More Mandatory Vaccinations: This Time For Parents

more mandatory vaccines- this time for parents

In California, parent volunteers must receive mandatory vaccinations in order to spend time with their children in their day care facility.

I’m a California girl. I love this state. I was born and raised here in nor Cal and I moved back to raise my own babies. This is a great place to live and, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Oh, but the politics…

California politics are always fun and interesting and many have noted that California often leads the way in legislation – if we do something, everybody else eventually does it too. My point – even if you don’t live in this amazing state, you should probably pay attention to what is going on here.

California is currently making some interesting mandates concerning vaccines for children and now- their parents.

Last year Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB-277. Signing of this eliminated personal belief exemptions for children entering school. All children are now required to get a series of vaccinations which include: Polio, MMR, DTap, hep B, and Chicken Pox before starting kindergarten.

The only way to avoid any of these vaccines is with a written note from a physician stating a medical reason for any waiver.

The burden of enforcing this law falls largely on the shoulders of already overworked school employees who, in addition to doing their regular work, must now verify vaccines for every single child in the school. Those who have managed to get a physician’s exemption (very difficult to do, even if just trying to avoid one particular shot) are noted and recorded so that they can be removed from school if there is an outbreak. Schools face the promise of audit and consequences if they allow a child to attend who is not fully vaccinated for these diseases.

Jerry Brown is keeping five-year-olds safe from hepatitis B – because of the growing problem with IV drug use among that population…

But it doesn’t stop there.

The first week of September in 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law another mandatory vaccine measure, SB-792. SB-792, rather than applying to children, applies to parent volunteers in day care facilities.

It reads,

Commencing September 1, 2016, a person shall not be employed or volunteer at a day care center if he or she has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. Each employee and volunteer shall receive an influenza vaccination between August 1 and December 1 of each year.”

Click here for the complete text.

Now parent volunteers must receive mandatory vaccinations in order to spend time with their children in their day care facility.

I am disappointed and concerned by the recent foray into mandatory vaccinations in California. Maybe we all should be.

I don’t consider myself anti-vaccination. I know enough about history and my own family history to know that vaccines have done wonderful things and helped people and saved lives. I am grateful for them. I am vaccinated. I don’t have a problem with my children being vaccinated.

I do have a problem with mandatory vaccines.

Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., a journalist who recently co-authored, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” with Dr. Paul Thomas says this:

“It’s very disturbing that California has chosen to force parents into one-size-fits-all medicine and to rob Californians of the freedom to make medical decision about their children in the privacy of a doctor’s office. I believe this issue will go to the Supreme Court.

In the absence of any real threat of infections diseases, it’s not appropriate to force vaccines. What will they mandate next? That children who do not take their ADD medication may no longer come to school?

Although vaccines are an important part of modern medicine, forced medical intervention is anti-American. We are a country founded on the principles of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. California’s decision to legislate vaccines for children and adults is anti-American.”

I agree with Dr. Margulis.

There is a problem with children being prevented from attending school because they are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Why should the child be kept from education because of the choices of their parents?

more mandatory vaccines- this time for parents

In 1954, Brown vs Board of Education, the Supreme court said that,

“…it is doubtful any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education. Such an opportunity where the state has undertaken to provide it, is a right which must be made available to all on equal terms.”

Of course Brown vs Board of Education was about segregation based on race – which was found unacceptable.

Is it now acceptable for children to be denied entry to public or private schools based on their parent’s medical choices for them?

Shouldn’t parents have the right to make these choices?

Should children be punished for them?

When the population is, overall, highly vaccinated, do a few outliers really endanger all children to the point that we must label and deny them education based solely on a risk they may pose IF they are infected and IF the vaccines in those vaccinated fail to work?

more mandatory vaccines- this time for parents

Now parents as well are required to show their vaccine status – how closely will this be enforced? Can a parent who does not wish to get the flu vaccine be allowed to walk their child into the day care? Must they stop outside the gate? Are they limited to waving goodbye from the street in a strange but larger reenactment of 1950s hospital scenes of babies in nurseries only waved to through the glass by the parents who gave them life?

And what about HIPAA? It will become very clear to all which parents and which children will have received the allocated vaccines because some will be allowed entry and some will not. Isn’t information like this protected? Must our medical choices and concerns be made public for all to see?

