Lunapads Postpartum Cloth Pads Giveaway

Heavy Pad and Liner Front

Lunapads is giving away FOUR sets of Heavy Pad + Wing Liner sets for postpartum mamas–and any mama who might need some extra support (I love these for overnights during my moon).

Here’s how you enter to win:

1. Leave a comment below. If you have time, answer the following question: “What green/natural lifestyle changes have you made as part of your pregnancy or birth experience?”

2. For an extra chance to win, click here to “like” Lunapads’ facebook page and then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know that you did.

And feel free to read the article by guest blogger Sarah Juliusson, below…I think it’s great.

Natural Tips for Postpartum Healing

by Sarah Juliusson

New motherhood…we envision the sweetness of a newborn, a baby’s fresh and pure gaze, blissful breastfeeding, and the joy of getting to know our child. Three days postpartum most new mothers dissolve into something resembling a puddle. Exhausted, emotional, overwhelmed…not to mention bleeding, soreness, swelling, and a belly that still looks about five months pregnant.

The first days and weeks after the birth of your baby are indeed a beautiful time, and there is much sweetness to celebrate. North American culture, however, is lacking in supportive postpartum traditions and rituals. The intensity of the postpartum period is neither discussed nor honoured, and too many women feel a sense of isolation when they should be feeling nourished and supported.

Without a strong set of cultural guidelines to go by, we have the opportunity to create something new. Here are some ideas to support a healthy unfolding into motherhood:

Weave the Cocoon

Envision postpartum as a time of being held, allowing the space and time a new mother needs to emerge into the wider world. Ample time for rest and bonding, limited visitors, no outside responsibilities… A retreat period of 1 – 4 weeks with a focus on rest, food and bonding will do wonders for a new mother’s health and energy when the time comes to emerge from the cocoon.

Allow for Help

New motherhood has a big learning curve – from diapers to breastfeeding. Add to that the routine of daily life (food, household, groceries, laundry) and overwhelm can quickly set in. Helpful ideas include meals from family and friends, a grocery delivery service, the gift of a month of maid service (best gift ever!), and postpartum doula care.

Support a Healthy Recovery

Many mothers are surprised by the swelling and soreness in the perineum as tissues heal. The initial few weeks of bleeding and discharge are a perfect time for Lunapads cloth pads, allowing for comfort and breathability. A pad soaked in water or herbs and frozen will do wonders for the swelling. A Lunablanket will serve you well to protect your linens from leaking, and lets face it – this funky pattern is a wonderful support to the spirit compared to those horrible blue plastic pads at the hospital.

Create Community

It takes a village to raise a child, and new motherhood is a wonderful time to discover a new community of support. Explore a whole new realm of what your neighborhood has to offer with drop-in mother & baby programs, library story times, postpartum yoga and fitness and more.

Together, these four elements represent foundation of a healthy recovery. You may be tired by now of well meaning friends, relatives and strangers warning you of how fast it all goes by – they’re right, it does. One of the best ways we know to savour the beauty of these first few weeks is to allow for the depth of support you need and deserve. Many blessings on your transition into motherhood!

Sarah Juliusson is the mother of two boys, and founder of Mama Renew, offering groups for new and seasoned mothers. To learn more or enjoy writings on motherhood, visit w She also mentors Birthing From Within prenatal classes in Vancouver & Victoria, BC with Dancing Star Birth & Island Mother.

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477 thoughts on “Lunapads Postpartum Cloth Pads Giveaway”

  1. I started using cloth pads after the birth of my son. I couldn’t imagine using throw away pads and since I had decided to cd as well, there didn’t seem to be a reason not to. 🙂

  2. I am using cloth liners for my underwears daily. I have been gradually making the change from disposable liners to cloth. Using cloth full time now and it’s much better!

    I would like to have a couple of these PP pads for when my time comes in January! They’re lovely and look very comfy.
    .-= Iba Minnich´s last blog ..More diapers were sent out =-.

  3. Would love to win these! I’ve been swiching my life over to green, green, green. now I’m wanting to switch to the Diva Cup and Luna Pads. I also work with birthing women as a home birth midwives assistant and a birth doula. I would love to share these with the women I work work with.

  4. These would be awesome after I birth this newest babe!

    For me I’ve really tried to delve into the natural mindset of things. We’re planning a homebirth and all natural homeopathic ways of dealing with things. Cloth dipes, cloth wipes, cloth mama pads etc. starting to stock up now!
    .-= Melanie Jordan´s last blog ..To be salt and light =-.

  5. This change!! With my first I used the nasty matress pads they give you in the hospital. This time I’m planning on using post-partum cloth. Both those and my cloth diapers are going to the birth center with me so we can save from the very beginning!

  6. I love cloth pads…I’ve just made the switch and used them for postpartum. I had a natural birth, cloth diaper, and breastfeed. I’m such a different person than I thought I’d be when I ‘grew up’ but I think I’ve changed for the better!

  7. I would love to try these! We have tried to make as many changes as possible since the birth of our first child three years ago. We cloth diaper, buy as much as possible local and organic, grow our own garden, and try to make “greener” choices in health and beauty aids!

  8. The biggest change I made was choosing cloth diapers when my oldest was 7 months old. My newest has been in cloth since shortly after his birth and I don’t regret it a bit – even though others tried to tell me I would, or that I couldn’t keep up with 2 in cloth.

  9. Would love these! To be greener, we use cloth diapers with our little one, as we did with his older brother when he was a babe. We also breastfeed, which is green! Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  10. I started using cloth pads when I started to get my period again. I made a bunch of pads, and have gone back to the drawing board with my design a few times now. I’m so curious about what the ‘real’ pads are like. They are beautiful to look at!

  11. I’ve changed my whole existence since I got pregnant and had a baby! I’m now eating organic, avoiding HFCS, Using all natural body products (castile and glycerin soaps, and I switched to napkins instead of paper towels and have a couple of mama pads (not enough) for when my cycle returns!

  12. For our baby’s birth, we chose to use Hypnobabies which mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared me and my husband for a natural birth. Women have been giving birth naturally for centuries and still do all around the world, many of which are pain-free. The mind is so powerful and hypnobabies showed me how to really focus and believe that my body knows how to birth…and it does and did. Baby Jack joined the world July 28th at 10:02 pm. We also joined an organic produce coop during our pregnancy and are using cloth diapers and trying EC part-time. 🙂
    .-= Bre Taylor´s last blog ..Jack

  13. The green choices that I have been making throughout my pregnancy are growing and eating as much as I can from my own garden or buying local and/or organic foods, taking “whole food” vitamins, buying used baby gear, gathering cloth diapers, borrowing maternity clothes from friends, reading books from the library instead of buying name, to name a few. I would absolutely love using these postpartum pads! 🙂

  14. I decided to cloth diaper and because of that change, I have made even more…cloth wipes and unpaper towels are so easy and really reduce waste!

  15. I would love to use these. Since our daughter was born we have changed all our cleaning supplies. We use cloth diapers and use reusable wipes. 🙂

  16. being a parent made me really consider where my food comes from and the impact it plays.

    i also decided to cloth diaper and cloth maternity pads. I’d love to get a diva cup some day. think they will be a giveaway someday 😉

  17. Please pick me! I need these in about 4-7 weeks! 🙂 I try to eat mostly organic foods, and I’m using a doula in my birth this time around.

  18. We cloth diaper and I also used my baby as an excuse to rid my house of 95% of the cleaning products, chemicals and personal care products that are bad for us.

