Kicky Pants Valentine Giveaway!

Kicky Pants is giving away one of the following to a lucky A la Mama reader. Are you feeling lucky?

The winner will select one of the following:

1 bamboo pink hearts tee

1 bamboo blue heart tee

1 bamboo pink coverall

1 bamboo blue coverall (see below)

Another 10 winners will get a fab Kicky Pants calendar, featuring adorable pics of kiddos in seasonal Kicky Pants outfits for each month of the year.

Blue Cupid Booty Coveralls, In sizes newborn-24 mo.

Blue Cupid Booty Coveralls, In sizes newborn-24 mo.

Blue Valentines Tee, size Newborn-24 months
Blue Valentines Tee, size Newborn-24 months
Pink Tee, size Newborn-24 months

Pink Tee, size Newborn-24 months

Pink Coverall with Valentines Booty-size Newborn-24 months
Pink Coverall with Valentines Booty-size Newborn-24 months

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below with your item, size and color preference. For another chance to win, leave a second comment responding to today’s A la Mama “Mama Monday” blog about loving the one you’re with.

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151 thoughts on “Kicky Pants Valentine Giveaway!”

  1. Overall for my 5 month old, blue 9 month size, or the blue heart tea in 24 months for my 19 month old. Super cute. Im crossing my eyes, fingers, and toes in the hopes I win. Left on comment on blog.

  2. We love lucky pants and are just about to grow out of her favorite sleeper gown. Size 12 months in pink would be adorable on my little cherub.

    Thank you!!

  3. These are so cute! It reminds me of old school long johns that have been jazzed up! Now, if they only came in Mama sizes too! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

    Blue, coverall, 18mo

  4. I recently discovered how soft and amazing bamboo is! This is absolutely precious. Would love a pink, 12 month coverall… 🙂

  5. That’s super cute !

    I’d love the Pink Tee, size 24 months for my big baby Daniela who’s turning 8 months today !!!!

  6. My stinker is wearing his blue KP coveralls right now! We’d get the 18 month size in hopes that he’d be this adorable next year for Valentine’s Day!

  7. I just LOVE the blue cupid booty coveralls! I would love to put this on my son next Valentines Day when he is 10 months old!

  8. Pink cupid bootie, 18-24! Kicky pants is my absolute fave, btw. If ever they have stuff on sale, I buy all that is left for gifts. I have 3 outfits in my closet now waiting for birthday parties! I do buy at reg price when I need something for my own!

  9. Oh my goodness! The adorable pink coveralls in size 24 months would be smashing! My little girl would show her hearts off!

  10. I would love to put my little valentine in a Pink Coverall with Valentines Booty, size 18-24! Thanks so much. Great giveaway!

  11. Oooh, so sweet! if i won, i would love a six month, pink, valentines booty! my baby girl, who will be born in a few months would be so snuggly in it!

  12. These rock! they are so awesome and winning something would totally brighten my day, the little one has been sick sick sick and I’m sure we all know how exhausting that is. Anyhow, I think the blue coveralls in 12 months size would be totally awesome, but I’m not picky, if I get a tee, that’s cool too, and if they turn pink, I’ll give em to a friend with a girl child… Its the winning that matters, not the thing right now. :p

  13. Oh yes! Today is my sweet baby girl’s first birthday! We would love any of those items in 12-18 months or in 18-24 months. Thanks for what you guys do. Generosity should be the fabric of our culture.

  14. I would LOVE a Pink or Blue hearts T in 24 months for my little love, Beatrice! <3 We LOVE kicky pants and are huge fans!!! Love that they are organic and eco friendly!

  15. In response to the blog, I think that my parents always tried to let us know that we were loved. Sometimes they would talk down about themselves and what they did or didn’t do. That didn’t really affect what I thought of them, so much as give me a desire to know the only One who could truly love them and give them the self-worth they working for, Jesus. Jesus is the one who gives meaning to my life and allows me to truly and more fully love others.

  16. We love Kicky pants! My grandson Silas loves loves loves wearing them all other clothes irritate his sensitive skin. Coveralls or t in 3-6 months blue:)

  17. My mother really tried to show my sister and me unconditional love. She didn’t always get it right, but who ever does? My hope is that I too can model healthy self-love so that my little will have a positive picture of what that looks like. I’m also working through my own control needs to share unconditional love with her. I know I won’t always get it right, but I’m trying!

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