Kitchen, what kitchen?

kitchen? what kitchen?

For the Jan-Feb Peggy’s Kitchen shoot, I knew I wanted a sunny kitchen—with a cheery view of winter out the window. Asking friends and staff for location suggestions, I came up blank. Everybody’s got dark kitchens, it seems.

So this morning, Mel (staff photographer Melyssa Holik) came over to my house and we set up the shoot in my son’s bedroom. Which cracks me up. Not exactly studio material, I mean. And definitely NOT a kitchen. But believe it or not, I think it actually worked.

By the time Mel arrived, I had swiped some cinderblocks from my neighbor’s back yard (hoping he wasn’t watching through his back window!) to raise Reeve’s desk to the height of the window, scrubbed the walls and window casings around his desk, and pulled a curtain down from our living room window and swapped it out with the dark tablecloth that Reeve has used for a curtain for, I don’t know, 7 years now? I also had tried to clear the walls of boy stuff, though you can still see a bit of a huge pirate flag in the mirror behind me in the photo above.

hot-chocHappily, Mel got some really fabulous sunny winter-kitchen shots. It’s fascinating to me how it works—this business of creating an illusion. To look at Mel’s photos, you’d never guess they were shot at my house, let alone in a kid’s bedroom.

(Here’s a sneak peek at one of her shots. Mel: “But are there too many marshmallows?” Me: “Can there ever be  too many marshmallows?”



Photos of 1) Mel at work in our newly contracted professional studio, shooting Tanya Carwyn’s recipe for hot chocolate made with coconut milk; and 2) just one of the many lovely shots she got.



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