The Messy House Project: 10 Moms Share Pics of What Their Houses Really Look Like Most of the Time

Because sometimes we just need to feel better about ourselves, here are 10 brave moms who shared pictures of some more well lived-in areas of their homes. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Little girls are filled with sugar and spice and… explosions of messes. Martha told me this was a clean day.


All. Day. Every. Day.

Honestly, how do such little people go through so many dishes? Oh yes, I remember. Because this is my third attempt at feeding you one meal.


I see components of a playroom and a bedroom… in the living room? Yup. That sounds right.


Does anyone else look at this and think, “man, I really need a triceratops in my life.” No? Just me. Moving on.

kitchen counter

I was happy to see I’m not the only one who has a kitchen counter that doubles as a standing desk. Even though Juanita’s fire hazard concerns me, her stove is still being worked more than mine.


Kitchen counter tops are also the absolute catch-all of just all the things. Is that… three? Pairs of sunglasses?


Bernadette told me the blankets on the table make a fort. Because, obviously. The Dole cardboard produce boxes were left unexplained.


Betty thought this was messy. Betty is not allowed over to my house.


Sally gave up putting her couch back together. Forts are more fun anyhow.


Clearly this baby needs more toys from the shelf.


There is a box of toys right there, mister. No? Just take the iPad I need to lie down and not clean.


The Never Ending Story of parenthood.


This is Betty’s “messy” kitchen. We’re not friends with Betty anymore.

23 thoughts on “The Messy House Project: 10 Moms Share Pics of What Their Houses Really Look Like Most of the Time”

  1. I laughed when I read your comment about the Triceratops because the first thing I thought when I scrolled to that picture is “Oh! I wonder where they found a triceratops! I’ll go check Craigslist!” I already have a riding dragon that’s as big if not bigger than the Triceratops but more large creatures are always welcome.

    1. Thank you! Hehe I’m having baby no 5 and my house is way worse than these ATM! I already have 2 3 and under and my father recently passed away, I was struggling in survival mode, just sitting here crying because my whole family is judging me on my messy and not as clean as it used to be house! This made me smile ☺️ Except for Betty lol!

  2. These are a joke, they are not messy and look amazing compared to my house! I want to take some before and after photos to show you how much mess my kids make within about 10 minutes of waking up!!!

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking, Rachel! Hahaha… Some of those “messy” rooms look like my cleanest room on a cleaning day before my toddler gets a hold of it. I try though. It’s hard to believe I am an OCD clean freak when you come to my home these days. 8 months pregnant with a wild toddler means something had to give. ?

    2. Agreed! Your countertops are not going to be clean if you have a sink full of dishes! LOL And look at those carpets and hardwood! My kids don’t even eat in the carpeted rooms and yet some how there are crumbs and bits of bread all over the frickin place! LOL

  3. Clearly these Moms have not experienced the joy of the teen years. Nor do they have several mannerless pets. Brace yourself ladies, the teens are coming.

  4. None of these houses are messy! It’s like someone’s gone into a show home, chucked a few toys around and taken a photo saying ‘har, har, I’m so messy, har, har’. Way to make proper normal mums feel like a heap of rubbish 🙁

  5. I have to agree with “Someone.” Two of my 5 kids are teens…We’ve definitely turned a corner into a whole different kind of messiness. I’ve pretty much given up and thinking it’s only going to get worse! (I love the deer in headlights look I get from the older kids when I find plates/glasses in their room…)

  6. This reminds me of the time when we took a one year sojourn to Fairport, NY, near Rochester. The kids were little. I always loved going back to South Orange to see another messy house. Our neighborhood in Fairport was populated with extremely nice white middle class stepford wives. Every house was perfectly decorated, as were the children. I’d come visit Maureen Garde and feel comfortable fr the first time since my last visit home. Oh, and there weren’t any Jews, or hippies, or people of color. Everybody looked like me, but their homes looked nothing like mine.

  7. Wot’s important here is that the kids and parents are so happy! That’s the nrg i see and love, also experienced. An Anciano, Elder once told us: “You can always later on have some nice house. But you will only have these babies and children little and learning like this one time in life.”

  8. Um…. did I somehow miss the pictures with actual mess? This is one of those posts that is “supposed” to make you feel better, but is really about bragging. “Look at the rather clean and tidy room we call messy.” Nearly everyone I know has a house way messier than this.

  9. Messy houses have people in them who were never taught to tidy up.
    First law of kindergarten: What you pull out, you put back just the way it was found.
    Lazy, unmotivated, lackadaisical people have messy houses.
    Their parents never taught them to be neat and organized.
    A friend purchased a near-million dollar home for his wife….she WAS so messy and let the children follow suite. He got tired of the messiness and DIVORCED her.
    The bathroom and kitchen should be the clearner rooms in the house.
    Your house situation is an indicator or WHO you are….children should be taught to clean-up….

  10. Everyone should do his/her part when the house becomes messy.
    It is not just the MOTHER who is responsible for this.
    EVERYBODY has a job to do and it SHOUHLD be done.
    ALL BEDS should be made-up daily….who sleeps in a messy bed night after night?
    Children should be afforded the opportunity to see “TIDINESS” some point in their lives and it is up to the parents to display this.
    Disorganization is a sign of a scatter-brain….indecisive, erratic, short-attention span, vascillation, etc.
    Mothers start being organized for your children’s and husband’s sake!

  11. thanks, i needed this today! it made me smile and counter-acted the too-perfect, unlivable standards that i consume too much of in home and family mags, tv, and pinterest!

  12. Yes these homes are messy (except Betty’s, but that just shows you what people think are a mess differs). To the person about people who don’t clean up are just lazy. Well, good for you to think so poorly of others. You must be so proud of yourself. These pictures make me feel a lot better. Thank you for posting, so I feel that my life is normal.

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