  19. I really want to try cloth pads! I am actually waiting for the arrival of the Diva Cup, but do need something for overnight since I don’t want to sleep with it in.

  20. Liked them on FB.

    I’d love to win these! I am all cloth anyway, and would love to add these to my stash for after the new baby is born in December!

  21. I haven’t made many changes this pregnancy, but we try to be as green as possible all the time 🙂 I could use the pads in December 🙂

  22. Homebirth, clothdiapers/ec, co-sleeping, not vax, VERY few plastic toys, breastfeeding, growing food, being outside and in the forest as much as possible!! Love my crunchy lifestyle!

  23. Since the birth of my daughter I started to breastfeed, cloth diaper, use mama pads, and use reusable everything foe the kitchen! No more paper towel, plastic baggies, etc. We also eat as organic and local as possible.

  24. I have changed a lot about the way I live and take care of myself with this pregnancy… eating a lot more natural, using more natural cleaning products, yoga on a regular basis, cloth diapering my son and preparing to cloth diaper my new baby when he gets here… and I would LOVE to try some cloth pads for myself PP!!
    .-= Annalise´s last blog ..easy caramel pecan rolls =-.

  25. I’m trying to start my stash of mama pads for when I need them again and would love to add these to it! Would be perfect after #3 arrives!

    We cloth diaper among other green coices.

  26. It all began with my desire for a pain medication free childbirth-lead me to Bradley Method and to Mothering magazine. Now am cloth diapering my little girl and switching to mama cloth. Oh the changes I’ve made!

  27. Green lifestyle changes- well, we already cloth diaper, and are planning on cloth diapering the new peanut as well.

    I was already using cloth pads.

    Oh, here’s something. I just bought a set of cloth baggies to send my daughter’s lunch to school in. She’s having to bring lunch for the first time (she’s a big Kindergartener!)

  28. I’ve gone ahead and “Like”-ed the Lunapads page.. And, to answer the question: To lessen the eco-impact of my pregnancy, I invested in a tabletop water distiller so that I could meet my increased water needs without consuming more plastic from store-bought gallons (we only drink distilled water), and I’ve accepted used cloth diaper donations from friends and family.

  29. I breatfeed, cloth diaper and make baby food. Just starting to get into cloth for myself. Also, we shop second hand and use our local library.

  30. Since the birth of my daughter, we have started to use cloth diapers, and I use cloth pads for my moon cycle. I mostly buy organic food for my family, and we use reusable bags at the grocery store. I am looking forward to trying these Luna Pads after I give birth to my next child! (I am 17 weeks pregnant)

  31. We are making the transition to no more paper products. I’ve switched everything over but bathroom toiletries and my feminine products. I would love to try these.

  32. Since having my first baby 3 1/2 years ago I have done a complete 180 from my old self. We now take a completely natural/holistic approach to healing, we cloth diaper, made my own babyfood, starting using the diva cup, and am trying to eliminate all ‘disposable’ products from my house.

  33. I haven’t had a cycle since Feb of 09, but I’m hoping to soon, and I have a bit of cloth ready and waiting! Then, I hope I’ll need these when I have #2! (Cross your fingers for me!)

    That is a really hard question to answer, because nearly everything in my life has changed over the past several years. We grow and eat organic food whenever possible, we are phasing out plastic, we recycle everything we can, we cloth diaper, breastfeed, buy local, clean with cloth and natural cleaners, are looking to buy a small, super-efficient house, you name it. We make new changes all the time as we learn better ways to do things, and I think the rest of our lives will be spent furthering the cause of living a healthier, more “aware” lifestyle.

    I guess the biggest change that’s happened is I’m just more conscious of everything I eat, drink, purchase and use than I was before I had my son. I was a bit ‘crunchy’ before I got pregnant, but he’s really been the inspiration I needed.
    .-= wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas´s last blog ..Cloth Diaper Carnival VIII- Where

  34. I have used a cup and cloth pads for 8 years and have been CDing my babe since birth. Pregnancy gave me the push to reach deeper in my pockets for organic foods much more often. I also pulled off a natural birth which wasn’t philosophically important to me *before* pregnancy… My cloth goods are worn so I’d definitely like a newer, prettier, and heavy duty set of pads!

  35. I’m trying to switch over to everything green also. I have delivered our 3 boys at home with a midwife, and we cloth diaper. I would LOVE to try these!

  36. I think actually, most of my green/natural lifestyle changes were mostly made in the years leading up to having my first child. I think making homemade laundry soap *might* have been afterward, oh, and i suppose i could count cloth diapers, too, since i obviously didn’t need them before i had children, even though the decision to use them was made before i had conceived. With this new baby (purported to arrive sometime around Halloween) we’ve decided to use cloth wipes, too.

  37. This would be fabulous! I am expecting my first baby and I would love to be able to stay eco friendly during those postpartum days!

  38. im an fb fan, i had a natural labor with a midwife in a birthing center, we cd and nursed until 2 1/2, bith my dd and i wished it was longer but i had a family death and it caused me to be apart from my dd at long stretches of time : (, i plan on having a homebirth for the next one : )

  39. Since the beautiful homebirth of our son, I have switched to cloth pads (if I’m diapering HIS bum with cloth, why use disposable pads on me?!), use green all-purpose cleaners in my home, and buy my meat & eggs from a local farm.

  40. Love mama cloth!

    We opt to use cloth diapers for our kids (dd2 is almost a year old), and I use cloth for myself. After dd2 was born, I was wishing for more mama cloth as it was so much more gentle on my stitches.

    We have also moved to a community where we are almost car-free. We walk or bike almost everywhere unless it is raining or too cold. 🙂

  41. Started by brestfeeding and cloth diapering, which introduced me to the whole idea of mama pads…now that my littlest insists on wearing big-girl undies, I’ve been creatively transforming some of her old dipes into pads Mommy can use! 🙂

  42. I started out having a natural, midwife assisted labor and delivery at The Farm. Then we proceeded to breastfeed, cloth diaper, choose only organic for baby, then we all switched to all organic meats. I began mama cloth about 7 months after baby was born and it is not all that bad at all. Cheaper too!

    Now that we are unemployed we are pushing ourselves hard to grow all we need and to become more self reliant.

    We already compost, rain water harvest, recycle and so on. Each day we get closer to a more eco-friendly, more sustainable life.
    .-= Talina of Harvest of Daily Life´s last blog ..Our staycation fun in Southern Indiana &amp baby carrier talk =-.

  43. I cloth diaper, hang to dry most of our clothes (when it’s sunny) and planted a placenta tree so it didn’t end up in a landfill. and so we can remember our son with a tree.

    I have been reluctant to try cloth pads due to a very heavy flow, but these sound great.I would love to win.

  44. I have a 10 year old daughter and I would like her to try the lunapads,so she will be more comfortable. Lunapads would save time and money and would be more green than tossing the disposable pads.

  45. I now use only natural cleaning products – gave up my toxic clorox addiction – I started using a diva cup and would love to use lunapads as a backup – also we’re trying for #2 and these would be great for postpartum recovery 🙂 I also started ordering food from a co-op and CSA, using Charlie’s soap powder for diapers and all laundry, and mostly line-drying clothes! wow, more changes than I had realized…

  46. We are still TTC, so I don’t know if I qualify or not, but we are changing alot of things we do, in preperation, so that our future little ones can be safe,and live in a better environment. We are using eco friendly products as we re-do our house, we don’t use paper towels, are working on switching to family cloth, we no poo, use vinegar/baking soda for about 80% of our cleaning, for luandry and dishes we use soap nuts(laundry) and Seventh Generation dishsoap, we plan on cloth diapering, we eat as healthy/organic as possible, and we eliminated majority of the plastics from our life, oh, and I don’t use makeup, and we use home made deodarant..I think that’s all, lol

  47. I liked Lunapads on FB.

    I stopped using harsh chemicals to clean and cloth diaper. I do want to try cloth pads. I thought I’d try some if they were available at the health food store, but they aren’t stocking them yet.
    .-= Nakia´s last blog ..Shahzadeh soap =-.

