Lunch Box Giveaway: Laptop Lunch, Fleurville & Go Green

This is my kids’ last week of day camp, which leads me to really grok that school is indeed right around the corner. In the spirit of back-to-school prep, I’ve rustled up some truly snazzy reusable lunch box-n-bag options as part of today’s A la Mama blog giveaway.

1. Laptop Lunch 2.0 “Alien” Bento Box set:

laptop lunch alien

2. Fleurville Cocoa Stripe Lunch Buddy:
fleurville cocoa stripe

3. And the “Orbit” Go Green Lunch Box:
go green lunch box

To enter, please leave a comment below, with your preference (you can list all three in order of preference, too). Good luck!

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407 thoughts on “Lunch Box Giveaway: Laptop Lunch, Fleurville & Go Green”

  1. My son starts school on September 1st and I would LOVE #3 (or #1 :)). Thanks for always have such fun give-aways!!

  2. Hmmm. *I* like #2, but I think dd would love #1! So, preferences would be #1 first, and then #2. 🙂 These are so much cooler than the lunch boxes we had as kids!

  3. How adorable! I love reusable lunch options for children. I’d love to win one of these in this order;


    laptop lunch

    fleurville bag

    🙂 What a fun giveway, i hope i win.

  4. Hmmm, pick one – the bento box,

    pick two – the orbit box

    pick three – the fleurville box.

    I’ve never won any of the mothering giveaways, but I always have so much fun entering anyway! 🙂

  5. all my kids like the GO GREEN! i’d have a fight on my hands, but the stripes would definitely be a really close 2nd for me

  6. Wow. Those are cool! I’d have to go 3, 1, 2. Love the looks of the second one, but love the compartments in the others.

  7. Oh these are so great! My little guy will need a lunchbox when he starts school, especially since he’s allergic to all things dairy, I will have to pack his lunch every single day.

    His preference would be #1, #3 and #2.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway, and for being a great resource for parents!

  8. My son is on a special diet so he can never have a school lunch, means packed lunch daily – he would LOVE #1 alien.

  9. I LOVE the “Orbit” set! I’m a Mama going back to college after many years, and this set would be just the thing to tote my nutritious foods around in (keeping me from the student cafeteria!). The erasable white board inside is so neat, too– why hasn’t anyone ever thought of that? After that, my preference would be the Alien bento box set, then the cocoa stripe!

  10. I LOVE these!! My kiddos desperately need some to-go lunch stuff. My preference would be 1,3,2. Thank you so much mothering!!

  11. I have been looking at these boxes in my Wegmans for a while… Would love to have it for my 3rd grader! #1 or #2 would be great!

  12. My daughter is so excited to start school and bring her own lunch! It would be wonderful to have one of these to help ease the transition (for me, not her)!

  13. I really like the Orbit being one piece, the laptop lunch then probably the fleurville only because I can’t see the inside.

  14. Just started back to school shopping yesterday and could not find something like this in our area. DD would LOVE #3 or #2

  15. I prefer the Go Green first and foremost. I love all of the compartments being contained in one piece. I like the Laptop Lunchbox as well, but not having a container big enough to hold a sandwich is a drawback.

  16. Love them! #3, #2, then #1. I have all girls, so that’s probably the only reason #1 is last. They are all so stinking cute!

  17. Oooh! We have the laptop lunchbox (old style) and would LOVE to try the new style Laptop lunchbox, 2nd choice -go green, and both of my girls would adore the fleurville! Great giveaway!

  18. My son would LOVE the Go Green box. I have been wanting to upgrade our lunch box to something that has it’s own compartments. Thanks!

  19. What fun! I LOVE them all! My daughter’s preference would probably be 3, 2, 1 but any of them would bring lots of smiles, for sure!

  20. My son and daughter both need one of these, and with hubby working two jobs and our financial situation the way it is, any little bit helps. We like the alien one, and the cocoa stripes one. Great giveaway, we will be keeping our fingers crossed!

  21. I was just looking at new lunch boxes today at Whole Foods. My preference would be 1-3-2. What a great giveaway, I love Laptop Lunches!
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..July Workshops =-.

  22. My daughter loves compartments and everything having a place so I know she’d love any one of these!

    Go Green


    Laptop Lunch

  23. OMG! We love Bento and my kids need some school-friendly boxes for their lunches this year! I love #3, #1 and #2! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  24. so cool! in order of preference, 3 (love the organization system), 2 (love the stripey-ness), 1 (not so sold on the aliens, though I love the bento boxes)

  25. Ohh anyone of these would be great!!

    There is so much to get with three kids in three different schools, one of these would be a great help!

