Make Sexy Time: Cake Lingerie Giveaway

Cake Lingerie: beautiful, sexy maternity skivvies! Not just for gals with a bun in the oven; the bra is also a nursing bra, and the boy shorts rock on a non-pregnant belly, too.

Behold the Blueberry Bra and Boy Leg (boy short) set: a $95 value.

Tracey Mountford--isn't she cute?

Tracey Mountford–isn’t she cute?

When founder and mama Tracey Montford yearned for beautiful lingerie during her pregnancy, all she could find was “matronly, high cupped, uninspiring and unflattering product which did nothing for her self esteem and pride, during this period of vulnerability.” I love that and I felt it too. When I had my kids, it was right before all of the beautiful nursing bras came out, and I had to get the job done with things that looked like re-purposed ace bandages. *shudder*

We featured Cake Lingerie in the current issue’s Strokes of Genius, and they also sent us lovely pieces for the Mothering fashion show last May. So I can tell you from experience that the pieces are beautiful, sexy, solidly constructed, comfy, and hott.

Here’s how you enter:

1. Leave a comment below, letting us know what your favorite Cake Lingerie item/set is from their website,

2. For a second chance to win, like Cake Lingerie’s facebook page, and leave a second comment here telling me that you did.

Also feel free to follow Cake Lingerie on Twitter, and check out their Cake Blog! (Typing that makes me hungry. Cake blog. Reminds me of a French winter holiday-time Buche de Noel, aka Yule Log.

PS: Their bra sizes range from 32B-38G and the boy short comes in sizes S-XL.

Edited to add: a few minutes after I posted this, I got the following horoscope from Astrocenter: “The planetary alignment is working to lure you out of your neat and tidy world into romantic heaven. You desire to treat your sweetcake to an evening complete with all the trimmings. This is the last thing they will suspect, as they open the front door to find you dressed in an outfit so alluring, they wonder if they are in the right house. Tonight is a night for sheer magic.” Synchronicity, I tell you.

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419 thoughts on “Make Sexy Time: Cake Lingerie Giveaway”

  1. i just liked your facebook page i REALLY want to win this :)after many consecutive years being pregnant and nursing i have not had any cute bras….these are AWESOME

  2. Oh my – it’s so hard to decide what my favorite is. At this moment I’ll say it’s the Blue Berry Torte Camisole and French Nicker set. I love all their stuff – so sexy! I have been so disappointed with my nursing lingerie choices. I am still nursing my 2-year-old and it irks me that practically all nursing lingerie and clothing makes me look pregnant. I loved being pregnant, but I do not love being mistaken for pregnant!

  3. LOVE the frosted almond – and I am pregnant with our fourth. I have been desperately wishing for some cute, comfy bras and underwear for this pregnancy – thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. 11mos postpartum and I just went bra shopping last week. I finally got fitted and bought my first bra (aka and ace bamdage sewn to look even uglier than an ace bandage) in over two years. It was a weird day for me. The only thing that made it better was that after all was said and down I got to call my best friend and hysterically laugh over my new bra size. I am now officially the size that no one makes–drum roll please….34G possibly a 34H. I went away from that day thinking that I have no entered into the world of

    Ugly bras and grannie panties. So I jut have to thank you Candace. You have totally encouraged me with the post. I cannot wait to order from them. Of course I am going to enter as well. I’m head online first thing in the morning to “like” them. Bluthe bl

  5. These are beautiful! I am not in need of maternity lingerie anytime soon but 2.5 years after my son was born I could use a sexy nursing bra! It was hard to choose but I think my favorite is the French Vanilla.

  6. Wow, really! I CAN type. Haha. Silly

    Phone. I was going to say the blueberry print is the sweetest thing I’ve seen since my bridal party. I am loving that set!!!!

  7. I’m having a hard time choosing between blueberry and plum pudding. I want both! LOL Since I have to pick just one this time, though, I will pick blueberry.

  8. My faves are a toss-up between the blueberry (and blueberry torte) and the black forest. They are all so awesome, though.

  9. Wow, I love this lingerie! I wish I had stumbled across it when I was pregnant the first time! I love the Frosted Almond!

  10. I’m loving your enthusiasm! Kendra, I had to repost an excerpt from your comment on the Mothering facebook page. It was just too perfect. I have cried after trying on bras that “fit” me but do not fit my personality! (Given that I’m not Nurse Ratchet)

  11. this is difficult! i loved the meringue and the french vanilla…and i cant make up my mind which would i would devour first! just that its really exciting to see lingerie like this….

    becky. 18wk pregnant w/ twins and in dire need of some ladyfying.

  12. Oo Plum Pudding! I have been nursing or pregnant for over 5 years. I can tell you my bras need some help. They are some odd grey color after washing with jeans a few years ago. Now that my youngest is 15 months I can keep my iphone in my DDD when I go for a walk. Guess it is time for a refit. 🙂

    I also commented on their FB page.

