LunchBots Giveaway: Gear Up for Zero Waste Lunch

Happy Tuesday, Mamacitas.

LunchBots is giving away three (!) of their reusable, completely stainless steel lunch containers to one lucky winner.

They’re also offering a 20% off code for Mothering readers. Code: MOTHERING.

The Uno is great for packing a sandwich or a burrito:
Uno open

The Duo has 2 compartments, for cheese and crackers or fruit and nuts.
Duo open

and here’s the Pico, a smaller version of the Duo, also with two compartments:
Pico open

Please enter to win by leaving a comment below. Thanks so much for participating. I love my LunchBots and I hope you will, too.

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434 thoughts on “LunchBots Giveaway: Gear Up for Zero Waste Lunch”

  1. Awesome! My daughter had a completely waste-free lunch last year for her first year in school – we plan to continue the trend 🙂 These would be awesome to have!

  2. I have been excited by LunchBots for a while, and am slowly replacing plastic ware from my kitchen. These are so perfect! Thanks Mothering and LunchBots!

  3. How fantastic that these are stainless steel! Plastic always seems to take on funny smells and colors over time. Stainless stands the test of time. I love to have about 4 sets of these in my house for snacks and lunches!

  4. wow, these are awesome! i absolutely adore bento boxes and these are just fantastic! thanks for such a great contest 🙂

  5. Love them! We’ve been aiming for zero waste when packing lunches for a while now. I love the idea of stainless, especially with all the issues surrounding plastics. Not to mention that stainless steel makes everything (even a lunch box) sexy! 🙂

  6. Love these! I’d love to use these for my kids…I can never have enough for 4 to pack for, and I’m trying to acquire more non-plastics.

  7. What a neat no waste lunch option. I will be hosting a bento/healthy eating demonstration in 2 weeks and this would be perfect. I hope I win!

  8. Love them! Bento has been an interest of mine for a few years. I am glad to see it going more mainstream! I love that these are not plastic =)

  9. I’ve been looking for something durable for my hubby’s lunches. He’s harder on his lunch boxes than the kid.

  10. What a great idea! I’d love to send my husband’s lunch in something like this, and I bet it would start a trend at his company of 700+ young folks.

  11. Oh, those are so stinkin’ cool! I’ve got some reusable sandwich bags, but those don’t work for everything, I love these lunchbots!

  12. Aloha 🙂

    My husband is trying to make the transition from eating (mostly unhealthy) lunches to healthy ones he takes from home. A lunch bot would be an awesome start!

  13. LOVE stainless steel for snacks and meals on the go. And, want to show others there are easy alternatives to plastic.

  14. These would be great for my 1st grader who can’t wait to eat lunch at school and my 8th grader who is not so excited to go back!

  15. I LOVE these containers! 🙂 I pack food everywhere I go…pregnancy and a toddler give us plenty of reason to keep healthy food with us where ever we go. And I’m tired of the plastic containers we have! 🙂

  16. I love them! Since my daughter refuses to eat school lunches (probably a really good thing!) This would be perfect for her. They are also so cool looking! They would definitely make lunch packing easier, and eco-friendly!! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  17. I have been looking for better storage alternative for my children’s lunches. This would be fantastic. Whether or not I get you for free, we will be doing our part by using reusable containers. Everyone, should consider the same.

  18. These remind me of when I lived in Japan! Everyone used reusable lunch boxes. These are absolutely adorable and would love to have a set!

  19. Oh my word – these are so cute! They’d be just perfect for my pre-schooler, 1st grader, and 2nd grader! I’d love to have an affordable, plausible reason for not using plastic!

  20. My 3 year old is starting nursery school in a few weeks and is SO excited about bringing her own lunch every day! I am less excited. But these would make life much easier and cut down on waste!

  21. wow! these are nice looking!! my kindergartner or first grader would love them, though i should be careful what i wish for? i’d have to somehow get two, ha…!

  22. and i wonder if they leak?? sooo pretty though! and i just realized you’d get the 3 of them? nice…! (times 2… hmmm..)

  23. These look great. I love that they are completely stainless steel. Even the lid. Would love a chance to try them out.

  24. I would love to try these earth-friendly containers. I have 3 young grandkids who would love these. Thanks for all you do.

