Midwives Address Health Disparities: Video #3 from I am a Midwife




“It’s not acceptable that African-American women and babies, regardless of their economic and educational backgrounds still have a 3-4 times greater chance of dying in childbirth (and postpartum) than their white counterparts.” “It’s not acceptable that women of every race and every ethnicity who are marginalized and vulnerable and poor do not have access to good care, affordable care and satisfying care.”


–Geradine Simkins, CNM, MSN, DEM and President and Interim Executive Director of the Midwives Alliance of North America


Why do more women and infants of color die in the US than their white counterparts?


Midwives Address Health Disparities, video #3 from I am a Midwife takes a critical look at this important issue. Six different midwives address the serious realities of health disparities in the US in regards to birth–and describe how midwifery care improves birth outcomes for women and babies in vulnerable communities by providing safe, supportive and culturally sensitive care.


Throughout the upcoming week several midwives featured in the video will write about this issue on this blog space.  Check back often on All Things Mothering to learn more about health disparities–and how the safe and high-quality care midwives provide is key to addressing this problem.


As Tamara Taitt, DEM, MS, PhDc and one of the midwives featured in this piece states, “I feel like health disparities is really the battleground on which midwifery will be proven to be the gold standard.”


I am a Midwife is a new online video series all about midwives and what they do.  A new video will be released weekly throughout May and June.  To see more videos, subscribe to the I am a Midwife channel on Youtube. From the Midwives Alliance of North America Co-produced with Woman in the Moon Films


Midwives address health disparities

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