KUSHIES Diaper Giveaway Bonanza

This morning, I am launching a giveaway for the following Kushies cloth diapers:

(1) Kushies Ultra-Lite Infant (10-22 lb.) Trial Pack in Pink, which includes:

2 Ultra-Lite All-in-One Diapers

2 Washcloths

2 Washable Cotton Diaper Liners

10 Flushable, Biodegradable Diaper Liners
Kushies Pink Infant Trial Pack

(2) Kushies Ultra-Lite Infant (10-22 lb.) Trial Pack in Blue, which includes:

2 Ultra-Lite All-in-One Diapers

2 Washcloths

2 Washable Cotton Diaper Liners

10 Flushable, Biodegradable Diaper Liners

(3) One Toddler size (22-45 lbs) Ultra-Lite All-in-One Cloth Diaper in green squares pattern:
green grid

(3) One Toddler size (22-45 lbs) Ultra-Lite All-in-One Cloth Diaper in green swirly pattern:
green swirl

To enter, please leave a comment with one of the following:

!Which item you’d like to win (blue pack, pink pack, or one of the toddler dipes)!

a) your favorite cloth diaper (if you did this in the last contest, you don’t have to do that twice. Instead, try another suggestion)

b) the most memorable thing anyone’s ever said when you mentioned that you cloth-diaper

c) if your kid has a favorite cloth diaper, what does it look like?

d) if someone turned you on to cloth diapering, you can give her or him a shout out here. I’m going to start by saying, thank you Nancy McManus, for giving me some old covers and prefolds. That’s all it took.

The nice people at Kushies would also like you to have a special Mothering discount code. It’s mothering2010, and you receive 10% off any order from www.kushiesonline.com.

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202 thoughts on “KUSHIES Diaper Giveaway Bonanza”

  1. I have one of the Ultralites, and it really IS super lightweight and trim!

    I would say the most memorable was… “what? THAT is a diaper?” LOL
    .-= Sarah Tracy´s last blog ..Baby / Toddler Bow Tie =-.

  2. with my first son I did some cloth “part-time” and used Bummi wraps and prefolds, but with my second I am currently looking into some other options, such as AIOs…so I don’t have a favorite yet! I’m still looking for my favorite! Comments I got/get are “but what about the poop?” and “that just sounds soooo disgusting!” lol
    .-= krysten´s last blog ..A recap =-.

  3. One of my memories of talking about cloth diapers is when my brother found out that I was switching to cloth. He thought I was crazy and wouldnt stick to it. His first child is due in Aug and I have convinced him to use cloth!!!!! He never thought in a million years that he would be a dad let alone use cloth diapers!!!

  4. a) Green Tweedlebugs pockets…easy with two openings!

    c) Maybe the same? Hehe

    d) Stephanie Pilichowski is who I blame for my addiction!!

  5. We didn’t use cloth with our first, but I am sooo looking forward to going the cloth route with the next. These kushies are just way too cute, by the way.

    So I can’t mention a type of cloth diaper that i liked… but I hope I can still participate!!

  6. Right now, we use bumgenius 3.0’s and Happy Heinys and I really like them both. The most memorable thing I heard when I told someone I cloth diaper was, “I would never do that! I don’t want to get poop in my washer!” My daughter doesn’t seem to have a favorite diaper, and our Bradley instructor, Jessica Dixon, turned us on to cloth diapers.

  7. Thanks to Angie and Adam for exposing me to what cloth diapering really is and dispelling the myths I had in my head!

  8. My favorite cloth diaper is FuzziBunz. I have a chubby babe and the variable snaps have been great for us! And they come in such cute colors and are easy to tote around.

  9. Our favorites so far have been Kissaluv fitteds. 🙂 As for who turned me on to cloth diapering-Mothering! I found the discussion boards when my third child was born through hearing someone talk about cloth diapering online offhandedly and never turned back!
    .-= Desiree ´s last blog ..18th Century Child Stays Part 2 =-.

  10. When my mom saw my son for the first time in a cloth diaper she said: “huh, that must be why people used to be bow-legged, because they had so much bulk between their legs”!!! i could not stop laughing. i highly doubt that there is a connection between bow-legged people and cloth diapers but i guess thats what she thought 😉

  11. My favorite diaper was a small Lucy’s Hope Chest side-snap fitted with watermelons and velour that I got for $5. I took a picture the last time my girl was able to wear it. It was hard to let it go, but I passed it on and it may be on a baby right now.

  12. We love Kushies!! Most of ours were bought for my oldest (who is now 7!!) and after going through 3 babies we are needing some new ones for baby #4 (due in July!!)

    We mostly get strange looks when we mention cloth diapers…the same look we get when we mention homebirthing, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding, etc!!

  13. I still remember when I started to CD someone saying “wow, you’re brave!” Ha, I still find that funny. Really, there’s nothing hard about it!

  14. I’m still exploring the idea of cloth diapering, but I love the patterns Happy Heinys offers! Most people usually say “Good luck with THAT!” when I tell them I cloth diaper. I guess I would have to thank the state of Vermont and all it’s eco-friendly ways for turning me on to cloth diapers.

  15. I really like my prefolds and covers, but we use AIO at night.

    I’ve not really gotten many comments… A few friends call me a hippie..

    Flynn’s a little young for favorites. (10 wks)

    I knew I wanted to cd, but I credit my friend for the 14 AIOs she gave me for free, and a ton of prefolds from another friend, and a bunch of covers from another friend.

  16. A lovely woman in the church I worked for at the time of my first pregnancy hesitantly asked me if I would be interested in her stash of Nikki covers & contour diapers which she had not been able to let go of even though her son was about 11 at the time. I said “YES!!!!” and we were off. (I had planned to CD already, but had very limited resources and didn’t really know about “modern” diapering options, so she really brought me up-to-date on what was possible with cloth diapers!)

    BTW, I have no need for either of the kits, but would love either of the toddler-sized AIOs.

  17. We have only used Gro Baby for so and have had great success. However, we would love to expand our collection and try a few other brands as well since we have always use Gro.

    I remember a friend telling, “at one time in your life you said you would NEVER cloth diaper”. That was before I realized how easy it was, lol.

    Our son has no favorite yet, since he is only 10 months

    Julie and Nicole gave me all kinds of information and Nicole helped me pick the Gro System. Thanks ladies!!!

  18. Even though I love CD’s for lots of reasons I have not used them since my DS was a little baby. I am now looking to find some that will still fit him… I am so over buying disposables for him! I would love to give these a try! btw, I used the bumgenius w/ he was little & really liked them. Thanks for this oppertunity!

  19. My favourite? I haven’t tried a lot as I use the Kushies my sister-in-law (Karen)gave me when she turned me on to cloth diapering. They’re old school but still work great.

    Most memorable thing anyone said. My mother-in-law: “so you’re not going to try those new disposables?” (her babies were born before disposables hit the common market and they’ll always be new to her.