Vaccines are great.

Personal medical choices are great.

I support a woman’s right to choose to birth in the way she sees fit whether that be at home unassisted, or in the hospital with every modern medical intervention available to her. I support her choice if she is having a VBA3C or her 10th vaginal birth. I believe that women, mothers, parents, adult humans have a right to make choices about their own bodies – and while their children are still children about their medical procedures as well – even if those choices seem crazy to others.

Tolerance is quite the buzzword right now, is it not? In fact, to be “intolerant” seems to be considered a grievous sin, unforgivable and bred by hatred.

In a state that has led the way in legalizing same-sex marriage why are we leading the way in intolerance for people who choose not to vaccinate?

I hope that we will decide that tolerance and privacy and medical freedom and access to education are values we still cherish as Americans.

Photo credit: GovernmentZA via / CC BY-ND,   Daniel Paquet via / CC BY,  samantha celera via / CC BY-ND

28 thoughts on “More Mandatory Vaccinations: This Time For Parents”

  1. Hi, the link to the full text of the law did not work for me. Does it somewhere say that this new requirement would apply to volunteers in preschool or elementary school classrooms? Because the portion you included specifies only day care center volunteers.

  2. As a immunosuppressed and fully vaccinated person, I support mandatory vaccinations. Mandatory vaccination support children and adults who can;’s be vaccinated for medical reasons.

    We do not have good vaccination rate in California and this is hwy SB 227 happened. My child’s school has whooping cough outbreak because of high number of unvaccinated freshmen. No one is forcing anyone into public schools. You can always homeschool. California even provide free online support.

    Tolerance has limits. I do not support behaviours which put others in danger. I will never tolerate drunk driving or people not vaccinating unless there is a medical reason for it.

    1. As a immunosuppressed and fully vaccinated person, I FULLY DISAGREE with forcing vaccines on EVERYONE. You are assuming vaccines work, which shows how little you understand vaccines and the lack of testing for actual immunity, much less safety. It would not be safe to force everyone to eat a peanut and butter sandwich…. so to force parents to give their children whatever amount of vaccines the state wants, which our politicians are bought off by lobbyist. Then vaccine manufactures also have full immunity against being sued… which I am sure you can imagine removes any incentive to pull bad or “hot” batches or make decisions that are best for their patients/customers. What keeps companies honest is not their integrity, but the fear of lawsuits and liability.
      Vaccines are filled with cheap preservatives because of this, known neurotoxins, thus the rise in autism, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and other “unexplained neurological issues” that have now skyrocketed. Why put more expensive safer ingredients when again no one can sue you or hold you accountable.
      Then finally vaccines shed and spread illnesses… so they put you MORE at risk… There is a reason that most of the people that don’t vaccinate are highly educated and wealthy. The highest vaccinated population are the low income and uneducated. They are typically fully vaccinated 🙁 Because they are much easier to manipulate… Why don’t you go watch VAXXED and TRACE ELEMENTS… then tell me you still 100% believe in vaccines.

      1. I must say I disagree with argument, simply because of the sources, both Vaxxed and Trace Elements claims have been rejected/ debunked by scientific research, please feel free to look up credible sources on GoogleScholar, which have a more credible foundation.

        In my personal opinion I believe individual should have the right to make an “Informed” Discussion when it comes to vaccinated themselves. However, those who have dedicated a great deal of their lives studying medicine, chemistry, and other scientific fields have a better understanding on the vaccine issues.

      2. Kane: Your freedoms and my freedoms should be the same. My daughter was dying, they had to send 911 ambulance crew to resuscitate her. All due to her immunization. Now, I don’t want to force you to NOT get them, but you shouldn’t be able to FORCE me to get them either. You may not want your child to get measles and be miserable, but that is overcomeable. Someone becoming a vegetable for life or dying cannot. So, how about us as parents have the right to choose. Your child getting sick is more important than mine possibly dying? And, by the way, the reason there is no connection to the statistics that this happens is that doctors WILL NOT put it in the medical record. That implies guilt. That is what I was told. They refused to put it in the records because it implies guilt!! So, there is no record of it. So, lets not pretend here. Also, there is the treatment like we are radicals in a health care facility when we take a child in. When they find out you did not vaccinate, they act like you got your opinion from a newspaper article and no intelligence whatsoever. The people who are against people who don’t vaccinate think they are above and should be allowed to choose life altering choices for other peoples homes and lives. We HAVE NOT made our choice based on some article we ‘READ”. But from a true life experience that no one will have the guts to put it out there. So, before you choose mandated vaccinations, you need to realize your freedom could just as easily be stripped away from you. Please, uphold freedom. Even if you don’t agree, realize people come to this decision usually after a life altering experience that the medical facility refuses to put in the record because of the “guilt” factor. That means all the statistics are skewed by the way, not a true picture.