  48. I would love these. I hvae been meaning to make my own but have just not had the time. I know I am going to be a cloth diapering mama so this seems the logical next step. I’d like to eliminate all paper products in our house (well except for toilet paper).

    ps. I liked on facebook

  49. I would love to try them, I am 35 weeks prego…my greeness would be that I’m using cloth diapers…I’ve eliminated chemicals as much as I know how…I would love to switch to cloth pads, too! Thanks, I hope I win!!!

  50. The biggest decision my husband and I made while pregnant with our second child was to use cloth diapers and cloth wipes. Our dd is now two months old and we have been using cloth since a few days after we came home from the hospital and I also EBB. Not having the waste of formula containers or disposable diapers around is wonderful! I have been thinking about switching to cloth myself and I want to start getting some together, I’d love to have the opportunity to try these before I start buying any other brands.

  51. I’ve been cding my babies for about 3 months now. I’m still trying to get the hang of my menstrual cup and would LOVE to try cloth. This has dramatically decreased our carbon footprints! I had both of my babies naturally with the help of a midwide and my husband.

  52. Im going to be a new grandma come october to a second generation homebirther and cloth diaper. My girls and I have never tried cloth pads, but LOVE the idea and want to try them!

  53. I switched to cloth diapers 3 years ago when my first was 6 months. And just switched to cloth mama pads since the birth of my second a few weeks ago. Made a huge difference in my post-partum recovery.

  54. PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION!!!! No mom should be without her placenta pills! Why miss out on the happiest postpartum period ever? I “liked” lunapads!

  55. Since baby #3 was born a week ago, we have totally diched disposable wipes and use cloth to go along with our cloth diapers. Now we will have two happy babies (20 months and newborn) in cloth! Now it’s Momma’s turn to green up her routine!

  56. I use all cloth diapers for my babe. I have gone to reusable everything almost…using cloth wipes that I make, ditching the microfiber for natural fiber. I use towels for paper towels. I am a work from homw single mommy with my own baby carrier business…but I just cant seem to find the time to make cloth pads..I am using hand-me-downs! I will put these to great use along with my new Diva Cup! I ‘liked’ your Facebook page!

  57. When i got pregnant for the first time was when i really started eating organic, and locally. and using natural products around my home. i really started to think about the planet, and my body, and how to provide the best start for my son, and what i could do to help around me as well.

    it seemed natural to continue that when was born and use cloth diapers, etc.

  58. oh my goodness what changes HAVEN’T I made?!!? We were trying to conceive for 3 years because I have just about every hormonal issue under the sun. I was actually told I needed a hysterectomy and instead had a surgical procedure done that would hopefully get me pregnant without hormones as our LAST effort and it worked! However, during those 3 years I was mostly laid up from pain issues or fertility treatment complications and I spent most of that time researching causes for my problems. I started reading about hormone disruptors like BPA, phthalates, flame retardants, etc… In the time leading up to our final success, I purged my home of nearly all plastics (some can’t be avoided), militantly check all personal products on the cosmetics database, did EXTENSIVE research on everything for the baby (and registered mostly for cloth diapers), and eat almost 100% organically. I also try to make what I can (food and necessities) from scratch. We barely have enough money to survive, especially after paying for years of fertility treatments and me being out of work and in pain before getting pregnant. But I always say, “what price do you put on not poisoning yourself and your family?” for me, things like organic food and nontoxic baby necessities are the NUMBER ONE priority and if that means less or even no money for anything else…so be it! 🙂 But I don’t own any cloth pads yet! I’ve been spending too much money on food and cloth diapers! I’d love to take the leap!

  59. During my pregnancy I used family cloth and since my daughter was born in July, I have been using cloth postpartum pads. I don’t have many, so I have to wash frequently – I need more heavy pads in my stash! Although I used the Diva Cup before pregnancy, I am planning to get an IUD and considering full-time cloth instead.

    And I liked the FB fan page – thank you!

  60. Responsible eating, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, natural parenting, I’ve tried a lot of it but I haven’t tried these! They! Look! Awesome! I’m due in March and would love to win these. 🙂

  61. love my cloth diapers and wipes. one of the most satisfying feelings is seeing my diapers dry in the georgian bay breeze at our house!! also delivered naturally and enjoying every moment of breastfeeding!

  62. I have had 2 beautiful and peaceful home births, used cloth diapers and am slowly adding in cloth wipes. I am eliminating processed foods and HFCS from our diet, among other things. I would love to try cloth pads!

  63. We changed a lot. I use only natural cleaners like lemon juice and vinegar. Cloth diaper. With my second pregnancy we switched to a vegan diet for health and environmental reasons. I buy organic whenever possible. It has really made me think a lot about all the choices I make. I would have loved to have these post partum…I had some rash troubles from disposable pads, but didn’t have the resources to invest in these.

  64. We have been cloth diapering our two boys (18 months and 3.5 months) for almost three months now. I am very interested in this product!

  65. Switched to cloth a few years ago, but have always wanted to try Lunapads products. For this baby we will be doing cloth diapers (big change for us) and going as green and organic as possible.

  66. I eat organic & local foods as much as possible. With our son, we used cloth diapers, nursed till he was two and I made nearly all of his baby food with organic fruits & vegetables. I also love the skin deep website to check out all sorts of skin care products before buying them. We attempted to grow a garden this summer, unfortunately it didn’t really grow well; have to try again next summer. We buy lots of toys & household products used. I started used a DIVA cup after my son was born to avoid commercial pads/tampons, but expect that I will need to use pads for some time after baby #2 is born in January so would love to try out some cloth luna pads!

  67. I have a few cloth pads, but none for the first heavy days. Becoming a mother changed how I do things alot. I had natural births (my second at home), delay and am very selective about vaccines, don’t use chemical cleansers, and we cloth diaper.
    .-= Lisanne´s last blog ..cutest bugs ever! =-.

  68. My first ever cloth experience was a lunapad. They were comfy and the colors/patterns are so cute! I have since switched to about 95% cloth.

  69. We use cloth diapers, and I have considered and even tried cloth pads, but no sucess finding something I like yet. Regular pads give me a rash which is bad enough on a normal week long period but horendous when I’m bleeding for 6+ weeks.

  70. What green/natural lifestyle changes have you made as part of your pregnancy or birth experience?

    I wish I had more to say on this… but with 2 very unnatural c-sections, I fear not enough. I breastfed them both though 🙂

  71. I have turned green in several ways as a result of my children. I breastfeed, tend to make greener food choices including buying local and having my own garden. I would love to win some luna pads for sure.

  72. What green/natural lifestyle changes have you made as part of your pregnancy or birth experience?

    I have started to cloth diaper, eliminate all chemicals in my house, and cook / garden organically.

  73. I would love to try these! I’m looking for a new monthly solution, and just learned about the importance of comfy postpartum pads.

