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I’ve been sick. Sick enough that I stumbled over to my neighbors door 2 days ago wearing a full balaclava over my head, a big scarf around my neck, and a sign with the following words scrawled in red ink:

Please Call School – Need Rick Home – Doctor Now

This, after a 5 minute episode in which I enjoyed (not) a croup-like episode alone in the house gasping for breath & certain I was going to die. Lucky for me my husband showed up from school drop-off just moments later and whisked me off, not to the doctor but to the Emergency Room. Apparently they don’t like making patients who can’t breathe waiting for an appointment at the clinic.

imageOfficial diagnosis? Acute Upper Respiratory Infection with Laryngitis. Origin? Viral. I liked this part – no tough antibiotic decision. Lovely doctor told me to keep on doing what I was doing – lemon honey garlic ginger tea (she even approved of my addition of homemade rhubarb cinnamon vodka). And reassured me that when another croup-like episode occured, it would pass, and I would be able to breathe again.

Home again, I settled into two full days of life as a sick mama. Nestled on the couch with my hot vodka tea, unable to utter even a word to my children as my voice is completely gone. I’m doing a bit better today, made it to yoga (part of my personal 30 day challenge), and am actually able to sit here at the computer with something resembling focus. No voice yet, but I’m trying to take that as a blessing. I’m not all that good at being quiet…

What about the challenge?

I felt horrible announcing the Back to Self Challenge and then disappearing! My personal challenge for these few days was to simply let go. No guilt about not working, not caring for children, not cooking meals, not doing yoga. All my body needed to do was rest in silence. Thankfully my dear husband works from home as well, and we’ve had two volunteers here to help on the farm, so I’ve had plenty of support and been able to fully let go.

So just a bit late, here is your challenge for days #3 & 4 & 5:

Listen to your Body!

If you need water, drink it.

If you need to pee, go.

If you feel sore, do something about it (yoga, massage, 5 minute stretch…).

If you are craving sex, intimacy, touch… create it.

If you’re full, stop eating!

If you need to go to bed at 7 p.m., do it.

Take Care, Mamas!


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