    2. Please educate yourself both about the standards for receiving a medical exemption and the pertussis vaccine. My son nearly died after receiving the DTaP vaccine. The only reason he qualified for a medical exemption to that vaccine, under CDC guidelines, is because he has a continuing seizure disorder. However, he does not qualify, according to CDC guidelines, for exemptions to any other vaccines, such as the one for chicken pox. Since the CDC admits they don’t know why this happens, I’m not going to experiment any further on my child’s brain.

      According to SB 277, my child won’t be allowed to go to middle or high school (he is grandfathered in until 7th grade). What makes an immunocompromised child or adult’s health and education more important than the health and education of a child who has experienced a serious, life altering adverse reaction?

      It galls me to hear people use their health condition as an excuse for forcing other people to choose between an education for their child, their child’s health, and the financial stability of the family. Just what % of the California population can afford to have one parent at home full time to home school? Don’t kid yourself, this is not a choice for most people.

      Finally, please research the pertussis vaccine. Do not blame the unvaccinated for whooping cough outbreaks, not even the CDC blames the unvaccinated (the CDC says the unvaccinated are “not the driving force of the outbreaks”! The vaccine isn’t a very effective one, and in fact, a vaccinated person – if he or she is protected from the symptoms (and that is about a 50/50 chance), still colonizes the bacteria that causes whooping cough if he or she is exposed to the bacteria – and it is always circulating. That means that those people actually become asymptomatic carriers for the up to six weeks it takes their body to get rid of the bacteria!

      I could go on and on about the pertussis vaccine, but I don’t have time. You need to look into it, though, and be honest with yourself. It’s not about the unvaccinated when it comes to whooping cough.

    3. I’m sorry your vaccines made you immunocompromised. My children won’t be forced into that same predicament with vaccines.

    4. I’m sorry but your info is incorrect. First off, the CDC & FDA knew that the whooping cough outbreak was triggered by THE VACCINE, not the unvaccinated. Read the official press release here.
      Also, about California kids – they were 97% vaccinated before the law. Less than 1% had zero vaccines and about 2% opt out of some but not all. These laws are all for vaccine manufactures and politicians who want there backing-not the people.

  3. As a mother, grandmother, and infant teacher in a private child care center, I do not support mandatory vaccination for any reason. Parents should be free to make medical decisions for their children and private schools should be free to have their own policies. Public schools and child care facilities should not have the right to discriminate, period. I am now at risk of losing my job, but I will not inject poison into my body. My body, my choice!

  4. My Beloveds mused aloud: “In reference to needles and the contents of any variation of chemical in the container there of….Like in vaccination needles or tattoo needles (especially electric needles!!!) it’s like a form of electrocution of the body, the water, the oxygen, the hormones, the electricity. Because the ingrediant combination (like Black Henna) is a chemistry experiment (hybridization) gone wrong, like glass puncturing the skin and electrocuting the mitochondria all over the skin since it’s liquid fire equalling the cardiovascular system and nervous system are so very close together, and the mitochondria is composed of water and electricity (the nucleus and RNA (healed unradioactive DNA). They say never put water on a hot pan otherwise it scalds and burns. Lightening to metal…And so does any metal like composition material like glass puncturing electricity. And the water..Water to electricity unnaturally is dangerous. Especialy if the bodily inherited Electricity and water touch with foreign contents!! Numbness and pain effecting all inherited anatomy.. Yet the energy= consciousness, responds like Dr. Emoto’s water theory, energy praying, responding positive to heal. Energy that transforms restorative and never destroys…Reminds us of a living prayer field (morphogenetic field)…Curious. for earthly and human inherited anatomy~ He says the same thing is similar to any variety of tattoo ink too….Worse yet Black henna of any varieties.