  20. I would absolutely love to have the blue set– I am expecting my second baby (I have a 13month old) in July and have always wanted to try cloth diapering! If I won, I would have no excuse but

    to start!!:)

  21. I remember being 8 months pregnant with my first and having so many people scoff at my excitement over using cloth diapers. They assured me that I wouldn’t want to do it for long because it’s so disgusting and my baby would get diaper rash.

    Now 3 and a half years later and due any day with my 3rd child, we have one and a half CD graduates and happily plan to CD our third. It’s the perfect arrangement for us 🙂

  22. My favorite cloth diapers, so far, are Bum Genius OS 3.0…the fact that they would fit both our toddler and our newborn at the same time was a huge motivating factor in getting my husband to agree to our switch to cloth! Two years and a snap conversion later, and they still have plenty of life in them….and the initial investment has paid for itself many times over!

  23. 1. blue baby pack

    2. tiny tush elite

    3. older relatives are amazed at how easy cloth diapering is now – it’s come a long way from pfs and plastic pants! (though pfs are my favorite, people love the aios)

    We have a local cd seller, Little Clothesline. She made a house visit and was very patient with me, going over every option there was. Thanks Lotta!

  24. My mother in law turned me to cloth diapers. She even supplied my daughter with lots of new bum genius diapers. Without her we might not be using and loving cloth. If I win I would like the pink diapers.

  25. I’d love to win the pink set, ut the blue would be great!

    I would credit Cynthia from Zoom Baby Gear for helping me getvstarted cloth diapering. She holds regular diaper circles sharing information about different systems. She also taught a class on sewing your own diapers- much fun!

  26. I have an almost 1 yr old that I use cloth on and I love it. My brother told me I was crazy to try cloth diapers and my sister in law still trys to give me diaper coupons thinking any day i’m going to give up on cloth….never!!

  27. I would love to win the blue infant package!

    I used Fuzzibunz with my other 4 kids and they were great but I am excited to try out new ones this time around!! We had 3 of our 4 kids in cloth diapers for a while, they are all close in age. Family thought we were crazy but since some of them are now using cloth too!!

  28. My good friends Rachel and Lindsey convinced me to give CDing a try. And boy am I glad they did! I’ve cloth diapered all 4 of my babies because of them. If I win I’d LOVE the pink pack. Thanks!

  29. I would love one of the toddler diapers! I have used cloth diapers along with Seventh Generation diapers. I chose to use the disposable ones at first to make sure I didn’t over-do it as I am prone to post-partumn depression. I also use disposies at night. During the day cloth diapers rule!

  30. Would love a toddler freebie!

    We use prefolds w Proraps–shout out to my friend Shilyh for inspiring me to get started <3

  31. When I spoke about cloth diapering during a school presentation for my human service class the class all stood open mouthed and wide eyed for the first 2 minutes after I said it and then a woman burst out “you put poop in your washing machine” I just laughed and explained it all. However, six months later she hired our diaper service to wash her grandkids diapers so guess my speech has some affect on her. 🙂

  32. When I told my mother-in-law I was going to cloth diaper she said, “Why would you want to do that? You’re going to want the kind you can throw away.” I actually had a lot of people who said I’d hate it and would give it up in no time. But here we are, 7 months later and we still love it!
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..5 Generations =-.

  33. I’m going to be a first time mommy in september and cannot wait to start cloth diapering so I need to start building my stash. I haven’t had anyone say anything funny about cloth diapering they just tend to look at me like I have 4 heads when I say I’m going to cloth diaper. I have a few friends who cloth diaper and got me interested in doing it along with the adds that I’ve seen in all of my pregnancy magazines. Since we are not finding out the sex I would prefer the blue pack.

  34. I’d love to win the Kushies Ultra-Lite Infant (10-22 lb.) Trial Pack in Pink for my daughter who is expecting my first granddaughter in about 4 weeks. Thanks to my mom for paying for diaper service when I was a new mom. I’d love to pass on the gift of cloth diapering.

  35. I love the blue pack. At my baby shower, my cousin asked “SO, you just throw the cloth diaper away once they poop in it, right?”

  36. I would LOVE to will one of the toddler diapers! I have not tried these, but my twin boys turned me on to cloth diaering when they were about a month old… I just could not throw all those diapers away! Now they are 2 and have used BumGenius, Mother Ease, prefolds and Happy Heiney! LOVE Cloth!

  37. My favorite cloth diapers are Mother’s Ease one size, although I probably have a sampling of almost every diaper out there, my favorite aio would be monkey doodlez, they all have their purpose in our cycles, some are better for going out and about and others just fit better. If I win I’d love the blue set.

  38. We use Happy Heinys and are pretty happy with them, but I only have 8 dipers and want to try others! I’d love to try a Kushies toddler size!! I’ve had no negative comments about the cloth diapers, only lots of encouragement, and most people think it’s cool. I found out about cloth at mothering.com of course!

  39. I was reluctant at first – especially with those newborn explosive poops but after the first month I realized how much waste disposables are and started using cloth. I LOVE THEM! Thanks to a friend of mine that gave me suggestions, that’s all we use now. I have to say our favorites are the organic Bumgenius. The most memorable think people said when they found out we are doing cloth diapers, was “We might as well go back to the stone-age!” 0.o

    I’d like to win one of the toddler size diapers. 🙂

  40. I’d love one of the toddler dipes!

    My favorite diapers are diapers made from my husband’s old (but loved) KISS concert t-shirts! Nothing better than a sweet baby with a rockin’ rear!

  41. Grobaby is my favorite.

    “oh the poop goes in the toilet..” was my favorite line from a friend.

  42. I’d love to win a toddler diaper. I just made some cloth pull-up for my DD. I’m trying to convince my hubby to switch to cloth. He thinks it’s gross.

  43. I’d love the pink pack! Our favorite diaper right now is fuzzi bunz, but I haven’t tried much else! My favorite color is lavender. When people see our CDs they usually say “and you can reuse those?!” My big sis got my into CDing, so thanks Mar!

  44. We’ve only been cloth diapering for 2 months so I’m slowly finding what I like and building my stash. Right now my favorite is Thirsties Duo Diaper. It fits my little guy just great and it’s easy and fast to use!

    I personally didn’t know anyone who cloth diapered when I started. Friends/Family think I’m CRAZY and I have lots of PATIENCE (I hear those words a lot 🙂

    I’d love love love the infant blue package!

  45. I would love a Toddler Diaper!

    My most memorable CD moment is recurring. My daughter’s pediatrician loves looking through my diaper bag at every appointment because she can’t believe that THOSE are DIAPERS!

  46. One of the toddler ones, please!

    a) I love Goodmamas.

    b) I hate to say it but it’s rarely come up and no one has said anything memorable!

    c) the orange and brown one with cars

    d) I can’t even remember! But LiveJournal definitely fueled the fire!

  47. I would love the pink! I have a four month old that I’ve cloth diapered since she was two months old. We use a combo of grobaby, but would love to try these!