  74. This is my third pregnancy and will be my first un-medicated,non induced birth. I also formula fed my first two daughters and will be breast feeding this time around. I will also be cloth diapering from birth and will be using cloth pads. I have made MANY green/natural choice this pregnancy and can’t wait to continue them after birth!!!

  75. I’d love to win these! Our new babe is due any day and we’re so excited!

    I’m a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, diva cup mama. I’d love to try Lunapads postpartum cloth pads. 🙂

  76. With my first, I used cloth post partum pads for me and cloth diapers for my son–they were so comfy for me, how could I not put cloth on my little one’s bottom?

    I’ve been trying to eat more organically with this pregnancy.

  77. 1. The biggest change has been in my diet. I ate pretty healthfully before, but these days the vast majority of what I eat is whole and unprocessed. Including lots of veggies from my garden!

    2. Check!

  78. making the decision to cloth diaper my son has influenced me to become “greener” in other ways… reusable bags, cloth wipes… to name a few

    taraz9 at excite dot com

  79. I would love to try these. I have a currently 10 month old and I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second child. We’ve completely switched to cloth diapers. This looks like a great option for Momma!! I’d really love to try them!

  80. we use cloth diapers, natural skin products, & continue to use natural & laundry products. we eat more organic than we used to as well!

    would love these lunapads…and i snickered at your ‘even if you’re not droppin’ lochia’ comment – that was a good one!

  81. I’ve been wanting some of these since I had my daughter almost 3 years ago. Since cloth diapering her as a baby, I’ve switched to mama cloth for myself and family cloth for myself and DD. I love it!

  82. I love the selection of pads available through luna pads – I’m a heavy bleeder so I frequently wear postpartum size pads at night.

  83. Well, already pretty enviro leaning. But have been doing much more recycling. And hopefully our stance on cloth nappies is informing our inlaws some :).

  84. I would really enjoy trying these out. I’ve made so many changes in our lifestyle since giving birth. I’ve been on a rampage detoxifying our cleaning products, beauty stuff and anything else that I can do to help us live more healthy and naturally.

  85. I am expecting baby #2 this December and would love to try these. I am contemplating cloth diapers in an attempt to be more green. I am a recycling diva and breastfeed 🙂

  86. I use cloth diapers. I stopped using chemicals to clean. I am going to start using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair instead of shampoo. I hang my clothes to dry. I love getting hand me downs of clothes and toys 🙂 I would love to win these as I am due any day now 🙂

  87. Due with my 3rd babe here in a month and could really use these beautiful post partum pads 🙂 As far as green changes as a part of pregnancy/birth, I think having an out of hospital birth was the very first “natural” decision I made. And this decision led to so many others – choosing not to vax, choosing to breastfeed, and so on.

  88. I’m in the middle of my first pregnancy, and the process has made me more aware of my body, and what I’m putting into it and on it. Before pregnancy, I had just started using cloth pads, so finding a good postpartum pad would be awesome!

  89. Would love to try these! My son was born at a birth center without drugs (but we didn’t decide to do this until 30 weeks pregnant – and it was THE BEST decision!). I think his out-of-hospital birth was very eco-friendly… candlelight, re-usable water jugs, no machines or IV’s. We drove home four hours after he was born and began breastfeeding and cloth diapering. ;o)

  90. Liked lunapads on FB…

    Would love to have some heavier duty lunapads. I wish I had discovered these post-partum with my son- but next time around I guess.

    I’m cloth diapering my baby (now a toddler)- that led to cloth wipes, which is leading to cloth, reusable Tp.

  91. I’ve used a midwife during both pregnancies, but sadly ended up with 2 unwanted c-sections. (The support of my midwife after, though, was very healing.) I’m an exclusive, extended and tandem breastfeeder of my 2 1/2 year old and 8 month old sons. We cloth diaper, eat organic, recycle, reduce, I use mama cloth, etc. Would love to have these for nighttimes now that my cycle has returned and also for postpartum after our next baby.
    .-= Secret Mommy´s last blog ..Measuring our garbage reduction =-.

  92. Expecting #3 and Lunapads postpartum would be a great next step in going more green in my pregnancy/birth experiences. Kids have always been in cloth- now it’s my turn!

  93. My first (of 4) was a totally unnecessary c/s. When it was time for #2, I was ready to tackle a VBAC and have had 3 successful births since. It has lead to a myriad of alternative parenting choices and life style choices. The suffering of the first surgery has been meritorious!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..The Other Side of the Fence =-.

  94. My natural parenting journey started out with just a desire to breastfeed, and quickly morphed into the whole show- cosleeping, natural childbirth, not vaccinating, babywearing. We eat organic food and have gotten rid of all disposable products in the home at this point- napkins, paper towels, menstrual products, and cloth diapers. I hate buying stuff knowing it’ll be tossed in a matter of hours!

  95. those look fab!

    Green changes – everything!!!! Green household items such as laundry liquid, washing liquid, bicarb for cleaning surfaces, green shampoo, soap, organic food, organic clothes, eco barefoot shoes, reusing and more recycling, cloth nappies, cloth pads, menstrual cup, not driving too much, biking, walking, breastfeeding!

  96. I am due w our second on 10/8. As for natural choices, we are planning a waterbirth at a birth center, will cloth diaper & bf. Would love to have these pads postpartum!

  97. For our green life style, we are using cloth diapers and making diaper “cream” with pure cold pressed olive oil and beeswax.

  98. What green/natural lifestyle changes have you made as part of your pregnancy or birth experience?

    I made the decision, shortly before getting pregnant, to become the change I wanted to see in the world. What that has manifested into, seven and a half months into my pregnancy later (!), is recycling everything in our home that can be recycled and composting all organic matter (this has us “throwing away only about a bag of trash per week!), making all of my own cleaning products (dish and laundry detergent, fabric softener, glass cleaner, and multi-purpose cleaner), buying local, organic foods whenever I am able, and refusing plastic whenever possible (no lids on to-go cups, no plastic bags, no food items in plastic that I could buy in glass). My labor, God willing, will be completely natural (attended only by a midwife), and post-birth I will be encapsulating my placenta (as detailed on

  99. I asked my mom to make me some cloth pads, but she is too busy. 🙁 I’m 37 weeks, and would love to use these post partum!

  100. Great Article! I am not pregnant, but I would love to try these for my super-heavy days and overnights. Liked the FB page ages ago!

  101. I only use cloth dipaers on my 1st baby, and it’s time for this momma to ditch the disposables for myself too. I’m having baby #2 in January, so this will be the perfect time to start. It’s been great to build on the foundation of awareness of my impact on the world from my parents as more wonderful products like yours have become available since my mom had me many moons ago 🙂

  102. Breastfeeding, cloth diapers, cloth pads, earth friendly cleaning products, more local produce. We thought we were pretty green before having a baby, but obviously had a lot farther to go.

  103. I must say that becoming a green family happened to us totally by accident! I want to be a stay at home mother but our current life style needed some major changes for that to happen. First off we decided to find out as much as we could to cut our food budget so to help that we stopped using paper plates, disposable napkins, and paper towels, then it was deciding what would be the best food source for our child, everyone in our families bottle fed and that was what I was going to do, but as it happens our Lamaze instructor advised us to attend a La Leche League meeting at Birth Baby & Beyond. My husband and I both attended and had no Idea how beneficial our breastfeeding was to our child and budget! So, breastfeeding it was going to be. At that first meeting we were introduced to many other breastfeeding families and invited to play dates even before the birth of our child. I went to the first play date was at the local mall because it was fall in Iowa. While there I noticed an alarming trend, not only did all of the mothers breastfeed but they were also cloth diapering! I was panicked I had thought that only poor people used cloth. I was proved very wrong cloth diapers were sometimes expensive but the benefits were awesome too, spend one hundred dollars and I could diaper until my child was potty trained, I was sold and thus began my cloth obsession. I attended a cloth diapering class while pregnant and there I also learned about Luna Pads! Another great way to be money savvy and help to save the environment, what is there not to love huh? Thank you for helping my family stay on a budget so I can be a great stay at home mom and help to raise a wonderful child to be kind to others and conscientious of our planet.

