Lunapads Postpartum Cloth Pads Giveaway

Heavy Pad and Liner Front

Lunapads is giving away FOUR sets of Heavy Pad + Wing Liner sets for postpartum mamas–and any mama who might need some extra support (I love these for overnights during my moon).

Here’s how you enter to win:

1. Leave a comment below. If you have time, answer the following question: “What green/natural lifestyle changes have you made as part of your pregnancy or birth experience?”

2. For an extra chance to win, click here to “like” Lunapads’ facebook page and then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know that you did.

And feel free to read the article by guest blogger Sarah Juliusson, below…I think it’s great.

Natural Tips for Postpartum Healing

by Sarah Juliusson

New motherhood…we envision the sweetness of a newborn, a baby’s fresh and pure gaze, blissful breastfeeding, and the joy of getting to know our child. Three days postpartum most new mothers dissolve into something resembling a puddle. Exhausted, emotional, overwhelmed…not to mention bleeding, soreness, swelling, and a belly that still looks about five months pregnant.

The first days and weeks after the birth of your baby are indeed a beautiful time, and there is much sweetness to celebrate. North American culture, however, is lacking in supportive postpartum traditions and rituals. The intensity of the postpartum period is neither discussed nor honoured, and too many women feel a sense of isolation when they should be feeling nourished and supported.

Without a strong set of cultural guidelines to go by, we have the opportunity to create something new. Here are some ideas to support a healthy unfolding into motherhood:

Weave the Cocoon

Envision postpartum as a time of being held, allowing the space and time a new mother needs to emerge into the wider world. Ample time for rest and bonding, limited visitors, no outside responsibilities… A retreat period of 1 – 4 weeks with a focus on rest, food and bonding will do wonders for a new mother’s health and energy when the time comes to emerge from the cocoon.

Allow for Help

New motherhood has a big learning curve – from diapers to breastfeeding. Add to that the routine of daily life (food, household, groceries, laundry) and overwhelm can quickly set in. Helpful ideas include meals from family and friends, a grocery delivery service, the gift of a month of maid service (best gift ever!), and postpartum doula care.

Support a Healthy Recovery

Many mothers are surprised by the swelling and soreness in the perineum as tissues heal. The initial few weeks of bleeding and discharge are a perfect time for Lunapads cloth pads, allowing for comfort and breathability. A pad soaked in water or herbs and frozen will do wonders for the swelling. A Lunablanket will serve you well to protect your linens from leaking, and lets face it – this funky pattern is a wonderful support to the spirit compared to those horrible blue plastic pads at the hospital.

Create Community

It takes a village to raise a child, and new motherhood is a wonderful time to discover a new community of support. Explore a whole new realm of what your neighborhood has to offer with drop-in mother & baby programs, library story times, postpartum yoga and fitness and more.

Together, these four elements represent foundation of a healthy recovery. You may be tired by now of well meaning friends, relatives and strangers warning you of how fast it all goes by – they’re right, it does. One of the best ways we know to savour the beauty of these first few weeks is to allow for the depth of support you need and deserve. Many blessings on your transition into motherhood!

Sarah Juliusson is the mother of two boys, and founder of Mama Renew, offering groups for new and seasoned mothers. To learn more or enjoy writings on motherhood, visit w She also mentors Birthing From Within prenatal classes in Vancouver & Victoria, BC with Dancing Star Birth & Island Mother.

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