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There are lots of different folks on the Mothering team with a variety of skills, experiences, and lifestyles. Read on to learn more about each of them!

The Mothering Team (in alphabetical order), click on a name to jump to that team member:

AdinaL, Assistant Community Manager

Bad Mama Jama, Moderator

Cynthia Mosher, Community Manager

Dar – GA Liaison and Moderator

delightedbutterfly, Moderator

grisandole, Moderator

HappyHappyMommy, Moderator

heatherdeg, Moderator

hippiemombian, Moderator

IdentityCrisisMama, Moderator

lauren, Moderator

mary3mama, Moderator

Melanie Mayo-Laakso, Content Manager


Mosaic, Moderator

Peggy O’Mara, Founder of

purplegirl, Moderator

QueenOfTheMeadow, Moderator

sbgrace, Moderator

Shantimama, Moderator

tiacait, Moderator

To-Fu, Moderator 



Obnoxiously Positive
Assistant Community Manager

Adina, is originally from Denver but is currently enjoying life in Portland.  She’s a passionate knitter, loves quilting, reading, writing and pretty much anything on the internet. In her previous life she was a theatrical stage manager.




Bad Mama Jama

her modjesty
Moderator of Multicultural Families and TV Free
clutching my librarian pearls

Robbie, bibliophile and Single Mama Extraordinaire, is funny and loves to laugh. She likes spending time with her dd and reading nonfiction books to better herself.



Cynthia Mosher

Mothering Web Director
Community Manager

Cynthia’s passion is studying the workings of the human body. Originally a southern girl, her favorites are iced tea, nuts, and really good cheese! Mom to seven, she enjoys pinning on Pinterest, soapmaking, reading, photography, and watching House.


GA Liaison, Moderator of Learning at Home and Beyond
I can use three in one sentence

Sarah lives in St. Louis where she is a grad student and single mama to Rain the Wonderteen. Her interests include anthropology, learning Arabic and French, traveling, mom-ing, knitting, and watching House. She works as a teaching assistant and anything else she can get!



DelightedButterfly is a SAHM to two beautiful daughters, wife to an amazing husband and is slowly adapting to living in Northern Canada. She loves baths, books, music, animals, crafts and cake decorating. Not-so-secretly she has a soft spot for romantic comedies, medical dramas, suspense thrillers and reality TV.


Believer of fairy tales
Moderator of Trying to Conceive and Blended & Step Family Parenting

Kristi is a California girl, a proud WOHM who views life as an adventure. She loves reading, history, historical re-enactments and dance. She is passionate about natural health and healing and is working on a Master’s Degree in Public Health and Nutrition. Her job? Taking care of our nation’s Veterans.



KristiHappyhappymommy is mama to a delightful daughter and she and her partner really like living in the Northeast US because of the changing seasons. Her favorite thing is a great conversation and she enjoys art, writing, dancing in her living room, playing board and card games, baking snickerdoodles, travel, being active on women’s, human rights, and health issues, and the ocean. She believes that kindness can change the world.



Heather is a biological, foster and adoptive mama who homeschools during the day and health coaches her clients by evening.  She enjoys SLEEP (a lot), writing, music, preserving food, socializing (a lot), wine and gardening with reckless abandon.  A native east coast girl, she is still trying to bloom where she is replanted in the midwest… without salt water.








Ashley is a WAH Homeschooling Mom to two amazing girls. She is a lover of music, theatre and roller derby!










Hannah is a homebirthing, baby wearing, public school loving, unconditional parent of two. She enjoys traveling, crafting, vintage clothing, music, festivals, her community of mothers, her friends, and her huge extended family. Hannah is working towards a degree in art education and opening a textiles shop in her hometown of Baltimore.




Moderator of Adoptive and Foster Parenting, Learning at School, and Working and Student Parents

Lauren is a working mom of three. She’s an attachment enthusiast personally and professionally. She enjoys reading, singing, dance, reading some more, backpacking, hiking, XC skiing, raising chickens.




KristiMary is a low-carbing omnivorous mama living in Middle Indiana with a small menagerie of mammals including three happy, creative, homeschooled children (13, 9 & 5) one great dane, three black cats and one fantastic, supportive, creative, awesome and very attached hubby. She is at her absolute happiest when all the children are engaged in their passions allowing her to sit and knit and watch Doctor Who. She is not completely sure what superpower she’d like to have, but she’s pretty sure that it would involve time travel and yarn — because what is the use of time travel if one doesn’t use it to acquire more yarn?


Content Manager

Melanie is a WAH mama to two wonderfully wild and natural kiddos. She steals every possible moment to adventure outdoors with her family, devise new ways to discover the world with her homeschooled daughter and pursue her passion for historical research. For information about contributing to or sending items for review, please contact Melanie at [email protected] Please do not send unsolicited review products without first contacting us about our interest.





Jayde hails from Australia, where she lives her three favourite boys – two canine and one human.  She loves cooking, great music, crocheting and drinking cocktails (but not always at the same time!).



Senior Member
Moderator of Trying to Conceive, Breastfeeding, and Vaccinations

Heather lives in La vida loca! She is an envirogeek, chef-wannabe, honorary Latina, hopeless Pollyanna, and master hugger. She immensely enjoys cooking and nutrition, TCOYF, and reality tv but professionally is an Environmental Scientist.



Peggy O’Mara


Mother of four adult children: Lally, Finnie, Bram, Nora. Editor and Publisher of Mothering Magazine 1980 to 2011. She founded in 1995 and is currently Editor-In-Chief. Peggy enjoys gardening, poetry, and cooking.



I am purplicious
Moderator of Books, Music & Other Media
Calm, Cool and Collected

Lisa lives down by the river and enjoys art, reading, time with family, traveling,music and all things cultural. She works as a healer.




little flower
Moderator of Pleased to Meet You, Special Needs Parenting, Preteens & Teens, The Case Against Circumcision, and TAO
Look! It’s an angel kitten!

Catherine lives with the wildlife where she gardens, reads, hikes and crochets. She is a mom and a naturalist.



Moderator of Health and Healing

Rachelle (no profile info)





Yarn Goddess

Moderator of Surviving Abuse, Nutrition & Good Eating, Fitness & Weight Management, Mental Health, The Mindful Home, Spirituality & Religious Studies 

Jeffi is our yarn goddess. And loved. Nuff said.





Caitlin is a busy bee mother of two living outside of Washington, DC. She enjoys being with family, meeting new friends, growing her own food, and relaxing outdoors. She is living her dream as a birth worker and aspiring midwife.







Senior Member
Moderator of The Family Bed & Nighttime Parenting, and The Case Against Circumcision
Does your English Prof speak LOLcat?

KristiTasha is a radical, attached, feminist, book-loving, vegan, trilingual mama to two amazing boys.  She spends most of her time in a bike saddle and likes to think of her family as “car light.”  To-Fu lives in the Pacific Northwest and sometimes teaches literature and language.



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