Kate Hudson Ignites Mommy War After ‘Lazy’ C-Section Comment

Kate Hudson set the Internet on fire when she said the laziest thing she'd ever done was have a C-Section.Kate Hudson recently shared that the laziest thing she’d ever done was have a c-section, and she’s set the Internet on fire with responses from women who feel their C-sections were anything but lazy.

I have always thought Kate Hudson was one of the most adorable actresses, entrepreneurs and people in celebrity land. She’s on Cosmo’s October cover, and in the interview, she answered some fun, quick questions that would typically be short and sweet.

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Instead, they caused a viral outrage, when her answer to the “Laziest thing I’ve ever done,” was to have a c-section. Now, there’s no room for her to go on as to the reasoning behind her c-section, and perhaps she was a bit ‘too posh to push,’ but for women who had to have c-sections for whatever medically necessary reasons (like me, so that my son and I didn’t die in childbirth — though he did die), it seemed a slap in the face to be called ‘lazy.’

Women responded in hordes, sharing their traumatic stories that included the only reason they were alive was because of c-sections, and wondering just where Hudson got off grouping so many dedicated and committed mothers into a ‘lazy’ category. Even I got all riled up about it because as I said, if not for the emergency section I had, my husband would have lost both his son and his wife that cold November day eight years ago, and I felt absolutely confident in choosing a c-section a year later so that I had no risk whatsoever of uterine issues with a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

The thing is…this is how mommy wars start. Someone reads something in context and generalizes it. The reality is that SHE said the laziest thing SHE’d ever done was have a c-section–not that the laziest thing any woman could have done was have one. In an interview, she openly and honestly admitted that part of her decision to have a section was…well…laziness.

She’d had a hard labor, but mostly was put out because she’d been stalked by paparazzi and just finally told the doctors to have the section and get them delivered. Her acceptance of this as not the optimal situation she’d wanted led her to make a decision she now finds an ‘easy’ way out (though there is NOTHING easy about cesarean recovery). Did she make an insensitive joke? Probably.

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If I am fair and open-minded, I can see that she might even regret that she went that route, and that she is not saying all women who have them are lazy or that a section in general is the lazy way out. If I really look past my own explosive initial reactions, I can see that her answer wasn’t really about me or what I did (or others do), but what she did in the name of convenience.

Sadly, though, that’s the problem in mommy wars. We so easily read a few lines here or there in our social media feed and feel like we know the whole story. If anything, this backlash she is getting will hopefully encourage people to look at full pictures, but more, not necessarily read extra into anything.

Do I think her deciding to have a section because she just wanted to be done being pregnant was lazy? Maybe. But that’s not my decision to judge. SHE thinks it was, and she was telling her truth.

In this day and age where random mothers will virtually slash each others’ throats with “shoulds” and “coulds,” I actually believe she may have opened a dialogue for people to understand the very real difference between a medically necessary c-section and convenient one.

6 thoughts on “Kate Hudson Ignites Mommy War After ‘Lazy’ C-Section Comment”

  1. I know this is nitpicky, but she does not have twins. She has two sons from different relationships, born 6-7 years apart (and neither is named Russell).

    1. Thank you for catching that! We admit, we’re not on top of celebrity news here, but a fact-check is always a must. We apologize, and we’ve updated the story 🙂

  2. I agree she was speaking her truth and, unfortunately, there is a percentage of women who opt out of natural birth for selfish and / or ridiculous reasons. C-sections do save lives…absolutely no doubt about it. The majority of c-sections done in this country are the end result of poor education, decision making and birth assisting of the doctor or care provider throughout pregnancy and birth. A c-section over 30% is deplorable for the U.S.A. We should be around 5%. Again, the lives that would otherwise be lost are included in this 5%. Upon hearing the stories of friends and family c-section, I find myself horrified at the irresponsibility of the care provider at various times throughout the whole process. We have a problem with maternity and mom and baby care in this country that is mind-blowing given the loud raucous noise that women have made recently regarding their “woman power.” The ultimate “woman power” is to grow life, birth life, nurture life, indoctrinate life.

  3. Having a VBAC does not prevent “uterine issues”. Repeat caesarean section deliveries increase the odds of having placenta previa and all of its variations, and placenta accreta and all of its variations. The incidence of these conditions has risen astronomically in recent decades because of the medical community’s casual attitude toward surgical deliveries. That does not include the problems that accompany any surgical procedure as blood clots and protracted recovery times at a time when the new mother needs to be taking care of a new life.

    Furthermore, I would want to know WHO the doctor was who agreed to deliver Miss Hudson surgically without a medical reason other than, ” she was done being pregnant” or the “paparazzi were bothering her”. She delivered at Cedars-Sinai, known to many in the LA area as “Caesarean-Sinai”, the hospital to the stars.

    Women should deliver their babies surgically with a medical reason, not because they are lazy.

    1. Correction to my opening statement, Having a repeat c-sec does NOT prevent uterine problems. There are still the issue of placenta previa, etc., in which the placenta lodges over the scar to some degree, and placenta accreta, etc., in which the placenta is deeply grown into the uterine wall to some degree, which may necessitate a hysterectomy to resolve the problem.

      Having a VBAC has its own set of problems, depending on the reason for the primary c/sec.

  4. Well, this seems like another case of misdirection in media. What are the real mommy wars? That someone offends you with a statement about a C-section being lazy most likely because her particular one was done by choice? We can tiptoe around each other for fear of offending or we can see the bigger issue, the huge percentage of unnecessary c-sections and the fault of the medical community for their poor dehumanizing patronizing actions and words on pregnant and laboring women. Mommy wars indeed!

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