Mercury-Free Flu Shots in Pregnancy – CoMeD Needs Your Help

Sept 30th, 2009

Not-for-profit organization CoMeD is looking for declarations from pregnant women who have attempted to obtain a flu shot that does not contain mercury. Mothering has joined CoMeD in a lawsuit to force the Federal Government to mandate that all pregnant women not receive mercury laced flu shots, and are looking for assistance chronicling the difficulties encountered locating such shots. To take action CoMeD asks that if you have had trouble obtaining a mercury-free flu shot while pregnant that you fill out and send in a declaration as soon as possible. The initial hearing was held Sept 29, but declarations are needed on a continuing basis.

For more information and to find the declaration please visit the CoMeD site.

The full press release, action alert data sheet, and declaration can be found on the MotheringDotCommunity. You will also find contact information here to take action if you have already received a mercury laced flu shot while pregnant.

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