Journaling Your Pregnancy, Fertility, and Baby’s First Years

There are so many different ways to keep a journal. There are weight loss journals, exercise journals, travel journals, nature journals, gratitude journals, financial journals, and spiritual journals. There are pregnancy journals and journals mothers keep to record their babies’ first years. As a kid, I loved looking back at the book my mom kept for me. Today, I keep my own journal. Lately, it’s been about my fertility journey (not sure my future kid would want to read it, but it helps me).

I like to think of journals as gifts. Allowing space for creative expression invites growth. Journaling gives us insight and clarity. It also gives us a time of introspection. The other day, I heard a woman describe journals as mini laboratories—a place to inspect what we think about things; a place to examine where we are in our lives; a place to dig deep.


Some of the random journals I’ve kept over the years. I tend to like spiral-bound.

You might say, “Oh, but I write the most mundane things.” I believe the details of our lives are important. A pregnancy is another pregnancy…until you add the details. Then it becomes unique. Same with a fertility journey. As my writing teacher likes to say, “The details of our lives are valuable and shouldn’t be lost.” Writing about my own journey has helped me sort through my feelings about treatment options, surrogacy, and adoption. It helped me break through barriers in areas where I felt stuck.

I’m gearing up to teach a workshop in early October on Journaling Your Fertility Journey. I love hearing about various ways to practice journaling. Do you keep a journal? Did you keep one as a child? Teen? College student? In your 20s? 30s? Beyond? Do you kinda keep a journal? Did it help you through a difficult time? Feel like another item on your To Do list? Did you save your journals? Burn them? Are you afraid they’ll be found? Do you keep them for future generations to read?

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