Managing Mom Stress: Sharing Tips and Trying out Herb Pharm’s Stress Manager


We all spend our days trying to be the best mom we can be. That means taking trips to the park, cooking healthy organic meals, homeschooling, cleaning the house and navigating sibling squabbles – and that’s on a slow day! Being a mom can be stressful, and we all have our own strategies.


Managing Mom Stress

We asked some of our Mothering Mavens to tell us about their stress levels and how they deal with stress in their lives. They also tried out Herb Pharm’s Stress Manager™ liquid herbal formula to see how that fit into their stress management strategies. Here’s what they had to say.


“I am a full time, homeschooling mom of two kids. Need more explanation about stress?”


The everyday struggle of raising children and getting through the day-to-day can cause more than enough stress for any one mom. Add in some of the other life circumstances that the Mavens told us about – including work, family problems, and health issues – and it’s easy to see why stress is such a pervasive state of being for many of us.


We can’t eliminate stress or stressors from our lives, but we can figure out strategies to cope with our stress. Anyalily mentioned “exercise, focus on diet and wellness, and … lighting incense or a scented candle when I need to change my space” as helpful ways to reduce stress in her life.


ThribalMax shared, “I manage stress by trying to take care of myself. I think some ‘ME’ time is really important. I want to model healthy balance in this area for my kids because it is so important. So many diseases are linked to stress.”


Other stress management strategies our Mavens shared:


–        Being clear with husband and children about what we need

–        Finding time to read, relax and nap

–        Spending time outside

–        Calling a friend to chat


Trying out Herb Pharm’s Stress Manager™


One of our sponsors, Herb Pharm, shared its Stress Manager™ liquid herbal formula with some of our Mothering moms. Stress Manager™ is a blend of therapeutic herbs known as “adaptogens” that are traditionally used to promote a healthy response to physical and mental stress. They used the tonic for a few weeks and reported back to us with their thoughts!


Kontessa, a mom of 4, noted that after taking the Stress Manager for a few weeks, she noticed a difference in her stress levels and planned to continue using the product as another strategy in her battle against stress.Managing Mom Stress



“I would recommend it to other moms who are stressed,” she said. “It has been a hard month honestly and I feel like I have really put this product to the test. I have seen no negative side effects and this means a lot to me.”


She noted that the small bottle was useful – a busy mom can keep it in her pocket and take it on the go. “I think I have now connected the taste to reminder to relax and be good to myself,” she added.


Jenni1984 also felt the taste of the tonic was a good reminder as she drank her doses in her water bottle throughout the day. She shared. “I’ve got a lot on my plate, especially last month. School projects for my son, Sunday school lessons, 3 kids, houses, plus a part-time work at home job. And I have been a lot more even keeled since starting to take the Stress Manager.”


Learn more about Herb Pharm Stress Manager™ liquid herbal formula!


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Herb Pharm has been making high quality medicinal herb extracts since 1979, and grows over 60 different herb varieties on its certified organic farm in southern Oregon.  Stress Manager™ and Herb Pharm’s more than 270 other herbal healthcare products can be found in health food stores, medical practitioner offices, or online at



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