  48. I’d like the win the blue trial pack.

    My favorite looking cloth diaper is a monkey doodlez AIO in camo. My LO isn’t here yet(EDD 7/19) so I don’t know which will be my favorite diapers when I’m acutally using them.

    Thanks for the great contests!! 🙂

  49. Would love the pink pack! I’ve never tried these diapers yet!

    1. GroBaby

    2. My sister-in-law saying, “I hope you don’t expect me to do do that”…referring to when she babysits. This ties with all the comments from people who saw pictures of cloth diapers on my baby registry and said that they had no idea these existed and how cool & fun they are! I love turning people onto cloth diapering!

    3. She’s only 5 weeks old…hasn’t communicated this to us yet 😉

  50. Since our little guy is about to grow out of his 10-22lbs Kushies, I’d love to win the toddler diper.

    Around our house we love the BumGenius for night time as our son is a heavy wetter and this diaper allows you to add an extra insert.

    The most memorable thing someone has said: upon looking at a garbage dump full of disposables, my non-enviro friendly brother said, “The diapers were gross!”

  51. We’d love to win the blue infant trial pack!

    Mothering and some of the mamas in my new moms’ group turned me on to cloth diapering my son. We started when he was 8 months old and he’s still looking super swank in his dipes at 2 years old. We’re expecting a babe in August and plan to go cloth from birth this time. Thanks!

  52. Pink set please

    our favorite diaper here is made from an old nintendo t-shirt, is grey, very soft, Thirsty, front snapping, and has everyones favorite game plumber on the butt.

  53. We have been seriously considering cloth diapering our baby she is 8 mo old and we now finally have a washer and dryer at our new place so if we win this would be a great help in getting started! I know that it is healthier for her and environment so ready to make the switch. I love the green square toddler diaper.

  54. I would love to win the Toddler Ultra-Lite All-in-One Cloth Diaper in green squares pattern – super cute 🙂 At night we use motherease, with an additional prefold diaper inserted, because other wise we have to wake up several times to change him…although lately he has been peeing through those too! I love cloth, the idea that I know what is sitting on my son’s skin, makes all the difference, he’s very sensitive to allergens, and the benefit to the environment makes it all that much more worth while.


  55. I’m wishing for the blue pack! Happy Heinies are my favorite so far, but I haven’t tried that many kinds. I usually use prefolds and prowrap covers but I like to have the pockets for overnight and on-the-go. The only thing I can think of that anyone has said to me about cloth diapering is my mom wondering how the poop can come out without using a wet pail or rinsing. No one really introduced me to cloth diapering- it was something I already wanted to do for environmental and financial reasons, but when I was pregnant with my first son a local cloth diapering store (Happy Bambino) opened and I got a free issue of Mothering from my midwife and I had lots of support and options right away! That was 5 years ago… now it seems like most of the moms that I know in my area are cloth diapering at least part time and its becoming more and more mainstream all the time. We now have 2 local cloth diapering stores and another natural baby products store that may also carry some cloth diapering supplies! YAY!!!

  56. I don’t really have a favorite diaper… I love both my BG all-in-one organics and my Bagshot Row Bamboo dipes.

    I want to shout out to my mom who footed the bill for a diaper service for the first nine months. I don’t think I could have done cloth with having to do the laundry at first. Also, my friend Julie gave me my first dipes, a mix of some WAHM and other prefolds. They’re great! They are what I put on my son when my BGs are dirty.

    So without those two, I wouldn’t be using cloth!

    Oh, and I like the swirly toddler diaper if it’s not too girly. They’re both cute!

  57. I’m interested in the pink pack for our next baby girl due any time!

    The most interesting comment was from one “friend” who wondered if we stored poopy diapers in the toilet until we washed next!!!

  58. I would love the pink starter kit… We just started cloth diapers and love them. So far our favorite is the grobaby. I would love to try the kushies also.

  59. I would love to win the toddler diapers! And thanks to mothering magazine, I chose to cloth diaper (part time). But part time is better than nothing!

  60. Would love the pink pack! I cant say for sure what my favorite cloth diaper is since my daughter is due in june… I really wanted to CD with our son but with constant moving and traveling (military) it wasnt an option I felt was very practical for us at the time, but this time around we are 100% committed to CD.

  61. Oops – forgot to add my favorite cloth diaper. I’m old school – I always find myself grabbing prefolds!

  62. I guess my favorite diaps are pocket diapers, Fuzzi Bunz style, but that is just because I haven’t tried much else. The few styles of diaps that I’ve used have entered my house pretty randomly, and even when I started with the cheapest, no-frills set up I’ve always really liked CDing!

    *Blue pack, please! Thanks.

  63. We are starting cloth diapers on our toddler this week and either cloth diaper would help give us an idea on which system would suit us best! The article in this issue of mothering finally convinced my husband to make the switch.

  64. pink pack.

    i wouldn’t say it is the most memorable, but it is what i have heard most often. everyone i have told seems to think that cloth diapering is a ton more work than disposables and that i have to deal with poop a lot more. (these are the same people that don’t know you are supposed to flush poop whether you cd or use disposables)

  65. Would love to win one of the toddler diapers, which one doesn’t matter.

    So far my favorite diapers have been the chinese prefolds, with the bummis superbrite covers and snappi’s 🙂

    But I haven’t really tried any others, and would love to give the AIO a try.

    The most memorable thing I heard when telling people that I am cloth diapering is the question “WHY?” with the most puzzled look on people’s faces, unfortunately, I get that question a lot.

    I had a diaper service the first three months after my daughter was born, and they turned me on to cloth diapers, thank you pamperedearthnc.com 🙂

    I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use, I had a selection of disposables, gDiapers and the diaper service. The cloth diapers won 🙂

    After the third month, I decided to wash them myself, and it was and is super easy, but I do understand why some would be a bit scared at first.

    You get over that initial fear very quickly 🙂

  66. I would love a toddler dipe!

    My good friend Sheila invited me to participate in a co-op for my first cloth diapers. My husband was skeptical (we were pregnant with our first at the time), but he has since converted, and tells everyone it is the route to go! “You save so much money!” is his favorite plug.

  67. I’d love the toddler AIO square pattern. My favourite cloth diapers (and I have at least 8 different ones!) are AMP AIO’s and using Jamtots bamboo one-size insert. So absorbant, trim and easy to use. The one diaper I have not tried so far is Kushies!

  68. … Most memorable thing: That is a cloth diaper? Man they look a lot nice than when we used to use them! (referring to the Happy Heinys). They were very pleased when I told them I still use prefolds too and amazed by the snappi. (I would enjoy infant size as my 7 mos old baby girl is 17 lbs)

  69. I would love the blue infant kit for my 3rd child expected in Sept., but I would also love either toddler dipe as my 20 month is still in diapers. I would like to thank my friend Gloria for giving me a ton of AIOs and covers that were given to her- they have now been used on 4 plus kids! Way to re-use!