  25. Being a one income family, we are always trying to find simple ways to save money. One way we do that is to pack meals and snacks when we are away from home. These would be perfect to keep our snacks and meals in. We’d be excited instead of feeling slighted about not buying food out. Love the colors and style!

  26. These are absolutely lovely! We have food allergies in our family so the kids have to bring their own food everywhere – bday parties, school, sports…would *love* to have these!

  27. Already own two duos — use them every day. 🙂

    [Suggestion: an insert for the duo that has a top, or some other clever top for one of the duo compartments, so that one can have a liquid or semi-liquid (e.g. yogurt) on one side (without it invading the other side)?? I wish for that frequently…]

    Thanks LunchBots!!

  28. I have been looking at these for a while but with a new baby on the way I have not been able to purchase one. It would be great for my three year old who is a very picky eater and we are always bringing snacks with us but having to switch food around to find a good container and all we have is glass. Awesome giveaway!

  29. These are fanastic for me to use for my three boys’ lunches. I make their lunches everyday for nutritional reasons. Thanks for the chance!

  30. Great alternative to plastics! They look like they would hold up well to a few bumps or falls they may very well encounter:) I would feel good about storing my childrens food in them.

  31. Wow! How cool are these- This is the first I’ve seen of these and I’m loving them. Yay for no more plastic and double yay for reusing rather than throwing away baggie after baggie!

  32. I’d love to try these – we need some more lunch storage options now that my middle one is starting school this fall. 🙂

  33. What a great idea! I am so concerned about the plastic my children encounter every day, these look wonderful. 🙂

  34. these are great! i hate packing up 4 different containers every morning for lunch. 1 thing to pack, 1 thing to wash. EASY!

  35. I love these! I’ve been wanting to try some stainless steel lunch containers now that my toddler is on-the-go so much!

  36. Environmentally friendly, BPA free, and bright and cheery to boot 🙂 These are perfectly cute little lunch containers!

  37. These look great! We’ve got a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and a kindergartner. It’s always hectic making lunches because they all want something different. Lunchbots look like fun to use, no need for baggies, and would keep us organized. You’ve got a fabulous product; good luck!

  38. I’m tired of using those leftover ham containers as lunchboxes for my middle-schooler. Time to upgrade with Lunchbots!

  39. OooOOoo! DH has been bugging me to get him a lunch box! I’d love to give him one of these!! I guess I can still write a note on his lunch in dry erase marker… hehe. Bye bye brown bag 🙂

  40. I love reusable lunch containers! We use them all the time in my house, though I have never tried LunchBots. Thanks for making a stainless steel option!

  41. I would love to give these a try for my husband’s lunch at work and snacks for me and the kids when we are out! Cool!

  42. Awesome giveaway Mothering, thanks! Living plastic free is an everyday goal of ours, thanks to Lunchbots as well for making really great products.

  43. O this will come in super handy! My daughter in only two, but we are always out and about. This will cut down on me using little ziploc bags and such. (althought I try not to use them period)

  44. HI! these look so cool, I hope I win one! My son is starting kinder in less than 3 weeks, and I would love to pack his lunch in this!

  45. Oh I would love this. As a visiting nurse on the go all day, I am always looking for ways to improve on taking my lunch!

  46. I know my daughter will be leading by example this fall when she returns to the lunchroom. Not only is her district the leader in pre-packaged lunch food, they are also trash kings.

  47. This is awesome! My daughter is returning to public school after a year homeschooling as I’ll be back to packing a lunch for her. This would be so perfect!

  48. This would be perfect for my nine year old daughter, she loves to take salad, or veggie rolls, or cheese crackers for lunch. I love the double compartment it would be perfect for wasabi/soy sauce or dressing =)

  49. How fun! Will look at for my DD who starts kindergarten in the fall, and for hubby who takes meals to work. Thanks! Please enter me in the contest!

  50. Cool 🙂 I would love to get these for my kids. We always need something for snacks, lunches, etc. THanks for the opportunity!

  51. Would love one of these! My little guy is starting school this fall and this would be a great way to pack his lunches!

  52. Perfect for the coming school year, since now the school has the “litter less lunch” program, everybody has to send their kids with reusable containers.

