Last Chance to Place Your Healthy Halloween Order…

This just in: use the coupon code GHOST to receive 15% off your Goblin Gorp order.

GG has created Goblin Gorp, a trail mix made up of delicious dry roasted salted almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, Sundrops (an all-natural alternative to m&m’s), dried mango bites and raisins.

If you order today, barring unforeseen snafus, you should definitely the order by the end of the week. Expedited shipping is also available.

Goblin Gorp comes as 30 1-oz packets for $33.99. That would be an incredibly magnanimous shell-out for the door-to-door trick-or-treaters, but a great treat for your child’s classmates, a seasonal party favor, or a nice incentive for your kids to trade their haul–food-coloring-laden candy, gum, and cheap, non-fair trade chocolate–for something truly delicious…and kinder to their bodies.

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