  70. Toddler size!

    I made my own diapers and my behemoth baby outgrew all of them by 6 months! Must be all that yummy boobie milk!

  71. I got started CDing by babysitting for a gal with two children in cloth. I was impressed by the ease of CDing, and sold on the idea. Now I have three boys that have been through CDs, and potty trained well because of it, I’m convinced.

    I would love to win either of the infant diapers. I’m pregnant, and not finding out what the gender of our next baby is. I’ve never tried AIO diapers, so it would be a first.

  72. The most memorable thing I heard after I started cloth diapering was when I was in a public restroom changing my daughter and she was wearing a tiger striped diaper and a woman walking by said “Oh, that’s so cute I’m so glad they started making diapers with cute designs. Is that a Huggies or a Pampers?” I just giggled to myself and told her it was a cloth diaper.

    I would love to have either one of the toddler sized ones. We currently use the Kushies and love them.

  73. The most memorable thing was my husbands family looking at me and saying “Cloth?! You’re going to have to CLEAN those you know! That’s disgusting.” and “I give you not even 2 weeks before you are back to regular diapers” needless to say we are going strong at 5 months AND doing EC! You don’t even want to know what they said about that lol. I would love to win the blue pack!

  74. Would love the pink pack because my boys adore pink.

    the most memorable cloth diaper comment was when my eldest was in cloth and someone said, “he’s adorable, and he gains weight like I do…all in the butt.” I just smiled and didn’t mention the prefolds we were using at the time.

  75. I am really exited about these giveaways, I really want to be more active in cloth diapering. My son is now a toddler and we need the right sizes to be more active, this would really help. I am trying to do my part, my son would not wear cloth as an infant, he is fine with them now! Most people I talked to were very supportive about CD’s but I was inspired by Mothering. Blue or green are great!

  76. Pink Pack!! I’m pregnant and don’t know the gender…I have mostly gender-neutral dipes and I just have a feeling this one is a girl!

    I’ve been a huge fan of the OLD g-diapers with reusable cloth inserts (most often just a prefold, but I made some as well) rather than the flushables.

  77. Pink pack. We don’t know whether we’re expecting a boy or a girl, but I hope it’s a girl, so… 😉

    I’ve been using the one size Bum Genius, but my favorite has been a Thirsties a friend gave me. Stuffer flap in the front is less messy.

    One time a mom saw me change my little baby boy’s diaper, and she was like, “So you potty trained him at four months?” I was so confused, and she continued, “because he doesn’t wear diapers.” She thought they were shorts!?

  78. My little one would love a toddler diaper! 🙂

    The most memorable thing is…My SIL bought me a jumbo pack of disposibles after I told her I was cloth diapering, she scoffed said she does not know WHY anyone would do that… then showed up with disposables when she was born… harsh eh?

    Also I got told that the stuff in the diapers is what stinks not the diapers like I was crazy when I said they do not stink like disposables. Oh well. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  79. We would love the girl’s AIO set – my DD is 3 weeks old and we want to switch to CDing when she gets big enough.

  80. I would love the green swirly toddler. I would love to see my granddaughter in it. It is so exciting to see all the optipnson cloth diapers today!!!!!

  81. My favorite diaper is good old prefolds w/ prorap covers. Durable, simple, and cheap! Altho I do love to try out all different kinds and use AIO’s & pockets for babysitters and for pictures (they’re the cutest!).

  82. I’d love either of the Toddler diapers!

    Most people say that I must be brave to use cloth diapers. That cracks me up. I never really considered not using them!

    My parents showed me the ropes with cloth diapers when my younger siblings were babies. I learned to change a cloth diaper with pins at the age of 8. So I certainly can handle it now 😀

  83. I’d love the green swirl toddler dipe! The comment I get most is something to the effect of “you’re so brave!” So I have to go on to tell them how simple it really is!

  84. I love the green swirly toddler diaper! I am currently using gdiapers and just got some new cloth inserts. Can’t wait to see how they work!

  85. I would love a toddler dipe. My favorite cloth diapers are now Rump a rooz! They fit my 20lb 16 month old great and I love the inner layer!

  86. I’ll enter for the blue pack of diapers. Our favorite diapers right now are bamboo fitteds. We like goodmamas, Bagshot Row Bamboo, and Muttaqin Baby. I’m entering because I teach a cloth diapering class in my area and would love to have some loaner dipes for people to try! Thanks!

  87. One of my good friends turned me on to cloth diapers after she told me how they weren’t the same as they used to be and how she used them with her first daughter. I bought the sample pack from the company she used and didn’t care for that brand but it made me wonder what else was out there. After lots of searching, I found the ones I use today.

    I really like the pink Kushies. Very modern!

  88. I would love to win the pink pack. They are so cute, and they would look great on my little girl!

    My favorite diapers right now are our Katydid pockets.

    My most memorable cloth diapering comments are the positive ones. I have so many people stick their nose up in the air at me when they find out we use cloth…so the few people who have complimented me have really stuck out in my mind!

    I would say that my friend Blair is the one who turned me on to cloth diapering. There were a few other friends who got me interested, but she was a huge help, and even sent me a mini stash as a gift! <3

  89. I’d love to win the blue infant starter kit for the little Bean in my belly!

    Favorites are hard to pick, but I really love the BumGenius bamboo fitted diapers.

    And I actually discovered CD’ing through a friend, simply by letting me change her newborns diaper while he was in cloth, and we talked about it for a while. Before she lent me some prefolds and woolies to try out, and that was that. Hooked!

  90. I would love the pink pack, but would take anything! We just started CDing our first child and absolutely love it! We are still building our stash and could use any and all help. Most of the comments I get about CD are something like “Good Luck with that!” and “Let’s see how long you last!” I don’t know very many people who CD, so most of my friends think I’m nuts! Hopefully I can show them how easy it is! It’s only been a week- but we love it!

  91. I would love to win the blue set.

    One of my friends said,”Do you have to touch poop?” I said,”Yes sometimes if necessary.” Funny how woman who are not moms yet really have no idea. We were all there at one point.

  92. Toddler diaper!

    Shout out to my mom for showing me how to fold and pin a cloth diaper. She actually showed me when I was little with my dolls but again with my real doll. =0)

  93. i would love to win the pink pack for my 9 month old daughter. we use both cloth and seventh gen diapers. i have been trying to use cloth but we are always going! my favorite cloth diapers would have to be bumgenius one size. i used those with my first daughter and am still using them with her little sister! very durable!

  94. I’d love to win the infant blue pack, thanks for asking 🙂

    a) we really love Bella Bottoms bamboo one size.

    b) mostly its just that quiet look I get like inside they’re secretly thinking my washing machine is full of poo 🙂

    d) thank you Mothering Magazine 🙂

    Good Luck Mamas!

  95. I would love to win either the blue pack for my baby due in July or one of the toddler diapers for my sweet toddler daughter who I am still working on potty training (and for her little brother when he reaches that age!)