    R: “We just pondered something else, wouldn’t it also be the same for circumcisions as well? Knife to electricity danger…As the phallus was original from the human inherited body design composition of the womb, closest nerves to the heart and brain. Wouldn’t that also be similar to destroying a nervous system with electrocution unhealthily religiously and scientifically (spiritually)? Emotionally…including worse if one is eyesight blind yet psychic can see?

    We wonder too if hybrid foood and medications would worsen it too as everything is filtered with the intellegence of the kidneys into the blood streams (cardiovascular and lympathic) if something is frayed, it hurts further as inflammation. Alcohol worsens it too, the electricity electrocuting the body and worse yet the black henna in a form of intense burn out. Intense electrocution in case the ink is metallic in un”nature”. Thus electrocuting worse, especially if the the chemical imbalance of hybrid unhealthy food, medications, fluoride, alcohol, meat, diary, create acid.Like a form of alcohol that seeps into the cardiovascular veins and burns and boils through and later burns through the incasing of the nervous system? that’s in every internal organ and external (the mitochondria of the skin)..Burning out the nervous system yet still undestroy electricity it prays to heal and leave from inappropriateness. Energy transforms not destroys (Our research is based on Conservation laws of energy, and anatomy based on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system especially how close the two work together (especially too in the spine and the internal organs).

  5. I often do an immense amount of research before making an informed decision. But then again all isn’t it. A slightly slower, less informed, more inclined to believe in a conspiracy theory over science and data like those of us labeled as ‘anti-vaxers’ when in fact we are the ones doing the research and realizing big Pharma is killing us with each passing year, and politicians are being paid to help them do this. This also has a huge role in our nutrition, the sugar industry is in bed with them as well. The more fat we are the more por decisions we make. Our brains are on drugs and it has been proven sugar is worse than meth. Many years ago the sugar industry began pushing their agenda and now look at how fat we all are. But enough about that. Forcing vaccinations is merely a push even closer to a police state where you have no rights over your own person.

  6. I fully agree with the law. The point of vaccinating a child or people that come in contact with children is to prevent that child from passing the disease to others, especially those that cannot be vaccinated. Also, if several parents choose to not vaccinate their children and there is an outbreak of a disease, then helping those unvaccinated children and stopping the outbreak is a responsibility of the states. If your kid is not vaccinated, I have a right to ask the state to help keep that kid away from my kid. One could go further and say that it is a legal responsibility of a parent to properly care for a child by providing food and shelter, and maybe vaccines, too.

    Yes it’s true that if everybody else is vaccinated, there is no reason to vaccinate your child, but that is unfair, of course. The arguments that vaccinations don’t work, would be a legitimate argument if it hasn’t been debunked.

    1. My instinct is stemming at the moment to the curiosity of infections, viruses, bacteria, and more being composed of energy. Instinct relates me to this law, without argument to you, but intuitive discussioning simply~ If viruses are consciousness of energy that have a role of stated destruction of immunity, I would have to ponder if that goes against conservation law. Viruses are composed of energy yet through this conservation law energy cannot destroy only transform. My instinct stems to Doctor Emoto’s water theory (energy of water molecules/elements/atoms) and how RNA and DNA are held in abode of water. If viruses have energy, including bacteria, and infections, they must have a form of RNA in them. Because DNA, from what I discovered is radioactive, because no amount of high x-ray radiation is safe for the human body, thus it is electrocuted by lethal radiation (it reminds of a small form of Chernobyl). They say any form of alcohol will catch fire dramatically, and thus it concerns if the metal, inner contents of the vaccine tool, and the sterilization liquid hit the electricity of the nervous and cardiovascular system (lymphatic as well) which fire and water, and natural born…Do not they say do not set alcohol on fire, and never hold up metal (including soaked in alcoholic liquids (flammable) to electricity otherwise it will burn and harm?)However it is by the living consciousness of energy of the body, the metal/glass, the utensils, the living composition of what is considered legalized ‘medicine’, The sterilization method that “purifies’ the metal/glass/plastic of the ‘vaccine’ tool , and too the living conscious energy of the electromagnetic field of the earth, and more (that’s connected to the electricity of the human nervous system) it’s like a living prayer field, psychometric Morphogenetic field responding together in the redevelopement of healing the human anatomy. Since the origin of energy has a consciousness of wisdom/intellect to even heal all together for the better of all. Thus I would ponder with the Law of Conservation, that it would also respond to the viruses as well, another psychometric morphogenetic field of transformation of the virius/infections’ anatomy that is indeed energy restorative to beneficency instead. Energy not destroying in the original composition of this law, but is instead transformative. My husband refers to as spiritual scientific supportive. In respect to all original origins of energy and healing. We merely share this without argument, just our discoveries together through our own family experiences.

