LolliDoo Cloth Diaper Giveaway

I have two LolliDoo Overnight EcoPocket Kits to give away–one with a white cover, and one with a yellow cover. I also wanted to let you know that you can get 10% off for the next 7 days (until June 30th) by using the following code: CANDACEW.

The LolliDoo EcoPocket Kit includes:

1 Overnight Eco-pocket

1 pack of Organic Absorbency Innies

1 pack of Organic Flat Innies
pocket kit
Mothering LolliDoo2

To enter, leave a comment below, with your preference: white or yellow. Good luck! : )

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282 thoughts on “LolliDoo Cloth Diaper Giveaway”

  1. I have never heard of these! They would be neat to try, especially since they are geared toward heavy night wetters. 🙂

  2. I love the white one. We just went back to cloth diapering. I have never tried overnights in cloth. I would love to try this!

  3. Fantastic! Overnight diapering has always been a challenge for us. I’d love to try the yellow one!

  4. I have been searching for a good overnight diaper for 20 months with no success, I would love to try these! I would prefer yellow! 🙂

  5. I’ve been thinking about saving up for a LolliDoo or two. Winning one would be awesome! Yellow, please.

  6. We have gone to using disposables at night because we are tired of waking to soaked pajamas and sheets. Yellow sounds cheery. 🙂

  7. I would L-o-V-E this diaper in white. I have been using disposables bur am looking for a good nite time clothe diaper

  8. I would love to give these a try! We have yet to find a cloth diaper that doesn’t leak overnight. We still use disposibles over night. Either color would look lovely on my little ones sweet little tushie!
    .-= Valerie´s last blog ..Thankful Thursday: Week #20 =-.

  9. I would love to try these! My heavy wetters (both boys) could certainly use a good night solution! Give me either color, these look great!!!

  10. Wow, my 23 pound 9 month old could really, REALLY use this! Our fuzzi bunz are stuffed to the max, and it still isn’t enough =P I would be happy with white.

  11. I would love to try either colour! I’ve been cloth diapering my son for a long time but I haven’t tried using them at night yet.

  12. I would love to have the white one. my little guy just starting leaking through his diapers at not.

  13. Oh this would be my wildest dreams come true! We are having peeing issues with our heavy wetter, and haven’t found a solution yet. Yellow, Please!

  14. I like the yellow! (I just haven’t been able to imagine putting a white diaper on my grubby little garden helper!)

  15. We have tried different methods for clothing at night and it just doesn’t seem right. Would love to give this one a try. Yellow please.

  16. oh my goodness, this would soooo save my nights!! I would be thrilled with either color. I guess I would perfer yellow, but really, either would be so great!

  17. Oh this would be perfect for my very very heavy night wetter (he goes through 3 dipes/night- and it’s even nursing overnight anymore!).

    White please!

  18. Oh, I would love to win either color. I have yet to find a cloth solution for overnight, and I am feeling like giving up. I would pick yellow if I had the choice. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. I’d love either! Here’s hoping! My daughter currently wears overnight disposibles(YUCK) because she’s a heavy wetter. Thanks for the chance!!!

  20. I really like the Yellow, but would be happy with either! 🙂 Hoping to find a nice nighttime diaper!

  21. I would LOVE a yellow one!! That is the perfect thing for my baby!!! I hate waking him up to change him, but he doesn’t sleep well in a soggy diaper and I don’t sleep well fearing he will leak all over me!

  22. ooohhhhh — anotther new one! I’d love to try this for my 2 year old that still wears a dipe at night.

  23. We would love either one. We co-sleep and, I must admit, I’m getting a little tired of waking up to find that the bed is a bit damp thanks to a leaky diaper. Ugh.

  24. I’d love either. I’ve been doing disposables overnight (only) for the past year – nights are hard enough & and I don’t want to have to deal with wetness waking the boy up. And I’m unwilling to deal with my bed getting damp. But a free overnight diaper (if it works) might just get me to change my mind.

  25. I’d like the white one. We also use one disposable at night due to heavy wetting, but I’d love an alternative.

  26. i cant wait to try these, i have had no luck with others i have tried, My poor little guy puts up with me changing him during feedings. he is a super heavy wetter either color would work.

  27. I would also love to kick sposies to the curb at night, but I haven’t found a good alternative in cloth for my heavy night wetter.

  28. I would be please with either one! I have to change my little guy once or twice an evening, so this would be a welcomed addition to our diaper collection.

  29. i would love either white or yellow please. it would be nice to wake up dry, especially since both my boys are now in bed with us. i often don’t know who has peed on me!

  30. I really like the yellow, but would be happy with the white too! We could really use some night time help!

  31. These look so snuggly! I have been searching for a night time heavy-wetter solution…could this be the answer?

    Either color is great, but the yellow is especially fun! Thank you!!

  32. Ooo, these look very cozy and soft. We’d love the yellow, but obviously wouldn’t complain about the white kit either.

  33. As a first time mommy and to CD, having a mixture of different styles/brands will definitely help us determine what will work with our baby. Looking forward to the overnight diaper challenges!

  34. Woo Hoo!!! Love this kit! Not too concerned with color, but white would be my choice. Great product, I’ve had my eye on this!

  35. I’d love either. We don’t have yellow yet – but would love to try the white too. My little guy still pees a TON at night & we’d love to try a new overnight solution.

  36. We’ve tried so many overnight solutions, but nothing is satisfactory so far. Here’s to hoping we win either one!

  37. Ooh! I’ve been researching what type of cloth diaper to use, and these LolliDoos are high up in my list! Love the yellow (but either is nice)!

  38. I would like to try the yellow one. We have a bad habit with staining white clothing!

    I am just starting to try cloth diapers, so hopefully this would help me out!

  39. I purchased this swim diaper from Amazon because they are not available in any stores in our area. It came within 4 days of ordering it for my 21 month old granddaughter. It works great, the fit is perfect and we are very happy with this product and will order more.

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