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If you saw The Business of Being Born, you will well remember the charming French physician, Michel Odent, who spoke eloquently of the connection between our capacity to love and our earliest imprinting. Odent originally became known for his pioneering work at the Pithiviers hospital in France. (1962-1985). He authored the first article in the medical literature about the use of birthing pools. (The Lancet, 1983) and introduced the idea of birthing pools and home-like birthing rooms to maternity units.

Odent is the author of 12 books in 22 languages, including Birth Reborn, The Caesarean, The Functions of the Orgasms, and Childbirth in the Age of Plastics and co-author of five academic texts. He reminds us that, like all animals, we want privacy during birth: a birthing women needs to feel safe and free from dogma. For more of Odent’s writing, see his website Womb Ecology and search the Primal Health Research Databank that he created.

Ina May Gaskin

This fall, Odent is hosting a conference in Hawaii. The Mid-Pacific Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research will be held at the Honolulu Convention Center October 26-28, 2012.; Odent calls this conference The Honolulu Great Wake-Up Call. It follows the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Conference, which attracted 1250 participants from 39 countries. The purpose of this conference is to present an overview of current technical and scientific advances in childbirth and, in response, to ask new questions about its future.

The conference program will bring together an impressive group of speakers, including Michael Stark, MD, considered to be one the most influential surgeons of our time and “father” of a simplified cesarean technique; Kirstin Uvnas-Moberg, MD, professor of physiology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and author of The Oxytocin Factor; and Susan Wickham, RM, PhD, founder  of Midwives Information and Resource Center (MIDRS) and editor of Essentially MIDRS, a monthly midwifery journal.

Sarah Buckley

Several Mothering contributors and experts will also be presenting: Robbie Davis-Floyd on Birth Across Cultures; Ina May Gaskin (and Michel Odent) on Unusual Routes to Midwifery and Obstetrics; Cathy Daub and Elizabeth Davis on Transcendant Emotional States in Childbirth.

I will participate in a roundtable on Writing about Mothering with Jan Tritten from Midwifery Today and  Sarah Buckley, Australian obstetrician and author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.

The conference is $220. It would be great to see you there.



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