Milkies Nursing Blend: Vitamins for Nursing Moms

nursing blendI’ve written previously about vitamin supplements– which options are high quality, which aren’t worth much, and how whole food is the most important part of the equation. Too often in our society, people want a vitamin to do the trick for them, rather than consistently consuming real, live vitamins and minerals. As a wellness coach, I generally don’t recommend vitamin supplementation, and instead focus on eating a nutrient-dense diet.

But breastfeeding mothers are a different case. We work off a lot of calories through the process of making breast milk, and being responsible for nourishing a growing child from our bodies can be taxing. Breast milk is the perfect food for babies, regardless of what the mother’s diet looks like, but taking a supplement to increase your daily intake of specific vitamins and minerals is a good idea, and can even be crucial for some women.

Milkies Nursing Blend is not only specially formulated with nursing moms in mind, but it also has milk-boosting herbs (including fenugreek and anise) for anyone struggling with supply issues. The blend contains 700% daily value of vitamin D– an important vitamin for breastfeeding mothers. It also contains vitamins B6 and B12, which can help improve energy levels– something most moms can appreciate!

After both of my pregnancies, I continued to take my usual prenatal vitamin throughout my breastfeeding period for extra nutrients. Recently, I’ve been using the Nursing Blend supplements and I found them easy to swallow, with no funny aftertaste.

When a good friend of mine told me she was dealing with low supply issues, I gave her my bottle of Nursing Blend, and she said she definitely noticed that it improved her supply. I’ve always had a decent supply of milk so I may not be the best candidate to test this aspect of the supplement on, but my friend said she was able to nurse her baby and hand express more milk than before. And she plans to order more — a ringing endorsement for this product!

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