Midwives Know Birth Matters: Video #2 from I am a Midwife


In Midwives Know Birth Matters twelve different midwives, practicing in all settings, speak about the importance of birth for babies, mothers and birth partners.  The quality care midwives provide can make all the difference in facilitating a safe, supportive and satisfying experience.  Midwives know how we are born and how a woman becomes a mother matters!


I am a Midwife is a new online video series about midwives and what they do.  A new video will be released weekly throughout May and June.  Subscribe to I am a Midwife on Youtube


From the Midwives Alliance of North America


Co-produced with Woman in the Moon Films


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About Nicolle Littrell

Nicolle is a filmmaker, educator and activist. She produces films about birth options and women’s reproductive health through her indie film co., Woman in the Moon Films, located in Belfast, Maine. Her film series, “At Home in Maine” features authentic, intimate and artistic portraits of the homebirth experience. She is also adjunct Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies faculty at the University of Maine. Nicolle is co-producing “I am a Midwife” with the Midwives Alliance of North America.


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