    #3,2,1 would be great!!!

  26. I like #3, #1, and then #2 because I can’t see inside. I love how the Orbit one has the whiteboard on the inside, so I could write little notes to her. My daughter is starting preschool this year, and she would love any of them though!! ^_^

  27. These would be great to take to the beach or the Zoo with my boys. #3 and #1 please.
    .-= Jennifer San Nicolas´s last blog .. =-.

  28. I like the orbit go green lunch box!! I might like the Fleurville if I could see what it looked like inside…

  29. I have soooo wanted one of these FOREVER!

    I love them all, but my little guy would love the Laptop Lunch Aliens, then the Orbit Go Green, then the Fleurville cocoa strip 🙂 He does not have an aversion to pink at all though 😉

  30. I have been looking for a good reuseable for September. My gosh school is starting soon! We would like #3, 1, 2. Thanks!!!

  31. These look great!! Love 1 and 3, 2 is pretty cute as well but with three boys in the house I think they would prefer the other two!

  32. this would be great, my daughter starts 1st grade next month and i am not going to let her eat corn dogs and pizza for lunch. 🙂

    I would love 3,2,or even 1!

  33. We need a lunch box like that! I have been wanting one of these for a long time now. It’s something I love about being eco friendly, saving all the plastic trash of individual uses. I would take any of them.

  34. Oh! My kids are starting kinde and preschool this year and we’ve been looking for these! 3,1,2 please. 🙂

  35. Oh, another awesome lunchbox option to check out! First preference to #3 the orbit, then #1 the aliens, with #3 pink as last pick.

  36. My son used a couple of lunch carriers last year, his first year of bringing a lunch (earlier settings provided organic snacks and lunches), but I had to provide my own food containers … glass broke and it’s so hard to find the right sizes, whether glass or stainless! would love the prize: 3, 1, 2

  37. These are fantastic!! I love the bento style lunchboxes! My kids like to have everything separate on their plates, so these would make my life much easier!!! I love them all, but if I must rank my preference: 2, 3, 1. Thanks!!! Hope I win!

  38. I just went to the store to pick up this exact lunch box for my son, but they were out:( I would love this for him.

  39. with the litter lees lunch program at my daughter school, this lunch boxes are perfect, she likes the stripes (Fleurville) and the go green in that order.thanks

  40. We have four kids (all going to school and packing lunches), and a fifth on the way.. HINT! I love the alien, then orbit, then stripe. Thanks so much for doing these giveaways!!!

  41. 3 1 2

    I have been dreaming of the lovely lunches I could put together with the bento style laptop lunch boxes since seeing them in a newsletter. The Go Green looks even cooler! Now if you can just find one that makes the lunches too…

  42. These are all so charming, but I (my son) would love 1)Aliens or 3)Orbit. Thanks for giving away such cool stuff!

  43. 3-2-1. They are all adorablle!

    Hope I win one for my daughter because she is starting kindergarten in a few weeks! Thank you and wish me luck!

  44. Oops, typo in my email last submission!

    Lunch boxes are so much more cool now than when I was a kid! I love #2 & #3!

  45. I love the new wave of lunchboxes and how the encourage parents to move away from plastic bags. My favorites in order are 3,1,2

  46. Woo hoo!! Great give-away! I`ve been doing bento lunches for my daughters in order to make their lunches healthy and appealing. I`ve been using my laptop lunch boxes for two years and always wanted to try the 2.0! So the Orbit is my first choice and the Go Green is my second. 🙂

  47. Number 3 is my first choice and number 1 is my second choice. I’m really interested in helping my family to eat in a way that is more healthy and eco-friendly

  48. My big second grader DD loves #2. Fingers & toes crossed! :)P (Our school prefers supplies that don’t have media characters). THANKS!

  49. How funny! I was just looking into getting one of these for my daughter to take to the sitters! I love them!

    I like the laptop lunchbox the best.

    Then the orbit and lastly the Fleurville lunch buddy.

  50. Aloha ;~)

    with 7 kids I have been looking into buying lunchboxes for our outings. I really like number 3. Than 2, than one.

    I have really been thinking a lot on the impact we are making to the landfills etc by being a family of 9.

