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I am one of those crafty mamas, at least in my heart. I wander through holiday craft fairs and cruise etsy and ravelry for inspiration. I adore fabrics and wool and have a stash of both that is overflowing the hutch and bins I had so generously designated as my craft space. My list of things I want to make is rather long, and my intentions are good, they truly are.

Here’s the catch – since I became a mom my crafty side as taken a back seat. Like the back seat of a school bus. And I only have two kids. When I do manage to work on a project I am in pure bliss. This is my meditation, my release, my happy place.

The boys have grown older (now 7 & 9), and to my delight – they love crafting too. So I am utterly delighted with the new book Make Stuff Together: 24 simple projects to create as a family. Written by Bernadette Noll & Kathie Sever, mavens of the Future Craft Collective in Austin, TX, it is filled with funky homegrown craft projects for us to do together.

This Saturday we sat down together and went through the whole book 3 times over until my boys selected the juggling balls as their project of choice – a gift for father’s day :) It was the most delightful of days – between playing with fabrics and getting such pure focused time with my boys, I was one happy mama.

The other bonus? I was inspired enough to jump back into my crafting piles, and am now making the fridge into a chalkboard, sewing a dress, and creating fabric panels for our front hallway. High on the list from the Make Stuff Together book are the family talisman , and the appreciation banner – both beautiful ways to foster a sense of connection and celebration within our family. And the boys have already sourced an old wetsuit to transform into their new hiking bags (pictured at right) & water bottler holders.

I have one copy of Make Stuff Together to give away this week. To enter, simply comment on our Mama Renew facebook page sharing your current craft project (something you either are already doing, or would love to be doing).

Thanks, Bernadette & Kathie, for helping us to remember how much fun it is to make stuff together.



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