    I don’t really have a favorite cloth diaper brand, but I do really like a lot of the locally made diapers! I think the person who most turned me on to cloth diapering is my mom, who CD’d me… and I was so relieved when I realized I wouldn’t have to use diaper pins!!!!!

  96. I’d love to win the blue pack!

    a) We always used the organic Bum Genius and LOVED them. They were great! Now on to baby number 2 with cloth diapers! 😉

    b) Most people look at me like “you use cloth diapers”. I can’t tell you how many times I explained how much cheaper it is and how they are just as easy as using disposables.

    c) My daughter doesn’t have a favorite diaper.

    d) Our Bradley Method instructor (Cindy Earl-Stein) showed us cloth diapers and how to use them.

  97. I would love the pink set or one of the toddler dipes as I have a newborn on the way and a 19 month old cloth diapered cutie. 🙂

  98. Toddler Diaper.

    I would like to thank Carrie for showing me the ways of the cloth diaper! As well as showing me Mothering.com!

  99. Hi, I’d love to win the toddler pack! I am new to the new cloth diapering, but with my older son, I used prefolds. I know they’ve got to be easier now! Mamy people really turn thier nose up at cloth diapering, they think it is so much harder than just using disposables. My mom is the one I have to thank for encouraging me to cloth diaper with my older son. We saved an unbelievable amount of money! I’m trying to encourage my sister to cloth diaper, but she is very reluctant so far.

  100. I would love to win the blue pack! Last year I wanted to try AIO/AI-2’s and bought a Very Baby , Softbums, & Urban Fluff diapers for my toddler. Out of all those my favorite was the Very Baby. Thanks for the chance to win!
    .-= Elena´s last blog ..Flannel/Minky lovies =-.

  101. I love the blue pack – such cool fabrics. I took a class called Babes in the Woods by Jen Aist in AK and she mentioned that if you are going on a long backpacking trip – cloth diapers might be the way to go. You don’t have to carry a bazillion disposable diapers!

  102. Would love to win the blue pack and toddler diapers!! I have never used cloth before and have decided to make the switch, so this would REALLY help!!

  103. I’d love to win the infant pink pack!

    Thanks so much to The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe in Waterloo, Ontario (www.extraordinarybabyshoppe.com) for making the cloth diapering decision so darn easy for me!

  104. i would love a toddler dipe! we have a daughter, Magnolia Bliss, and cloth has been so good to us! i really don’t mind the extra load a day. her bottom is always nice and healthy, we rarely get a rash. she is not exposed to any harsh chemicals or plastics, and cloth is reusable for a LONG time!

    i would also like to give a shout to Ripple and Ashaya. thanks for the continued inspiration mamas!

  105. We’d love either of the toddler AIO! So very cute! My boy is quickly outgrowing his current one size pocket diaper stash — not in weight, but in the rise.

  106. we would love the pink pack. or any of them. I have to thank my local birth community who by example showed me how wonderful cloth diapering could be. I now do my best to share with others.

  107. I would love one of the toddler diapers. I don’t even remember how I got turned onto cloth diapering, so it must have been while I was pregnant… 😉 I do want to give a shout out to Terra Tots Natural Parenting in Fayetteville, Arkansas, who have a wonderful cloth diapering class that finally gave us the confidence to go for cloth from the very first day.

  108. I would love to win the infant blue pack. (My little dumplin’ is due to come out of the hopper in about 3 weeks!)

    I love green mountain infant fitted diapers with a thirsties cover. What I love about them is they can be folded down to accommodate the cord, they fit well, clean up well, don’t hold stains, and dry quickly.

    For my toddler she loves her BG’s! I have never used Kushies and I am excited to possibly win and give them a try. Shout out to all my CD momma friends (Karen, Kay, Alisa, Nikki and all the new mommas who are going CD parttime Elyse and Nicole every little bit helps!) And to my husband who was not on board and now is all about using her “good diapers” and not the disposables. YAY! Thanks

  109. I would like to win the pink pack, but I’d take the blue pack. I’m not too picky when it comes to what colors my little girl wears.

    The only cloth diapers I have gotten to use so far are what’s on loan to me from The Cloth Diaper Foundation and those are Goodmamas. 🙂

  110. I’d love to win the Toddler size Cloth Diaper in green swirly pattern!! Or either Toddler size for that matter! I don’t currently cloth diaper but would love one to get started!

  111. A toddler diaper would be great!

    We love GroBaby diapers! Even my husband has become a cloth diapering convert because they are so easy.

  112. As working parents we only cloth diaper on weekends using hand me down bumgenius diapers until he outgrew them. Thank you Amanda for passing down pink diapers to my little boy. There is nothing cuter than a little boy in camo shorts with a pink diaper sticking out the back. We would love to try the toddler pack to see if they helped in our potty training quest!

  113. I will be happy to have blue or pink (still trying to conceive). My toddler is mostly potty trained, but I wouldn’t turn down a lovely diaper like that! My favorite overnight option for my toddler is a Goodmama with wool longies. I have to give my mom credit for helping me consider cloth diapering.

  114. I was reading up on CD while pregnant, then got a gdiaper starter kit at the baby shower. that worked with us. we’ve been using the flushable inserts but are switching to all cloth right now while starting EC.

    would love to give one of the toddler packs a try.

  115. Ooh! Ooh! I’ll take a toddler diaper! My seven-month-old is HUGE, with thunder thighs, so the cute little diapers we have do NOT fit her at all. She’s been wearing the large sized diaper covers for two months now (same size her three-year-old brother just stopped wearing)…I cloth diaper because my mom did – with a huge age gap between my little sister and me, I was changing cloth diapers at age twelve, so it just seemed right to me.

  116. Would love to try the toddler dipes — she’s soon going to be toddling!

    My current favorite cd is the bumgenius 3.0.

    Hmm. Memorable thing — probably asking about how to deal with poop in the washing machine!

    It’s a solid color butternut squash dipe. I don’t know if it’s hers, but it’s mine!

    Can I remember who started me on this path 7 years ago? I can’t! I didn’t know anyone doing it and I started researching on the internet. I was overwhelmed, so used a service until I got the hang of it with my first until she was 4 months, then bought my own.

  117. Would love the blue set!

    I love GroBaby right now! But when he was a newborn, nothing beat the prefolds.

    Teddy doesn’t have a favorite cloth diaper-he loves them all.

  118. I would love the blue pack!

    My favorite cd is the Best Bottom by Nicki’s Diapers.

    Most memorable thing is people assuming that we have to use several different soaking buckets for the diapers and diaper pins…and my MIL not understanding why you don’t have to rinse breastmilk poop because she formula fed.

    No favorite diaper from baby’s perspective…yet.

    I don’t think any one person set us on the direction of cloth diapering. It was something I always wanted to do! But thank you to all my current cd friends who reiterated how easy it is!