    2. Vaccination has never been safe.

      Vaccination has never been proven to be safe in any experiment.

      NO drug is 100% effective NOR 100% safe.

      Legally, according to the National Vaccine Compensation Law and SCOTUS, vaccination is UNavoidably UNsafe. IF vaccination is as safe as doctors and the government want us to believe, then why are drug companies protected from liability if their product, VACCINES, damage or kill someone?

  7. My 23 year old son who is immunocompromised because of a series of DPT shots when he was a baby is now in a wheelchair for life because of vaccines. My younger son who I refuse to vaccinate entered the 7th grade this year. I was able to obtain a medical exemption for him thankfully.

    My older son’s pediatric neurologist clearly stated to our family that my son cannot be around any newly vaccinated children/adults for up to 4 weeks as vaccines shed. He said being around the non-vaccinated are not a hazard.

    People need to wake up. If you are immune compromised, do not be around the newly vaccinated. Especially those vaccinated with a live vaccine. My non-vaccinated son has never been sick or had any vaccine preventable disease. He is the epitome of health. I’ve been researching vaccines for 22 years. Believe me, I know vaccines are toxins. I still have to feed, dress, bathe and toilet my older son. I feel guilty every single day because I let his doctor poison him. Wake up! Vaccines do not equal health!

    1. I’m so sorry about what happened to your son after the DPT. My son had a serious adverse reaction to the DTaP and nearly died. When SB 277 ripped apart our lives last year, I started researching the pertussis vaccine more.

      It makes me furious to know that decades ago mothers were fighting to get their children’s neurological injury after the pertussis vaccine acknowledged. Were any of you ever apologized to now that we use the DTaP? Of course not.

      And it infuriates me that now that we are using the acellular version the same crap is still happening. Yes, the rate seems to be much lower, but it still happens. And after all these years, the CDC has done nothing to try to figure out who this might happen to and why. It is downright criminal.

      1. It is criminal. I’m so done with big pharma and politics. It’s all about the profits and not the children. I’m so disgusted to say the least.

  8. One size does NOT fit all. Everyones immune system reacts differently to any stimulus so to mandate vaccines for all children is insane. This is medical tyranny and the doctors that have provided medical exemptions are being attacked and vilified.

  9. Sarah,

    I know you don’t know me personally, but we have some friends in common. I must share how much I love this article and your support. As a mother who has chosen to limit vaccines, I am grateful for those who support my decision as a mother, doing what I think is in the best interest of my children’s health. And, as a future BBC trainee, I am so glad that this business is full of women like you. This just solidifies my decision to train with this organization even more!! Lot of love from Oregon!


  10. I am grateful that this law will protect my kids and the kids of others, including babies in daycare centers too young for vaccination. Individual freedom is important, but it must be balanced with the rights of others. Just as the government makes traffic safety laws to protect everyone on the road, I am glad there are public health laws to protect us collectively.

    My oldest child had a serious adverse vaccine reaction (which does happen, though statistically less often than serious diseases in an unvaccinated population) and thus can’t be fully vaccinated as his sisters are. I’m glad kids like him will be protected.

  11. Well, if we didn’t have fundamentalist Christians avoiding vaccination and causing new outbreaks of previously conquered diseases, such drastic measures wouldn’t have to be enforced. Blame them.