  104. I r/r/r as much as possible, use cloth pads, family cloth, and Lunapads, eat organic, joined a CSA and grow my own food!

    Also I liked you on FB!

  105. The biggest “green” thing I have done since giving birth to my baby is cloth diapering. My baby has never worn a disposable diaper and never will if I can help it. I love knowing that I haven’t added something to a landfill that will sit for hundreds of years. I really want to try cloth pads too!

  106. Due in Jan, and havenNt really gotten greener this pg…but getting knocked up started me on my green journey eight years ago!

  107. Having our second baby at a birthing center, going to cloth diaper, doing LOTS of research on vaccines, and making homemade organic baby food…one step at a time!

  108. I liked Lunapads on FB

    I have gradually been making many changes as I go along– cloth diapers to cloth pads, eating locally and lower on the food chain, a chemical-free home– little changes really add up over the long run!

  109. I would love to add these to my cloth collection-going with cloth diapers this time around (3rd child)! I also “liked” the FB page!

  110. I am due with my first Sept. 30th… we are planning a home birth, cloth diapering, bf, babywearing, etc. I have many hopes for a natural birth with delayed cord clamping, breast crawl opportunity, and delay of newborn exams, weighing, etc. This is the start of what we hope will be a more natural life. I would love to try cloth pads for postpartum.

    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

  111. We’re TTC our 2nd right now, but with our first I made lots of changes while pregnant. I cut back on the toxins in our home wherever possible. With cleaning supplies, shampoo/conditioner, soap, food, etc. We kept it up as our daughter has grown and buy organic produce, meats and dairy. I also chose to do cloth diapering. With this next child I’d like to make my own baby food.

  112. What don’t we do green? Hee hee.

    Babywise: We cloth diaper, breastfeed, make homemade baby food, use natural products, baby wear, no vaccines (I consider that more natural than “green”). Next baby will be home-birth with a mid-wife. We also bank our cord blood, but I would donate it otherwise. And I’m all about the natural birth. No drugs, and mommy makes the decisions! We use Hypnobabies.

    Natural Lifestyle: Chemical & scent-free home, Natural body products, Recycle, grow-our own garden or shop local, organic when we can. Support local farmers markets and artisans. We also see a naturopath and chiropractor.

    Right now I use a Diva cup, but would LOVE to try the luna pads! I’ve heard such great things!

  113. natural choices have included breastfeeding, cloth diapers, eating as organically as possible, cosleeping…we had a natural birth at a freestanding birthcenter and were able to delay cord clamping and exams and such. no vax as of yet, but we’re still on the fence about doing selective/delayed. have never used mama cloth but would love to try!

  114. I started realizing all the junk that was in food and products and have really tried to cut those out for myself and especially for my son. We purchase organic whenever we can, but beyond that I have really educated myself about what to avoid (worst plastics to use, products like BHT that sound benign but aren’t, cleaners, etc.). I come up against some rolls of the eyes from people thinking I am too strict/”hippie” but I’d rather feed my son better stuff for him now when I have some control over it, so I can know I did the best I could and sent him out into the world to (eventually) make good choices and realize I helped him be healthy.

    We also cloth diaper, and now when I have to buy disposables for whatever reason, it feels odd and takes me longer to figure out what to buy as well as to put them on my son.

  115. I cloth diaper my little one. I don’t know why I never considered it for myself. Especially since we made the cd decision based on all the “icky stuff” they put into disposable dipes. I guess it’s time mommy thinks a little bit about herself too 🙂

  116. We’ve been interested in ‘going green’ for some time now, but becoming pregnant kicked things into high gear for me. I was already a vegetarian but switched to (mostly) all organics and eat locally and seasonally when possible. We do cloth diapers and wipes and have switched to eco-friendly cleaning supplies and toiletries. My favorite green change was investing in a special bicycle known as a ‘cargobike’ or ‘bakfiets’ so we can go places as a family without having to use the car. On the natural end of things, we did a home waterbirth and are cosleeping and breastfeeding. And I’ve become a total wrap and carrier junkie. I love babywearing! 🙂

  117. I’d love these for my special time o the month….

    Natural parenting choices thus far have been-drug free birth, child led weaning, co sleeping and baby wearing 🙂 We’re working on more changes but we have a very lovely but high need foster son who is keeping us on our toes until then!

  118. Most of my “green” changes were implemented while were trying to get pregnant the first time. It took a while (3 years!), so we had time to slowly morph in to things – cloth menstrual pads, organic foods, homemade cleaners, cloth tp, etc, etc. Not much has changed with this second pregnancy, specifically.

    I love Lunapads, but have never tried their pp products. I’d be super stoked to “drop some lochia” with these though. 🙂

  119. Ooooooh, I am so excited! Got to have em’ due in 3 weeks & I have been investigating cloth pads as I am dreading the postpartum rash I get even with natural disposables! We have had even more fun “greening” up for this baby – adding to the CD supply & collecting hand-me downs! And of course revisited our green cleaning regime as we nest & prepare for our home birth!

  120. I would love to try these out. I am due in December. As a more green move during this pregnancy, we are planning to use cloth diapers!

  121. Am due in 2 weeks, and I definitely need more postpartum/large size cloth pads! I am going more green with my second child by re-using everything from my first child (including clothes, toys, and cloth diapers). If this child is the opposite gender, I’ll be getting hand-me-down clothes.

  122. I chose to cloth diaper. That was a big change that rolled into many other things : cloth wipes, cloth pads, cloth napkins. Basically if I can make it and it’s cloth, we made the switch.
    .-= Danielle Hurt´s last blog ..Lets talk food =-.

  123. we’re pretty green to begin with.. we eat well and local.. focus on veggies and fruit over meats. we spent a bit more for an eco friendly non toxic crib and mattress and are doing cloth diapers. I try to find the balance -keeping organic and eco whenever possible.

  124. Have been trying to “green” our lives since my first baby. Cloth diapers all the way, lunapads, diva cup (pre-pregnancy), homemade baby food, etc. I am pregnant again and this would be so great for my home birth. Thanks.

  125. I decided to switch to cloth diapering, and just made some cloth wipes. I also am supporting WAHM’s through the process. I have never used cloth for myself but used a diva cup in between pregnancies. I love that I never have to go to the store to buy tampons. Also being able to stay away from chemicals that they put in them has been great.

    I also plan on using cloth breast pads this time around. This would be great to use cloth for postpartum 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!!!
    .-= Maren Meacham´s last blog ..Oh Brother =-.

  126. Big changes from the last baby, I’m building a new born cd stash, I’m buying natural/organic clothing and baby supplies. Absolutely no supplementing with formula this time. We also joined an organic CSA so I can grow this little one on green, local, delicious food.

  127. Started using sponge tampons and cloth liners after having my baby – after all, we’re cloth diapering him, why am i still using disposables??

