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I love this stomach-soother and all-dosha pleaser…I just had a bowl for lunch from the local super-healthy Indian restaurant, Annapurna. Today, I got it just because, but my friend swears by it whenever she has acid reflux goin’ on. 

A month ago, I had a bit of a sore tummy and got it on her recommendation. Then, I decided to make a big pot of it. I used this recipe:

and made it with lots of zucchini and potatoes and asparagus. My kids wanted nothing to do with it, but Laura and I ate it for days. I sprinkled pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and nutritional yeast on top of it, and added some Braggs…yum. 

I think the magical stomach-soothing ingredient is the asafoetida, which is a hilariously appropriate name for a spice that smells like a**. It’s also found in the Hylands Gas homeopathic tablets, which work like magic (way outpacing the typical drugstore product results). Warning: they do taste awful, so I swallow them with water, and they still work very well.



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