Make Your Own Lavender Soap Balls

Lavender SoapBath time is fun time in our house, but my 6 year old keeps telling me how all of her friends use strawberry smelling soap, and won’t stop asking me for some.  Of course the first thing that I think of is all of the toxic ingredients in those yummy smelling soaps, and how I’m certainly not going to use them to get her clean.  Sorry Quinn!


So instead, while she was at school her brother and I decided to make her a special bath time surprise!  Oh-so-pretty smelling Lavender Soap Balls!  It turned out to be a super fun project for Ethan and I, and Quinn couldn’t wait to use them.  Win-Win-Win!!!

To make your own, you’ll need:


  • 2 bars castile soap (or any other mild, unscented vegetable-based soap)
  • ½ cup dried lavender or rose blossoms
  • 8-10 drops lavender essential oil (optional)
  • ¼ cup warm water (preferably distilled)



  • Cheese grater
  • Medium sized bowl
  • Plate or small baking sheet


To make:

  • Grate the soap bars into bowl


Lavender Soap


  • Add lavender or rose blossoms, followed by essential oil if you are using any and mix well.


Lavender Soap


  • Slowly pour in the warm water and stir.
  • Roll into desired sized balls


Lavender Soap


  • Place on a plate or baking sheet, and allow to dry (typically about 2 days)
  • Use and Enjoy!!!


Amy PaolinelliAbout Amy Paolinelli

Amy is a mom of 3 lively kiddos, a wife, and an advocate for natural living. Prior to having children, she worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist with high-risk youth. After having her first daughter, she found her passion in pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and natural living. She is now an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice, a student of Herbal Medicine for Women, and cofounder of 3Girls Holistic – 100% Natural and Organic Skin Care line. She loves getting her hands dirty in the garden and spending time near the water. You can find more of her writings at



2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Lavender Soap Balls”

  1. love this idea,i love making homemade items, this will be great for christmas gifts, and my kids will also love making a sharing this

  2. Lavender oil is estrogenic and should not be used during pregnancy or on babies and small children, particularly boys.

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