Miscarriage and Fever

I began spotting about 3 days ago, at 12 weeks, 4 days pregnant. So I went in for an ultrasound that showed something with no heartbeat (that measured 8 mm? Or 8 cm?). However, I have not seen a doctor nor midwife for this pregnancy yet and my ultrasound was at an unaffiliated imaging center. I am now bleeding in earnest and passing tissue but have had no cramping. In addition I have a fever of 101 deg. F that has escalated from about 99 2 days ago. But, in this same time frame, I have also come down with a nasty upper respiratory infection and am coughing up phlegm like a bandit. I really would prefer not to have a D&C but understand that there is a chance of infection with the miscarriage. Is there actually any way for a doctor to test to see if my fever is from the respiratory symptoms or the miscarriage? I am hesitating going to a doctor because I figure they will recommend a D&C regardless because to them it’s no big deal… To me it is a big deal. I have had major traumatic birth experiences, and experiences with doctors in general, and I am not inclined to trust that they are doing what should actually be done, but rather what is expedient for them and what lowers their liability the most. I have had 4 pregnancies, 2 of which were late 1st trimester miscarriages, and one of my live children was conceived only with the help of clomid after 2 years. Both children were also delivered by c-section (the reason I have not seen a doctor–have to travel 250 miles to a midwife for a vbac attempt–in the next state, and had an appointment scheduled for the week after next). Mostly I don’t want a D&C because it increases my chances of subsequent miscarriages, as do my c-sections already. Also, I just don’t want anymore unnecessary surgery in my uterus. I and it have been through enough. Basically I guess I would like to know what level of fever should send me to the hospital/doctor’s office, and what duration it is safe to wait out the fever and see if it clears up on its own?

It is highly probable that your high temperature is related to the respiratory tract infection. If the fever is going on and if the infection is not purely viral, a treatment with antibiotics might be discussed. D & C is probably useless, even counter-productive.

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