  13. Baby#2 is 7months old and EBF. I wear nursing tanks exclusively because I ruined all my nice pre-baby bras by wearing them throughout my pregnancy. Going from a 34B to a 38DD then back to a 36C will do that… I would love, love, love to have a nursing bra like the blueberry. I like the strawberry shortcake too but would worry that the ruffle would show under clothes and make it impractical for anything but sexytime. Although… we do want one more… 😉

  14. LOVE! My fave is the frosted almond. (The blueberry torte camisole comes in at a close second though!)

    Liked this on Facebook!

  15. Those bras are beautiful! Wish I would have one when I was pregnant! I’m nursing now, and I love Choc Chip bra from the website.

  16. Oh wow – how to decide what my favorite is!! I’ve been nursing for almost 5 YEARS (3 babies) now straight and have been dying to wear sexy lingerie again!! These are the most beautiful nursing bras I’ve ever seen! It’s such a toss up for me – I like the Frosted Almond set and love the Strawberry Shortcake set too. If i had to chose just one (ah!) I’d probably go with Frosted Almond.

  17. I’m torn between Choc Chip and Black Forest. I could cry seeing these. I’ve been looking for pretty nursing bras for so long! I definitely can’t afford one, unfortunately, but maybe I’ll get lucky. 🙂

  18. I’m in love with the vanilla slip! Next in line is the blue berry bra. So very nice to see sexy bra for a mama who went from a 34A-B to a D-E! It’s hard enough to adjust to the new size without having a choice of no frills white-nude-black.

  19. Tracy Mountford you are my hero!

    Thank You! Love love these! Just looking at your beautiful bra and panty sets I can’t decide. Your choice of color is gorgeous and the design is so sexy. Can’t believe these bras are functional too!! Can’t wait to wear them and get “My Sexy Back”.

    My favorite Frosted Almond and Blueberry set hands down.

    Need to spread the love on Facebook and Twitter


  20. I’m going to have to spring for a set of these! Our 5th anniversary just passed and I certainly could have used some feminine nursing wear! Blue berry is my favorite.

  21. Wow, so hard to pick one, they are all so beautiful! I guess to pick one or two, I’d say the almond is my favorite, with blueberry a close second!

  22. Wow! It’s entirely too hard to pick one favorite! I love the Frosted Almond for everyday and the Raspberry Ripple for some extra umph. 🙂 If I had to pick just one I would say the Frosted Almond. I LOVE all the collections. I’m nursing my youngest child as I type. Sexy can be too far and few in between at times for moms…what a great company!

  23. Mandatory Entry: I’m having a hard time deciding among toasted almond, strawberry shortcake, and blueberry torte–they’re all great!

  24. My favorite is the blueberry! Would absolutely LOVE pretty, sexy lingerie for this pregnancy and the tandem nursing I’ll be doing soon. 🙂


  25. I love the Strawberry Shortcake & Mixed Berry collections! How pretty! When I was pregnant all I had was a hideous beige nursing bra. Haha! 🙂

  26. tough to pick one… I like the Black Forest but don’t think it would look good on me. I’m gonna go with French Vanilla.

  27. I wish they weren’t so expensive! But they look worth the price! I really liked the cookies and cream!

    Also “liked” on facebook!

  28. Love the Plum Pudding! Liked on FB – check. I’m down to one nursing bra after 16 months of BFing my daughter, plus today is my birthday, so I’m hoping for a sexy new set of gorgeous Cake lingerie! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  29. Love it all…especially cookies and cream! Liked on Facebook as well. I’ve been nursing for 10 months and would love something sexy!!!! 🙂

  30. I love the Strawberry Shortcake set! All of these names (not to mention the pic of the Buche de Noel) are making me hungry!!

  31. Liked their page on FB, too. I think it’s time to sell some diapers & slings to buy something pretty for Mama! 😉

  32. Oh my goodness how do I choose!!!! I love the Cookies & Cream, but the rest are all my favorites too!! I want one of each!!

  33. I have to admit, the Blueberry is my favorite. I adore the print and the color. The French Vanilla is beautiful, too. Classic and sexy!

  34. I don’t think I can make up my mind, I really like the french vanilla, toasted almond and the blueberry set.

  35. I love a plum pudding and need to add a little spice to my boring nursing wear. I am nursing baby #2 while pregnant with baby #3.

  36. I love almost all of them, so choosing a favorite was tough…but I like the blueberry torte camisole and pants…beautiful and still practical. LOVE it. 🙂 Totally my style.

  37. I want to look sexy again! Have been nursing for one year – the girls are not quite what they used to be 😉 Thank you for the consideration!

  38. Oh! me! me! me! I need a nursing bra SOOOO bad! Mine are falling apart. The girls would be sooooo happy in that blueberry set!

  39. I love frosted almond!!!=)With my 18 month old still nursing and another one on the way in March this would be so nice!

  40. Love French Vanilla. This was a hard task for this pregnant woman. I forgot what it was called between being on the website and scrolling down. “French……” I had to go back.

  41. The blueberry set is super-cute. After 16 months of nursing, my 3 nursing bras have seen better days. Thanks for the tip on the cute ones!

  42. I liked them on Facebook, and am pretty much in love with the Choc Chip with the French Knicker. I have a feeling that I might end up pregnant again if I wear this around my husband enough..!

