Lamaze Publishes Revised Care Practice Papers

Lamaze Publishes Revised Care Practice Papers

Recently published in The Journal of Perinatal Education (Volume 16, Number 3), the care practice papers are available on the Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth website, in both HTML and printer-friendly PDF formats.

Care Practice #1: Labor Begins on Its Own – Labor is a set of complex, interacting components. Alteration of the natural process can expose a woman and her baby to unneeded risks.

Care Practice #2: Freedom of Movement Throughout Labor – Free movement during labor allows a woman to manage contractions and assist the baby’s rotation and movement through the pelvis.

Care Practice #3: Continuous Labor Support – Current research supports the benefits of continuous emotional and physical support during labor.

Care Practice #4: No Routine Interventions – Supporting the natural, normal, physiologic process of birth requires clear medical indications prior to any medical intervention.

Care Practice #5: Spontaneous Pushing in Upright or Gravity-Neutral Positions – Allowing a woman to find positions of comfort and encouraging her to push in response to what she feels is beneficial to the birth process.

Care Practice #6: No Separation of Mother and Baby, with Unlimited Opportunities to Breastfeed – When a baby is kept with the mother, there are physiological benefits to both, including the facilitation of breastfeeding.

Learn more by reading the revised and complete six care practices.