Maybe as it becomes more common and more the norm we will be able to stop talking about it and people will stop thinking it’s a big deal?! It really is easy to travel with cloth. But it took me four children to figure that out…
    .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..Big Island on a Budget =-.

  6. I cloth diapered both my kids, but admit that when it came to traveling, I sometimes succumbed to the ease of disposables. Short trips were easy enough, but the thought of having to launder while away was too much.
    .-= Kris Bordessa´s last blog .. =-.

  7. Laundry mats are the best! That takes me back–when my kids were little and we lived in an apartment I had to be very careful about how to manage things so that I only had to go once a week. I didn’t mind the laundry mat–it was holding the hand of a preK kid while carrying another one on my hip and then a huge laundry basket.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Calzones done right =-.

  8. I know little about diapers period! When one of our friends got pregnant, we gave them a gift certificate to the diaper service. They were really happy to get that (had registered for it, as a matter of fact). Still, I don’t meet many people who go the cloth route. It seems like it truly is better, however, for so many reasons.
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..The 5-Question Author Interview- Susan Henderson =-.

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