Walmart Plans To Add Mamava Pods To More Than 100 Stores

walmart plans to install mamava pods in over 100 storesWalmart has announced they’re installing Mamava lactation suites in over 100 stores by the end of the year, in an effort to support their breastfeeding associates and community members.

Walmart is showing itself to be an industry leader yet again, with the installation of Mamava lactation suites in over 100 of its stores by the end of the year. They’re the first retailer to offer the freestanding pods that allow women to have safe, clean, private space to breastfeed or pump, and that’s particularly great news for nursing associates at Walmart.

Last year,  new mom and Walmart associate Tennille Webb was traveling and saw the lactation suites. She said as soon as she used the Mamava pod the first time, it was a game-changer for her. She thought it could be for her colleagues and their customers and she took the idea to Walmart. Walmart introduced the pods in three stores. Now, the success has encouraged them to add pods in over 100 stores. 

Partnering with Mamava, the pods can be accessed and used through an app that opens them. Moms are able to control the lighting and the airflow in the pod and listen to soothing sounds as they feed their baby or pump.

Sascha Mayer is the CEO and co-founder of Mamava and said that they wanted to remove all barriers mothers had to choosing to nurse their babies.  She applauded Walmart’s commitment to their breastfeeding associates and customers and believes the partnership is a huge leap for normalizing breastfeeding and inclusivity among mothers.

The pods will be free to use and moms can even leave digital notes of encouragement for other moms who use the pods.

Julie Murphy is EVP of Walmart U.S. People. She said there’s nothing like the Mamava and they’re very excited to offer this option for moms who work at and shop at their stores.

Currently, several hundred Walmarts have Mother’sRooms for associates or customers to use, but the Mamava pods will offer moms another choice in stores that don’t have a Mother’s Room.

A recent survey conducted by Mamava and Medela found that moms are more committed to breastfeeding since COVID-19, as they are optimistic about the immunological benefits of breastfeeding.

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We’re excited to see a major retailer like Walmart take steps in encouraging their employees to breastfeed by making it much easier and more comfortable to do so.

walmart plans to install mamava pods in over 100 storesThere is nothing else like the Mamava pod. We strongly believe in what Mamava is doing to support moms and the experience the pods help create,” Julie Murphy, EVP of Walmart U.S. People, said. “We are very excited to provide this for moms who work and shop at our stores.”

Walmart currently has Mother’s Rooms in several hundred stores for associates and customers to use. The Mamava pods are intended for select stores without a Mother’s Room, offering moms another choice.

If you’re interested in seeing if your local Walmart has a Mamava pod (or one coming), check here. 



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