  43. LOVE the black forest set!!!! I “liked” them on FB and will be following them on Twitter now too- finally….. cute nursing bras in bigger sizes. It seems like us bigger chested gals still get stuck with the frumpy looking stuff!!!

  44. Oooh, French Vanilla! It’s so beautiful! I was so SICK of nude, white, or black as options while pregnant and nursing!!! It’s like the Cake creator felt – it was a real self esteem crusher…

  45. Wow, I can’t believe that’s a nursing bra! I like the French Vanilla bra as well.

    legoisking at gmail dot com

  46. I would love this set! I’m expecting baby #2 any day now. I love the Vanilla kisses nightie, but honestly I love all the lingerie. Wish I had some room in my budget to buy some.

  47. Oh how cute is the rasperry ripple with the garter and stockings! WOW super cute!!!! LOVE IT!

    Finally something you can feel sexy in when your pregnant.

  48. Baby number two is due in six weeks!!! I would LOVE to have something pretty since nothing fits at this point!! Strawberry Shortcake, or Chocolate Chip, please!

  49. French Vanilla is soo romantic and sexy — beats out the others for me, but just *barely* So many beautiful choices!

  50. With baby # 2 due in December this would be such a great Christmas treat for myself, being on the bustier side of things there are very few options for feeling sexy! I love Plum Pudding set!!?

  51. Oh my Goodness! I looove all the different styles of Cake Lingerie! It’s fantastic how the styles cover the full spectrum of sexy from the more modest yet no less sexy coverage of the Blueberry Torte to the the simple sexy of the Merengue, to the hot red Plum Pudding that serves as a reminder of what it takes to make a baby!

    My personal favorite matched set of lingerie is the Chocolate Chip with the boy short bottoms. I love the illustrated pin-up girls from the 1930’s-1940’s and the spots on this set bring me to that time frame instantly.

  52. I also just “Liked” Cake Lingerie on Facebook so I can more easily share this wonderful resource with some of my friends 🙂

  53. OH I gone through 3 maternity bras already! Never had good advice, some have rough patches and others stretched out right away. I heart heart heart the blueberry set, and the pj’s look amazing! Is Cake sold in any (Canadian) stores?!

  54. I LOVE the Raspberry Ripple with the French knickers. With baby number 6 coming this Christmas, I would love to have something like this to keep my spirits up. =)

  55. The Frosted Almond is to die for! And boy, could I use a nursing bra. The tank tops just aren’t keeping these puppies in place!

  56. Oooohhh – LOVE THEM ALL!! I think if I was ordering right now Blueberry Torte would be first in my basket. Followed by both the Vanilla’s! Thank you for bringing these clothes into the world!

  57. definitely the french vanilla, because I could wear it everyday.

    Even on a day like today when my seven month old woke me up by

    climbing up on my shoulder and then spitting up all in my hair and on my face, I could still feel sexy waiting for a chance to take a shower!

  58. oooooo!!!! cookies and cream!!! so sexy, but not over~the~top girly!!!! thanks for opening our eyes to the way we should look AND feel with beautiful “mama bellies”!! 😉

  59. OMG! This comes at just the perfect time for me. i am 2 weeks “overdue” and just pulled out my nursing bras. I nearly cried! Belck, they are HORRID! I have been asking around for soemthing exactly like these but no one has told me of anything this beautiful!!

    I LOVE the Frosted Almond, although the Merengue and Choc Chip are both a close second!

  60. These are beautiful! I like the way the Blueberry cups fit, but I rarely buy a bra with dark colors because of show-through. Plum Pudding is gorgeous, but I have the same concern. The French Vanilla is cute and the color is more practical for me. Oh this is a tough choice!!!

    I *think* I’d go for the Blueberry!

  61. Wow, I’ve never heard of their stuff before. Beautiful!! On my wishlist. I’m torn between the Frosted Almond and Strawberry Shortcake. I would love to have these!

  62. The blueberry is my favorite, so it would be wonderful to win! Been looking for nice nursing lingerie for ages! I’m due in a week! 😀

  63. In love with the Strawberry Shortcake set! Expecting my first baby and I think that Cake is exactly what I havent been able to find anywherelse!

  64. Gorgeous! I’m just looking for nursing bras and these are beautiful. My favorite is Raspberry Ripple. I also love the Cookies n cream.

    I “liked them on facebook.

  65. Oooh, I love the raspberry ripple set! I’ve been making do with a couple of hideous-yet-functional nursing bras, and would love to have something a bit sexier and more feminine. 🙂

  66. How can you possibly choose one collection??? I love cookies and cream, meringue, and strawberry shortcake. They’re all divine!

  67. It’s hard to choose just one but I like the French Vanilla set the best! I don’t need maternity clothes anytime soon but after 2.5 years of nursing I could use a sexy bra.

  68. I don’t think my company’s internet policy will allow me to check out their website but everything sounds awesome and I really like the Blueberry set you’ve posted above!

  69. I LOVE the Raspberry Ripple Bra!! It is so pretty – I love pink and black, and the design reminds me of the lingerie styles I used to wear before kids! 😉

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