Links Between Auto-Inflammatory Diseases and Vaccines

We decided to forgo all vaccines after we became more educated on how they work, what is in them, and the effects they have on the body. But that was after our second child had received all her vaccines. Since she was 29 days old she has had fevers of unknown origin and now at two and a half we are finally getting somewhere with finding out what is wrong with her. It appears she has an auto-inflamatory disease – PFAPA to be exact. In my gut I know that it is related to her vaccines but I wanted to know if you knew of any official link. Then my follow up question is “what next”? Is the damage done by these vaccines permanent or can any of it be reversed or at least minimised with natural therapies?

Let me start by pointing out that I am not a medical professional…my expertise is in data analysis only.  I manage the website “” so that anyone can search the VAERS database.  When I typed “PFAPA” into the “Write-up” section of the search page (in section 2) only two reports came up (out of over 300,000!)  So this problem seems to be very rare.

Now as to “what next,” I can tell you that my own child was helped immensely with Homeopathy.  My wife (Amy Lansky) even wrote a book on Homeopathy because of this (see, and our whole family embraces this form of medicine.  If you want to find a local practitioner, go to the website and look for references, or use the site to contact her for a reference (she offers referrals at no cost).

Good luck, and I’m sorry I cannot be of more help.

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