  128. I’ve been using my LunaPads already during my pregnancy! We’ve had Whooping Cough for 6 weeks now and at 6 months pregnant…there were some leaking issues! I didn’t dare go about my days without a pad.

    Oh – I went to the LunaPad FB page & clicked “Like”!

  129. I’d love to try these! My baby was born sensitive to everything chemical, so I have switched to all green and natural. I use Amway’s Legacy of Clean line of green cleaning products and LOVE them.

  130. Im using cloth diaper for my son and thinking to start to potty training soon. He is 13 months old. Im really interested to use cloth pads. my periods are not started yet. I also Liked on facebook.

  131. Just “liked” this on FB!

    I loved the greener options when it came to pregnancy and childbirth. I felt so much more connected to the whole process. I switched to natural pads, used vitamin E oil on my tummy and rosemary/peppermint on my aching feet. I worked full time all the way through my delivery, so I made it a point to do yoga each night to stay loose, connect to my baby and prepare myself for birth. In the end, we had a great, drug-free birth! Thanks to BFing, my period isn’t back, but I’d really like to get away from the disposable pads when the time comes!

  132. I was able to give birth two times naturally, with no interventions or drugs. We also cloth diaper, so these seem like a logical choice!

  133. I nursed exclusively for months and continued to bf until he was over one year. I also cloth diapered. I decided to “green” up my period this year and these will be a most welcome addition to try out!
    .-= H. Brown´s last blog ..Mustache Wars =-.

  134. eating local, cd, second hand clothing for our son, walking or bike riding, organic foods

    would love to add using these to the list!

  135. We are going consignment sale shopping this time around – no more fancy packaging and creating less post-consumer waste. I would love to win! We CD’d with #1, can’t wait for #2 fun!!!

  136. Just found out I’m pregnant with number 2 today. Would love these. We were careful before pregnancy, but the baby made me even more aware of reading labels, even products that are seemingly “green.” Incentive to educate myself and my family!

  137. I would love to try these! With my daughter I have cloth diapered (line dryed), breastfed (still, and hope to continue for a while!)etc etc 🙂

  138. I already have some Luna liners & would love to try the postpartum pads! With my first pregnancy, I used disposable pads, but this time around I am making the switch to cloth 🙂

  139. Breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding. Also switched to greener ways in cleaning up the house. Baking soda, you complete me! Luna’s would be a wonderful addition. Would love to promote them to the mama’s I educate!

  140. cloth diapering, cloth wipes , mommy pads (after I saw how awesome cloth on my daughter was!) and I have been trying to make all snacks and meals at home… buy as few packaged items as possible (we avoid MSG and Sugars a lot this way too!)

  141. I would love to try these, they look great! I’m due next month so it would be great timing!! We also cloth diaper, cloth wipe and use cloth pads in this household! Also planning on having this baby naturally at home!!

  142. I chose to have a home waterbirth last year. I use cloth diapers for my little ones and mama cloth for me. We have committed to reducing the use of disposables in our kitchen as well (using cloth rags for cleaning, cloth bags for storage, reusable bowl covers, etc. We also avoid buying packaged products.
    .-= Michele @ Frugal Granola´s last blog ..Boys at Play- Mini Storage Bag – 1100 =-.

  143. I cloth diaper my son, and began to make my own. I also switched to cloth for myself – something I never thought I’d do before I had a child! Other than that, we’ve been doing the same old stuff, recycling, composting, growing food, trying to save electric, etc – and now trying to instill all of it in our boy.

  144. I switched to cloth diapers when pregnant and then the pads just seemed wasteful after seeing how little cloth diapers polluted. They are nice and soft.

  145. We requested hand-me-downs and other used items for our baby shower. Been using to trade clothing. Lunapads are the last thing we need to get before the baby comes in a few weeks!

  146. We are having twins, but we have done is not buy and new clothes, but only purchase used clothes at re-sales. it is tempting to have our soon to be born twin girls in matching outfits, but that is not necessary.

    i have also purchased cloth nursing pads.

    i will become a friend of lunapads.

  147. We have made lots of green changes: cloth diapering, cloth shopping bags, reusing sandwich bags, line-drying, vegetarianism, hand-me-downs, thrift stores, etc.

  148. I’ve been wanting to try cloth pads and must admit, a little nervous about it!

    The BEST greenest thing I did was nurse my baby for 20 months. We are using many more organic products in our home as well.

  149. Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers. Before pregnancy, switched to as much of organic as possible and walk or do yoga whenever I can instead of using electricity run machines for exercise. Now, I’d like to make the switch to cloth myself, when it all starts back up.

  150. i woild love to try the heavy duty ones. i have the liners which are great. since has son two via vbac i have started cloth diapers, using reusable snack bags and cloth breast pads.

  151. I’m the grandma and this would be for my dear daughterinlove who is due end of October. She uses cloth diapers and wipes and models green in soooooo many areas of life….I now hang my clothes to dry and use far less paper napkins towels etc. Saved $66 on my electric bill this month. Wish I’d had lovely Luna pads with my two births!

  152. Cloth diapers and breast pads. Switched our light bulbs to cfls. European style bathing rather than dumping an entire tub of water, which is better for our skin. Stopped using paper towels and ziploc bags. Replacing kitchen plastic containers with stainless steel, glass and crockery. We use baking soda, vinegar and borax for most cleaning.

    I’ve been meaning to make moonpads for some time now but haven’t the right materials for it…

  153. I’ve been recycling, I try to turn my lights off when not in use, bought an He washer. Buy local/organic when possible. I try to buy eco friendly cleaning products as much as possible, still working on a lot of changes. I’m due in october and these pads would be great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. We switched to cloth diapers and made our own baby wipes and diaper covers. Also, ditched papertowels for cloth napkins and stopped buying paper plates. Every little bit helps! 😀

  155. Liked them on FB. Thank you for this great opportunity! I’ve always been curious about trying Luna Pads. Fingers crossed!

  156. Breastfeeding and cloth diapering have been my major “green” lifestyle choices as a mama….also eating more local/organic. We love our baby cloth, so I would LOVE to have some mama cloth!! 🙂

  157. Once I became pregnant I started doing all of things that I knew I should have been doing all along. Only organics for dairy and meats, mostly organic for other foods, started reducing my use of commercial personal care products and started making my own from food based ingredients (baking soda, vinegar, various oils, etc.), before LO was born we looked at how much “stuff” we really needed to get for our new baby and decided that most of it was just that – STUFF, that mostly we didn’t need. We have learned that being “green” is also being frugal! What a great added benefit!

    PS – Love my Lunapads!

  158. Luna pads are great and this would be a great win! I use cloth everything: diapers, wipes, mama pads, even cloth for TP.

  159. Since my baby was born I: started cloth diapering, using cloth wipes, using family cloth, mama cloth, menstrual cup and buying organic when we can afford it

  160. I love Lunapads! Btw, I’ve already liked them on FB.

    Pregnancy and birth started this green domino effect in my life: re-usable breast pads (leaked colostrum since week 20), cloth diapers and a bit of EC, cloth menstrual pads and menstrual cup, etc, etc. Once you start thinking green, you keep discovering the non-green aspects of your life and figure out how to change them… what a journey!

  161. I’m due again soon but with my son I’ve switched to cloth and have cut out most foods with unnatural ingrediants as well as cut out nestle products from our lives

  162. It is my first time pregnant. I’m not going to say my food cravings never get the best of me, but I try to be mindful in what I eat as well as other life choices that effect the greater world. This postpartum period sounds a little overwhelming and something colorful and unharmful for the mother would be nice.