  119. Either of the toddler diapers would be awesome! Our favorite diapers are Fuzzibunz for pockets and goodmama for fitteds. My son’s favorite is a goodmama “full steam ahead” as he’s in the throes of train love and it’s “shoffft, mama!” My favorite comment so far is the horrfied: “But, you’ll have to deal with POOP!”, as if you wouldn’t in sposies. Our leaks and blow-outs disappeared when we switched to cloth. Huge amount of gratitude goes to all of the mamas on livejournal’s cloth diapering group. They are an amazing supportive resource.

  120. pink pack! when I told one of my friends that I was cloth diapering, she told me that water was a limited resource.

  121. The trial pack in pink would be perfect! I CD’d my third daughter starting at 7 months and loved it. Now daughter #4 is on the way, but I don’t have much small enough for a newborn!

  122. I’d love to win the blue pack or one of the toddler packs.

    I don’t have a favorite cloth diaper yet, as I’m just getting started in cloth diapering. When I said I planned on cloth diapering, I had many friends tell me, “Just wait. You won’t do that.” But I will! And I’m excited about it. My little sister got me started with cloth diapering. She loves it!

  123. The Pink pack Please! My girly girl needs some more pink!! LOL

    I love Fuzzi Bunz too and id suggest Thirstes to any mommy!

    A Cloth diaper? Whats that, like a diaper made out of cloth? – Yes I swear someone said this to me… LOL

    I think a 3 month old is too young to pick yet but i bet when she will be able to ittll be pink! Haahaaha

    Well A few people! Thanks to the ladies at Mom’s Milk Boutique in Souther Illinois, The store is prettyclose to where i live and because of them i cloth diaper!!, and Kim at Rockin’ Green for maken a product that keeps my babys butt look beautiful!

  124. The toddler pack please!! My boy is growing like crazy, and he’s almost out of his lil ones. I have my friend, Alyssa, who makes cloth diapers to thank for turning me on to cloth diapering. Her website is wwww.thisenddowndiapers.com. They’re awesome pocket diapers, and it helps her stay at home with her little ones.

  125. The pink pack please 🙂

    We are expecting a girl in July and need to update our collection.

    The last time I CD, was from 2001-2003 and my favorites were MotherEase.

    “You can seriously DO that?” Yup, someone said it to me when they saw me changing a cloth diaper in a public restroom.

    Little one doesn’t have a favorite yet 😉

    My mom turned me on to cloth diapers. She said she always though disposables were “creepy”. Thanks Mom <3

  126. I’d love to win the pink pack.

    My thanks go out to Heather Miracle. She did the simple act of changing her baby (in my presence) with a FuzziBunz and made both myself and my husband to ask her…what’s that? That’s all it took to plant the seed that if we have another baby we would use cloth. Two years later we did and we do. Thanks Heather!

  127. We would definitely like to try the toddler dipes since our little man no longer fits in the lower categories. Our favorite diapers here are a mix between Bumgenius 3.0s and Gdiaper inserts with applecheek shells they stand up really well to crawling and heavy wetting. We definitely have to thank my daughters step mom for turning us to cloth diapers, she lent us a couple of hers and we’ve never gone back to disposables unless it’s laundry day and we’ve run out.

  128. My bff Annie turned me on to cloth dipes, her son is 14 mo older than mine so she paved the way for me!! I’d love the toddler dipes as dd is already 19lbs!!

  129. Hi, I love cloth diapering. I’ve only used Fuzzi Bunz and love them. Would love to try another brand to see if they are better 🙂 Love the pink pack, great colors!

    I had someone flabbergasted that I actually still cloth diapered my children. They couldn’t believe that in this would be something that I would actually CHOOSE to do in this era with the ease of disposables. Is it that foreign to people, really?!

    My daughter has a red daisy print Fuzzi Bunz and she loves it! Always wants that one.

    I had a great friend who cloth diapered her kids and I was convinced right then that this was what I was going to do as well, Ericka, Thanks for all your support!

  130. would love either pack

    a) I like the handmade (not by me) pocket diapers I have a handful of. and the few gro baby diapers I have…even though I mostly just use prefolds cuz that’s what I have a TON of.

    b) Most memorable thing: “You’re wasting water with all that washing…it’s no worse than the disposables I throw away.”

    c) Keely Shaw is my shout out…she didn’t convert me, but she did make the pocket diapers I love so much!

  131. I want the pink pack! Right now our favourite dipe is the Bum Genius 3.0! We also really like bamboo for night time, either Bumkins or Bamboozle.

  132. i’d get more use out of the toddler dipes but the baby blues are so cute! i’ll say toddler swirly. we’ve had so many financial constraints since my boys were born that we had my mom making us cloth diapers instead of buying more expensive ones. we’ve tried a bunch of styles and fabrics. our favorite pattern so far has been the KCK Ones with some minor changes. out of all the fancy fabrics we’ve tried, can you say organic bamboo velour?, i like plain old fleece.

  133. I would love to try the blue pack. I am ready to prove to everyone that cloth diapering IS worth it!!!!

  134. Favorite comment: “You cloth diaper? I would, but… it will just lead to really bad rashes.” ha ha ha! Uh, I’d say the chemicals in disposies (as well as the fact that you won’t change the kid as frequently in them) is more likely to cause “bad rashes.”

  135. I’d like to win either the blue pack or the pink pack. We’re having twins but decided not to find out what the sexes are.

    a) We started mostly with BumGenius, but that is mostly because we can register for them at Target. But since the babies aren’t born yet, we have no loyalty to any brand.

    b) A woman I work with who is pregnant with twins and has an 18 month old uses cloth diapers. She said she doesn’t have a w/d in her apartment, but has to use the laundry room. I figure if she can do it without easy access to a free w/d, I can do it considering I do have a w/d.

    c) No idea yet since they aren’t born.

    d) So glad Kristen Steege gave us her daughter’s old BumGenius diapers. We’ve got half our supply thanks to her.

  136. My sister-in-law was so helpful. She sincerely and thoughtfully answered my questions about cloth diapering. Thanks Kim! AND she has given me incredible hand-me-downs too! (I love the green squared toddler dipo!)

  137. I’d love the toddler green swirly! These diapers are adorable.

    My favorite cloth diaper is FuzziBunz

    Most memorable cloth diaper comment “You don’t wash those in the same washer you use for your other clothes, do you?” LOL

    My mom did cloth diapers w/ me and my siblings back when it was prefolds and pins and I also use prefolds too (no pins though), but use pocket diapers as an added conviennce when on the go and for bedtime. All three of my children have been in cloth diapers and they have very happy bums.

  138. when i said i wanted to cloth diaper again, my hubby said, i better stick to it this time! LOL i didn’t have the support that i have found this time around with other cloth diaper people. i would love the blue trial pack to use with my son!

  139. I’d love the toddler diaper in the swirl pattern for my little boy.

    My sister Megan started me on cloth diapering, giving me all her diapers as her children outgrew them (fuzzibunz)I also bought some prefolds and covers for when my son was inbetween sizes. I love cloth, I think they are so much easier to use, especially with a toddler.

  140. We would be very excited for the Toddler green swirly patterned diaper.

    We currently use Gro Baby and he loves them.

