May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM), which debuts this May, is the brainchild of holistic lifestyle expert Anna Getty. The goal is to empower pregnant women with “information, ‘how-to’ ideas, and inspiration.” PAM’s four main initiatives are education, exercise, nutrition and wellness, and nurture…with an emphasis on sharing how to integrate these elements into their lives for themselves and their wee ones.

How? PAM participants will receive weekly email newsletters with information and advice on the four topics, can enter to win prizes from program sponsors, and can surf the PAM website. Some of their advisory board members include Dr. Alan Greene, Lisa Druxman, Josie Maran and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

Getty says, “In PAM we have adopted the tagline: “Motherhood begins now,” and I really believe that. I took that message to heart before I actually became pregnant as a way to prepare my mind, body and household for this fabulous moment of creativity, and my life literally turned upside down, for the better.”

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