Mom Uses Beautiful Photography to Normalize Extended Breastfeeding


Natalie McCain created The Honest Body Project, a beautiful photo series that depicts women of various shapes and sizes breastfeeding beyond infancy.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, McCain said, “In so many places people wouldn’t bat an eye at a mother nursing her toddler, but in the U.S. you are put down and made to believe you are doing something wrong.” 

The Honest Body Project: Raw, Untouched Portraits of What it Means to be a Woman will be published in August 2017. It will feature McCain’s photography along with personal stories of the mothers in the photos.

According to The Honest Body Project website, “The portraits show their joy, their beauty, their imperfections, and their love for their children. Paired with their stories, it paints a beautiful, honest picture of motherhood.”

Here are some of the photos you might find in the book:


Photos: Natalie McCain, The Honest Body Project

2 thoughts on “Mom Uses Beautiful Photography to Normalize Extended Breastfeeding”

  1. I nursed my son until he was four. He has never had an ear infection, stomach flu, or any other common kid sickness. Whenever I see posts like this, I feel proud of our decision to nurse until he was “done”. Even now that he is nine, he remembers the bond that we had through nursing. We talk about it from time to time. I am forever grateful for our extended nursing experience; this post was a beautiful reminder.

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