Living With Less Infographic

By Laura Grace Weldon


Living With Less Infographic


Today I’ll be gardening, making kimchi, planning a baby shower, walking the dogs, and chatting with my kids. Frugality gives me the freedom to spend my time this way, even if my husband and I laugh about not replacing the tattered blanket on our bed. It has become a silly reminder of our penny-pinching attitude.

The phrase “spending time” is remarkably appropriate, because what any of us spend money on is a choice about how we use our time. A new blanket isn’t out of reach for me, but I’m mindful that $35 or more for a decent blanket represents several hours of paid work (once taxes and other expenses are factored in to the equation). And if I bought a blanket on credit, that really means I’m promising additional future hours of my life to pay for it. Right now, I prefer keeping a worn blanket.

This money=time equation is explored in this new inforgraphic.

               Living With Less Infographic
Source: Living With Less: America’s Quest for Simplicity

How does living more simply give you greater freedom over your time?




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