Modified Sun Salutation

This is an excellent stretcher and invigorator. Go slowly at first and learn each step thoroughly. Then you can begin to let each step flow to the next one. Inhale and exhale evenly as you execute each step.

1. Put your hands together in prayer position.

2. Draw your hands over your head while you arch your back as much as is comfortable.

3. Bring your hands over your head and down to the floor placing one hand beside each foot. Bend your knees slightly.

4. Pull your left leg back as far as it will go, resting on your left knee. Arch your head back as though trying to touch your chin to the ceiling.

5. Put your right foot back even with your left foot. Form a triangle with your body, trying to push your heels to the floor and press your head toward your knees.

6. Bring your left foot up evenly with your left hand leaving your right extended back. Arch your head back with your chin toward the ceiling.

7. Bring your right leg forward into a standing position—handing there comfortably with your knees straight, hands hanging toward the floor with your head up.

8. Swing your arms up and over your head, arching your back.

9. Return to the prayer position.

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