“it’s morning time. get out of bed!”*

random top 3:

1. For the first time, my daughter Honoree read Nathaniel and me a bedtime story: P.D. Eastman’s “Are You My Mommy?” She read the whole thing, all sixty-odd pages (where was the editor for that one?) and by the middle of it, Mr. N. was out cold. Bonus!  

My favorite quote: “You are not my mommy. You are a snort.” (Sometimes I definitely feel like a snort, but I’m glad so far that I haven’t been demoted.)

I really loved watching her do a brand new thing. She had so much freshly hatched, sweetly staunch authority, as she took on each page, each sentence, each word, and looked up to me at the end of many of those things to make sure she had gotten it. Within her serious focus, she reminded me of my dad, whose eyes (right down to the eyelids) she has. 

2. A big mug of PG Tips tea first thing in the morning, with milk and amaretto agave nectar.

3. Barbara’s Shredded Oat Squares (such an awesome organic and less-sweet knockoff of Quaker Oat Squares, my high school senior year staple.) I’m kind of a texture hound, and I love the way they absorb milk in the bowl…getting softer on the outside as the core stays a bit firm and crunchy. Even the completely sodden ones squish rather pleasantly. Have you noticed that I geek out about squishy things yet?

* a Nathaniel quote–as the sole early riser in a house filled with sleepy bones joneses. 


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