Misses and Catches

This happy cloth-diapered baby does all of her poop and most of her pee in the potty!

This happy cloth-diapered baby does all of her poop and most of her pee in the potty!

In the world of infant pottying there’s a different lingo than most people are used to.

“Catches” are when you catch a baby’s pee or poop in a potty, chamber pot, or toilet.

“Misses” are when you miss the cues your baby is trying to give you and the pee ends up on you or the floor.

Elimination Communication (EC) works two ways: The baby signals that she has to go. She may flail, fidget, vocalize, get still and look away, grunt, or squirm.

At the same time, you teach her to associate a sound with peeing and another with pooping. Every time she hears those sounds she knows to relax her sphincter muscles.

So far it’s been gleefully easy to catch the poops. For three weeks Leone did not soil a single diaper. (Unfortunately, she poops almost every morning between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. I hold her over the chamber pot in a state of bleary eyed exhaustion. She poops and goes back to sleep. I don’t.)

Then the other day she started squirming and grunting at dinner. We had just sat down to eat after an exhausting day of everyone being ten different places. Leone was on my lap–VOLCANIC ERUPTION–and pooped before I could get her diaper off.

It’s harder to catch the pees.

Partly because in the morning she pees three or four times an hour, or maybe even more. Also I find myself less sure when she needs to pee. When I hold her over the pot at the wrong time and she fidgets and protests, I take her off immediately. But then I feel badly for bothering her and after that happens I’m less likely to hold her over when she’s trying to tell me she needs to go.

The big girls didn’t have school today. So Hesperus, Athena, Leone, and I spent the morning at Etani’s kindergarten teaching the kinders how to play card games. Twice I felt Leone needed to pee. Both times I took her to the bathroom and she peed as soon as I held her over the toilet and made the cueing sound (”PSSST”). But she also managed to wet two cloth diapers in the midst of the kinder chaos.

The morning’s tally: Catches: 2; Wet diapers: 2; Misses: 0.

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