Make Sexy Time: Cake Lingerie Giveaway

Cake Lingerie: beautiful, sexy maternity skivvies! Not just for gals with a bun in the oven; the bra is also a nursing bra, and the boy shorts rock on a non-pregnant belly, too.

Behold the Blueberry Bra and Boy Leg (boy short) set: a $95 value.

Tracey Mountford--isn't she cute?

Tracey Mountford–isn’t she cute?

When founder and mama Tracey Montford yearned for beautiful lingerie during her pregnancy, all she could find was “matronly, high cupped, uninspiring and unflattering product which did nothing for her self esteem and pride, during this period of vulnerability.” I love that and I felt it too. When I had my kids, it was right before all of the beautiful nursing bras came out, and I had to get the job done with things that looked like re-purposed ace bandages. *shudder*

We featured Cake Lingerie in the current issue’s Strokes of Genius, and they also sent us lovely pieces for the Mothering fashion show last May. So I can tell you from experience that the pieces are beautiful, sexy, solidly constructed, comfy, and hott.

Here’s how you enter:

1. Leave a comment below, letting us know what your favorite Cake Lingerie item/set is from their website,

2. For a second chance to win, like Cake Lingerie’s facebook page, and leave a second comment here telling me that you did.

Also feel free to follow Cake Lingerie on Twitter, and check out their Cake Blog! (Typing that makes me hungry. Cake blog. Reminds me of a French winter holiday-time Buche de Noel, aka Yule Log.

PS: Their bra sizes range from 32B-38G and the boy short comes in sizes S-XL.

Edited to add: a few minutes after I posted this, I got the following horoscope from Astrocenter: “The planetary alignment is working to lure you out of your neat and tidy world into romantic heaven. You desire to treat your sweetcake to an evening complete with all the trimmings. This is the last thing they will suspect, as they open the front door to find you dressed in an outfit so alluring, they wonder if they are in the right house. Tonight is a night for sheer magic.” Synchronicity, I tell you.

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