  163. Baby is due October 19. We have been stocking up on cloth diapers & wipes. Also, I have some cloth nursing pads. I would definitely like to try cloth mama-pads postpartum.

    Other green things … my husband, who is an excellent baker has started baking all of our bread products from scratch to help us cut out HFCS out of our diets. In general, we have tried to cut out as much processed food as possible, making most meals entirely from scratch.

    I like Lunapads on FB

  164. Since this is my first pregnancy, a lot of my green-ness has been in decisions I am making for my baby, who should be along in about 5 weeks! I have switched to natural cleaning products, I am buying much more organic, I have bought reusable breast pads (leaking from about 20 weeks!). I have invested in cloth diapers, BPA free dishes, and am being careful about my toy choices (preferably wooden, organic, definatley BPA and lead-paint free!). It is a lot to think about, but it is the most important! Plus, it sets a good example for my future little boy!

  165. Our family has gradually come to consciousness over the course of a few years as we have educated ourselves on the products we consume and their impacts. The catalyst being the birth of our son, four years ago. We are cloth diapering our daughter, unlike with our first. No more paper towels, toilet paper, or baby wipes. No more eating out of BPA lined cans, so NO eating out of cans. No more Teflon pans. No more plastic containers to store leftovers in, we buy glass containers for storage one at a time, little by little because they are expensive. We get as much of our food as possible in glass or cartons, avoiding plastic as much as possible. No more microwave. Less meat consumption and only grass fed meat. We are choosing local,organic food as much as possible. We have just started to learn about genetically modified foods and are trying to avoid it like the plague, which means less processed foods.

    I have not been able to afford the investment in cloth menstrual pads, but when I am at home with period, I use my little girls newborn cloth diapers that she has outgrown as pads. Bulky and uncomfortable but it feels good to use less of the disposable,toxic pads. I would LOVE to win some Lunapads and appreciate the chance! Thanks.

  166. I’ve made many green/eco friendly choices since the birth of my first son. We cloth diaper, BF, birth naturally, make our own organic baby food, don’t use any toxic cleaners in the house, garden and compost & all natural beauty care products to name a few.

  167. Hi! Everything in our life is a lot healthier since our first baby. Namely no plastic in the kitchen and toxin free beauty products. The last thing on my list is to ditch disposable menstrual pads!

  168. Wow, everything! Like many, thinking about pregnancy and birthing started a domino effect for my family as far as natural living and “green” living.

    I gave birth at home with midwives, breastfeed (still going strong 20 months later), don’t circumcise, don’t vaccinate, use herbs in food and medicine, use cloth diapers, mama pads, napkins and rags for cleaning. We eat organic produce, use vinegar to clean, as little plastic as possible. We upcycle and reuse whenever possible, and recycle what we can in our small community. Grass fed meats and pastured dairy are choices we pay more for, and we eat locally produced everything as much as we can find.

  169. We had a home birth.

    Used reusable diapers.


    Eat organic.

    Mostly vegetarian.

    Use the library lots.


    We think these choices are greener than the alternatives.

  170. we greened all our conventional cleaning and care products. still working to eliminate convenience foods…

    i just got my cycle back and am def interested in reusables in this area as well.
    .-= suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}´s last blog ..the gift of time =-.

  171. i have loved and been using Luna Pads for about a year now. i will never go back! i didn’t know you had a facebook page, but now i “like” it! on my second pregnancy, we are going all cloth, using gDiapers, using reusable nursing pads, breastfeeding till 1 year. i have already been vegetarian – often vegan for the past 4 years and think i have been healthier for this pregnancy than the last! We cut out paper towels and tissue and only use cloth towels and hankerchiefs. still looking for a good recipe/tip on how to make cloth baby wipes – if anyone has one!

  172. Before having kids, I had made the decision to cloth diaper. I came to the realization that all the reasons to cloth diaper apply to me too! Being pregnant makes me so much more aware of all the impacts positive or negative I can make on this world. And definitely makes me eat more organics and read ingrediate labels more thouroughly!

  173. I started out going anti-plastic, especially in the microwave. Then I switched from paper towels to cloth ones and felt a whole lot less guilty. I never realized before becoming a mother just how much mess there was going to be to clean up – if you don’t try to curb your paper use, kids will drive it out of control! Now I’ve made a move to a greener community and am participating in localism and organic initiatives, taking my son on farm tours and to farmer’s markets and indie street festivals, and teaching him the value of recycling. We make crafts out of what others could consider trash, and have a great time using our creativity while reducing our impact.
    .-= Betsy´s last blog ..Excuse the ugliness- and other reformatting issues =-.

  174. I’m expecting my 3rd baby, and we’ve made so many changes in the 6+ years since my first pregnancy. We try to eat sustainably, clean with natural ingredients, reduce our waste, etc. We strive for a more simple life overall.

  175. I love these pads postpartum and overnight! They are super cute prints too. I have switched to cloth menstrual pads and cloth diapers with my first pregnancy (son born in Jan 08) and will continue with this pregnancy.

  176. First of all, I’ve been a fan of lunapads at facebook for long time now.

    I use divacup and we’re doing grass recycling by leaving the cut grass on them after cutting.

  177. First of all, I’ve been a fan of lunapads at facebook for long time now.

    I use divacup and we’re doing grass recycling by leaving the cut grass on them after cutting.

  178. We’ve been eating healthier in general and avoiding things like HFCS, and BPA, and using healthier soaps and cleaning products.

  179. Eating whole, local or organic foods are priority. We also cloth dipe and wipe. Only non-toxic cleaners in this home, as well. Keeping pregnancy as “normal” and non-medical as possible (no testing, no vaginal exams, etc) and a natural, drug-free birth are high priorities, as well.

  180. I went “green” during my last pregnancy, and am going further with this one. 2 years ago we switched to green cleaners, bought our first cloth diapers, started buying organic, natural and local whenever possible. Just before I got pregnant again I switched to cloth for myself (Lunapads played a large part in why).

    I have delivered my last two children with as little medical intervention as possible, and have high hopes that I will be able to do the same with this one! A natural, epidural-free birth just seems so much better for me and for the baby.
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Ice Cream on the Boards =-.

  181. My husband and I use only 1 car (down from 2) and we walk/bike more places. I’ve been using Lunapads for 7 years, and when my daughter was born, we started using cloth diapers. I used my lunablanket on my bed or on the couch after giving birth, and once the lochia flow lightened, I just used regular lunapads but used my lunablanket to cover my breastfeeding pillow since I leaked a lot, especially during the first few weeks!

  182. I “liked” on facebook and also added Lunapads to my favorites on my “Birth And Postpartum Doula Tara” page on facebook. I’m trying to share the word about switching over to cloth, so this is a perfect way to grab the attention of my mom friends and clients.

    As a mother of a 9 year old boy and 6 year old girl, I cloth diapered and changed over to cloth pads for myself when they were born. I just feel gross wearing plastic now. They don’t breathe, they “crinkle” and bunch up. The worst is if they come unstuck from the panties and stick to my skin. Blaa! No more irritation and feeling dirty. Plus, the “soak water” is great to pour into plants and in the garden. I feel good knowing that I’m not putting all that trash into a landfill. This is just one more way I can live green and leave the planet a little cleaner for my kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  183. We are home birthing, cloth diapering (2), cloth wipes, green cleaning, and buying whole& organic local foods. I’ve been wanting to use Lunapads for postpartum and haven’t gotten to buying them yet. 7 weeks to go and would love to make the switch to mamma cloth!

