Katy Perry Sports Postpartum Outfit We Can All Relate To

Katy Perry PostpartumNew mom Katy Perry celebrated the MTV Music Awards in a bit of a different outfit…a nursing bra and high-waisted underwear, proving that postpartum bodies are just as red-carpet-worthy as any other.

It’s always been a ‘thing’ to watch what celebs wear to big functions and see how they parade down the red carpet at gala events. Even in this time of remote event-ing, the fashion world still functions.

And when it comes to VMA outfits, new mom Katy Perry has been a leader in unique.

But Perry, fashion has taken on a new, real look in her house, and we have to say we love the Katy Perry postpartum look the best!

Perry shared her personal ‘red carpet’ moment from her bathroom on her Insta account. She just gave birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom (dad is actor Orlando Bloom) a little over a week ago, and pulled out the appropriate fashion for this postpartum time in her life: a nursing bra and high-waisted underwear cradling a very postpartum belly.

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Posing for dramatic flair and giving credit for her exquisite mom hair and glowing face to ‘exhaustion,’ she glamorously summed up everything amazing about motherhood: it’s the best look in the world, no matter who you are or what you’re wearing.

Katy Perry/Instagram

The real-life outfit is a stark contrast to previous VMA ensembles Perry’s sported. Sometimes they were exquisite evening gowns, other times, they were spacesuits. Sometimes, she wore all in one three-hour show.

But ever since the new mama shared that she was pregnant in her “Never Worn White” music video in March, she’s been loud and proud about all the great things that come with being pregnant and being a new mom. She’s been very real about the highs and lows of pregnancy…including exhaustion…

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and pride in a beautiful belly….

She even immortalized much of her pregnancy with videos that celebrated her girl’s name (Daisy) and her joy and pride in living in her pregnant body.

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We love that Perry has shown her legion of fans the beauty and realness in pregnancy and in becoming a new mom. She told an entire generation of young fans that a pregnant body is a beautiful body, but better?

She continues to tell them that a postpartum body is gorgeous too…exhaustion and all.


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