  12. This law is absolutely insane for several reasons 1) They already mandate vaccines to children in day care centers, though some are to young for them most who plan on attending Kindergarden would be up to date rather than wait. 2) Some vaccines pose a risk of spreading a live virus via persons recently vaccinated (it’s a fact even included in many vaccine inserts). This poses a risk to children with little to no immunity. 3) The Gov. seems to think we want safety rather than freedom. I disagree. We want to keep personal freedoms safe- or else what are we fighting for? Er

  13. In our researches, our work in health, plant and human : A delveing into the origin of health, the nerves system, seed/nut allergies, especially to peanuts, to soy, and to flax. In my beloved’s discoveries, they found out that each of these are actually hybrid/ GMO plants that are electrically unsafe because they are an example of electrocuted plants over interbred (which means the nervous systems of the plants are electrocuting not healing genetically). This results in electrocutions of the mouth because the oils of these plants’ oils actually are electrically polluted and instantly fry rancid no matter climate conditions in minutes and thus these nuts oils end up electrocuting the taste buds, the mouth, several inherited body parts (nerves and blood vessels beholding liquid oxygen (and natural inherited electricity) and result in people not being able to breathe. (Though even the inherited bodies pray to stay alive, correctly.). Soy, Peas, and Peanuts for example are actually the nitrogen fixer node/bulbs of the peanut plant, thus if lightening of any small or big varieties concludes they transform the energy into sustenance for the plant. However unhealthy if they are over hybridized plants (like these three are), they harm the soil and individuals who may consume.. My beloved will aid in pieceing the information with anatomy examples (The comparisons and similarities of Human and Plant anatomies. Including the precautions for both.):

    1.) Nervous system is composed of electricity in all branches and nerves. (Including the electrical nerves upon the inner and upper Skin and all internal/external organs, immune structures respectfully.). The nerves gather information and remind people, the body and the surroundings of cautionaries and precautions, immune functions as well. The inherited human nerves skeletal structure reminds of the skeletal structure of plants, especially nitrogen fixing plants (which is composed of bulbs (nerves) of electricity cocooned safe, originally. For example: the nitrogen cycle takes in any manner of energy that is electric like the composition of lightening (plasma). Including dark lightening that is not normally seen to the naked eyes. (But sometimes the psychic eyes if the soul of dark lightening wants to be seen that is).

    Thus the nervous system, composed of electricity, is connected to the electricity held in the RNA (the healing: DNA), and every composition of the body (internal and external organ systems including, like the skin. ) Especially the mitochondria (which are the cells of the body) the nucleus which is recomposed like how a heart in the fetus is born in the womb. The mitochondria beholds water and the RNA (chromosomes= the nucleus of inherited intelligence that carry on all specific healing functions in the body. It has an immune system composed of a cardiovascular system, a lymphatic system and a electric nervous system that operate together to heal functionally, where fire and water are synthesized in balance= The water and electricity together. )

    2.) The Cardiovascular system is the second heart of the nervous system, composed of water and fire (as well) in all veins, muscles, and mitochondria. The blood, especially the red blood cells and the white blood cells (in example all functioning gifts of the immunity system) have this, including RNA. My beloved one refers to these as the mitochondrial presences, the white blood cells who work on behalf of the nervous system and the red blood cells relate to the presence power of the heart (nucleus). To Heal together.