  51. So cool! We’ve been looking at some of these lunch boxes for our son, who is going to start a one day a week preschool program. We definitely want to go the waste free lunch route.

    I like the Orbit, Alien and then the striped lunch box.

  52. I really like the orbit bag as well, all those little compartments for all those little goodies. That would lunch time even more fun!

  53. Oh, these are way too cute, and very functional, I love them all but my kiddos like the Orbit or Alien!

    Thank you =)

  54. Ooooooo. I am always packing my boy’s lunch in containers that don’t contain or leak, because that’s what we have available. I love the Go Green Orbit because of the dishwasher safe wee (leak-proof!) compartments, water bottle included and non-toxic materials. An all-in-one system. ANd I can write a little note, too? May I please have that one?

    Many thanks,

    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Thank you- Rachel! =-.

  55. I love these so much, and we are encouraged to bring Green supplies at our charter school! Our preferences are #3, #1, and then #2.

  56. All three are fantastic, but my sons and I especially like the Alien Bento Box. Awesome lunch box for them and a cool new book for mom!

  57. I love them all! If I had to choose, I’d say 3,2,1. Number 3 looks intriguing. I’ve never heard of it, and it looks like the thermos can fit in with it, unlike the Laptop Lunch one, though I love that one, too. Thanks!

  58. I love them all, but I don’t think my husband would appreciate the pink one for our son! I prefer the order 1, 3, 2. Great giveaway!

  59. I would be happy with any of them…they are all delightful…and since I have three granddaughters I’ll go with 1. Fleurville, 2. Laptop and 3. Orbit Green

  60. I love all of these, but my daughter would enjoy the Fleurville stripey one so much. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  61. These are the coolest things! I would love the laptop lunch first, then the go green, and #2 as my final pick!

  62. I’d also love any of them! But I like the Alien bento lunchbox #1, the Orbit Go Green lunchbox #2, and the Fleurville Cocoa Stripe lunchbox #3. Thanks for the offer!!

  63. I would love one of these for my 3 year old who is starting preschool this fall.

    1. Orbit go green

    2. Fleurville cocoa stripe

    3. Alien Bento


  64. Orbit is our first choice. Alien is our second choice. Cocoa Stripe is our third choice. I’ll be packing for three next year so any of them would be appreciated!

  65. My daughter’s first year at school. She will be an eight grader. This lunch box thing is all new to me. I would love to win a great one!

  66. My daughter would love the Alien Laptop Lunch, then the Orbit one. This is a great way to start the school year, especially since she will be starting Kindergarten. These items will certainly reduce the amount of trash at lunch time.

  67. There’s a bit of an outer space theme here, right? Cute!I love the big dots on the Orbit Go Green the best, but I’d be happy to have any of them. Yaay for cool lunchboxes!

  68. 3,1,2. I love that it’s so enviro friendly! My daughter has wanted a bento box since she saw it in a vegan cook book. Thanks for offering this contest!

  69. My daughters have been using the laptop lunch box for the past four years. We love it! I’d love to try the Orbit or have the Fleurville for myself!

  70. Love mothering! Been with you the last 12years. I am the mom of 5 girls and would love to try these lunchboxes. love all of them!

  71. Any of these would be great to help us in our quest to reduce unnecessary disposable items. And to do it so stylishly! My son would love #1, or I’d love 3 or 2. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Love Orbit Green (option 3)! This is my son’s favorite color! These are the cutest! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  73. They all look great and so cute! My favorite is the Fleurville bag since I already love my Fleurville diaper bag. Great products!

  74. I love the idea of a reusable lunch box and we’ve had a bento box that is GREAT but I’m sad these are all made out of plastic, Candace! So, I don’t want to be considered for these (not sure I’m eligible anyway) but I do want to ask these companies — PLEASE MAKE A REUSABLE LUNCH BOX OUT OF A NON-TOXIC NON-PLASTIC SUBSTANCE! Wood? Stainless steel? At the risk of sounding strident, it’s no good if our eco-products are starting in the oil fields. COMPANIES! ARE YOU LISTENING???!!
    .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..So You Want to be on TV =-.

  75. 3, 2, 1 here. Oh please, oh please, oh pretty, pretty please! DS starts a new Waldorf preschool in a few weeks and one of these would be so insanely helpful. I accidentally left his old lunchbox on top of the car and drove off. Oops…

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