    **Also liked on facebook

  184. My lifestyle is very green! We eat organic and buy from our local farmers markets, we cloth diaper our son, we have a toilet sprayer which is a bidet for us 😀 to save toilet paper! We use recyclable bags. We shop at our local thrift shops.
    .-= Marina´s last blog ..Rileys First 6 Months Of Life! =-.

  185. My husband and I did what the locals in Germany did and recycled. We kept up with the program after we returned to the States and we had the most recycled garbage on the block every week. I had a natural and drug free delivery which was the best decision I stuck with. My husband and I used cloth diapers and cloth wipes which worked out very well because my daughter was completely out of diapers before she turned two. I breastfed past one year and made my own baby food. We started eating more organically. I started a compost pile in my yard. I switched to Lunapads for my stress incontinence and Diva Cup. We also tore up the carpet and but in bamboo flooring. Finally I drive a Prius and love all the money I am saving on gas.

  186. I switched to a green laundry detergent and plan to cloth diaper once our little one gets a little bigger – these early weeks are rough!

  187. I am 29 weeks pregnant with our first. We have stocked up on cloth diapers, making diaper covers and cloths for the little one. We also have a midwife and will be having the baby at home. We are not going to vaccinate or circumcise (if it’s a boy). We both eat a more organic and vegetarian based diet and plan to raise our child (children) as such. The meat we do eat is local organic and we also raise our own rabbits.

    PS: I like LunaPads on Facebook.

  188. I am not pregnant yet, but I hope to have a natural labor and birth with midwives, possibly a waterbirth. I also plan to cloth diaper and use Lunapads, which I already do! I am a friend of Lunapads on FB as well.

  189. I love the idea of soaking the pads in cold water or herbs. I also love the idea of not contributing to landfills. Go Lunapads!

  190. Also 29 weeks pregnant – have eliminated toxic cleaners, foods, & cosmetics from the household. Opted for the “green” reusable birth kit offered by my midwife (as opposed to the disposables). Preparing for cloth diapering/wipes. Choosing toys either from renewable woods/cloths or second-hand, off-gassed plastics. Planning homebirth/intact/breastfeeding/cosleeping parenting with LOTS of time out in nature. While I don’t miss cramps, I’m SAD that my beloved Lunapads have been gathering dust the last several months! Would love to use your post-partum pads!

  191. We try to eat real foods rather than food like substances. I am a big advocate of natural childbirth and helping other women to know their birthing options.

  192. We used a midwife and had a drug free birth, used cloth diapers, use homemade cleaners, buy in bulk to reduce packaging and try to eat local as much as possible. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. I made a greater effort to reduce our footprint, provide organic options and educate my son on how important our impact on the environment is!

  194. I’ve been buying a lot of organic, local produce. We cloth diaper our son, and will be cloth diapering our new baby when he/she is born! We also use “green” soaps and cleaning products.

  195. the biggest green thing we did was to fully understand how little we need to acquire for our babes. a good sling, a few clothes and some cloth diapers and we’re good to go. Of course as they get older we add things like a stainless steel cup, and a few wooden toys but really we feel less is more:)

  196. As part of a healthier pregnancy I ate local and organic foods where ever possible. I took natural herbal supplements for things such as heartburn, indigestion etc. We used vinegar to clean the house to avoid toxins in cleaners. I used public transport or walked whenever possible 🙂

  197. We’ve been pretty green for about 3 years now (since the birth of our first). I think the latest thing that we switched to is using cloth wipes with our toddler and OMG do they work fantasicly! These pads would come in handy for the postpartum period after the birth of #3 in December (our first home birth)!

  198. I started eating organic and local when i became pregnant and that followed through, our whole family is an organic one and I will do the same thing next preganancy! I have also did prenantal yoga and i truely believe that helped me through my birht experience.

  199. As part of becoming a mother I started to be more aware of the every day disposable products we used. I am now a cloth diapering, mama cloth, cloth wipe, reusable shopping bag mom. And I love my lunapads! Wish I hD known about them when I was pregnant 🙂

  200. I ate a lot of organic food and we cloth diapered our kids. I LOVE your products and have “liked” your page as well.

  201. we cloth diaper, I use the diva cup and lunapads mini pads, we use green laundry detergent, we ride our bike around or walk for our errands, we got rid of our car, we recycle, we compost…not all these changes happened when we had our baby, but she is certainly another reason to continue all our trajectory of greenness.

  202. Wish that I could have had a birth like the ones the other ladies have talked about. Too many complications, medical intervention was necessary. But we try to eat healthy (organic and local as much as possible). I try to only use green cleaners. And we’re learning how to compost and recycle.

  203. My biggest one: getting rid of the car and biking everywhere- even with a toddler, even in the winter. Now that I’m pregnant with number two, the next change I’m looking froward to is switching to Luna Pads- starting right at post-partum!


  204. the changes have been immense, but the thing I started during my first pregnancy was using homeopathics. Still do, they’re amazing!

    As for cloth, we’ve replaced all and I mean all paper products.

  205. We use cloth diapers. I’ve also used the diva cup for a while but with the arrival of teddy I also switched to cloth pads, they made postpartum so much better. I only use non toxic green cleaners now and eat a whole lot more organic. I also like lunapads on facebook.

  206. I’ve been a Lunapads devotee for 6 years, and am planning to use them as I enter my new phase of Mamahood in the next few months. Lunapads have opened me to the world of reusables rather than disposables and I can’t wait to have a cloth-diapered baby to complement his or her cloth-padded mama!

  207. I would LOVE to win the lunapads. Not so much for pregnancy and birth, but for having kids…one way we’ve tried to be more green is to use cloth diapers. It was hard to convince my husband at first, because he thought the idea was gross, but now that we’ve been doing it for a couple of months, he loves it too!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Breastmilk Sugars Enable Healthy Bacteria =-.

  208. I ate organic during my pregnancy, and I’d been using the diva cup prior to pregnancy. We’ve used cloth diapers, and now my house is chemical free. We’re trying really hard to stop consuming at such a mad rate. Having products like these that are reuseable – it’s really important to us.

    Thanks for the great products and great ideas 🙂

    I liked you before, I like you now, I’ll like you in the future (and thanks for helping make a better one), and I like you on Facebook!!

  209. I’ve been going cloth for quite a while before having our last daughter. Still bfing right now so no cycle as of yet. But these luna pads would be wonderful. My daughter who will begin her cycles soon is also interested in going cloth. Advance thinking for a 12 yr old.

  210. I used Lunapads pads and the diva cup for a year or so, and plan to use them after the birth of our first child in November. We are going to use gDiapers and try to limit the use of disposable wipes and such. We have also been buying as many baby items from used good stores or garage sales (not only is it less expensive, but it also means that one less of that item has to be manufactured again, therefore less resources are being used, ect.) And to clean the new “old” baby items I use method and other “green” products. Also, I’m going to breastfeed and we are going to make our own organic baby food.

  211. My last two births were natural, we cloth diaper, cloth mama products (diva cup currently) I breastfeed, homeschool, compost, recycle, eat organic (including all the baby food which I make myself) whenever possible, we raise chickens for eggs and compost material, and just try to live an overall green life now, we love it.

  212. We are gradually switching to a more green and less disposable household right now the big changes are switching our son from disposable to cloth diapers and I am now starting my cloth menstrual pad stash too.I would also like to switch to reusable sandwich and freezer bags and unpaper towels.We are composting and recycling as well.

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