    3.) Thus, as the nervous system is highly electric sourced, and so are the seas of the cardiovascular system as well, they operate functioningly together. Very closely. The concern thus is, what if a foreign material of metal (such as silver or concerningly hybrid, interbred, or rot fermented metals) or glass ( an example of plastic) were to puncture the skin (mitochondrial cells) and into the combination of the nervous system cocooning the cardiovascular system? In example they say never put metal (like silver) to raw electricity (like lightening) otherwise it’s very harmful in consequences to any number of individuals. What if the material of metal or glass-like material was coated in liquid? Inside and out (if the material of metal or glass is a container of contents liquid). What if the metal/glass was coated in the sterilization of alcohol? Do they not say (especially with any similarity to nail polish remover, that the ingredients are alcohol based and are very flammable if flame or (plasma) electricity (which is raw fire) is near? ). It would be the same then, if alcohol touches/coats a needle, supposable to sterilize, however what if the sterilization alcohol was on a vaccination needle, an electric tattoo needle or on an epi-pen needle and it punctures any layer of the cardiovascular system veins and a nerve of electricity of the nervous system? Would that not still electrocute someone especially if the container of contents ends up pouring into the cardiovascular system, lymphatic and worsen the electrocution of the electricity of the nervous system if puncturing too deep? That would not be a game to muse over, like playing god with electricity! It would be the intelligence of the body (the very nucleus (the heart) trying to work together like a living prayer field in action. Because the whole of the body is a living consciousness of intelligence (soul and spirit) of energy. Thus the whole body works together as a living morphogenetic field (Which means it is the living soul of all of the immune system healing together. Including with higher source energy (universe, divine energy, etc in names) which is connected to the electromagnetic field of the earth, the sun and moon (The Earth’s Nervous system, the Moon’s nervous system, the Sun’s nervous system that connects to the human bodies’ nervous systems. Reminds of a woven placenta, many fold. ). It all works together in stability, to keep out the contents of the “allergy test” or any dangers because the body knows it’s toxic. The epi-pen’s injecting needle, an allergy test, electric needles for tattoos on the skin (even fake tattoo ingredients), wrong sex caused by intercoarse with family members unknown (who could be electrocuted as our researches discuss) as well. and nitrogen fixing plant material consumed as food or beverage as well. Thus in everyones inherited body design, the energetic conscious of the body is praying to heal every individual on all levels. Most especially electrically and with the waters as well, together. This is Dr. Emoto’s water theory, and naturally an inherited law of the ancient cultures to respect anatomy we inherit. It does not mean, all people are lost, No! But it means many people could be on edge electrically and all layers are working together to calm and heal the people. Energy cannot be destroyed only retransformed in all layers of restoring. The power of healing (protectively). Thus what my beloved is saying is, everyone is allergic especially to hybrid foods (and drinks) which result in anaphylactic shocks (the body needing real nutrition from pure grown plants and clean water). Because the body/ presence is telling everyone each and clearly, that those things (similar to the formation of glass and harmful needle structures, big or small) are electrocuting the inherited anatomy, especially of the lungs (which highly have the bulbs of the nerves of the nervous system in them including the heart, stomache and brain. As hybrid foods are, unfortunately electrocuted junks as they were interbred very incorrectly in their original born anatomies. Hybridizing the plants electrocutes their RNA, their nerves system combined and thus they are not of nourishment nutrition. All nutrition is electrocuted and rancid in hybrid gmo food/drinks”, and too often as hybrid plants are most often flammable (due to their nitrogen warped genetic nervous systems) and create acid erosion in the soil and water and in the digestive system like a form of botulistic alcohol burning through the stomache lining (intestines, kidneys, heart, etc) into the nervous system for humans and animals as well. Yet reminded with hope: Every bit of the body works together to heal. A divine gift of transmutation, like metamorphosis and photosynthesis interconnected immunely indeed, we say~ (Our research is provided by the living linguistics of Laws of Conservation of Energy, Mass, Matter and our studies of the cardio-nerves system: plant and human anatomies. )

  14. I am an RN, working in a California county that has mandatory flu shots for health professionals, and I support all these public health provisions. Given how safe the vaccines are, I don’t really understand why anyone would not want to have them. This is such a non-issue. Why would anybody be pro-disease?

    1. I am also an RN, MSN working out of Florida. Most healthcare institutions these days have mandatory flu shots and anecdotally, 50% of my coworkers choose to wear a mask in lieu of receiving the vaccination, myself included. Why? Because the flu vaccine has very little effectiveness. Taken from the CDC’s website directly, flu vaccination effectiveness rates…2004-05 the effectiveness rate was just 10%, 2005-06 21%. More current data is a flu vaccine effectiveness rate in 2014-15 of 23%. The coverage rate is not great enough for the side effects (again, taken from the CDC website directly) that may include fever, vomiting, runny nose, cough, etc.

      The patients are not benefitting from a healthcare provider who has a small likelihood of being protected from the flu and IF they receive the vaccine, coming and shedding the virus at work further exposes the patient. Additionally, because you are have taken the flu vaccine, you are not required to wear a mask when you ARE symptomatic of flu or cold symptoms. No logic.

      Any medication or vaccination that has a side effect must allow for informed consent. If it does provide for informed consent AND it has side effects, you might as well forget your rights in the healthcare system.

      Take a look into healthcare fraud a bit deeper. It exists not just through embezzlements, but kickbacks, pharmacy included. Vaccines are necessary, but not to the extent that we are recommending them. $$$$ is the root of all this.

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