Medical Circumcision for Urine not Draining from Penis?

My one year old son is not circumcised and is having a problem with his foreskin allowing the urine to drain. Basically, the urine builds up in the foreskin like a water balloon and then drains slowly. It’s only a few second process, but it’s very noticeable. We saw a Urologist today and he recommended circumcision. The opening is so small, it can’t really be located. He informed us that there is a steroid cream application that we could try, but when pressed for an answer he stated that because the opening is so small, it probably wouldn’t work. If we do have to circumcise him I would rather that he not remember it, but I am concerned about the anesthetic. Is it better to wait and see how it goes, or is it better to have it done now before he will remember it? Is there a possibility that it will stretch on its own?

Ballooning is a normal part of penile development in some boys. It simply means that your son’s foreskin and glans are detaching and the opening is not yet lax enough to accommodate the full stream. See pamphlet number 4–there’s a box with our pamphlets in it on our home page at–to read a wonderful story about ballooning that was told to me by an Irishman. Then, at the top of the home page, click on Directory and again on Important Articles when the next screen comes up. Read the second article, which explains how the foreskin and glans separate. Then, read the third and fourth articles. Once you’ve completed this reading, you’ll know more about the structures, functions, development, and care of the normal penis than your son’s doctors.

Circumcision is NOT necessary for your son. He is a perfectly normal little boy. The preputial orifice (opening) is small in all infants, babies, and toddlers. It’s nothing to worry about! And, yes, the opening will become lax with time.

And, do not think for one moment that, when a baby or toddler is circumcised, he won’t remember it. He will, in every cell of his body! Many men, during therapy, relive their circumcisions, remembering full well the pain and anguish of the traumatic experience.

You protected your son once and now it is time to protect him again. One day, he’ll thank you!

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