    My mother and mother in law both used cloth diapers and we will continued the tradition, although cloth diapers have come a long way since their time.

  141. Who turned me on to cloth diapering was Mothering Magazine! (In their cloth-diaper comeback issue). I would like the toddler green swirly diaper.

  142. I’d Love to win the blue infant pack for my lil one due next month or one of the Toddler diapers for my 2 yr old. I’ve been wanting to switch to cloth and have been putting together a little starter stash for the baby. My son has been loving all the cute little diapers and wishing they would fit him! Winning would be be a great help in starting 2 in cloth!

  143. Love the blue or pink pack!

    The funniest thing someone said to me when they saw we cloth diapered was “What about the poop!?” I laughed and told them I didn’t know that sposies kept kids from pooping! lol

  144. I’d like the pink or blue pack! My current baby in-utero is a mystery in sex until born. My two girls were raised on prefolds and mama-made wool covers. I love the hemp fitteds I made for them as well. For potty training, we have been using Kawaii Snap AIOs. A good friend of mine bought me my first cloth “starter pack.”

  145. Toddler dipe. I had someone say ‘I didn’t think people did that (cd) anymore!’ Like it’s similar starting a fire with a flint rock.

  146. Blue Pack, please!

    a) Right now I really like Romperoos. That’s what I own. I’m super new to cloth diapers, my son is just 8 weeks old!

    b) Once, some one said, “Cloth diapering is so bad for the Earth because it wastes water!” I was like, “Have you seen a landfill lately?”

    c) My favorite one he wears is brown! Just plain brown!”

    d) Thank you Kristi, my mother in law. Thank you for all the prefolds and covers you gave me, and then for buying me the snappy new kind too! I appreciate it!

  147. Hi— I love all the choices! I would love to win the toddler kushies ( the green-funky print)! I have two little ones in cloth diapers– I started cloth diapers when they were born and did a diaper service then moved on to buying all in one bum genious diapers. Have heard the kushies are fabulous though– would love to try them! As for who told me about cloth, my mom-aunts,grandma etc. all were in favor and told me the benefits to health of baby’s skin and of course the environment. Thanks for the opportunity!


  148. We like the blue pack for infants. I haven’t used cloth with my first daughter and we are now considering it for our second child that is due in october.

    My boss has told me about cloth diapers and she uses them for her two kids and love them.

    The funniest thing I have heard about cloth is that the babies have bubble bums since they are a bit thicker.

  149. Love the blue pack for my ever growing boy.

    I was issued a million disposable at my son’s birth. We used a few and nearly cried at the horrific rash. Why did we bother. I started with the Gerber prefolds now we are trying Thirsties and Bumkins.

  150. I havent tried cloth diapering yet (but would love to!), ….we would love to try the pink pattern!

  151. I would like the Kushies Ultra-Lite Infant (10-22 lb.) Trial Pack in Blue

    a) I am a fan of the G diapers with cloth inserts. Not only do they work well but the company seems to have good morals.

    b) The debate about whether cloth or disposable diapers are worse for the environment. This is just rediculous as we all know. Also my mother

  152. I now have a few diapers but not enough to get started (three fitteds/no covers and 1 AIO OS with no inserts! So I really dont have correct answers but thats why I am entering so I can build a stash and have these answers someday! Would love the Trial Pack in Blue.

  153. The power of Facebook brought us to cloth diapering. A friend from high school, a friend from undergrad, and a friend from grad school all talked about cloth diapering and/or posted photos of their kids in cloth diapers. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to ask lots of questions! We would enjoy the blue pack.

  154. We’d love to try to the toddler dipes! My favorite right now is BumGenius Organic AIO.
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..

  155. I would love to win the pink pack!

    Right now my fave is the Happy Heinys Pocket Trainers. I didn’t come to cloth until my “baby” needed training pants at night!

    People don’t really comment, he only wears them at night, but when I do mention it people are generally interested…I mean, we never have to buy pull-ups!

    Julian loves his cloth “pull ups”! We have his two favorite colors, purple and light green.

    THANK YOU Erica!!! I cannot wait to cloth diaper from the beginning and couldn’t do it without your support! 🙂

  156. My favorite cloth diapers are Gro Baby. If I win, the pink diapers would be my choice for my little girl!

  157. Love the blue pack! Most memorable thing (had to share this) – So you just use these and then change them into a sposie when you know they’re going to poop, right?

  158. I’d like the Toddler size (22-45 lbs) Ultra-Lite All-in-One Cloth Diaper in green swirly pattern

    a) Bum genius

    b) “You too? Does it become an obsession?”

    c) It has Dr. Seuss characters on it.

    d) Kelly G.!

  159. I have been cloth diapering my three (going on four) children using pre-folds. My neighbors always comment on them when they are hanging on the line, drying in the sun… How can you be sure they are clean… I would love to try the Kushies system on my fourth – things have changed so much since I first began having children. Either the pink or blue pack would be great for us.

  160. To enter, please leave a comment with one of the following:

    Would love the blue pack!

    My favorite cloth diaper — probably bumgenius AIO, but we also love Preston’s Pants and Fuzzibuns. We use lots of brands for different things.

    My grandmother, who thought we were mental for cloth-diapering when we had the choice of disposables, has slowly come around to it. Once, though, she said “get a load of my great grandson in his industrial sized diaper!” (we were wearing a one-sized, double stuffed for nighttime).

    My little one is only 9 months old, but MY favorite of his diapers has spaceships on it.

    I wish someone had turned me on to cloth diapering! I wanted to do it but had no friends who used CDs to ask. So we were the first in our crowd — trying to recruit others!

  161. I would like to win pink pack.

    My favorite diaper is Bumgenius. It never leaks, and it’s easy to use for my husband.

  162. I would love to win the Trial Blue pack, although the Toddler swirl is a close second!

    I’ve only ever used Kushies and prefolds with covers (Thirsties and Gerber)-more affordable equals my favorite- and I’ve been happy with the money saved and the fewer disposables in landfills.

    Funniest comment is probably just ‘You’re doing what?’

    My older son is out of diapers, but he likes the Kushies with the chicks on them for his little brother.

    I’ll thank my mom who used cloth on me and my older sisters for continuing the tradition before me!

  163. Would love the toddler green squares! I haven’t started cloth diapering yet – but getting ready to this month – very excited!

  164. I would love to win one of the toddler dipes! I have to give nod to my friend, Wendy Rice. I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers years before we had our little girl, but Wendy helped me learn all the in’s and out’s. She also loaned us her newborn size diapers to get a feel for the brands and styles we like before buying our own. I hope to do the same for someone else one day.

  165. I love the blue pack! My favorite cloth diapers are anything with aplix LOL. Most of our stash is BGs, so I’d have to say those are my top diaper.

  166. I’d love the pink pack!

    I guess my favorites are my own home-made so far since that’s all I’ve ever tried! I’d love to try these out, they’re so cute!!