  53. We’d love to get a set of these to help us in our efforts to be trash-free, especially when we take our lunch to a park!

  54. Am I eligible being that I am in Canada? If so, theses would be great for my little one starting preschool in the fall!

  55. I have my second daughter entering school in the fall and it would be great to have one to pack lunches in for them. I hope I win!

  56. I pack lunches almost daily, and am trying to phase out plastics in our house… Maybe I’ll win… or maybe I’ll use the 20% off…

  57. A friend has these and loves them. I would love to have a set for my kid’s snacks and sandwiches. What an awesome way to go green and store food in safe containers.

  58. I would LOVE these for my wasteful hubby who thinks plastic container means throw it away. It would also remind him not to reheat in plastic. He is my biggest kid in the house after all.

  59. Thanks so much for offering these! I have three kids, and I am always looking for ways to reduce waste. My kids are really into cutting back out garbage too.

  60. Getting my daughter ready for school – this would be such a special treat for her! And I’d love to show other parents how to eliminate waste by using these.

  61. My preschooler used this all last year and I wanted more to use for me. They were used everyday and still look great!! Food stays cold in the lunch box due to conduction from the ice pack.

  62. Just came across these containers yesterday and was so thrilled to see someone finally came out with something other than plastic 🙂 Would love to have some for my kiddo!

  63. With a two year old we never leave the house without some kind of snack – she gets hungry at the funniest times! These would be sweeeet! Thanks for the chance!

  64. love these! One of my girls has a tendency to “lose” my plastic containers when i send them to her school. They end up getting mixed in with everybody elses. I bet with these I would be certain to get the containers back!

  65. I’m tired of plastic containers and am leery of glass ones breaking. Thank you for making a stainless steel one that I can feel confident in and safe using!

  66. These are great! We currently use the plastic bento boxes – which are nearly falling apart – I would love to go stainless steel!

  67. These are so great! I love that they come in different sizes… and with compartments too! Would make picnics in the park a breeze to pack!

  68. I have been looking to get some new lunch stuff for the family. I would love to try these out!

  69. we’ve been using the BPA free plastic tupperware for about a year now and I’m noticing they’re getting a little cloudy. Suspicious…would love to switch to these instead!

  70. These are great! I can’t stand plastic and have been trying to phase it out of my life asap. I’ve been putting my lunches in glass tupperware containers but they can be really heavy. This is a fantastic alternative!

  71. i NEED to win these boxes as I have no plastic containers/bags in the house anymore and I can’t imagine sending my glass ones to Kindergarten….pick me!

  72. I’ve been trying to reduce our footprint (a family of 5 can have a big one) on a limited budget. We use cloth diapers, fabric napkins, try to buy locally or grow our own. It would be a great help to get these! The kids would love having their own special lunchbot, and our budget would love buying 2 (instead of 5) to round out the picture.

  73. I take my kiddo on lots of fields trips, so these lunchbots would be awesome… way better than the cheap plastic rattling around in my cupboard.

  74. I make lunch for my husband everyday and have to keep a lot of plastic containers on hand. He is a big gayer and the plastic ones can get oily or stained with stuff like pasta sauce so I toss (recycle) those. I even wash butter containers and cottage cheese tubs. And when I give food away I never get most containers back. Love to leave my plastics for these uses and use stainless steel for my hubby! That way he isn’t embarrassed about eating our of a cottage cheese plastic one lol

  75. My son has multiple food allergies so I have to make all of his food from scratch, including the lunch he takes to school. Lunchbots looks like a really neat reusable container, and I bet the other kids will think it’s so cool!

  76. What a wonderful product! I’ve never seen these before, so thank you to Mothering for sending me this way. I’m hoping to decrease the waste in our lunches this year. Thank you for the great ideas!

  77. These look so much lighter than the glass ones we use, and even better to fit into lunch boxes (especially daddy’s)!

  78. Mmm lunch! We pack our lunches every day but I’d love to start using stainless containers and borosilicate containers instead of plastic.

  79. This looks like what they’ve been doing in india for like forever. It’s called a tiffin box.

    This is a little more comfortable.

  80. I just bought a LunchBot for my son, and it is perfect for his bento-style lunch. Of course, now everyone else in the family wants their own; thiese would be perfect for us.

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