Mama Monday: Loving the One You’re With (You)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mamas!

by Nattu from (e-cards)

by Nattu from (e-cards)

Whether you’ve always loved Valentine’s Day or feel it’s a faux holiday not worth noticing (my feelings are mixed with a side of hopeless romantic), the fact remains that any excuse to express love to your nearest and dearest is worth running with.

And you don’t have to spend a cent! Laura Egley Taylor’s Mothering blog has been featuring truly lovely Valentines crafts to make with your kiddos, and Scott Noelle (I subscribe to his daily newsletter on parenting) has an easy and inspiring suggestion to pleasantly litter your life with love notes to self.

It’s not easy to grow up in this society with a healthy, unabashed sense of love for oneself intact. Narcissism and arrogance are often mistaken for self-love (the threat of being called same is used as a wedge to keep people disingenously humble), but true self-love does not come from a place of selfishness or pomposity.

My children’s pure love for me has taught me how to see myself in new ways–their love has fostered my own healthy appreciation of myself, with all of my imperfections. That fosters my own ability to give back to them. When children see their parents modeling healthy confidence and self-care, that’s a lifelong gift that informs their relationships and will impact their future parenting someday, too.

How did your parents model self-love or self-disparagement? How did that affect you, as a child? How are you carrying that forward and what would you like to improve/share with other parents? When do you notice contentment with yourself?

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