  167. I would like a toddler diaper for my grandson. I cloth diapered with cotton and when my daughter discovered today’s cloth diapers I was amazed with the new fabrics and no pins. She is now diapering her second son and I would love to gift her with this diaper. Thanks to you for offering this.

  168. I would love the blue pack!

    Prefolds are what I have used the most, but I love AIO’s!

    When I told a co-worker I was cloth-diapering she said,”You mean you put poop in your washing machine?!”

    My daughter potty trained at 26 months (thank you CDs!!), but I would have to say at the end her favorites were the BumGenius. We could changer her more quickly and let her get back to playing!

    No one really turned us on to CDing, it was just something my hubby and I talked about during my first pregnancy.

  169. I have 2 favorites: I love grobaby diapers. they are so easy to use and I love that you can just changet the inserts. I also love softbums. THey are the same with just changing the inserts, plus they are so soft and they fit any size so well.
    .-= fancygrlnancy´s last blog ..U Printing 16×20 Rolled Canvas Print Giveaway =-.

  170. Blue pack please 🙂

    I want to cloth diaper, but I have to convince my husband that I would keep up with the laundry! This would be a great chance for me to start!

  171. I would love one of the toddler dipes!!! Everytime I mention cloth diapers publicly at least one person says “ew”…..this I don’t get, is poop grosser in cloth than disposable? It’s still poop!!! My favorite cloth diapers are the ones I have made, because they are always a perfect fit! My daughters favorite is the one with the butterflys on it 🙂 My mom turned me on to cloth diapers, when I was a baby 🙂
    .-= Julie´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  172. I would like to win the blue pack. I haven’t actually tried cloth diapers yet. I just got your issue on clothe diapers this month. It cleared up a lot of questions I had. I am now in the market for clothe diapers. My suggestion is that someone should start clothe diaper parties. We do it for makeup, jewelry and tupperware, why not diapers. Women could get together with the kiddos, try out the diapers and have a lot of questions answered!

  173. I’d like the blue pack, baby boy #3 is on the way!

    My faves have been the bumgenius one size pockets–they’ve made it almost three years now!

    Best commment (and most often heard): “Isn’t dealing with the poop gross?” To which I reply: no matter how you diaper, you will end up with baby poop on you 🙂

  174. love the pink pack.

    right now our favorite diapers are bumgenius 3.0 or prefold/fitted with wool cover.

    well everyone said i would give up on CD’ing but 5 months later still going strong

  175. I would love love love to win the blue trial pack or one of the toddler dipes – my son is just shy of 20 pounds, so he is right on the cusp!

    My favorite diapers – it’s a toss up between bumGenius and FuzziBunz. They are my favorites for different reasons: BGs are foolproof for my hubby, slim-fitting, and very easy when I’m in a hurry; the FBs never leak and wick that moisture away when he’s sleeping.

    The most memorable thing anyone has ever said to me about cloth diapering – I had a friend try to tell me that it was bad for the environment! (Because they need to be washed, she said.) I was shocked. How about all of the energy and resources that go into producing disposables? Not to mention their contributions to landfills. I could go on and on, but I know this crowd knows what I’m talking about 🙂

  176. We’re just starting with cloth diapering for baby #2 who’s now 4 mos. I had received an introductory package of cloth diapers at the baby shower for my first son 2.5 years ago… but, had just stuffed them at the top of the closet thinking the whole idea was ludicrous and impossible to do in this day and age. After reading about the environmental implications of disposables in this month’s issue of Mothering, I’m convinced to make the switch. All I have are a couple of fold-overs and a cover right now, but we would love to try Kushies. The blue package would be great.

  177. We would love to win the pink pack! My favorite cloth diapers for my older kids (now 12 & 8) were kushies :), but our newest addition is two months and we are starting over with everything! So far, she has been in Earth’s Best disposable, but we are gathering supplies to get her into cloth! The funniest thing anybody said to me about cloth diapers was my husband, when he agreed to them only if we had a diaper service! Once the baby came, he realized it just wasn’t that big of a deal to wash them in our own washer and dryer.

  178. We would love the blue pack. We haven’t tried cloth diapers yet because we are still carrying but this is something I have vowed to do. I told a friend we’re doing cloth and she said we are insane and it would never last because cloth diapering is gross. We figure, it’s better for the baby, it’s better for the environment so all the more we want to do this for our little man.

  179. Woul love either a pink pack or a toddler diaper. Love Fuzzi Bunz & Bum Genius, but would love to try Kushies.

  180. Would love to win the blue pack of Kushies for our little guy.

    My favorite diapers are Bummis with prefolds but would love to try something less bulky!

  181. I am expecting my second little girl in July and I would love to win the pink pack. I did not cloth diaper my first child but my husband and I have decided to go ahead and give it a try this time in order to save money since we are both in school and on a really tight budget now. I don’t have a favorite yet but I’m sure that Kushies could be on the top of my list if I get a chance to try them out, I’m sure I would be coming back for more 🙂

  182. My toddler daughter is hoping to soon be adorned with the toddler swirl AIO diaper! Thank you!

    A high school friend introduced me to cloth diapering; I’m happy we’ve used cloth diapers regarding both financial and environmental implications.

    Favorite diaper? We mostly have prefolds, but my daughter does like her homemade fitted diapers, as they have a frog print.

    My favorite comment regarding cloth diapering came from my brother: “You can’t throw those out, can you? Do you clean them?”

    Cheers, Beth

  183. I’d love the Toddler size green swirly AIOs! My favorite cloth diapers are good old Chinese prefolds with Bummi’s Super Whisper Wraps – economical and seal tight as a lock :-).

    No strange comments, just a few raised eyebrows…

    Thanks to Kelly, Julie, and Suzanne for sparking and sharing the passion of cloth diapering and ADORABLE knitted soakers.

  184. I’d love a toddler diaper! My favorite diaper is the bumgenius 3.0 BUT I converted it to snaps (which I like a lot better). Wicks away moisture, never leaks, and cute to boot!

    Most memorable comment would probably be “ew you won’t want to do that! that’s gross!!” from a family member… proving her wrong in every way every time I DON”T have to spend money on diapers and every time she sees how CUTE cloth diaper bums are.

  185. I would love to try the blue infant pack or the green square toddler diaper! My favorite diapers are FuzziBunz right now, and BumGenius OS for nighttime!

  186. Me and my hubby are expecting our first newborn in one or two months. As a soon to be young mother I am attempting in order to know as much as viable. This kind of blog page ended up being highly helpful. I am researching just for fresh information and facts some the time not to mention I definitely love to learn and as a result I read quite a bit. If, perhaps you have any writers and publications for absolutely new moms anyone could suggest I would definitely enjoy the recommendation.

  187. I would LOVE the blue pack. I have been reading your blog as I am tossing around the idea of cloth diapering my son. I have lots of friends that are starting to cloth diaper, but with so many choices I feel really overwhelmed! It would be wonderful to “trial” a free pair first!

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